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Brampton, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Brampton, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"EverythingOshauN Talks Relationships, Love and "Lowry" in His Latest Music Video"

It's been a couple of months since EverythingOShauN released his Everything Over Everything Else project, and now the Brampton native is breathing new life into one of the tracks off the release with a music video.

The release comes at an appropriate time, with trade rumors regarding the song's namesake running rampant this week. The Xpress aka DJXP-produced track "Lowry" has received the visual treatment from Fatty Soprano & Shutter who have worked with OShauN in the past, as well as other notable rappers including Blicky, Speng Squire, and Peter Jackson.

"You don’t have to be getting married to know the symbolism of commitment it comes with," OshauN explains of the song's hook. "Sometimes you aren’t ready, sometimes they are not ready. But one thing for certain is if you look and wait long enough someone will be there to to help you forget."

Check out the "Lowry" video above and revisit EOEE below. - Josephine Cruz for Complex Canada

"EverythingOShauN Wants Success on His Own Terms, and in His Home Country, on 'Everything Over Everything Else'"

Regardless of where your musical tastes lie, you're likely to find an artist to satisfy your needs in the booming local Toronto scene. Thanks to a blinding spotlight aimed at the region — due in part to the meteoric rise of Drake and artists like Tory Lanez — many artists with the funds to spare are flooding through the open gate. For EverythingOShauN though, going it alone has allowed for him to build his own sound, free of an overarching drive for U.S. success.

However, that approach never comes without obstacles.

"Resources and outlets are always a challenge, being a Canadian artist," he tells Exclaim! "More specifically, being a hip-hop and R&B artist in this country is challenging. Radio has always been an issue and overall, [there] just isn't enough support for the number of dope artists from here," he adds. "I have experience first-hand."

While a relatively low barrier to entry, and a social media climate that glorifies the material — and often destructive — spoils of perceived success in the game, the Brampton-based singer/MC explains that his desire to create was innate. "I initially got into music via piano when I was a kid, just being around so much music in the house because of my pops," he says. "We were growing up and just wanting to contribute to something powerful and universal. Music became that for me"

Now three projects in (his latest LP, Everything Over Everything Else, dropped November 2), he's on a slow build that is quickly approaching a climax. "In this scene, I see myself as someone bringing a clash, always trying to say something important, but in a fun, vibe, smooth clever way," he says of the delicate balance his music achieves. "As more projects release, the versatility I can bring to the table will be clear.

"I feel like I can fit quite comfortably with all the greats from our city who are creating — or have crafted — great music," he continues.

With heaps of visual content and a potential tour in the works, EverythingOShauN is revelling in the fact that after years of grind, listeners are getting to experience his grand vision, and are (hopefully) being affected by it.

"I want listeners to feel like they can relate to me on the issues that I address; my thoughts, my ideas, my fears, my interests, whatever. I want people to feel good after they hear my music. At the end of the day, I am an artist that will always continue progress, elevate and, of course, never stop."

Everything Over Everything Else is available now via GSX Music. - Riley Wallace for Exclaim

"DCWS Connects With Brampton, Ont Artist EverythingOShauN For An Exclusive Interview"

A drive for success is definitely what comes to mind when thinking of this artist. A powerful team and a shared vision is definitely a part of Everything0ShauN’s rise to notoriety in Toronto’s urban music scene.

First and foremost, can you please explain your name, why “Everything” and is Oshaun your real name?

Well Oshaun is not my government name first of all. lol It was given to me in high school because I used to always have the wave game up (waves of the Ocean on my head). And the Everything means many things. It literally means Everything lol. Just I approach music and life by doing Everything instead of being one dimensional so you can never put me in a box I gotta do Everything. Also I'm the first born so I'm self centered so everything is about me or should be about me Hahahaha.

You don’t know this, but DJXP, AKA your baby bro passed me one of your CDs at Harlem last year and that’s how I heard of you. What are the advantages and challenges to working so closely with a sibling?

Oh that's so dope. And I'm glad you brought that up because that always shows you you have to always be ready and you never know who you will meet. That's dope. I mean as far as working closely with my brother besides the fact that he gets on my nerves lol, it's good to have a family connection when your working on something like art. Because he can be candid as fuck to me about what I'm doing and vice versa. And there typically no need for long talking when it comes to things we need to get done. He understands my sound because he is a big part of it so makes for a good working relationship. He also is super talented.

So I hear that you have a Jamaican and Nigerian background, does your culture influence your music at all?

Yeah mixed with the best of the black world lol. Yeah it definitely influences it alot. Just growing up too and hearing Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and then hearing Fela Kuti. There are always subtle hints in the music with lingo or sound selection but as time progresses it will be more undeniable as the layers of "everything" peel back.
What has been your most memorable performance to date and why?

