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Borough of Queens, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Borough of Queens, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Focus The Truth tells us the "Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare" Read more at"

Raised in Queens, New York, Focus The Truth brings his love of hip-hop and cartoons together to create imagery driven music. Capturing that old school vibe, and updating it with his new school hustle and energy, "Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare," is just one example of his lyrical skill. "Tales" is laced with allusions and tightly woven metaphors, which makes sense when we consider that Focus began his career battle rapping and writing poetry, emceeing since age 14. Over a tempered and jazz-inspired beat, Focus denounces the fake and paints a picture of his life in Queens. He opts for a narrative of prayer and hustle, trying move away from the violence he sees around him, and instead dedicates himself to the pen. "Tales of Trilliam Shakespeare" embodies the essence of hip-hop, and for that reason, it demands your attention.
"Tales Of Trilliam Shakespeare" appears on his latest tape, Q85, which you can listen to here.

Read more at - EARMILK

"Attack Of The Track x Focus The Truth “Q85” Album Review"

South Jamaica Queens Emcee Foc Trillz aka Focus The Truth cooks up a certified instant classic hip hop project entitled Q85. Back on his Queens shit,and real as ever, Foc Trillz’s Q85 EP will be much pleasing to anyone that comes across it, one of those type of indie EP’s that you can just let play through. In an era of lost words,and highly overrated mumble rap, Focus continues to preserve and rejuvenate lyrics into the the state of hip hop today. The lead track Tales of Trilliam sets you directly into the back seat as Trills continues to stamp his passports, write beautiful scrips while dropping some heavy duty bars over a familiar Isley Brothers sample. The 9 track project is a must for anyone who is familiar with Focuses earlier works (Berwick Road , DUI), and the flows are still as viscous as ever. The boom bap joint Gonna Change feat Ayo The Don will undoubtedly connect you into the Foc Trillz sound, he truly is a game spitter with some of the most humbling lyrics. Q85 also has a real genuine sound too it, and as usual Focus knows how to balance and create a solid project that anyone can vibe too. We do have our personal favorites here at IHHR. Besides Tales of Trilliam and Gonna Change, we also had Platonic (Check out the video below) , Dollars & Bills & Accommodations are on heavy rotation hear at HQ and is also added to our new Attack of The Track Playlist.

Be sure to check out Q85, now streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud. Peep the video for Platonic right there above you…see it?? Im sure you do and always remember to support indie hip hip music! - Indie Hip-Hop Review

"Focus The Truth - God Is Greater [Review]"

“I’m not sure where Focus The Truth is from but I’m getting all types of New York vibes from “God is Greater” ! This is definitely something I would not mind riding to! 4/5”
— Yung Miss (LA On Lock Blogger) - LA On Lock


Focus The Truth & Oswin Benjamin drop the Kam0 produced “God Is Greater.” Check out the dope track along with Focus’ entire “Q85” platter below! - Insomniac Magazine

"(New Album)-@focusthetruth Q85"

Queens lyricist Focus The Truth unleashes his full length album “Q85” bursting with nine tracks of good old fashioned Hip Hop for your earlobes. Ayo Da Don makes a few cameo appearances along with a few others and a variety of producers help keep things creative. Check out “Q85” below. - Get Your Buzz Up

"Rapper Focus The Truth is the Real Deal"

Rapper Focus The Truth is a Hip Hop Tour De Force. His intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. He has an international appeal and his music ascends above regional boundaries. Focus The Truth has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought. His cadence, delivery and flow are spectacular. The texture of his voice is a perfect reflection of humble dominance. With his breath-taking skills, Focus flawlessly captivates audiences across the globe. The Queens, NY based emcee was influenced by such Hip Hop superstars as Nas, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG,Raekwon and Lauren Hill.

