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Elizabeth Tighe

Rochester, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Rochester, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter




"Album | Elizabeth Tighe - Smoke Rises"

Amongst the throngs of rising indie musicians throughout the U.S., Arizona might well be one of the most revered in terms of the sheer mass of great roots music coming from the state. Whether it be an Americana amalgamation this side of Ronstadt Generations y Los Tucsonenses, a masterclass guitar-centric rambler from Ryanhood, or an earnest, heart-on-her-sleeve acoustic performance from Joyce Luna, the southwest has proven itself to be quite the region for up-and-coming artists in the modern age. Somewhere amongst them all is Phoenix-based artist Elizabeth Tighe, a precocious singer-songwriter with compelling lyrics, arrangements, and a powerhouse voice that have already won her the attention of such names as Alice Cooper—let alone much of the music-appreciating Arizonan and Californian populous.

Though Tighe is already putting the finishing touches on her second full-length album, her first, Smoke Rises, is still quite worthy of any praise that it may receive in the current moment. Released just around a year ago in 2016, it was the nine songs present on this album that had garnered her awards and recognition with the aforementioned Cooper’s “Proof is in the Pudding” music competition, as well as a finalist position in the Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association’s revered annual Folk Festival.

Upon even just the first listen of this record, it becomes abundantly clear just why Tighe was able to garner such acclaim for her debut—it seriously is just that good. Furthermore, in embracing a totally folk attitude in the tradition of gathering a slew of other musicians in the collaborative spirit, she has gone on to work beside droves of Arizonan artists on both her debut and live performances to much acclaim. This is a record dripping in Arizonan sentiment, let alone a compelling sound that blends much of what the desert state has become musically known for in blurring the lines between folk, rock, bluegrass, and blues to develop something utterly individualistic—and captivatingly so.

Each of the eight songs present on Smoke Rises represent a different side of the whole artist that Tighe is. This is true from the titular opener’s soaring, alternative rock-tinged chorus to the hopeful and folksy “Numbered Days”, which tops off the record. Other favorites of this humble writer in particular are the somewhat offbeat arrangement of the rollicking “Blue Horizons” and the simultaneously melancholy and sweet acoustic number, “Soldier”, the latter especially being such an earworm that it really is no wonder that Tighe has garnered the respect and acclaim in the Arizona scene that she has after just one full-length release.

All in all, there isn’t much left to say other than this record gets a wholehearted recommendation from us at For Folk’s Sake! If you’re wondering about where Tighe might be headed next, fear not—you can follow her via her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - For Folk's Sake

"Video | Elizabeth Tighe - Dust and Lies"

'Dust and Lies’ is the latest from Phoenix-based folk-rock artist, Elizabeth Tighe. Some will remember the review that we here at For Folk’s Sake had published of her previous album, Smoke Rises, around a month back showcasing her natural ability to write and perform with earnest lyrical progressions to pair with her powerhouse vocals. It’s still no wonder to us why she has had the success she’s had as a rising Arizonan star with such a winning amalgamation, and the lead single from off of her upcoming album only serves as further proof fueling her deserved ascension.

Made at the studio of Tucson Americana maestro Petie Ronstadt, the song is a step up in production and self-assuredness for the singer-songwriter as she takes more of a rock-edged sharpness to her delivery than her previous works. The song is an ominous, windswept anthem befitting of the graveyard in which the compelling accompanying music video takes place in. All in all, it’s another great addition to Tighe’s portfolio as she continues to bubble to the top of Arizona’s music scene, and certainly one worth a watch and a listen.
For more information on Elizabeth Tighe, make sure to visit her website! She can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - For Folk's Sake

"Album | Elizabeth Tighe – Queen of Hearts"

Like Alison Krauss and Sara Watkins before her, Elizabeth Tighe is a singer-songwriter who has started out writing and performing young, but who creates such realms within her music that one would not be wrong to consider it universal. And like Krauss, Watkins, Joplin, and many other powerful female artists before her, it is not too much of a stretch to believe that the Phoenix-based artist will continue to wow crowds with her precocious talent and only become better with the passing of time.