I gotta say it's a tie breaker between performing at SXSW and putting on our own show for the release of my album at the Kensington Market last year. It was literally a movie. The show we put on in Toronto was dope for the opposite reason. - people knowing words and mouthing and screaming certain shit was like finally seeing the words carry from the tracks into the people. SXSW it was so dope to get a crowd so lit and them not even know who the hell I was. To me that was a testament to the energy and music we were making that it can move people regardless. Both amazing experiences.

You’re from Brampton, home to Alessia Cara, Tory Lanez and many YouTube personalities as well, what’s in the water over there? Why is Brampton the new creative hub?

Yeah someone sprinkled some dust in the water filtration tank a while back and it got to the homes lol. Nah actually its dem Sonny's Wings. (West end Tings) Hahaha No I think it really has to do with Brampton being apart of the gta but still having a lot to prove and it's own entity and our unique position to see what's happening but not feel directly entrenched. It adds to the hunger and creativity for sure. And it's just a matter of time for people to catch on to what we know is already lit. You will see way more successful artists coming from this end I promise you. Also mann.... people lucky all us artists from out here don't stick together like we should and have dope performance venues or shit would be a wrap.

Your latest single ‘Co-sign’ is doing very well online without a music video. What do you owe this success to? Do you advertise at all?

Well I think just the fact that we got on a bunch of year end lists and this being the first release of 2017 people genuinely want to see what we are up to. Plus we also got some radio playing the record and it may have been in one of those Instagram videos seen 200k times lol.

Do you have a master plan for the rest of your career or do you kind of play things by ear?

The master plan lol damn thats a big one. I can say this....I ain't playing it ear by ear. I know what I want deep down inside. It's not about chasing fame. I want to be successful in this industry. I want to travel the world with my brother XpressakaDJXP, Staasia Daniels, everybody on the team and tour everywhere, make successful albums, sell out venues, make money, take care of my family, connect with the people through the sound, grow my brand, and when I'm in a very successful situation I want to help other artist from here grow too. I want to do it so bad Ekelle you don't even know. I wanna open up doors for people because I know how it feels when people don't open them for you. Everybody wants to do it themselves and keep it for themselves. I wanna do it too but then when I get it I will share with some of them. That's why we grinding so hard. We ain't waiting for anybody. I ain't waiting for anybody. Sometimes you just gotta do Everything..... to have Everything.

Connect with Everything0ShauN: Website Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube - Asha Mullings For Dope Cause We Said

"EverythingOShauN - Broke$"

EverythingOShauN is cementing his name in the Toronto music scene with his quick flows, and ever evolving musical theory. His catchy hooks, and smart lyrics combine into a nice melody of rap prowess. The man can spit, and his beat selection was great on this track, entering multiple flows with different speeds, and he's nice with it. Basement Toronto is always on the hunt for new artists, but not just a new face rapping, someone making a buzz, and knowing their role, adapting to their environment, not riding the next dudes wave. EverythingOShauN is nice, and we believe he's going to have a long career in the music industry. Check out the new video below shot by Fatty Soprano, and follow the young Toronto artist.

EverythingOShauN - Broke$ - M Holden for Basment - Toronto

"10 Brampton Artists To Watch Out For In 2017"

6. EverythingOShauN

After releasing ‘Until Now’, his extremely popular EP (with over 70,000 streams in 2016 on Spotify), EverythingOShauN released his music video for ‘Poet’ which acquired about 12,000 views in a month. He performed at ‘Holiday Hustle’ at the Drake Underground in Toronto as a tribute to Brampton. As he quickly gets more fans and media attention, he’ll be a popular name in 2017. - Vijai Kumar for The Bramptonist

"Premiere: You need to watch this new EverythingOShauN video for “Broke”"

Today is my birthday and I am incredibly excited to announce that I have teamed up with Brampton artist EverythingOShauN for the premiere of his brand new video for “Broke” (which is an incredibly bless birthday gift).

“Broke” is one of my personal favourite records off of Until Now. For this video, EverythingOShauN teamed up with Fatty Soprano and Shutter to deliver a minimalistic visual for the track. The idea is that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make something special.

If you listen to the record, there’s one line that EverythingOShauN uses on the hook: “broke but still tipping'”. And I think that line so perfectly sums up the approach behind this video. You don’t need stacks of cash to give something value. And you don’t need to let money and appearance define you.

Check out the video premiere for “Broke” below, and scope our Q&A with EverythingOShauN after the jump.
Q&A: EverythingOShauN
HipHopCanada: This was probably one of my favourite songs off Until Now so I am so happy to see you gave it the visual treatment. Talk to me about the vision for this video.

EverythingOShauN: I appreciate that for real. The vision was simple… Shoot a video with minimum everything to drive the essence of the song and also capture the feeling of how it is when I perform the record, as well. Darkness but high energy. It’s a unique position to be in… “Broke” but still tippin’.

