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Tyler, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Tyler, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop




"ERINEM, The Hard Never Goes"

The Hard Never Goes-ERINEM (aka Emcee Erin Emily)
Written and Produced By ERINEM
The Hard Never Goes has a boom bap feel to it think Eminem Infinite era but with the Slim Shady LP flow. The production has a somber feel to it giving a great backdrop for the lyrics to shine. ERINEM sings on the Hook "To all these worries and walls can not survive these highs and lows. Easy Comes Easy Comes But, The Hard Never Goes The Hard Never Goes. This statement is universal and relate-able across many demographics nothing comes easy that is worth it. Where ERINEM is best at on this song is the honesty in her verses with lines like "My mouth is dry but, I'm drowning the waves come down but keep pounding" You can visualize ERINEM's pain of wanting more but keep hitting road blocks since "The Hard Never Goes". Furthermore despite the roadblock she manages to muster up the conviction to keep going."I'm grabbing the rope and making the climb regardless of how". Definitely the most powerful line on this song. Now what is stopping this track from being next level? Well, the singing. The hook is fine but, bring in a better singer with the same lines and the song will command more attention. Especially, considering the lack of attention span of current fans of Hip Hop. I'm not saying the track should be shorter but the transitions from intro to hook to verse to hook to verse can be better to keep the listener fully engaged throughout the over 6 minute song. The production is good but a more effective use of a low pass filter on the samples will give more room for the drums and vocals to breath . The rap vocal is good. Where it can improve is layering of ad libs and delivery. The Hard Never Goes can end up having like a cult like following for this song If, a few changes are made the low pass filter for the samples a better mix on the drums some lite compression to give them more punch but, mainly the singing on the hook. Another voice singing the hook will give the song more depth and help with the flow of the song. The hook is memorable and easy to sing along with. The overall message of the song is despite The Hard Never have to keep going and I know that sentiment resonates with many people abroad. The message is dope! ERINEM is on her way go ahead and press play be sure to share the song as well . -LIT MUSIC REVIEWS - Lit Music Reviews


Still working on that hot first release.



I'm ERINEM, a female hip hop artist, based out of NYC but having recently relocated to Texas. My name is Erin Emily Wheeler but I go by my artist name, ERINEM, and right now my primary goal is getting a record deal (as soon as possible). I am really into the older (or, what is considered “older” by today’s standards), the classic era of hip hop - like the early to mid-2000s. Everyone under Dre comes immediately to mind. In a perfect world, I’d be signed to Aftermath, and spend the rest of my days working like a dog in the lab and going nuts on the mic in the booth. 

I make every part of every song I do; from the producing, composing, mixing, and all of that, as well as write all of my own lyrics (no exceptions) and rap every line you hear. I even learned (and trained hard) to be able to do my own singing for the hooks and choruses, mostly since I can’t afford a studio singer. But I like that I do that part, too. I wear all the hats, and do every job, because this is my all day every day, and I have to have my hands in every part of it. And, again, I do this with no resources and couldn’t really afford to do it any other way… but for now, doing it all my self has been a doable job. Just barely, though. I even make the album art — it’s crazy. 

This is what I do, all day every day. This is my day and my night job. I do this without being paid, and I'm good with that because I love this so much. But I can't work this hard and do it alone forever, just making tracks in obscurity.  One thing people find unusual about me right off the bat that I'm not motivated by money at all — even though I don’t have any, and that does get very hard at times. It’s just not what I’m doing this for. I really only care about getting to the right place in this industry, where I can work alongside like-minded artists who mentor and inspire me. In the end, I just want to work with my peers. And it all comes down to that.

I take this all very seriously; it's life and death to me at this point. I love this work, and… for me …this is all there is, this is very literally all I have. It’s also all I ever want. I’m just waiting for someone to give me that chance. I’m just going to stick to it until something sticks; after all, it’s going to happen for someone… why shouldn’t it be me?

This is what I do, all day every day. This is my day and my night job. I do this without being paid, and I'm good with that because I love this so much. But I can't work this hard and do it alone forever just making tracks in obscurity for nobody to hear. So take whatever cut you want, because money isn't driving this for me. I really only care about getting to the right place in this industry and I just need some help with that. 

I just want to work with my peers.

     (humbly looking for a way in)
         || SIGN ME = SAVE ME ||

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