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Trenton, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Trenton, NJ | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Hip Hop Pop




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"Introducing Urban Pop Duo - Epoch Failure"

The duo featuring singer Billy Joe Marrero (“Billy The Kidd”) and rapper Nick Young (“Nickey Knoxx”) have found recent success in sports sync licensing after their single “Champion” and cover of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” were featured on ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown, NFL Superbowl 50 and WWE 2015 Slammy Awards “Superstar of the Year” official theme song.

Marrero and Young met through Marrero’s cousin, who encouraged the two do a musical collaboration together. At first, the two were hesitant about creating music with one another.

Young revealed “His cousin said ‘Why don’t you do some songs with my cousin? He’s really good.’ I said, ‘Nah, not really my thing.’ Billy was thinking the same thing. Not trying to do the group thing. A couple years went by, and we hung out. One day we were like ‘Alright let’s mess around and do something.’ We made two songs and they were really good so we said ‘Hey, let’s make this a thing!’ So we did.”

In 2007, Marrero and his family were featured on ABC’s 20/20 in a segment about families living in extreme poverty. Following this, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition offered Marrero’s family a complete home renovation. The makeover provided Marrero with his own home studio equipment.

The hardships Marrero overcame while growing up in Camden, NJ are reflected through EPOCH FAILURE’s music. The duo’s song “Champion” exposes the positive mindset that Young and Marrero have, despite their adversities. “We’re champions,” says Young “we push through whatever obstacles are in our way.”

The duo’s newest single “Let The Fire Glow” shares a similar powerful message. “It has a good message to be accepting of each other and especially of yourself. Be yourself, and pour enough sweat into being who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin.” said Marrero.

“We’ve got to face some obstacles here and there,” added Young, “its kind of a reminder to ourselves. Don’t stop. You’re so close. Burn it up.”

When the duo uploaded their cover of “Livin’ On A Prayer” to YouTube last November, they received quite a positive response, including praise from Bon Jovi himself. The cover was posted on Bon Jovi’s website and social media accounts, along with a message from Bon Jovi and “Livin On a Prayer” co-writer, Desmond Child: “EPOCH FAILURE is a winner.”

Approaching Bon Jovi’s classic tune was challenging for the two. Marrero described, “Being such big fans of Bon Jovi and of the song and knowing what it means to so many people, we had to do it right. That song took forever and it was frustrating at times. I got to the point where I thought ‘I do not want to do this anymore.’”

“It was this weird balance of keeping it pure for us and also keeping it pure for the original fans. That was really hard.” added Young.

The positive feedback from Bon Jovi himself proved that Marrero and Young’s hard work paid off. Marrero described the moment he heard that Bon Jovi had shared the song: “I was sitting at home, just chilling out, having a beer. It was like a Monday night. Nick told me and I saw that Bon Jovi shared it on his social media. I choked up because I’ve always looked up to this guy. I’ve always loved his music. And to get that stamp of approval not from just his fans but the guy that wrote the song, the legend, Bon Jovi, was a very special moment. It made me feel like we were heading in the right direction with what we were doing.”

“For us, there’s no better vindication then the creator to say, “Hey, I like what you did with my song.” added Young.

The duo has been playing some notable festivals, most recently Milwaukee’s Summerfest 2016. When asked if there was a particular act they would like to share the stage with at a festival in the future, the duo both agreed on Kanye West.

“Also, Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole,” said Young “basically anyone who can match our energy cause we can go a little crazy.”

The duo is currently awaiting the release of their music video for “Let The Fire Glow”. For the meantime, the duo plans to continue to write more tunes. Marrero shared: “Right now, we are still getting a lot of action with “Champion”. We have a few shows lined up. We will probably get back to the drawing board and get some music out.” - Verge Campus

"Premiere "Let The Fire Glow" by Epoch Failure"

Your Friday just got a lot better. Why, you ask? Because we’re bringing you the latest single from New Jersey’s Epoch Failure, titled “Let The Fire Glow”.