With the release of his stellar street album entitled “Berwick Road,” Focus The Truth firmly establishes himself as a musical force to be reckoned with. The album is the embodiment and essence of true Hip Hop. “Berwick Road” is cutting edge and entertaining. The project is a unique blend of style and substance that rarely exists on today’s Hip Hop landscape. “Real N*ggas like my music. I make music for the Hip Hop heads,” raves Focus. The current single is a song called “City of Angels.” The song is being well received by notable DJ’s across the country. The dynamic video for “City of Angels” was filmed in Los Angeles, CA.

True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above. Focus The Truth elegantly unites the classic Hip Hop spirit of yesterday with the innovative sounds of today’s Rap music. Hip Hop artists are in the unique position to influence others with their mere words alone. Now that’s power! Focus The Truth has chosen to use his words to build rather than to destroy. Follow Focus The Truth as he makes an impact in the music world. Log on to his website - The A&R Power Summit

"Don’t Sleep: Focus The Truth ‘As The Horn Blows’ [Music Video]"

A friend of mine brought Focus The Truth to my attention about a week ago, but I’m honestly just getting around to checking out his music. “As The Horn Blows” addresses a lot of issues currently going on in the Hip Hop scene, and the struggle that comes along the way. If every rapper thought the way he did, we’d probably have a lot more genuine music being made, and perhaps the machines would be forced to actually support and promote ‘quality.’ Regardless of all that, my best advice is to do you, stay persistent and perfect your craft.

“Forget what them n*ggas doing, just remember to do you.”- Focus The Truth
“Cause all they know is sell drugs and watch money multiply.”-Focus The Truth - The Conscious Tip

"Audio/download: Focus The Truth – D.U.I [+ mixtape review]"

Check our newest writer Ricardo ENK's mixtape review from an up and coming Queens native, London based rapper 'Focus The Truth'. While you're reading the review check out the mixtape to stream or download at the bottom!

Where do I start? I guess I should jump straight in to the first track that caught my eye entitled “Back In The Day”. This track definitely had that feeling with the smooth jazz melodies with your typical lyrical content about lost friendships, ex girlfriends and so forth. The catchy soulful hook sung by Alba is my personal favourite. ‘Brothers’ is a deep track and a possible contender for the best of the E.P interesting production technique and a sample I can’t place my finger on at this moment.

Once again, his lyrical content is on point; this guy is no fake chart topper wannabe. I choose not to listen to this E.P in order but the context is very prominent throughout, ‘Farewell’ is more of a shout out to all the people Focus had to say goodbye to in order to pursue his own path. “M.O.B” (Money Over Bitches), is a funky number with a sweet guitar melody and swinging drums. Obviously, Focus has come across many female relations in his past who have burnt him and this is him burning them back! With a catchy hook, where he sings; “Money over bitches, money over hoes, you only live once, that’s what everybody knows” could be perceived as some sort of “YOLO” anthem although in my opinion not as crass.

“Put my life on these tracks” sums up what Focus is about, “making millions for the whole team”. The thing I really like about this guy has to be his style of production and sampling and use of vocalist’s on his hooks, which does not adhere to the conventional archetype of mainstream hip-hop production at the moment. “Selling Out” is out to all those who love you when you are down but hate you when you have decided to get out of the gutter, “work hard and create more, doing nothing and stay poor”. It is evident Focus is about bettering himself and those people around him but many people do not want to see that. I feel this track is more for those who are in the same position as Focus rather than to those who are opposing his ambition.

Overall this is a really strong E.P - a bit of a grower but sometimes is better not to get that instant gratification, which made me appreciate him as an artist a lot more. Focus has a story to tell and interesting one at that.

For more info visit - - Blatantly Blunt

"Focus The Truth Plots Huge 2013, Drops “Drug Music” Visual"

Taking a trip to NY today to shed some light on an artist born and raised in Queen’s NY called Focus The Truth who caught our ear in 2012.

Having spent much of last year building a solid rep for his live shows and his D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence) mixtape release he is getting ready to blow this year starting with a slew of new videos set to drop over the coming weeks and months.