HipHopCanada: I noticed you juxtaposed low-fi shots with higher quality shots. Was that an intentional thing to illustrate the juxtaposition between being rich and broke?

EverythingOShauN: Absolutely right. Not to get too philosophical and shit but you really can’t enjoy anything truly without the existence of its opposite. Joy and pain, good and bad… and even down to shots, since the song is really about being in such a situation like “Broke” having the two images shows the struggle and battle between the two.

HipHopCanada: Another thing I noticed about this video was that a lot of the shots were filmed in locations like subways, etc, etc… really minimalistic and not extravagant. But you’re still stunting. So it’s – again – that idea of being “broke” but still “tipping”?

EverythingOShauN: It’s funny because you would never know how many meanings were intended for “Broke” on surface listens alone, for sure. Put it this way… in one sense we as people always end up spending beyond our means because appearances and looking the part is so important to our society nowadays. What people can see… thats what’s important. But also being “Broke” is a state of mind as well, as an actual financial disposition. So if you’re going to be “broke” money-wise, you better make up for it in another way or you’re going to feel that much lower.

HipHopCanada: Who directed this and how did that collaboration come about?

EverythingOShauN: This collaboration was done with the help of the super dope talented director Fatty Soprano and Shutter out of Montreal. Love for what I do musically ultimately connected us and they understand what I’m trying to do visually and graduate to. So I was fortunate to find them and sync up like that. They my brothers now.

HipHopCanada: I think one thing that’s always stood out to me about this track is that being “broke” isn’t just referring to how much money is in the bank. It’s also referring to emotional wealth, and social wealth, and all of that.

EverythingOShauN: There so many levels to broke and being broke and ultimately you don’t want to be every type of broke possible at the same time. If you’re going to have no money you have to be emotionally wealthy because…that’s pretty much all you got at that point. But you’re right overall Sarah. You get it. You get me. I love that. That’s why I love you. You know this though.

HipHopCanada: As always, I love how XP does all your videos with you because I feel like low-key EverythingOShauN is actually a duo of you and XP. What’s the significance of having him in all of your videos with you?

EverythingOShauN: I mean he’s pretty involved with the music. I mean he is my producer and is involved in a lot of my music directions, regardless. So I think one of our strengths is that tag-team that other people don’t really have these days. It’s like how Missy and Timbo used to be… [or] Biggie and Diddy. These days there’s Macklemore and Ryan, and even Majid Jordan. You always see both in the videos. So I think it’s a dope thing to have. Plus he’s a giant so he would stick out regardless.

HipHopCanada: Anything else you want to add?

EverythingOShauN: Happy Birthday to my favourite Sarah Jay. You know I dropped “Broke” on this day for you too, right? You know me love you long time.

Interview conducted by Sarah Jay for HipHopCanada - Sarah Jay for HiphopCanada


EverythingOShauN and director Fatty Soprano capture the best of Toronto in the recent video “Broke$”. Some scenes from the single include The C.N Tower as a backdrop, others include the TTC’s classic red seats, and others include those all too familiar underground parking lots.

Essentially, we see EverythingOShauN putting on for the city in “Broke$”. The last frame in the video features a quote by Steve Jobs which sums up the main point of the song, the quote goes as follows ‘my favorite things in life don’t cost any money’.

Broke$ can be found on EverythingOShauN’s debut EP, “Until Now”. Available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and streaming on Tidal, Spotify and most other major platforms. - TheJumpMagazine

"Top 40 Up-And-Coming Canadian Rappers & Rap Crews of 2016"

This Brampton newcomer flew right under my radar last spring when he dropped his video for “Bipolar.” But I didn’t really keep up with the guy afterwards. This spring he did a massive roll-out for his Until Now project and that’s when I really started paying attention. As the year has progressed, I still find myself returning to this project and pressing play. It’s got so many stand-alones on it that I’ll just listen to over and over and over again: “Broke$”, “Hand Wave”, and the female worship anthem “WESTENDGIRLS”. One thing that really sets EverythingOShauN apart is that he’s practically a duo with his brother Xpress (aka DJXP). The two of them have this ridiculous artistic chemistry that’s responsible for the EverythingOShauN sound. - Sarah Jay for HiphopCanada

"Top 50 Toronto Releases of 2016: The Majors, The Minors & Newcomers"

11. EverythingOshaun – Until Now (EP)

Every year, there’s an artist that rolls up and manages to bring their entire city out for them – this year, that accolade goes to Brampton’s EverythingOshaun. Having performed at SXSW and CMW in 2015, EverythingOshaun carried that energy over to the release of his fiery EP Until Now, and proved that he wasn’t playing around this year. If you have a chance to see him perform live, take it! - ELLHAH for Boi-1da.net

"Brampton Hip-Hop artist EverythingOShaun lives in the moment"

Ever since EverythingOshaun, a Brampton Hip Hop artist, dropped his debut EP Until Now some weeks ago, he has been enjoying the attention his music has garnered from both the industry and his fans.