Epoch Failure is all about brighter futures and new beginnings, and turning to music to build a ladder to the top. The guys will be hitting a couple stages this summer, so check out dates below, then hit play on “Let The Fire Glow”! - Idobi

"Epoch Failure Burn Bright With "Let the Fire Glow""

Urban pop duo Epoch Failure release new single, "Let the Fire Glow". - VENTS Magazine

"Artist of the Month: Epoch Failure"

Last Superbowl, while Peyton Manning cradled the Lombardi Trophy and showered Budweiser with delicious, beery shout-outs, Jersey boys Billy the Kid and Nickey Knoxx (of Camden and Trenton, respectively) were huddled around their family televisions with baited breath. A music supervisor had more or less greenlighted the duo’s song, “Champion” for use during the annual football bonanza, but as as lives go, those of professional musicians are rife with uncertainty. Plans are made and changed, nary a certitude. At last, they both heard it: their track echoing behind Manning’s words while confetti rained down in Levi’s Stadium. And just like that, Epoch Failure (pronounced epic) turned over a new leaf.

Joanie Wolkoff for AudioFemme: What was that fateful moment like for you guys?

Nickey Knoxx: I was about to give up and zone out cuz the show was wrapping up, but then while Peyton Manning said something about going home and drinking a lot of Budweisers, all of a sudden I heard our song. I definitely lost my shit.

Billy the Kidd: I mean, Superbowl is the mecca of American sports. I’m gonna be honest, I’d been drinking tons with my family and I just teared up.

The American American Dream came true!

Billy the Kidd: We always say we didn’t do too bad for two kids from the inner city.

Nickey Knoxx: When I was growing up, my mom- being from South Carolina- listened to a lot of country and gospel…Dwight Yoakam, Dolly Parton, Travis Tritt, Donnnie McClurkin, James Brown, Reba McEntire… I’m a Brown American. My mother’s Native American and Black and my father’s Black and Puerto Rican with a Jewish-German mom. So, I am the melting pot.

Billy the Kidd: I’m just Puerto Rican, first generation American. My dad’s a South Philly guy, so I grew up on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, a lot of Harlem renaissance swag, also Bellamy Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, the Bee Gees, Bon Jovi and Metallica. Every Friday my dad would pour a glass of gin, smoke a cigar and listen to the Stones on vinyl for hours.

So you guys cut your milk teeth on American music?

Nickey Knoxx: Definitely. Then, when we started exploring other music in high school it was all hip hop- Biggie, Naz, Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Tupac, Jay Z. My sister also got me into rock and a lot of Prince.

Billy the Kidd: I loved all the heavy hitters in rap but I also got into punk and pop. It’s just that at the time… well, you can’t tell people in the hood you listen to five white boys singing in harmony. I love Iggy Pop, too. Saliva, Limp Biscuit, Slipknot- I went the rock route.

Your live performances are bursting with kinetic energy. Did seeing any of your influences in concert shape how you carry out your music in front of an audience?

Nickey Knoxx: We go apeshit! After watching all those pop-punk bands growing up, seeing the energy those guys bring to the music- the way they pour their heart and soul into it- that’s what we do. We end up chest-naked.

Billy the Kidd: You could say we get that full blown rock energy combined with the hip hop demeanor. It’s urban pop: full of hooks but still very much blended with hip hop elements, because this is the time we live in. We’ve got a dope drummer- Mad Mike- and our bassist Lowdown Dirty Shane and DJ Big Jay. We’re each other’s hype men.

Is it possible that a band name like Epoch Failure might come across as… anti-hype?

Nickey Knoxx: We’re from the inner city and we’ve been on this musical journey together for four years together. It’s been a new epoch for our failures (laughs)… but we’re gonna make it epic! I’ve lived on both sides of life but it’s what made me and it’s what made Billy. It gave us the drive to see the other side.

What does the other side look like?

Billy the Kidd: Music is a grind. You have to treat everybody you meet like a somebody because you never know what they’re gonna bring to the table. I think young musicians need to know not to quit their day job. If you’re an artist, living by the skin of your teeth can’t work that way…. but as Will Smith said, if you focus too much on plan B, you’ll forget about plan A. The dream is music. To live it, breathe it every day, wake up and do it.

What do you do to supplement your music career?

Nickey Knoxx: I’m a combat photographer in the US Army. Billy is an electrician.

Billy the Kidd: Our day jobs feed our creativity. My work is blue collar- it’s the way I was raised. It motivates me. When I get off of work I’m all dirty and grimy and sweaty and I just want to go home and make the best song ever, so that maybe tomorrow I won’t have to go and get dirty and grimy and sweaty.

Did anyone in particular transmit this wisdom to you?

Billy the Kidd: When I was in seventh grade and my grandfather was ill and on his way out, he said, “Never give up.” Whether you’re making music or in the military or marketing or flipping burgers… be the best fucking burger flipper there is. Have some pride. We were meant to be great in what we do. A guy with a million dollars could have a penny attitude, so stay humble and dream big.

