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Fame & PdotC

Hartford, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Hartford, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Hip Hop Indie




"Fame & PdotC (Hartford, Connecticut)"

Uh oh! Plot twist!

Now we all are use to seeing rappers going solo and sometimes you'll get the occasional group but this time it's a little different. Fame and PdotC are a rapping twin duo! Thats something you don't see everyday. Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut the rap duo has been making a name for themselves in their hometown, as well as parts in Virginia.

Just like most upcoming artist these guys got started by doing local venue shows, parties, and even touched on the rap battle scene. This rap duo has quite a few mixtape under their belts including their popular series We Invented Swagg 1 and 2, which also featured a various CT artist. In the summer of 2013 the two did another mixtape labeled Underrated Graduates which unfortunately the project didn't do as well as they expected. The two decided to brainstorm an idea called the #100TracksOrDeal campaign in 2014. The #100TracksOrDeal concept was to release a 100 free tracks or get a signed contact to do music (which ever comes 1st). In February of 2015 the duo released their Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks Hosted by DJ OnPoint. Anyone who's anyone is well aware that a DJ OnPoint co-sign is just as good as a Don Cannon.

As usual here at the RapFest we're excited to take on new aspiring artists and give them the platform their searching for. Fame and PdotC show a unique talent with both having very different flows and adding a flare to their approach. Let's see if the rap game is ready for double trouble! - Elie P.

"New Video: Fame & PdotC – #100TracksOrDeal (Documentary)"

Rapfest Member duo, Fame & PdotC come together to bring us their story. Fame & PdotC bring us into an intimate documentary introducing us to their up brings in Hartford, Connecticut to when they first started rapping. They also shows the neighborhood they grew up in and explain the meaning for their #100TracksOrDeal campaign. Check out the two part documentary and get familiar with their latest project Bad Bitches And Fruit Snacks - Elie P

"(EP Review)-@Fame_Rugby & @PdotC_18 “Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks”"

Hartford, Connecticut has birthed a rap group comprised of a twin brother combination by the names of Fame & PdotC and on their recently released EP, “Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks”, the two establish their mindset thru music. Given in the perspective of rap artists & college graduates, the album covers aspects of two boys turned men with their dreams coming to fruition. Comprised of eight tracks, the EP touches on a wide variety of instrumental arrangements and vocal deliveries. Let’s take a track by track look at Fame & PdotC’s “Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks”.

The EP unexpectedly begins with a spoken word piece titled “Kondwani’s Thesis” that ultimately sets up the album and gives poetic insight into the meaning behind the project’s title. The song gives great insight as to how important women are to the world and that special woman in your life. There’s even a segment that borrows from Tupac’s “Keep Your Head Up”. “The Open Mic” is a concept track revolving around the twins at an open mic night, no worries of having to go to class the next day, with a clever twist mid-song that bolsters a sweet guitar solo. Once again, the song keeps it’s focus on women. “Where Do You Go” finds Fame & P.C on a more commercial vibe that features smooth production from Perry and a home run chorus line from singer Ysanne. The fellas offer up scenarios pertaining to common relationship issues and love. “Where Do You Go” is one of the EP’s standout tracks.

“Girl That I Once Knew” moves “Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks” into a more serious tone and is also a standout record with it’s intense story telling lyricism that tells two tales. One of an abused girl turned woman who’s poor life decisions leads to an untimely event and another revolving around a conversation with a woman in an abusive relationship. This song touches the heart, a great release from the Hartford duo. All seriousness is washed away with the stripper anthem, “The Player’s Club”. This is a song to play when a trip to the local gentlemen’s club is on the agenda. SGULL adds in big organ chords and 808 bass slaps to get the posteriors clapping in the club. “Shotty Music” is a street banger hosting a feature from Young Lito who commands your attention with his voice and gritty content.

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is another great concept record borrowing on the same song title as Kanye West’s and the beat Perry provides is extremely catchy with its fast paced drums and synth lines. I really enjoy how they flipped Ye’s chorus into their own rendition here. On the closing record “Setbacks”, we get a solid offering full of inspirations provided by Steve Harvey, if my ears serve me correct. The twins handle the topic of setbacks in life and not letting the negativity hold you back, continue pushing towards your goals & dreams. A great way to end the EP.

