Eddy P

Eddy P

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000

Seattle, Washington, United States
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop




"Eddy P is "Surging in Seattle""

Eddy P gives it all in his exciting five-track EP. The indie hip hop artist creates an engaging story, track by track, into which listeners can escape. Song by song, the anticipation builds and Eddy P’s skills unveil themselves to be stronger than the previous. This Seattle-rapper has a lot to say, and it’s time for him to be heard.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ironmessage?lang=en

A transplant from Oakland, California, Eddy P’s Washington State residence triggered his artistic endeavor. Starting in 2000, he began producing and recording his songs, a discography that includes 11 singles, three full albums and two EPs. He plans to release a full album later this fall.

The EP starts out with the exciting “I Luv My Block”. The song has a steady, electronic beat with up-tempo piano keys, solid percussion and some killer blues guitar licks. The next track, “Letters” really solidified his lyrical talents. “Just another day in my life” he starts then raps “impatient as I should, embracing what I can, each memory’s a weight, I’ll always carry like your hand.” He goes on to rap “it don’t matter what they say, the words don’t me who I am.” I thought that was a particularly interesting line – I think he words do express who he is. I felt like I was having a conversation with him and connecting with him on a different level.

The third track, “Natty Gurl” gives some good points- Eddy P’s perspective is insightful. He’s not interested in a relationship with women who get breast enhancements, cheek implants and other body changes. He raps in the chorus: “natty gurl, come and put it on me, natty gurl, come and get to know me, natty gurl, look you such a cold piece turn around and show me.” I will leave it up to the reader to interpret that the way they see fit, but I felt like he was saying that when he touches a woman, he wants to feel the real her, not some science experiment.

“Snowglobe” doesn’t stray far from Eddy P’s life perspective theme. Calling the police’s logo “chalk and yellow” he raps “even if you’re free, they give you 33…reality woke me up and said come with me, Eddy P, you in the snow globe, that’s why no one e’er escape, they in a snow globe.” As a listener, I felt like he was commenting that even though police see him as a free man, he’s still a target. They are still watching him to mess up, to do something wrong. They shake him, try to break him.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Snowglobe-Eddy-P/dp/B07M6VVD6M

Finally, in “They Need Me” Eddy P once again uses the melodic piano. My favorite lines are “the worst thing is being misunderstood…what’s good about a dream if you aint give it legs”. This song gives the listener another chance to see behind the curtain. I think Eddy P puts up a few walls in the first few tracks and you try and get a feel for who he is an artist. By “They Need Me” I had a very strong sense of his skillset and personality.

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"Eddy P is "Making Waves""

Seattle’s Eddy P is a hip hop artist with more than a message. With a prolific song catalog already, his five-song EP. With plans to release a full album in Fall 2020 independently, Eddy P has the makings of being the voice of a generation. A master storyteller and wordsmith, Eddy P spins wild beats with impressive piano and percussion arrangements.

Eddy P makes an immediate impact with the first track “I Luv My Block”. My favorite lines come early in the track: a little treasure for your pleasure, they can’t teach you in school, if you don’t have a Watson, how you supposed to follow the clues. Just below the mix is a spattering of drums, bluesy electric guitar riffs and bright piano keys.

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The second track, “Letters” is quite the gripping story and walk down memory lane. He utilizes a piano bed again, with a thunder of drums in the foreground that sounds like a million marching band drumlines. While the chorus, I’m going through these letters the backing track sounds like a carousel of beats and synth.

“Natty Gurl” is the third track and surpassed any preconceived notions. I have to be honest, this isn’t my favorite song on the EP, but it really surprised me. Eddy P is searching for a woman, who is not into plastic surgery. He raps looking for real ones, you know they hard to find, give me a regular chick working nine-to-five. I had to laugh, though, when he referred to these non-real women as “Franken-breast”.

Track four, “Snowglobe” had textures and depth in the words that could be interpreted a few different ways. He opens the song with a church organ – sounding angelic and of a higher power. My take on it is that when he raps reality woke me up and said come with me Eddy P, you in the snowglobe, and the context of prison and law enforcement, he’s saying that you always have to be ready to be shook, like a snowglobe, and that don’t expect to be seen from the inside, people will always treat you like an outsider. They are always on the outside looking in instead of seeing it from your perspective.

BANDCAMP: https://eddyp.bandcamp.com/

In the final track, “They Need Me” a piano yet again stands out. As does the repeated they need me. In an almost frantic list of everyone that needs him – from kinfolk, to producers, to the hip hop community to his fans, Eddy P reveals that he lost his cousin in Oakland. As the song continues, and after hearing the EP in its entirety, as a listener I felt I really finally understood Eddy P as an artist and as a man. He has pressures on him (like anyone else) to succeed, but he’s also made promises to himself to get back up after falling and keep trying. He’s driven, and going to show everyone that he won’t give up on himself and they shouldn’t give up on him. Powerful stuff. I was definitely in Eddy P’s corner from the first track until the last.