Nickey Knoxx: The best advice I ever got was to floss my teeth and wear underwear. Clean underwear make the world go round. - Audiofemme

"Epoch Failure - Sound in the Signals Interview"

New Jersey urban pop duo Epoch Failure have garnered quite a bit of success with sports sync licensing used on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown, NFL Super Bowl 50, Fox Sports, NASCAR, and the WWE. They are passionate about their music and about sending a powerful message of hope and ambition. They were kind enough to tell us how they learned to fight through the struggles and celebrate the triumphs, how they infused their sound and style into "Livin on a Prayer" while honoring the original, and what fans can expect in the future.

Epoch Failure has gained a lot of attention from fans and critics. "Champion" and "Livin' on a Prayer" have garnered a lot of success while gaining lots of sports sync-placements. Tell us about your background and music for those who may be unfamiliar.

NICK: Both Billy and I come from hard-working single parent homes. We learned to fight through the struggles, and celebrate every triumph. Our music comes from our own inner voices that have helped us push past obstacles and maintain positive outlooks on life. We are two everyday guys, and we want to speak for the people that come from a place similar to us. And whereas some of our more serious songs highlight the plight, other songs highlight the party.

Speaking of the sports sync licensing deals, what's it like hearing your music during an event like that? Describe what it was like when you first heard your song being used this way.

NICK: The first time we heard our music on TV was when Fox Sports used our song “Champion” for Detroit's annual “April In The D” campaign. It was a regional broadcast campaign, so initially we were only able to view online clips (since we live in NJ). However, when we came to the Motor City to make an appearance at Comerica Park, we were sitting at a restaurant in Detroit eating dinner, and suddenly one of our Fox Sports promos popped up on screens all over the restaurant. It was so awesome. We lost our minds! Also, during Super Bowl 50, when Peyton Manning was giving his MVP speech at the end, in the background in the stadium you could hear our song pumping from the loudspeakers as they hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. It was surreal, and definitely a crowning achievement for us.

Your cover of "Livin on a Prayer" is one of the songs that has been used in sports. Bon Jovi praised your version, which has to be a cool feeling. I think it's very neat how you reinterpreted the song. How did you try to both honor the original song and give it your own unique take?

NICK: It was a really hard process because we wanted to keep the song pure and honor the original, while also infusing our unique sound and style. We knew that Bon Jovi fans would hang us out to dry if we messed up this beloved hit. Therefore, we treaded carefully on the sacred ground. In the end, we kept the original pre-chorus and chorus intact, and expanded on the story of Tommy and Gina by relating it to our own personal fight and prayers that we were living on.

I've read that your latest song, "Let the Fire Glow" is "a celebration of all those daredevils and dreamers who refuse to cave under the pressures of social conformity. Instead, against all the odds and against the grain, they rise and sing and fight - leaving a blazing trail of inspiration in their wake". That's a powerful and uplifting message. How can music help people break free from social conformity? Did you have particular inspirations who did that for you?

NICK: We're generally raised to walk in the footprint of certain societal norms (i.e. high school, college, career, family). But in reality, we’re all able to create our own paths and determine our own “normal.” Finding your passion, or your spark, requires you to remove yourself from your comfort zone and lay it all on the line. My mother always told me, “You can be anything you want to be, until you don’t want to be it anymore.” That gave me the liberty and confidence to go through a bunch of trial and error scenarios to find my path. Some people may have seen that as flakey or flighty, but if my heart wasn’t in it, I couldn’t make myself do it.

I know Epoch Failure's message is one of hope and ambition, which comes from past personal struggles. You've both overcome those struggles and are creating music that will inspire others. What do you hope your fans get from this message? What advice can you offer for your fans who may be struggling with different issues right now?

NICK: Music has been a huge part of both our lives. I can think back to certain traumatic or triumphant times, and I’ve often associated a song with those feelings. My hope is that Epoch Failure music will be on the soundtracks to other people’s lives, and I hope it can help them get through tough times and party through great times. I don’t want people to just hear our music, I want them to live it.

Are you working on any new music now? Do you have any teases for fans who are waiting for the next release?

BILLY: Oh, we're ALWAYS working on new music. It's an everyday high for us to create and record. Our new single "Let the Fire Glow" just dropped a couple weeks ago, so we're going full steam ahead on that now. We just shot the video last week, and it'll come out in August. In terms of the next release, just be ready for something Epoch. We feel like we're truly "coming into our own" now, and we’re excited to rock the world!