He’s spent Christmas and New Year back in his homeland recording, filming and working with some VERY exciting producers (who we cannot name just yet) and his is gearing up to share the fruits of his labour for people to hear.

MCing since the age of fourteen, the Queens native has learnt the power of lyrics and how they can be used to deliver a message. He cites the every day actions of the world and the effects of his surroundings in both negative and positive lights as some of his greatest influences, and finds ways to express his feelings through his music. Couple this with a penchant for jazz and soul influenced beats, and a killer show with full live band and you’ve got a sound probably best described as traditional, but with a twist.

If you’re new to Focus The Truth then check out the first of his new videos, “Drug Music” below – the video is directed by K. Elizabeth Rodriguez and the track produced by Smoking Indoors. - DUB CNN

""Focus The Truth""

Howdy friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew here with a video that will certainly leave you wanting more! Contemporary hip-hop is filled with mind-numbing lyrics that are sometimes filled with lies and misunderstandings. However, Focus the Truth is a rising hip-hop artist who truly focuses on the truth throughout the music that he creates. With vocals that take on the sultry likes of Method Man and truthful lyrics that emanate Nas’ It Was Written, Focus the Truth grasps the traditional poetry form of rapping and the distinct sounds of classic, New Orleans’ style jazz in his new video for “As the Horn Blows.” In it, we see the power of music and the great influence of hip-hop and jazz style musicians from the past.

Now residing in London, this Queens, New York originator has been rapping since the age of fourteen. His lyrics and melodies transcend contemporary hip-hop by presenting listeners with a unique capability of passing on messages about the power of words. Within his lyrical poetry, Focus the Truth talks about how unimportant it is to sing about the falsehoods of rap music. His words create a notion that it isn’t a glamorous lifestyle and it should be treated with respect. Focus the Truth’s music also depends greatly on the idea that money creates more problems. Like all famous musicians, hip-hop artists receive a lot of money, along with praise. However, Focus the Truth’s mentality is the complete opposite—he believes that in the ideology that music is the almighty power of life. His greatest influences are those of his belief in God and the mere every day actions of the world. He is affected by his surroundings in negative and positive lights, yet he finds ways to express his feelings about both through his wise poetry.

In his latest video for “As the Horn Blows,” we are introduced in the beginning to a black and white colored screen. Viewers are exposed to graffiti throughout city life as they hear a melodious horn blow throughout the song. Focus the Truth raps poetically about how his song is “not about a metaphor or a simile,” yet the irony of it all is that his words truly stand as a symbol for what he believes in and where the melodies originate from—the soul. The horn being played within the song and throughout the video signifies self-awareness and what humans should morally believe in. Focus the Truth states that “as the horn blows,” he hears the truth. Therefore, as he hears music, he hears the truth that exists throughout the world.

It is not often that music listeners come across a hip-hop artist that exhibits a demeanor as strong and confident as that of Focus the Truth. However, with his poetic diction and his timeless approach to music, this artist’s ability to rise against the standards of what is expected of contemporary hip-hop artists is inspirational. With his video and hit single for “As the Horn Blows,” hip-hop fans will bow down to the awe-inspiring and classical beats and wisdom of Focus the Truth’s music. For more information on this aspiring artist, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit for more info on Focus The Truth. - HIP Video

"Focus The Truth"

The Queens, New York born and bred rapper has gained momentum in the past few months, after releasing a promising and equally fulfilling video “As the Horn Blows” and following that up with a mixtape that was dropped earlier this summer.
It’s hard to distinguish the better of the quality of Focus’ product, both being aesthetically and lyrically pleasing. The video depicts the struggle of our generation, flashing between a diverse range of faces and cultures during the chorus, all mouthing the words along with the rapper, “As the horn blows all I hear is get money, stay loyal, be cool, forget what them niggas do and just do you.”
What he tells the audience is what some of the greats of the hip-hop game have been known for spitting. In a day and age where rap as a media form is saturated with songs about money, sex, lies and scandal, Focus depicts another reality- the possession of a dream and its transcendence (or lack thereof) throughout one’s life.
It’s comforting to find an artist that finds and puts value back into the industry. His integrity and ability to speak and share the truth with his audience shows promise, as his mixtape has shown us. It would be a mistake to sleep on Focus the Truth, as he may be one of the only artists in the game actually spitting truth these days. - The Grapevine