Though she’s currently based out of Phoenix, Tighe has plenty of connections here in the Tucson area. Her latest EP, Queen of Hearts, was recorded at Ronstadt Records by none other than Peter Dalton Ronstadt, who also plays on the record. She is often joined on stage by other Tucson favorites, including Petie’s brother, cellist Michael G. Ronstadt, and mandolinist extraordinaire Michael Markowitz.

The art present on her first album, Smoke Rises, and an accolade this side of Alice Cooper’s “Proof is in the Pudding” showcase might have had a say in helping sway these established musicians towards the teenaged singer-songwriter’s side, alongside the hearts of plenty between Tucson and Phoenix. With her crystalline vocal prowess, accessible arrangements, and engaging lyrics, it’s no wonder why she is becoming such a beloved face throughout Arizona.

Where her first release soared with its folksier tendencies, Queen of Hearts entwines itself with workings of blues and rock’n’roll that could come to expand her fanbase even further. With a studio band complete between Petie Ronstadt’s electric guitar and bass, Mike Markowitz’s mandolin, Zach Winters’s electric, and Kenny Harmons’s and Brian Matyjasik’s drums and percussion beside Tighe’s own driving acoustic guitar and piano work, production feels lush, introspective, and altogether bombastic at times as they collectively scorch on tracks like “Dreams of the Devil” and “Buried in Red”.

Elsewhere, lead single “Dust and Lies” is an ominous slow-burner that compels listeners with its windswept eminence, and opener “Angels of the Rain” rocks out with more of an optimistic beat to its arrangement that riles listeners up for an engaging listen throughout the remainder of the EP. Tighe plays with a more gradual rise with the progressive instrumentation of “White Walls”, but certainly doesn’t miss a beat as she wears her heart on her sleeve to make it perhaps the most compelling offer on display. Markowitz’s mandolin is on full display here, and it is wonderful. Finally, the EP closes out with the titular “Queen of Hearts”, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired rocker with an earworm of a chorus.

Ultimately, with Queen of Hearts, Tighe is exhibiting her growth as an artist tenfold as she expands beyond the sound she had established in her first release to become something more. She’s got the vocals, the music, the versatility, and the heart, and she proves it more every time she hits the stage. One might wonder if Tighe might just be turning out with a similar career trajectory to our Linda yet. - Tucsound

"Elizabeth Tighe - 'Dreams of the Devil'"

Elizabeth Tighe is an Americana singer-songwriter out of Phoenix, Arizona. Elizabeth has been featured at countless Arizona music festivals, local venues and out of state locations. Elizabeth writes relatable material that resonates with a passionate and exciting presentation that melds rock, blues and bluegrass. Her new EP titled, 'Queen of Hearts', showcases her knack for writing memorable material. A stand-out example off of the new EP is “Dreams of the Devil.”

The song begins with up-tempo, acoustic guitar strumming, which is joined shortly after by drums, bass and electric guitar creating a lively exciting intro. Elizabeth’s voice enters for the first verse with a pure tone, emotional phrasing and clarity of words making it effortless to connect with the lyrics. Joining Elizabeth on the track are Petie Ronstadt, electric guitar and bass; and Bryan Matyjasik, drums. The trio's musicianship is tight.

”Dreams of the Devil” talks about yearning for love and feelings of jealousy, envy and heartache. "How do I make you love me? I’m followed by pride and swallowed in envy." Elizabeth's writing strikes at your core with strong melodic content and poetic lyrics. Between each section of the verse, the instrumental arrangement rocks out while Elizabeth sings in vocalise (vowel sounds) which is highly effective, adding a nice artsy folk edge to the song. The rocking timbre keeps up and builds nicely into the chorus.