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"Eddy P releases ep"

Never have I listened to an independent hip hop artist and felt so connected. Eddy P’s smooth and steady rap style lets the juices flow in the untitled five-track EP. Five songs is all it took for me to be hooked on one artist’s journey so masterfully prepared. Eddy P is one to watch.

Originally from Oakland, California, Eddy P is now based in Seattle, Washington. The Bay Area definitely presses its influence into the songs on the EP – drawing from Tupac Shakur, Too $hort and maybe even MC Hammer. The likability factor with Eddy P is that he’s a true wordsmith – his instant rapport with the listener is triggered in his easy to groove cadence and mixing beats with live instrumentation. He’s also great about giving the listener a taste of his personality with little digs here and there.

My favorite track, “Letters” features a sung chorus: I’m going through these letters. With lines like “my mistake is part of what made me a man” the listener starts to wonder if he’s referring to why he left California and made the move to Seattle? The letters seem to trickle away, like the piano music bed. I was curious if he was sad, does reading the letters make him somber? I didn’t get that impression. The song felt like he was remembering all the people that have helped him be who he is today. I just got a kick out of the word structure like “impatient as I should, embracing what I can, each memory’s a weight, I’ll always carry like your hand”.

“Snowglobe” (the spelling on the track is one word) is a standout. A vintage sounding organ, possibly a church organ, starts the track. Eddy P raps “reality woke me up and said come with me, Eddy P, you in the snow globe, that’s why non one e’er escape, they in a snow globe.” Much of this track references prison and even Rikers Island (which is on the East Coast, interestingly enough). I can only surmise that he’s preaching that society needs to shake things up, and that the current reality of many black communities is a dangerous one.

My third favorite track, “Natty Gurl” starts out with a news clip, or recording of a women saying that “you just want to look a little bit artificial, a natural look isn’t what we’re going for.” Immediately, I thought, yes, so much societal pressures for females to fit a certain body type – the expectation to have Botox or “cheek fillers” is astounding. Ladies, rejoice, Eddy P prefers natural girls. He’s a little cheeky about it, and even throws out the memorable “Franken-breast” line, but overall “Natty Gurl” has pop-like beats and a solid groove.

“I Luv My Block” and “They Need Me” round out the EP. Both are great tracks, but the above three songs really impressed me. Eddy P mentions in his press materials that he’s planning a full album release Fall 2020. It’s one to mark down on your calendars.

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"Eddy P drops new 5 track ep"

Hip hop artist Eddy P brings his A-game with his latest independent release – a five-track EP. Well known in the Seattle hip hop community, these tracks are the perfect chance for him to grab a larger audience. Songs like “Snowglobe” and “They Need Me” are riveting and great chances for new listeners to become quick fans.

“I Luv My Block” is the first song on the EP and it has this cool mix of piano and electric guitar. The guitar riffs are more blues in tone and the piano is upbeat like something from the R&B genre. The percussion shapes surround Eddy’s lyrics: “they can’t teach you in school” he commands. I felt like this song was an interesting choice for the first track – it lays the groundwork and gives you a sense of who Eddy P is as a rapper. His vocal style is relaxed and he’s almost pop sounding.

REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/EddyP

The next track, “Letters” goes a bit deeper into Eddy’s personal vault. I think he shows some more of his emotional side with this walk down “memory lane”. He raps “each memory’s a weight I’ll always carry like your hand…my mistake is part of what made me a man…I’m going through these letters”. The music bed is somewhat sentimental. He doesn’t seem angry – but he’s not sad. I wondered why he referred to the memory like a weight? It must have meant that it’s a bad memory. I wrestled with that emotion because sometimes even bad memories turn out to be good. We learn lessons from the past.

“Natty Gurl” (track three) has an interesting intro – a recorded voice from what sounds like a reality show of sorts sharing that the “natural look” isn’t what “we’re going for”. Another pop-like track, Eddy P is on the lookout for women that are real and not into fake enhancements.

Up next are “Snowglobe” and it’s equally powerful following track, “They Need Me”. Eddy P’s comments on his community and the greater community are important issues. In “Snowglobe” I believe he’s rapping about the injustices and disconnect between the cops and law makers/enforcers and the black community. He makes his listeners feel like they are not alone – that the idea that as a black man, he feels trapped inside a bubble, or snow globe, and all eyes on him and they shake him, try to break him into pieces, stays with me.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/snowglobe-single/1448423324

“They Need Me” is a great example of an artist that has learned from the past and is taking all the pressures he feels from outsiders and thriving. He raps “I’m getting better with time, I got game…I’ve got range…I got brains.” The piano bed sets the mood and this is almost anthemic.

Overall, Eddy P’s optimism is contagious. I didn’t want to give up on listening to him – each lyric came across as a $10-word. He’s robust in his storytelling skills and his rap style is super chill, and welcomed. Fans of Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Coolio, The Game and others will want to listen to Eddy P.