You've recently released "Let the Fire Glow" and played at the New Jersey State Fair and Milwaukee Summerfest. What's next for Epoch Failure? How can fans keep up with all that's going on?

BILLY: We're gigging and touring constantly on the east coast. That will continue into the fall. And we'll keep writing and recording music! The best way for people to K.I.T is to visit our website (www.epochfailure.com). We keep that updated with all the latest & greatest.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

NICK: For anyone reading this– no matter what it is that you’re passionate about, aim to be the best at it. And once you’re the best, then teach someone else to be even better than you. We all need a catalyst to find our spark.

BILLY: Dreamers are often laughed at and made fun of for their larger than life goals. But me and Nick are living proof that you can make dreams come true. The ones laughing and hating are just the people too scared to take the leap and the chance. I've learned real happiness comes from being true to yourself. So to all the dreamers out there–– live brave, love hard and dream big! - Sound in the Signals

"Epoch Failure: Summer Carnival Time"

Epoch Failure’s rap version of “Livin’ On A Prayer” is a pretty damn terrific hiphop anthem (I like it better than the Bon Jovi original but don’t tell anybody) and even Jon himself likes it. The hiphop duo will be performing it and other songs off their self-titled debut July 2 as they perform at the annual New Jersey State Fair in the Meadowlands on Route 3. Their stunning success with such corporate entities as the NFL, NASCAR, WWE, and NCAA –all of whom have used their music—has them on an unbelievable upward spiral. See for yourself! - The Aquarian Weekly

"Interview: Epoch Failure"

There are a plethora of interesting, talented acts playing this year Summerfest, and it is the perfect time for the city to be new music junkies. One of the newer acts to check out are Epoch Failure, an urban pop duo from New Jersey. We talked to members Billy the Kidd and Nickey Knoxx ahead of their appearance on July 6th at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage. Get to know them here:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who is Epoch Failure?

Billy: What up! I’m Billy the Kidd and along with my good friend Nickey Knoxx, we are Epoch Failure. Epoch Failure is the voice for all the daredevils and dreamers out there. We’re here to remind people that it’s okay to fall or fail sometimes. What matters is having the courage and heart to shake it off, get back up, and keep doing your thing. Make the best of every situation, period. On top of that, we’re also the kinda guys you can kick it with and have a brew or two!

Nick: Epoch Failure is a band built on resilience and determination, we are the voices of everyone who refuses to be beat and we’re giving them the soundtrack to muster up that last ounce of energy and push through to their goals, no matter what those goals may be.

B&E: What artists would you compare yourself to? As in fans of ____ and ______ would love Epoch Failure?

Billy: Well, personally I think fans of artists like Gym Class Heroes, B.O.B, Kanye and even stuff like Fall Out Boy would feel what we’re doing. I think we kinda pull from a broad range of artists like that for inspiration, and then mix in our own blend of true hip hop, hook-heavy pop and the energy of some alternative rock.

Nick: I think fans of Gym Class Heroes, Chiddy Bang, Beastie Boys, Fort Minor, X Ambassadors, would like what we’re doing. We’re a mix of rock, pop, hip hop and electronic production that isn’t nearly as convoluted as it sounds. Basically, people are into music that’s not more of the same old same old will like it.

B&E: How did the idea for a Bon Jovi cover come about?

Billy: When you’re from Jersey, Bon Jovi is in your blood. And “Prayer” is an anthem that’s always been one of our all-time favorites. It started out as just an idea to do a cover for YouTube. But as we got into it, we were really inspired and felt a strong personal connection to the content. That’s when Nick started messing with the verses, keeping the spirit and heart of Tommy and Gina alive, but coming from a first person real life angle. At this point, we knew if we were gonna add new brush strokes to a masterpiece, it had to be something special and something where we went all-in. The process of rewriting, recording, and tweaking (and sometimes going back to the drawing board) played out over almost a year. We wanted to make it fresh and special and true Epoch Failure, without losing the magic of the original. When Bon Jovi picked it up and shared it across all their social media platforms, we were blow away. That was the ultimate stamp of approval.

B&E: Is this your first Summerfest? Any expectations for Milwaukee?

Billy: Yes, this is our first Summerfest and we’re jazzed! We’ve been to Milwaukee before and we love it. Milwaukee Brat House is a favorite hang, and I’m sure we’ll be spending some time there. Performing at Summerfest is gonna be something special.

