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Aspen, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Aspen, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
DJ Electronic Downtempo




"Drishti Beats "Time Flies""

With so many emails arriving in our inbox on a daily basis it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the great new music that is being sent to us. As much as we would love to give each artist/song their own individual feature, we simply do not have the time to do so. So in order to make things a little easier on ourselves and to help get more music out there to YOU, we've decided to start doing a new feature that we're calling What's In Our Inbox?, which we'll try to share at least once a week. Each post will consist of 10 songs that we personally enjoyed and hope you will too. Please listen to each song and if you like what you hear then be sure to give the artist(s) a thumbs up and/or a follow on Facebook/Twitter by clicking on their name. Also, don't forget to show them some love by giving their song a heart on Hype Machine. It'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you. xoxo - Wonky Sensitive

"Drishti Beats "Time Flies" song posting"

N/A - Ripple Tunes

"Drishti Beats "Time Flies" song posting"

N/A - Pause and Play

"Drishti Beats "Time Flies""

Okay all you Yoga fitness lovers this one is for you. Drishti Beats wants you to be able to perform Yoga while experiencing a sensual music beat. With “Time Flies” you don’t have to be just in the Yoga studio to enjoy it. Enjoy it for just it’s musical qualities. Take a listen through SoundCloud – Richard: - ComicPopLibrary

"Drishti Beats "Time Flies""

Drishti Beats - Emotional, Communal Experience by Blending Chill Electronic Music & Yoga
7/19/2015 0 Comments

Much like during the festivals of the 1960s, Drishti Beats seeks to bring individuals together through the power of music and yoga. The combination of community focus and electronic music makes Drishti Beats a natural fit for the world of EDM.

Founded in 2013, Drishti Beats is the epitome of a family business: Three family members in addition to Lowell either actively teach or perform live music during sessions. Jeremy Lowell is a yoga teacher and leader, Ariel Lowell is Drishti Beat's main vocalist, and Alec Lowell is the resident rapper and one of the producers of Drishti Beats. The musical side of things is rounded out by Ricardo Branco, a world-renowned saxophonist.

Lori Lowell grew up in a musical family and has been performing Sephardic folk songs and traveling the world with her mother, famed folk musician Flory Jagoda, for over 30 years. The 91 year-old Jagoda, who is from Bosnia, was a child when she escaped the Holocaust horrors in Zagreb, in the former Yugoslavia. Fittingly, music served as her escape, as she rode what would be her getaway train.

Fitness is also an area of expertise for the Lowells. Lori and Jeremy own eleven Gold's Gyms on the East Coast. Lori also specializes in programming in the fitness industry. She recently won the International Women's Leadership Award.

Drishti Beats recently announced a 200-hour teacher training program that will launch in September. Fully approved by the Yoga Alliance, the program offers training by a team from a myriad of backgrounds, including leaders in the fitness/yoga industry, medical-based professionals, teachers, and curriculum developers - all with strong yoga practices.

More information on Drishti Beats can be found on their official website: www.drishtibeats.com - Music2Meditate

"Drishti Beats Time Flies"

This one is very interesting. Music production group Drishti Beats‘ new single ‘Time Flies’ is quite literally a yoga soundtrack. Featuring a mix of rap drums and lounge music saxophone, as well as some nice female vocals here and there, Drishti really come together to provide an upbeat and almost spiritual soundtrack for your next yoga session. - EarlyRegistration

"Drishti Beats "Time Flies" Video premiere"

Double VIDEO Premiere for "Time Flies" (music and tech sections) "'Time Flies' is a visual journey through the rainbow spectrum from the Root Chakra, up, and out into the cosmos. As we open our energy centers, our mental, physical, and spiritual awareness align in harmony, opening space for internal alchemy. Creativity flows and connections to one another strengthen. The video is a light poem and a visual accompaniment to the full awakening experienced when listening to Drishti Beats' music." - Huffington Post

"Jam Of The week"

Watch and listen as Drishti Beats take you on a visual journey through the rainbow spectrum; from the Root Chakra up and out into the cosmos in their song "Time Flies," the perfect end of summer yogi anthem. - See more at: http://www.yoganonymous.com/jam-of-the-week-drishti-beats-time-flies#sthash.M7Pgmx9Q.dpuf - Yoganonymous

"Yoga Digest"

Here is a little something fun and funky for your Friday! TGIF! Enjoy! - Yoga Digest

"Drishti Beats Goes to CITA Expo"

"Now that the video has premiered on The Huffington Post's entertainment page, we would love to announce that Drishti Beats has been invited to CTIA Expo--the biggest wireless technology conference in the world -- on September 9th through 11th. This is the first time in the history of CTIA that a yoga practice will be integrated into the conference. Fitness and technology have never been so closely linked as they are now. Drishti Beats are on the forefront of bringing traditional Yoga practice with contemporary music and cutting edge technology to a holistic and beneficial experience for all who participate.
"This will be a connected yoga experience combining such leading brands as Under Armour, Atlas Wearables, FitSense, IndieHealth, Polar, Withings, DotFIT and more. Attendees have an opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking experience. We have reserved a limited number of yoga mats for media to participate in the practice and/or meet with the team behind Drishti Beats. No experience required." - Houston Sun Post

"Premiere Drishti Beats "Journey""

Drishti Beats create emotional, communal experience by blending chill electronic music and community focus. You can see how how the team guides audiences from fitness to wellness HERE. “Journey” is the second single from Drishti Beats. Mixing chill production with soothing saxophone from Ricardo Branco, you can hear why “Journey” would be part of a mind-blowing yoga experience. - Surviving The Golden Age



Drishti Beats, is an Aspen-based a new wellness company making waves in both the music and fitness worlds. Described by founder Lori Lowell as a “a spirited celebration of music and yoga,” Drishti Beats allows attendees to join a community of yoga students in an exciting, interactive Vinyasa flow yoga class taught by highly-trained yogis fueled by chill, vibed-out electronic downtempo music. Drishti Beats seek to help people find joy by “creating an emotional experience that can connect people.” More information on Drishti Beats can be found on the company’s official website

Drishti Beats seeks to “bring individuals together through the power of music and yoga,” according to Lowell. The combination of community focus and electronic music makes Drishti Beats a natural fit for the world of EDM, and a unique element for festival bookers to consider for their line-ups.

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