“Bad Bitches And Fruit Snacks” offers a great selection of songs to choose from. After listening a few times over, I see the EP split into two separate categories. That is due in part to the producers. It’s another nice twist, with Perry’s production serving as the commercial/serious side and SGULL for the club and street records. With standout cuts such as “Where Do You Go”, “Girl That I Once Knew” & “Setbacks” both Fame & PdotC show great indication that they could cross over into commercial success if they so chose to. Stream the EP in it’s entirety down below and pick a copy up from the iTunes link below. - @Blitizb_60505

"Fame & PdotC (Hartford, CT) – Love Sick"

Anthony & Andre, also known as Fame & PdotC are a “Twin” duo from Hartford, Connecticut. The two have been making a name for themselves in their hometown, as well as in Virginia where they attended college. The two have their own unique style of rapping which produces a creative combination of flows in their music. The twins are know for developing a couple of underground mixtapes in the past. The two brothers first appeared on a collaboration mixtape with other CT artists called “We Invented Swagg”, which surfaced the internet in 2009. Then, in 2011 the two were featured again on “We Invented Swagg 2″. After the collaboration projects, the twins decided to branch off and do their music as a duo instead of a group. With that being said, the two released a mixtape entitled, “Bad Bitches & Fruit Snacks” hosted by Dj OnPoint. This mixtape came out in December of 2012 and exposed Fame & PdotC to a bigger fan base. With the increase in the amount of supporters, Fame & PdotC manage to constantly show growth within their music. These guys are not affiliated with any groups in the industry but, they often talk about their encounter with Drake & J.Cole. The main reason why the “twins” make music is to elevate the state of Connecticut into the rap industry. Coming from a city and state with no hip-hop background, Fame & PdotC intends to be the first to make it out of Connecticut. Their latest project that the duo has completed is entitled “Underrated Graduates.” This project cleverly describes their outlook on life after graduation.
Follow them on Twitter/Instagram: @Fame_Rugby & PdotC_18 #UnderratedGraduates #NewEleven #100TracksOrADeal - UGHH


Still working on that hot first release.



From the North end of Hartford, Connecticut, the rap duo Fame & PdotC hail from a city with a lack of musical history 

and high crime rates but, a vast amount of talent. Challenging the environment, the duo took this as motivation when they

took on the interest of music at a young age.


It all started with a “Boom Box”


The duo was presented with a stereo, also known as a “Boom Box” from their uncle. Discovering how to record over cassette tapes, 

Fame & PdotC joined their friend Quandell and created their own music. They spent hours in their bedroom banging on the windowsill, making beats, with dreams of creating radio hits.


Battle Rapping


As the twin duo grew older, Fame & PdotC made their stamp as battle rappers, finding anyone willing to attempt to go against them.  In the midst of battle rapping, they formed a bond with those who shared similar interest. Clothes, parties, and most importantly music, became the basis of the group’s focus and this is when Fame & PdotC realized battle rapping didn’t have the same effect as their sound on the “Boom Box.”


Trial and Error


When Fame & PdotC became introduced to Onan, someone who would become the duo’s mentor, everything seemed as if it were going perfectly. They learned song writing and lyrical content, as well as spent time recording in the studio with their friend Miles. The three walked miles overnight just to record. Eventually, the rap duo and Miles took matters into their own hands, producing music in home with their own equipment, after falling out with their mentor Onan.




In 2009, Fame & PdotC started their college career attending Virginia State University. While the social and academic atmosphere became their focus, the twins slowly worked on music but did not hold the consistency and their music began to fade. Releasing a mixtape after graduation, the “buzz” they felt they once had didn’t get the attention they wanted. In 2014, Fame & PdotC launched the #100TracksOrDeal campaign to release 100 tracks through various platforms in order to gain the attention of record label execs and obtain a deal.  Now living in Brooklyn, NY, Fame & PdotC have established a movement with a group of hardworking individuals to live out their dreams. Keep up with the movement. #100TracksOrDeal

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