Singles such as You Shouldn’t and Poet managed to catch the ear of distribution markets such as Apple Music, Spotify and Google.

EverythingOshaun however has not let success go into his head.

“It has been a long journey for me putting this project (Until Now),” he said. “I had to deal with a lot of difficult obstacles–family, finance, school and personal issues–that prevented and distracted me. When we finally put the album together, I felt it needed a title that hits home and encourages people that it doesn’t matter when and where you start, that moment you start is what counts, everything before is irrelevant.”

It’s the same reasoning that went into christening the Bramptonian’s three-member group– Game Starts Here (GSX)– that includes Staasia Daniels and his brother Xpress aka DJXP.

The sounds of his new album are driven by Toronto’s urban, multicultural vibe.

“The music is mellow, melodic type of Hip-Hop,” he said. “We’re not necessarily the boom-bap rap that originated in New York. We infuse jazz, R&B gospel and mix it all together. I can be as aggressive as I want lyrically, but sonically, my music is very smooth.”

As an upcoming musician, EverythingOshaun was fortunate to perform at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival in Austin and Canadian Music Week.

There are days however, he said, when he finds himself questioning the uphill and uncertain life of the musician. Then a letter or tweet from a fan saying how much they love his work would arrive and his self-doubts would vanish.

“Music distracts me from the reality of things,” he said. “It gives me an outlet to take my energy towards something positive and not veer off along the wrong path. So, music has helped me channelize and has proven to be an engine that drives my creativity.”

EverythingOShaun has a couple of performances in Toronto coming up. Until now is available for free streaming. For more information, visit www.everythingoshaun.com. - Radhika Panjwani for The Brampton Guardian

"Toronto Newcomer EverythingOshauN Drops Debut EP, ‘Until Now’"

Over the past year, EverythingOshauN has been casually building his road to success with loose singles and performances, but finally, he has released his debut EP, Until Now. With singles like “You Shouldn’t” and “Poet” already grabbing upwards of 30K listens on Soundcloud, the 10-track project explores an array of topics, from how to make it to “WESTENDGIRLS,” and is entirely produced by Xpress aka DJXP and OshauN. Hit play below! - Ellhah @ Boi-1da

"Brampton’s EverythingOShauN releases new EP, Until Now"

Brampton, ON – New music from B-Town up-and-comer EverythingOShauN. The 10-track Until Now EP features guest appearances by Aman and Xpress (aka DJXP). You can stream the project below, or download it now on iTunes. - HipHopCanada


S’funny: I’m currently reading Toronto Dj/journalist, Denise Benson‘s book, Then & Now on the history of Toronto Nightlife which talks about many of the alternative/new wave clubs in the late seventies into the early eighties that played UK music. One of the tracks that gets multiple mentions as part of that is the Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls.” Could this track by a new T.dot MC, EverythingOShauN, who I wasn’t familiar with before now, be the new millennia update??! Track is from the Until Now project out today, I believe (??).

HypeMachine - http://hypem.com/track/2fmmt/EverythingOShauN+-+WESTENDGIRLS+(Feat.+Xpress+Aka+DJXP) - IAN


Lots of new music came out this week. Below are summaries of 15 fresh albums plus 3 EPs.

Montreal’s Angel Forrest has released a really good blues album entitled Angel’s 11. Brimbelle‘s Brimbelle chante la ferme de Foin-Foin gives Francophone children some fun folky farm songs. Find singer-songwriter tunes on Future Snowbird, the latest from Toronto’s Charlotte Cornfield. Formerly with Barenaked Ladies, Steven Page‘s new solo album Heal Thyself, Pt. 1: Instinct contains well-crafted pop songs. More on the pop-rock side is I Wanna Make It With You from Calgary’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

Alternative music with electronic currents is done well by Toronto’s AA Wallace and LP In Alpha Zones. Fans of roots or folk will love In the Battle Years by Halifax’s Hillsburn. Along the same lines is Inland Desire from Montreal’s Mentana. Also, though on the softer side, Marie-Annick Lepine, a member of the successful collective Les Cowboys Fringants launches solo album J’ai brodé mon coeur. Classical pianist Janina Fialkowska interprets Franz Schubert on her new disc.

Arcade Fire’s Ottawan percussionist Jeremy Gara has also released a solo album, an experimental, instrumental alternative work called Limn. For jazz, check out Jacques Kuba Seguin‘s soothing Litania Projekt. Hamilton alt-rock outfit Pet Sun is back with a self-titled LP. JUNO winning marvel Karim Ouellet from Quebec City follows up acclaimed album Fox with Trente. It is the best-selling of this week’s releases. For some hip hop, look no further than Until Now by Toronto’s EverythingOShauN.

