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Dude with No Name

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Dude With No Name: Other"

As I continue my Baton Rouge kick, I’ve got to spotlight another quality release from my city courtesy of emcee Dude With No Name. His album titled Other is available for free via Bandcamp and is produced entirely by A.D.D. Beats, who we’ve featured here on KN before. Both Dude and A.D.D. really stepped their game up on this LP and I feel it’s their best work to date. If these two artists are unknown to you, Other is a perfect place to start as it’s a very unique yet cohesive record. Tracklist and link/stream are below. - Justin Ivey


After my first listen to this, it is FIRE! Dude With No Name brings the heat, the food, and whips it all up on this new one from his Other album. You have to give this one a spin and also you can now get his album on iTunes. - joehovasmf

"Dude with No Name Supreme"

The above link is brand new music from the homey Dude With No Name!

Joint is called “Supreme”.

He went in on this….point blank period!!!

There’s really nothing else to say! - dopematerialmag

"New Music......Dude With No Name"

Let's be honest about the music industry- globalisation has made artists wake up to the fact that big ass record companies that have taken over other big ass record companies to produce even larger companies will chew them up and spit them out back into the real world once there is no use for them. Pushing artists to rely on established names to give them a leg up into success, there are still rappers out there grafting hard and relying on themselves to get things right. Still fresh to European ears, Dude with No Name is exactly that; a grafter of words mixed with originality.
Also known as Dude With No Name, Tajh is one of those artists who genuinely needs more exposure. Being a young talent now's the time to reel it in and feed it to the world. Tajh's sound is unique from the dominant sounds of Louisiana, so unique he claims he's not even on the scene's radar, “In Baton Rouge the dominant sound is ‘Jigga music’ and my sound is far from that so I’m not even on the radar in that form. And with the little underground hip hop scene I feel blacklisted because everything I do isn't ’90s and I don't want it to be. In that regard I really am a ‘dude with no name’.”
If you've heard of Tajh Spikes aka Dude With No Name your onto something good; fresh southern vibes with a real feel to it. If your new to this artist then keep yourself in the loop with future ventures: - darshi haria


This week’s Artist you Should Hear? Tajh Spikes also known as Dude With No Name.

Hailing from Baton rouge, Louisiana, southern rapper Dude With No Name is making an effort to separate himself from the typical scene dominant in Louisiana.

What we like about Dude is what we like to see in other rappers: introspective and experienced lyrics. We’re not shy about admitting the lack of that in the industry. Perhaps the most admirable thing about this artist is his grind. With so many artists relying on bigger names with even bigger pockets to give them a leg up in the industry, Dude With No Name is relying on his own experience to get himself through.

“I noticed that the way I want to go about doing things would only continue to make my path to success more difficult. Most people in this business are trying to get something for free, trying to come up. That makes my path more difficult because I’m a honest dude who wants to just make music and see something come from it. If you need help and I can provide that in some type of way I’ll do what I can without a huge “I owe you” floating your head.”

It’s no doubt that Dude With No Name still has a way to go, as is true with all genuine artists. But, we can’t deny that he’s well on his way. Check out his music below. Hit the links for more information. - theuniteddrum

"[Video] Dude with No Name – Lesson"

I apologize for the leave of absence recently, but we just came across this MC “Dude with No Name” and his song and video “Lesson“. Check out this artist from the south in Louisiana coming up. He may sound different than his peers in Baton Rouge, but sometimes different is a good thing. Check him out. - Bolts

"Dude With No Name “Lessons” @dudewithnoname1"

A.D.D. Beats and Dude with No Name did a great job putting together this solid cut that reflects on future success and general musings from the mind of an inspiring artist. - DESTRO2014


Having one of the more original names I’ve seen in music, Dude With No Name takes this track from A.D.D. Beats to showcase his lyrical skills. The New Orleans rhymer uses his life as inspiration for his music and this one is about his determination on not failing in the music industry. - joehovasmf


Its my pleasure to bring you guys this banger right here from the southern emcee Dude With No Name. And I say that because i’m loving this soulful production he’s rockin’ on here. Sort of on this vintage 90′s southern hip hop tip right here. Not many out here don’t get it or even understand it but i’m LOVING it. - FRANK

"Tajh Spikes – “Lesson”"

Slowed-down Louisiana hip-hop from this MC I have never heard of before. Glad to make his acquaintance. - illfigure



The No Name Wonder
  • Released: 2013
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: M.E.M.C. Only
  • Producer: 9th Wonder
  • Singles: No Name Anthem

16 Left of Service
  • Released: 2013
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: M.E.M.C. Only
  • Producers: Illmind, Freddie Joachim, The Roots, SAP
  • Single: I.R.O.N.Y
The REAL Losers



Tajh Spikes (Born June 18, 1992), Better known by his stage name Dude with No Name, is an American hip hop recording artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Turning his life into content for his music is a walk in the park for Dude with No Name. He has always wrote what he felt despite the popular sound of his peers. Delivering a profound sound that gives insight into being on the outer crowd of things, Dude with No Name uses compelling wordplay to connect and bring you into his world.

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