Nick: This is our first Summerfest, but not our first time in Milwaukee. It’s an awesome city. I’m particularly looking forward to some bratwurst, cheese curds and good beer straight from the source! We’re definitely going to explore the town a little bit this time and try to get to experience some of the great activities that Milwaukee has to offer.

B&E: Summerfest is billed as “The World’s Largest Music Festival”. Any plans to walk around the festival and check other acts out?

Billy: For sure! We’re gonna take it all in, and catch as many shows as we can.

Nick: I want to see Blink 182, they’ll be playing the day we get in town. Def Leppard, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Luke Bryan and Cheap Trick are all acts that we would love to catch live.

B&E: Finally, you get one chance to pitch your show. Why should Milwaukee come see Epoch Failure live?

Billy: Milwaukee should definitely come check out Epoch Failure because if you guys like dancing, turning it up and having a good ol’ time… we are the guys to do it with. You get hip hop, you get pop, you get rockin’ drums and thumpin’ bass lines, and you get a sick DJ scratching and spinning on the ones and twos. What more could anyone ask for!?!

Nick: If you like a high energy “balls to the wall” mix of rap, rock and pop, then come prepare to get your faces rocked off. We deliver nothing short of an epoch(epic) show! - Breaking & Entering


"Where I'm Sposed to Be" single (October, 2013)

"Champion" single (October, 2014)

Epoch Failure debut EP (January, 2015)

"Livin' on a Prayer" single (January, 2016)

"Let the Fire Glow" single (July, 2016)

Epoch Failure Warrior's Hymn EP (May, 2017)



Epoch Failure is a NJ urban pop duo, resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young.  Their music is mixed and co-produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Hume (Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull). 

With dozens of film/tv/ad credits already on their resume, Epoch Failure has become a force to be reckoned with in the licensing realm. A recent career highlight was when their song “Every Day Great (Dreamers)” was featured in a promotional trailer for the Lionsgate blockbuster film, WONDER. The spot aired nationwide on all major networks. Meanwhile, their debut single "Champion" remains a breakout track in the sports world.  It was played during the post-game celebration at both Super Bowl 50 (Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara) and Super Bowl LI (NRG Stadium, Houston). In similar fashion, across the pond, “Champion” provided the in-stadium soundtrack at Hampden Park in Glasgow during the 2017 Betfred Cup final. The inspiring anthem has also been featured by The NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NASCAR, WWE, NBC Sports, NY Knicks, NY Giants, Denver Broncos and the Australian Football League.  

The group's second single was a reinvention of Bon Jovi's legendary anthem, "Livin' on a Prayer".  It reached the Top 10 on Spotify's Viral 50 USA chart, which highlights the most shared and trending tracks in the country.  The song was also featured by ESPN during their NFL Sunday Countdown programming throughout the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl lead-up coverage.  Upon discovering the Epoch Failure version, Bon Jovi shared the song across all their major online platforms. In addition, Jon Bon Jovi and cowriter Desmond Child have offered the following joint statement of praise:

"The powerful new version of 'Livin' On A Prayer' by Epoch Failure retells the intimate story of Tommy and Gina, set in an urgent urban landscape. It captures the song's timeless message, lifting the banner of hope and faith for a whole new generation of working class heroes. Epoch Failure is a winner!"

Jon Bon Jovi & Desmond Child 

With Epoch Failure's 2017 "Warrior's Hymn" EP, the big hooks and commercial sensibilities remain, but this sophomore effort surpassed their 2015 debut in both emotional intensity and lyrical maturity.  This is a collection of street anthems celebrating the bold, the broken and the believers.  The immensely well-received title track was featured on ESPN’s First Take programming, FOX’s UFC Road To The Octagon, and the English Premier League’s official Spotify playlist. In January, 2018, Footlocker began airing the video in 1300 stores, nationwide. Additionally, in-store video content provider, The Play Network, added the “Warrior’s Hymn” video to their playlist, which services high-profile retail outlets like: Nordstrom, Hot Topic, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Steve Madden, PepBoys and more. In much the same spirit as the duo’s "Champion" single, the “Warrior’s Hymn” EP is similarly built on a foundation of heart and grit that's derived from the firsthand struggles these two Jersey natives have endured and overcome.  As such, it’s more than just a song.  It's a personal sonic portrait.   

For more information on Epoch Failure and all press inquiries, please contact John A. Sepetys at North Star Media: 

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