Great EPs out are Lexi Strate‘s Waves, a pop jewel. She’s from Alberta. For some Weird Waves, there is the new EP from Guelph’s Minotaurs. Winnipeg has an excellent country artist named David James. Songs About a Girl is a must for fans of the genre. - Canadian Music Blog

"New Artists: Hiphop"

You Shouldn't off the new LP #UntilNow

.........These 50 tracks represent our favourite new and emerging voices in hiphop. - Apple Music HipHop


EverythingOShauns' Until Now is featured by the Apple Music Editors as one of the Albums You Need to Hear and a New Artist Spotlight Artist for his single "You Shouldnt" off the Until Now LP. - Apple Music Editors

"New In HipHop PlayList by Apple Music Hip-Hop"

That new rapper everybody was raving about last week? Old news. If you really want to stay current when it comes to hiphop, its not enough to know what's hot now--you've got know what's about to blow next.

"You Shouldn't" by EverythingOShauN off the UntilNow (LP) - Apple Music


Today, You Heard That New is happy to premiere the new EP from up and coming Toronto native OshauN, entitled “Until Now.” Give the 10 track project a spin and let us know what you think! - UHTN1


Toronto artiste “EVERYTHINGOSHAUN” releases debuts EP “Until Now”, over production from Xpress aka DJXP (his younger brother and GSX label-mate) Xpress produced all 10 tracks on this project, stream below. - Scoopry

"New music: EverythingOShauN teams up with Xpress aka DJXP to release “Poet”"

Toronto, ON – It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from EverythingOShauN when he dropped his video for “Bipolar” earlier on this summer. But the Toronto-based artist is back with this new release for “Poet” (produced by Xpress aka DJXP).

This song is very complex. EverythingOShauN fires shots at the rap cats who refer to themselves as “poets” but OBVIOUSLY only got in to the rap game to chase paper and pussy: “Better grab your cup and po’ it, bitch/ I know you really thinking I’m a po’ it/ Poet, bitch/ Oh nah I ain’t no Poet, bitch/ So bring that ass back and throw it, bitch.”

EverythingOShauN - Bipolar (Teaser) [Video] - HipHopCanada.com

Despite the fact that EverythingOShauN seems to protest the poet status of his peers in this song, he’s actually making a pretty solid case for himself. Instead of straight up telling us that he’s a poet, EverythingOShauN SHOWS us that he’s a poet.

He has some brilliant use of words throughout this tune. In fact, he dives right into that first verse with wordplay and double entendres: “Cause the Aftermath after all of that/ All it means is that you’re Shady/ So you can go pop your Eminem’s/ M&M’s cause you know I know the doctor.”

I also appreciate the honest perspective that EverythingOShauN delivers. He’s stayed watching his scene and he’s made some of his own conclusions – a lot of cats are clowns, a lot of the girls are thirsty AF, and a lot of industry is about paying your way into something: “These niggas is jokes/ Let’s go get Dave Chapelle/ These bitches is wishing/ Let’s get them a well/ Well it don’t really matter/ No n**ga/ Not to me/ Everybody can be bought/ So tell me, whats your fee?” - Sarah Sussman

""GSX a hit at SXSW" by The Mississauga News:"

BRAMPTON — Three Brampton artists had the experience of a lifetime while performing their biggest show yet at South by Southwest (SXSW).

At what is considered to be one of the largest indie music festivals in the world, Game Starts Here ("X" marks the spot) Music, or GSX Music, joined in, representing Canada amongst hundreds of performers representing their own countries and musical cultures.

"When you're onstage and performing, time moves differently and you're in a totally different world," said Xpress aka DJXP, a DJ and music producer with GSX. "All preparation you've done becomes mute and you and the audience is all you see."

Artists Xpress, EverythingOShauN and Staasia Daniels performed their music on March 21 to "people who had no idea who we were - and they loved it," said Xpress.

"I don't actually remember what it was like, it all just went by so fast," said Daniels. "It was like I was having a dream, seeing these people who came out to hear dope music, vibe and move with me."

Xpress explained it as an "earth-shattering experience," and said SXSW was a major milestone for them.

"We were miles away from home and in the heart of Texas doing what we love," he said. "In that moment we weren't reaching for goals or success, we were it. We made it. In that moment we had arrived."

Xpress said the GSX label started up between 2011 and 2012 when he and his brother, OShauN, got together and started collaborating.

The two had been immersed into music at a young age and kept at it as they got older, listening to various genres but gravitating towards hip-hop.

They later got in contact with Daniels whom Xpress had met in 2009 while studying Independent Music Production at Seneca College.

Although music is a tough industry to get into, Daniels said, it has been worth it.

"We've all had those moments of frustration and just want to throw the towel in, but music isn't separate from me," she said.

"My motivation is simply the sound of music, there are so many stories to tell, and not just my own."

