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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Metal Death Metal




"ETERNAL - Faceless Evil (EP) (03/02/23 Independent)"

We heard a very powerful EP recently and I am happy to present it to you today. This is the second mini record step of the American deathsters Eternal , a newly formed band from Phoenix, Arizona.

The band was created in 2021 and based on what you hear in their new album released at the beginning of the month, entitled " Faceless Evil " we are dealing with a band that worships the old school death American scene of the early 90's, with clear influences from Death, Brutality, Gorguts and Cancer.

1 year ago they had released their debut " Forsaken Memories " again in EP format with a more death/thrash direction and influences from the German thrash scene as well as some more melodic black elements.

So this year they turn the steering wheel towards more clear old school death metal eras and directions while remaining just as essential and inventive. 5 tracks (4+1 intro), with several doses of old school feeling, from the reverb on the vocals (a mix of John Tardy and John Walker) to the echo on the drums and the whistles on the guitars.

Tight and solid production for only a second EP, well-crafted vocals and layered endings without "cutting off", show progress for the band that looks ready for their first full-length album.

A very promising band comes to us from the deserts of Arizona with their second EP " Faceless Evil " easily winning the impressions as well as the substance.

We'll keep our minds on Eternal as I'm sure we'll hear better news soon. - Brutal Billy


Forsaken Memories EP 2022
Faceless Evil EP 2023



Eternal is a death/thrash metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. The band formed in November of 2021, and has since released two EPs and a single. The band is a 4 piece group consisting of Emilio Ortega, Sofie Nabboud, Max Mahar, and Xander Bridge. Creating their own sound, Eternal takes influence from death metal veterans, Death and Obituary, thrash legends, Slayer, and a touch of tasteful melodic black metal from Dissection. Eternal captures a mix of Swedish and Floridian death metal in their writing. As they possess a more gothic image, this band is a melting pot of classic death, thrash, and black metal.

Since their beginnings, Eternal has released two EPs and a single. “Forsaken Memories,” a 4 track EP, was their first release on April 8, 2022. Later, coming out with a single titled, “Diabolic Rebirth,” on November 10, 2022, which preceded the next coming EP. On February 3, 2023 Eternal released their new 5 track EP, “Faceless Evil.” With this sophomore EP release having just come out, Eternal has received a growing and supportive audience. Working with magazines like the Horror Dimension and Filthy Dog to help spread their sound. 

As they have been active, Eternal has emerged into the Phoenix metal scene. Playing many shows, they bring a unique presence to the stage by keeping the music heavy and melodic, but the atmosphere, gaunt and dark. This diversity has given the band the opportunity to spread to many audiences and has brought them the opportunity to play with bands like Wormwitch and Vader.

Fusing a mixture of melodic death/thrash, Eternal will bring you back to your roots, but with a gothic atmospheric twist. Living and dying by the words “Life is temporary, death is Eternal.”

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