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Elm Treason

Staten Island, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Staten Island, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Rock Acoustic




"Elm Treason - The New Vintage"

"The only way to find out how much you are going to love Elm Treason is to take the plunge and soak up the rays and essence of this great band." - - Carmen Allgood, Producer WorldWideWavez Radio Showz

"Familiar Vibes of Sweet Treason"

“Elm Treason reminds me of why people listen to music in the first place – good songwriting, good melodies – songs that are easy to remember and stick with you” - – J.J. Fabini, Vice President of Programming Summit City Radio Group

"Review - Elm Treason - Acoustic Treason"

Acoustic Treason is the second release from this New York Duo of Bob Steel and Andy Roman. Their first, ‘Days Of Reaction’ created a lot of interest worldwide including on my UK radio show. This new album presents, as the title suggests, them in an acoustic frame of mind and all the better for it!

The album was recorded in the U.S. and mastered by Sean McGee at Abbey Road Studios in London. Contained within its 13 tracks are acoustic versions of previous releases such as the first album title track “Days Of Reaction” and “With You” putting a different feel to the songs while maintaining the rock/ blues feel of the originals.
However, it’s the new material that does it for me such as the opener “Just Like Rock And Roll”. This is even more commendable, as often second albums can be a challenge for a band to keep the momentum going! The first album is built up and practiced in small gigs where the audience reaction is felt. Often the second does not benefit from the same tests and can be written while promoting the first. The temptation is to produce more of the same…something this duo has resisted!

Listening to tracks such as “Home Alone Blues” and “Lilah” , just prove what accomplished musicians these guys are with amazing succinct guitar playing mixed with engaging harmonies! This album is a treat to listen to and grows on you with every listen! - Celebrity Voicebox

"Introducing ELM TREASON Days of Reaction"

"...a unique brand of classic rock, layered with a hippy-trippy groove and some funky Philadelphia soul (think Hall & Oates).

The dynamic duo, comprised of Andy Roman (lead vocals, bass, guitars, percussion) and Bobby Steel (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums) bring to life a variety of old school genres and smooth sounds blended with outstanding harmonies and complex acoustics; making them a force to be listened to, no matter where you are on the musical spectrum ....Elm Treason are making quite a stir in the local pubs and clubs, as well as the international indie scene, with their distinctive sounds of funky progressive grooves." - It Started With a Song BLOG

"Meet Elm Treason"

"In only their debut album, Elm Treason provides a strong effort, reminiscent of earlier rock days. The songs are diverse yet tied together by that 'vibe.' " - - Alexa Spieler, Review You

"Rockin' with the Elms"

“Their harmonies are impressive. Their music has enough rock and roll to appease most any rock fan but I also hear a little bit of a hippy, dancey vibe. It’s groovy and rockin’. Good stuff.” - – Jason Lee Afternoon Drive DJ, WXKE

"A Slice of Fresh Vintage"

"One of the first things likely to pass through your mind when you listen to the album is: why didn't they release some of these songs earlier? ... The instrumental work throughout the album, no matter which song is being played, is top notch. "Honey Feet" is one of the finest examples of the band's "vintage vibe" motto, not to mention one of their best tracks...Their music is continuously changing from one song to the next, but a rock 'n' roll, groovy sound can always be easily located at the foundation of their work." - -Alec Cunningham, BLANK, Knoxville, TN


released September 30, 2015
  1. Just Like Rock and Roll
  2. With You 
  3. Home Alone Blues
  4. Lilah 
  5. Fort Misery 
  6. Days of Reaction 
  7. I Like it There 
  8. Crayon
  9. (Spoon Them) Dollops 
10. Up to Me 
11. I Gotta Write This Down 
12. Honey Feet 
13. Mood
released May 30, 2014
Days of Reaction 
  2. Living for Living (Scenes from the Playground)
  3. With You 
  4. Another Year Gone
  5. Mood
  6. Honey Feet
  7. Insatiable Banalities 
  8. Still Around
  9. We Go On 
10. Used to Know 
11. Everything



ELM TREASON is the musical union of Andy Roman and Bobby Steel. They hail from Staten Island, New York.  

This two man band has been together since 2011.

ELM TREASON's music is .... well, at its core, if you had to slap a label on it, you can probably get away with calling it rock... or indie....or even alternative... But frankly, that's just boring and useless. 

With their second album "ACOUSTIC TREASON," ELM TREASON is redefining the genre of acoustic rock, reinventing it you might say, shaping it into many vibes:  soulful, jazzy, poppy, heavy.

Some songs are a bit progressive. Some are funky are fluffy. Some are based in roots music, some are garnished in paisley. Some rock, some glide. Some float, others roll.

Bouncy bass lines, infectious guitar riffing, smooth as silk harmonies, amazing falsettos, varying moods and styles all infuse with delicious skill and feel. ELM TREASON is all about hooks, melody, harmonies and musicianship.

So yeah, maybe they're a little indie-ish.....that'll work.

Bobby and Andy perform and record it all themselves.

“Who we sound like really depends on the song,” Andy explains.

“Eclectic, overall…Each song is very distinct and definite,” says Bobby.

And when ELM TREASON plays out live without the benefit of a full accompanying band, look out! Andy and Bobby are a two man acoustic guitar wrecking crew.

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