In terms of their music, Xpress said, "I don't believe in having just one genre.

"Some days you want to have a nice slow song, but then another day you want to turn up or something," he said. "You need to provide yourself with that balance,"

Both Daniels and OShauN are currently working on projects; A Turtle in Limbo is Daniels', and Until Then is OShauN's.

"Every time I release new music it's a big moment," said Daniels.

"It's nerve wracking because I'm putting myself out there to be judged, to be liked, to be hated, to be. But those little moments make the bigger moments happen."

All three artists will be performing together in the upcoming months.

They will be opening for Mario's show - Spring Break Out 2015 Concert Mario Live in Brooklyn, NY on April 24.

They will also be headlining at the Amityville Music Hall in New York on April 28 and are hoping to perform locally in May and June.

With all that is happening, GSX is "always looking to collaborate, work with other artists, looking to be booked as well as looking for people to work with GSX Music like investors and partners," said Xpress.

To find out more information on GSX Music, visit their official site, gsxmusic.com. - Catharina Muia

"Everything​OShau​N plays it hot-and-cold in his new full-length video for “Bipolar”"

Toronto, ON – After releasing a teaser on us back in May, Everything​OShau​N (formerly Ohshawn) of GSX Music just released the full-length video for “Bipolar.”

Everything​OShau​N isn’t actually diagnosed bipolar, but he uses this song to give a raw commentary on his scatter-brained thought process and extreme emotional dealings with the fairer sex. While I’m never a fan of stigmatizing mental illness to explain emotions, I understand what O is getting at.

The “Bipolar” title is used to show how Everything​OShau​N sees his relationships as just as emotionally crippling and debilitating as the mental illness: “I don’t know why all the bitches think I do this shit on purpose/ But I’m ‘a make this thing worth it/ And I’m ‘a make you f**king work it.”
You know how some people are notoriously hot-and-cold? This song is Everything​OShau​N’s narrative on what happens when the games of playing-hard-to-get and getting-hot-and-cold are taken to extremes. I asked EverythingOShauN about it and here’s what he told me: “I been told by girls I was a certain way yesterday and today I am not the same O, and it becomes a big issue. I think I am just extreme on both ends. Either I am really into you and I move mountains and all that for you. Or I disappear and act like you don’t exist because I am giving you space or myself space. I don’t recognize the extremes or my “bipolarness” until I am out of the situation maybe a big fallout. So [girls] are so quick to throw out the term bipolar at me.”

This song isn’t just about relationships, though. As O points out, he’s also running a dialogue on everything from social issues and money issues, to trust issues and other problems. Of course that makes sense, though. The writing style of the track fits within the context of the track. It’s unpredictable and wavering all over the place.

The video (directed by Customatic) was filmed at Caledon’s badlands so it’s got a very primal feel to it. The badlands landscape makes the video seem less like a relationship fuelled on turmoil, and more like a carnal game of hunter-and-prey.

EverythingOShauN enlists the help of GTA Internet celebrity, Danielle Loxs, and the two of them spend the video playing cat-and-mouse. Danielle is the cat, by the way. O is the mouse. “Danielle represents those women that try to control me or at least have me trying to figure out myself and the consequences of my actions. My dealings with all these issues and my thought process makes me seem bipolar,” explains EverythingOShauN.

The hunt seems to switch between obsessive passion and disinterested apathy. That’s where the “Bipolar” link comes in. There are unpredictable emotional highs and lows. But sometimes everything is okay and EverythingOShauN stands united with Danielle in the middle of the forest as pink smog wafts into the air behind them. But wait it out. Give the two love birds a couple more minutes together…O will probably fall off the map again, and that’ll set Danielle off on the hunt again. - Sarah Sussman

"EverythingOshauN Displays A Case of Euphonic Ecstasy In “Bipolar”"

EverythingOShauN is finally here with the video to his second single off his soon-to-be-released project, Until Then… EverythingO. The reflective mellow track is produced by Xpress aka DJXP, and contains OShauN’s signature melodies and raw lyrics that everyone has come to love and expect. This stark contrast is a definite showcase of his style–“smooth yet rough around the edges.” With a fast-flying year, including performances at SXSW, New York, and back home at Canadian Music Week, OShauN is gearing up for even more surprises for his fans (and critics) leading up to the release of his EP. Until then… stay tuned.

Watch “Bipolar” below. - Noah.Williams

"EverythingOShauN made a female worship song for all of the “WESTENDGIRLS”"

Toronto, ON – As he gears up for the upcoming release of his #UntilNow LP, Toronto artist EverythingOShauN delivers his latest offering titled “WESTENDGIRLS.”

