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Field Of Bronze

Conroe, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Conroe, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Folk


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"Field Of Bronze is GOLD!"

I was approached by a man who had heard I reviewed new artists and he asked if I would listen to an album by Field of Bronze and review their work. With a charming smile he hands me a CD, which is called "God Bless You, and Goodnight." I agreed to give it a listen and discovered that the young man was Josh Pitt, the lead singer for Field of Bronze. So after my other review with Brittany Jean and Will Copps was complete; I sat down in my office to listen.

What hit my ears was not bronze, but pure gold. It’s rare for me to love every song on a CD, but every strum of the guitar, every harmony, and every beat had me transfixed. That’s what Field of Bronze does to you. You are put in a trance by a sound that is so eclectic, and yet comes together like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Harmonicas, accordions, bells, even a mandolin and didgeridoo, are some of the instruments mixed together on this album and I’m still impressed by how they made it all work. Just incredible! They are not a set genre but a mixture of psychedelic, alternative, country, classic rock, modern rock, even a bit theatrical with what seems almost like what a modern western would sound like. They are a genre of their own. Each member supposedly was able to put in their two cents on what styles to include and instead of a mess, a masterpiece was born called "God Bless You, and Goodnight."

Field of Bronze has become well known locally in Conroe, TX with venues such as Corner Pub, Spring Sparkle Palooza, and Lake Fest. Band members include:

Josh Pitt (26) composed most of the music on this album and played various instruments, but mostly is known for guitar and vocals. Josh will soon be visiting L.A for two weeks to play some music for some lucky Californians. With the pipes this guy has, I wonder if the City of Angels is ready to be blown away by this hurricane talent. His sound is pure and has a hint of old fashioned rock that we miss in many artists today. I love the classic sound of old artists such as The Beatles and Buddy Holly, and Josh Pitt brings them to mind; but you can’t say he’ll follow in these guy’s footsteps. No this guy has his own path and makes this style his own. Josh Pitt is no shadow.

Jonathan Hoffman (25) is the drummer and I have to say I love any drummer who can keep my toe tapping throughout a song. I love a good beat and Hoffman is a rhythm master. He doesn’t try to be overbearing with his sets and just gives the music a lift to create a great balance as a true band mate. Jonathan is also the lead vocalist for a metal band named, Floating Man, and plays bass for a new band as well. As multitalented as his other band mates it seems and keeping busy with his love for creativity and music.

Bobby Westmoreland (27) is the bass/vocals you hear . He is said to be the best and most melodic bass player for a thousand mile radius. I can’t argue. Most bass players go unnoticed by me, but like his fellow members he shines. He seems to be a prodigy with anything that has strings, learning an instrument within two seconds. He sings beautiful harmonies and other backup vocals. I’m a lover of harmonies myself and Westmoreland certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Adam McFarland is the sound engineer for this album and I just have to mention him, because this guy made their sound so outrageously pure and yet packed a major punch, Mortal Kombat style. This is Field of Bronze’s first album and is perfectly professional and well executed. McFarland’s record label is Farland Records and he is the owner of the business Farland Music.


Pitt and Westmoreland have supposedly been friends since junior high and found they had a mutual love for music, so decided to work together on composing with different styles they favored. Hoffman was a grade below, but soon joined in after they all finished high school. The band Field of Bronze itself was founded around 2006 as a project title with only Pitt. In 2008 Westmoreland joined in. In 2012 Hoffman became their permanent drummer. They had a fourth member, but the band decided on just a three member group for simplicity. What remains is a group fully dedicated to each other and FOB is continuously writing more songs and they plan to keep moving their music forward to those who have been unlucky not to hear them yet.

There is a note on their Facebook page that states they don’t believe in gimmicks. When questioned about the statement, Pitt gave this reply:

We value authenticity over anything else. We want to embrace raw and imperfect elements of music, while refining our sound to what we like. That isn’t a new concept but it seems to be less popular in a lot of today’s music. For us, image is the last thing we concern ourselves with as a band. If people like us, we want it to be because they genuinely enjoy our music, not because of some image we portray. Entertainment does not have to be deceitful.

I also asked him what his favorite songs on the album God Bless You, and Goodnight was. I was shocked by what he shared.

"I’m quite fond of “Name of Album” and “Charles Austin”. “Charles Austin” has infinite meaning to me. He was my cousin who was shot and killed at the age of 23. He lived in Tennessee and I in Texas, so we weren’t close in a traditional sense. But we always got along great and had a strong connection since childhood. Charles Austin is a humble monument I made to honor my cousin. It’s the kind of song I wish never had to exist."

Since I had Pitt close by to interview I also asked him if his solo career would have the same style of music.

"It will share similar qualities, I guess. The songs I play by myself tend to be more mellow and intimate. When it comes to writing, I really just try to be mindful and take whatever comes my way.
I don’t set out to write a particular style or anything. I’m not really a riff-driven or genre specific kind of guy. When a song starts to feel like it would be good for the band I take it and show the guys. Sometimes I know when a song is meant to be stripped down and vulnerable; those I keep to myself. I love the flexibility of having options for how to present a song. My solo record will be as I described above: stripped down, vulnerable, and intimate. To me, it is important to embrace every emotion, good or bad. If your moods change like seasons, it is only natural. Find beauty in each phase and don’t ignore what they can teach you."

I have never been so happy to receive a free copy of an album. I highly suggest that you click on any of the links below to listen to their tracks to understand what I am writing about. Trust me, whether they continue to play together or go off on other projects, having a piece of their first work will be worth it for when they are rocking famous venues someday. Wish them all the best and thanks to Pitt for bringing FOB’s music into my life. - Kellyann Earls


Studio LP:
God Bless You, and Goodnight


Feeling a bit camera shy


I am Josh Pitt, the creator, singer, and guitarist for Field Of Bonze. We began in 2008 as a songwriting venture. By 2010 there were plenty of songs and we decided to record an album. I recruited my lifelong friend, Bobby Westmoreland, to incorporate his musical gifts and exquisite bass playing to the project. For our first record we used many different drummers and occasionally brought in specific musicians to add a unique touch. 

Leading up to the release of "God Bless You, and Goodnight," we formed a full band. Jonathan Hoffman became our permanent drummer. Initially we wanted Bobby to play lead guitar, so we added a bassist and played as a four-piece. But in the Spring of 2013 we could feel a purer chemistry in simplifying our sound as a three-piece, with Bobby moving to bass and harmony vocals. This lineup has allowed us to really fine-tune our sound and discover our true identity. 

We continue to write new songs and set challenging goals for ourselves. Bobby, Jonathan, and I have a unique ability  to foresee the form that our songs will eventually take. This makes for a strong rapport, as we are able to work together to create the sound we all want. We play a steady amount of shows around Houston and our hometown, Conroe. Currently we are working on a new EP to introduce our carefully forged, mature new sound. We are in love with our new songs and thrive at the opportunity to play them for fresh faces. 

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