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Cataracts is a new single from Sacramento-born vocalist and rapper, Eddy P. He cites a lot of golden age hip hop legends like Tupac, Nas, and Bone Thugs as influences, and his performance actually measures up to those standards. This guy has an excellent flow and can really rap. Capable of lightning delivery and precision timing, the Bone Thugs’N’Harmony influence is readily apparent in the first few seconds of the recording. Other times he keeps the vibe cool and casual as he goads his adversaries.

Throughout the song, he makes effective use of layering to create a fully stacked, action packed mix. Cataracts with its catchy chorus, unique metaphor and musically colorful backbeat, is itself a kind of instant classic. A lot of rappers have rhyming skills, but Eddy P demonstrates that he is a genuinely talented songwriter, capable of putting together enduring hits. There’s definitely some magic there. Eddy P also offers a link where people can go and download his songs for free, here.

For more info:

Instagram: Eddyp_Ironmessage
Twitter: @IronMessage
Website: www.eddypironmessage.com - STEPKID MAGAZINE


Emerging new artist Eddy P enjoys sharing his story with the world and his fans reciprocate with love and the infatuation for more. Today, Eddy unveils his latest collaboration with fellow rising star Matt Brown in the release of the new song “They Need Me.” The song is an anthem cry for those who can relate to being a source of dependence for others. The song delivers a message of assurance in a time when it’s needed the most. “‘They Need Me’ is a song about anyone who has people who rely on them be it, friends, family, community, etc,” he says in the song’s press release. “In it, I am describing how I recognize this and how I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure that I’m there for those who count on me regardless of my own personal hardships.”

Now, who is Eddy P? Born Edward Smith, as Eddy P, he is a multi-talented recording artist who is at the fulcrum of an evolving hip hop scene with his unique creativity and songwriting abilities. The California-bred artist acquired a grassroots fan base with his drive, focus, and tenacity that has led him to become a relentless force throughout the independent landscape. Eddy’s catalog includes 17 projects thus far and a talented enigma is here to reshape and leave an indelible mark in the industry.

“They Need Me” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan eager to join the bandwagon of a fast-rising sensation. The new song prepares a forthcoming project, in the works, slated for a late-2022 release. For daily updates on all things Eddy P, follow him on social media. - Hip Hop 87


1) Apocalypse Now- released September 2008 (album) 

2) Iron Message- released January 2014 (ep) 

3) What's the Point? - released August 2014 (single) 

4)  Being with U- released November 2014 (single) 

5)  Cant Stay Back- released July 5 2015 (single)

6)  Iron Message 2- released March 2016 (ep) 

7)  Cavemen- released July 2016 (album) 

8)  Hammer N My hand- released August 2016 (single) 

9) Teach Me How 2 Dance- released September 2016 (single) 

10) New Levels - released February 2018 (album) 

11) Libation- released March 2018 (single) 

12) Black Madonna- released September 2018 (single) 

13) Snowglobe- released December 2018 (single) 

14) My bag- released June 2019 (single) 

15) Natty Gurl- released February 2019 (single) 

16) Wanna Be Black- June 2020 (single) 

17) U A Star- released August 2020 (single) 

18) Drip Faction- released may 2021 (single)

19) Droppin Bombs- released July 2021 (single)

20) Cataracts- released October 2021 (single)

21) They Need Me- released February 2022 (single)

22) Doesn't Even Matter- released March 2022 (single)



Edward Smith who goes by the moniker of Eddy P is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper who is at the fulcrum of an evolving hip hop scene. Eddy P is a very different and uniquely wired musician who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of our perception with his deeply layered and well-crafted production. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, his drive, focus, and tenacity will lead him to become a relentless and emerging force in the independent circuit. Eddy P is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way He grew up in an environment filled with drugs, gangs, violence, and poverty. He later moved to Bellevue, Washington where he eventually turned to music as the vehicle by which he would express himself. He began writing rap lyrics that drew from his experiences and musical acumen. Over time he has combined various unique and experimental sounds that often dabble in multiple genres and result in alternative fusions that are still firmly stitched together by emotive undertones. Eddy P cites icons such as Tupac Shakur, Nas, Scarface, and Bone Thugs N Harmony as the pivotal influences in his music. This all culminates in Eddy P producing an enjoyable, and easygoing musical experience that is authentic and grounded in reality. His overarching ambition is to empower people through his gift. . He is driven by the desire to share emotion through music and to impact lives in a positive way. Eddy P has over 17 projects in his repertoire. Most of these are no longer available due to the artist's plans to re-record them to re-release them later.  Notable projects however include “Drip Faction”, “Droppin Bombs” and his latest single “Cataracts ” a fun Hip hop dance track where the artist uses playful rhymes to taunt his adversaries. His upcoming projects will highlight his passion and love for music as an art form. He explores various themes by delving deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche. The talented enigma is here to reshape and leave an indelible mark in the industry

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