“WESTENDGIRLS” is a female worship song entirely dedicated to all of the ladies from the West End. The song was produced by Xpress (aka: DJXP), who has become EverythingOShauN’s go-to guy for beats. Actually, Xpress been doing more than just beats with EverythingOShauN. When you listen to the hook, note that it is BOTH Xpress and EverythingOShauN singing, there. Check it out.
So obviously I had to ask EverythingOShauN to give me a full-blown breakdown of what makes a West End girl so worship-able. Here’s what EverythingOShauN told me: “A West End girl is the type of girl that can and is many things. She doesn’t necessarily have to be from the West End of a particular place. She is down for me (or whoever she is with – obviously) but at the same time she is there for my homies and can be one of the homies as well. She’s chill more times without the unnecessary drama. She can dress up and get all fancy in heels or she can rock the bare minimum and dress down and be herself in some Jordans – you know? When I say the ‘West End is the best end with your best friend’ that’s an ode to the women that know and feel beautiful and can still keep a friend that is just as pretty but at the same time still can admit there is always a subconscious competition – which all females know to be true.”

EverythingOShauN went on to pay some tribute to Redway (R.I.P.) by referencing Redway’s WondaGurl-produced “YKTO (You Know The Ones)” for me – more specifically, the line “West End girls want a geek.”

According to EverythingOShauN, part of what makes West End girls so desirable is that they make really good friends. They become the kind of girl you want to wife – eventually: “The thing about West End girls also is they aren’t just girls that are hot that you’re trying to smash (though that may be a common misconception). You genuinely want to be around them ’cause they’re cool ‘n shit and you can become really good friends before anything else happens anyway… Redway (R.I.P) kind of understood that as to why he said “West End girls want a geek” – cause they know geeks are smart and want a loyal one.” - Sarah Sussman

"EverythingOShauN of GSX Releases Anticipated EP ‘Until Now’"

Representing for The 6ix, EverythingOShauN releases his highly anticipated EP Until Now, which comes off the GSX Music imprint. On the 10-track EP you’ll hear frequent collaborator as well as label-mate Xpress aka DJ XP and new comer Aman. On this project you can expect to hear the previously released singles ‘Poet,’ ‘Bipolar’ and the latest ‘West End Girls.’
The project is filled with hot lyrics, delivery and production, which you should enjoy from the beginning to the end. EverythingOShauN is one to watch for 2016 coming out of Toronto, so be on the lookout.
Have a listen to the full project below and let us know what you think. - AllUnsigned

"Toronto’s EverythingOShauN Releases Debut EP “Until Now…”"

Toronto’s Up and Coming Artist to Listen to “EverythingOShauN” has dropped his full-length Debut EP titled “Until Now”. Executive Produced by Xpress aka DJXP & EverythingOShauN, Mixed by Risk and Xpress, 2016 GSX Music.

From mellow and reflective to upbeat and aggressive – to everything in between and beyond – his versatility truly knows no bounds. Combining his bravado and athletic lyricism with the smooth productions of Xpress aka DJXP (his younger brother and GSX label-mate), their pieces of audible art are truly gratifying to both the ear and the soul.

Stream/Listen EverythingOShauN Debut EP “Until Now” and be sure to stay tuned and follow EverythingOShauN on twitter for more EverythingOShauN! - Bound2Hiphop


Inspiration can strike at any moment – especially while kicking back and watching a critically-acclaimed series like Breaking Bad. For Brampton artist EverythingOShauN, the imagery of Walter White against the world with nothing but a motorhome (and the feeling of being alone in the New Mexico desert) was too powerful to not use in a song.

Today at Sidewalk Hustle we are pleased to premiere the video for EverythingOShauN’s “Winnebago.” The track appeared on OShauN’s Almost Everything EP that dropped summer of last year. Although OShauN considers himself a fairly conceptual when it comes to song creation, he admits this track simply stemmed from how cool it sounded to sing the word “Winnebago.”

The Fatty Soprano and Shutterr-directed visual acts as a sequel to the video for his track “Pylons.” The combination of OShaun’s vibey melodies and Soprano’s bloody concept for the accompanying visual creates a dream-like sequence (reminiscent of the 1976 thriller Carrie) that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

We caught up with EverythingOShauN to chop it up about music, life and of course, the music video. Watch the video for “Winnebago” above and read our brief interview with OShauN below.

Sidewalk Hustle: How did this record come about? Winnebago is an uncommon word.

EverythingOShauN: We were into that show Breaking Bad – and I loved that whole energy of being stuck in a place and trying to come up, if you will. My brother X (DJXP) made that beat and [Winnebago] was just a word that we repeated while the beat was on. We were freestyling and the way it sounded just rolled off the tongue so we just built it around that word. That record was the most “vibe” record for that project in terms of the creation process.

Is it usually a process based on a concept rather than just a vibe like that?

Yeah, we do a lot of concept records. He makes a beat and I go away for a day or two listen to it over and over. But this one was just a vibe session, it sounded great. Like you said, it’s not a popular term in our genre of music. It’s not popular terminology. It’s probably my favourite record off the project, it really holds a special place.