With “Dreams of The Devil,” Elizbeth creates a compelling experience that will have you engaged from start to finish with a sound that is infectious and genuine, the ingredients to attracting a large audience. “Dreams of the Devil” is just one of six killer tracks off of the Queen of Hearts EP. To catch her on tour or hear more of her outstanding music, visit her website. 'Queen of Hearts' is available on all major online music platforms. - Indie Spoonful

"Elizabeth Tighe blends Rock, Blues, & Bluegrass for style all her own"

Saturday, March 18th at 7:30pm, the Sea Of Glass—Center For The Arts presents Elizabeth Tighe. Described by many as one of Arizona’s “rising stars”, the Phoenix-based singer/songwriter has been a featured performer at numerous music festivals and venues, as well as on radio station both in Arizona and out of state. She is backed by veteran musicians from Arizona and California and will be performing with a 4-piece band for her debut at the Sea of Glass.

Tighe’s signature sound blends rock, blues, and bluegrass to create a style that has been described as an alternative blend of John Hiatt and Janis Joplin. She plays more than seven instruments including piano, guitar and violin and released her first original 9-track music compilation in February 2016.

Elizabeth’s voice, instrumental diversity and songwriting talent have garnered her a loyal and growing fan base. She moves from beautiful ballads that touch the heart and stir the soul to her energetic, upbeat tracks that lift the spirit and draw people to the dance floor. Her enthusiasts range from folk and rock music fans to modern music consumers, due to the relatability, warmth and beauty of her style.

Age 18 & up = $12 advance / $17 day of show; Age 12-17 = $9 advance / $14 day of show; Age 4-11 = $4.00; Free for under 4. The Sea Of Glass—Center For The Arts is located at 330 E. 7th St., Tucson, Arizona, just off of 4th Ave. next to the Hippie Gypsy. For tickets or more information call (520) 398-2542 or visit http://theseaofglass.org.

Proceeds benefit teen & young adult rehabilitation programs and Avalon Organic Gardens Internships. For those in financial need, call 520-603-9932 about Avalon Organic Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil work reciprocation program (call 1 week in advance of shows). - Sonoran News


"You & I" - single released August 24, 2014 for digital distribution
"Smoke Rises" - album released April 1, 2016 for physical and some digital distribution
"Hallelujah" - song recorded as part of Alice Cooper's Taste of Christmas Pudding CD released October 4, 2016 for physical and digital distribution

"Dust and Lies" - single released March 17, 2017 for digital distribution

"Queen of Hearts" - EP released April, 2017 for digital and physical distribution



A singer-songwriter based in both Arizona and New York, Elizabeth has been a feature of numerous Arizona music festivals and at local venues as well as locations around the Southwest, and has been showcased on radio stations in and outside of Arizona. Her "compelling sound" is one that blends rock, blues, and bluegrass to create a style that is completely unique to her. Elizabeth’s voice, instrumental diversity and songwriting talent stand out to those attending her performances.  A wide swath of audience members have been touched by her lyrics, even to tears, and also love her more energetic, upbeat tracks.  Her enthusiasts range from classic folk and rock music fans to the next generation of consumers, due to the relatability, warmth and beauty of her style.

She plays more than seven instruments including piano, guitar and violin and released her first original music compilation in February 2016, which was called by Jonathan Frahm of For Folk's Sake a "record dripping in Arizonan sentiment, let alone a compelling sound that blends much of what the desert state has become musically known for in blurring the lines between folk, rock, bluegrass, and blues to develop something utterly individualistic --- and so captivatingly so." 

Her second release, an EP entitled "Queen of Hearts" came out in May of this 2017. Tuscound called it an album that "entwines itself with workings of blues and rock’n’roll," saying "Tighe is exhibiting her growth as an artist tenfold as she expands beyond the sound she had established in her first release to become something more."

Elizabeth signed onto a licensing deal with the PBS television show Roadtrip Nation in July of 2017. 

She is also a part time music student at the Eastman School of Music in New York. 

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