So you clearly knew you wanted to make a video right away.

Oh yeah. And it wasn’t even going to go this way! We originally had plans to rent a Winnebago and we were looking at a couple of prospects but when I got with my director, Fatty Soprano, he had this plan for a bloody, messy – he really said “just let me do some shit for you, will you let me do some shit for you?”

That must have thrown you off.

It threw me the fuck off. But this is the third video we’ve done together so we’ve started to build a rapport with each other. I don’t want to do the same typical thing or be known as a predictable artist – I would expect a Winnebago for this video but we made a compromise. I said, “if we’re going to do that, I want this visual to connect with another one” and that’s how the previous video, “Pylons,” came about. I think his original reference was the Carrie movie.

Do you often reference older art and material when you’re searching for inspiration? Or was that something that Fatty brought to the table?

I like to dig – probably more on the production side. X likes to go into classic records and old movies to find sounds. Or at least to find the inspiration for creating something else. That’s where we get a lot of inspiration from – it’s not like there are any new ideas out there. It’s just about finding a clever way of doing it. - Drew Yorke for Sidewalk Hustle

"EverythingOShauN's releases an array of symbolic visuals for "Blind" [Video] Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/04/24/everythingoshauns-releases-an-array-of-symbolic-visuals-for-blind-video/#vysvxtVpq2OChP1c.99"

Toronto's EverythingOShauN comes through with a brilliant song and video focusing on the effects that alcohol can have. In the past few years, EO has released two projects, Until Now (2016) and Almost Everything (2017). This track kicks off his late 2017 EP and has been one of his biggest to date. Produced by Xpress aka DJXP, the haunting trap instrumental meets EO in a dark place telling his tales of alcohol abuse and his experiences with it.

Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/04/24/everythingoshauns-releases-an-array-of-symbolic-visuals-for-blind-video/#vysvxtVpq2OChP1c.99

The video matches this vibe going with a black and white treatment. The directors, Fatty Soprano & Shutterr, put in candid and portrait images of blind people to connect to EO being blindfolded in a forest setting. An important part of the video comes at the very beginning where we see EO putting the blindfold on himself, symbolizing the self-harming nature of substance abuse. Seeing an artist be this real and vulnerable is really inspiring experience. If you like this be sure to check out the rest EverythingOShaun’s work and follow him with the links below - Jack Harding for Earmilk

"MUSICSong of the Day: EverythingOShaun previews project with “Out The Window”"

Our Song of the Day is this fresh new single from Brampton budding star, EverythingOShauN. “Out The Window” was produced by OShaun’s in-house producer (and brother), Xpress aka DJXP, and the single will be featured on his next project, Everything Over Everything Else.

“EverythingOShauN is throwing all f*cks ‘Out the Window’ and is letting in the heat this summer.”

The new single comes on the heels of OShaun’s popular Almost Everything EP, which also produced a gang of top notch visual releases including the most recent “Blind,” our previous Song of the Day “Winnebago“, “Pylons,” and even more.

You can listen to “Out The Window” below now via Spotify. - HipHopCanada



If the underground is home to the sound of the future main-floor, then EverythingOShauN is on the elevator, ascending to his rightful position. 

The Canadian hip-hop artist/emcee represents the independent hustle to the fullest, crafting his success by doing things continuously outside the box. He provides listeners with a unique flavour of witty melodies, relentless spirit while embracing the tantalizing flavours of the island, the heart beat of the motherland and a dash of that dark Toronto sound that is crafted by his go to producer & brother XpressakaDJXP.

EverythingOShauN was born to parents of Nigerian and Jamaican lineage in the vibrant cradle of Toronto. Being raised to have an appreciation for the performing arts, he quickly grew a fascination that would soon, though he didn't know it yet, become his craft. For him, creating music almost comes second nature: embodying consciousness, everyday struggles, and feelings of all kinds while conveying them creatively for the purpose of inspiration and enjoyment is his end goal.

His debut EP "Until Now," was an independent release that dropped in early 2016, receiving positive reviews from blogs, individuals across North America and his growing fan base around the world. The ten-track project presented four visuals from EverythingOShauN whose creativity is cleverly showcased in the presentation of his videos. 

From there, EverythingOShauN has been seen hitting stages at some of the biggest hip-hop festivals across the nation. These included; Toronto's Manifesto, Afrofest festivals & Indie Week, Atlanta's A3C festival, Austin's SXSW and Canadian Music Week. 

On Everything Over Everything Else, his most recent EP, he takes his fans on a sonic journey, honing in on feelings, sounds and emotions to give a further look into what it is to be EverythingOShauN.

With the abundance of energy and exhilaration put into his live shows, 2019 presents even greater opportunities for the artist, as he sets to take his music to vast locations and bigger stages. EverythingOShauN is ready to show it to the world! 

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