"Focus The Truth commits "Microphone Murder" on his new single"

If you have been following Focus The Truth's music on EARMILK you may have noticed a trend. Focus often tackles social issues intertwined with personal insights laced with street smarts and then some. On his newest song however he switches off the safety and comes out gun blazing with "Microphone Murder". Over a slowed down vocal sample and head nodding drums he kicks his gift of gab with lines like "…So much talent, the flow's unbalanced and just like magic..*poof*, kids grow up fast to seduce women, shoot guns still show up after, frustrated stuck in so much traffic, we used to go out laughing then we transformed savage but let me switch it up..."

The song is almost a 3 minute long affair with just straight raw bars sans any fancy hooks or chants. Yet another testament to Focus's lyrical dexterity on many levels. "Microphone Murder" is a single taken from his recently released LP titled 'Love will get you killed'

Read more at - EARMILK

"Focus The Truth shows love on "Ride For Me" [Video]"

The video for “Ride For Me” is split into two distinct parts. The first half features a montage of clips of Focus and crew in and around Queens. After the chorus hits, the second half features Focus facing the camera, rapping along to the song. The flick is a simple one, but it doesn’t need to be much else. With the contents of the song surrounding Focus and his extended fam, things don’t need to get extravagant.

Without a doubt, the most refreshing aspect of "Ride For Me" is the slow build in the beginning. Focus comes in on the beat early, sans percussions and spits his verse to his internal metronome. As the subject matter intensifies, the percussions come in, building steam until the chorus hits. It’s dope to hear a rapper put such a focus on lyrics, especially with some of the crazier multiple part rhymes he spits in the second half of the song.

Give “Ride For Me” a listen above and be sure to check out Love Will Get You Killed if you haven’t already.

Read more at - EARMILK

"Focus The Truth Wants To Know If You’re Down To Ride With Him (Video)"

The name Focus The Truth can be read two ways. It could be interpreted as an alias (Focus) coupled with a title (The Truth), or the moniker can be taken as a whole and viewed as a statement of what this MC does — focus the truth. Either way, this rapper out of Jamaica, Queens definitely puts emphasis on being genuine to himself and his hood. He can rap double-time, but he’s far from a Trap rapper. It’s clear he is inspired by the greats that came before him, but he also doesn’t sound like a throwback.

Focus was battling on street corners before discovering the allure of the booth. Then, a two-year stay in London helped this hungry lyricist hone his skills in the studio…not to mention broaden his worldview. While in the UK he linked up with his secret weapon, a producer going by the name of Smoking Indoors (originally stylized as SMKGNDRS). These two have cooked up three albums together since 2012, including D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence), Berwick Road, and the brand new Love Will Get You Killed. Focus also dropped last year’s Q85, which had a variety of different producers behind the boards and featured highlights like “He Said” and “Basquiat” (with Oswin Benjamin).

Other Ambrosia For Heads “Ready Or Not” features

Now comes the visuals for “Ride For Me,” a standout track from Love Will Get You Killed. This down-tempo cut starts with just a simple bit of piano that plays for several loops before the understated drums and bass-line kick in. However, Focus doesn’t wait for the percussion to bust into his barrage of introspective bars. After spitting a flavor first verse, he harmonizes on the hook, asking listeners if they’re down to ride for him.

The video itself is in black and white and is largely footage of hood daredevils busting tricks on ATVs and dirt bikes. It’s reminiscent of the ’90s and early 2000s Ruff Ryders videos. Director Mohammed Hammad deserves props for his skillful editing and creative camera work. - Ambrosia For Heads



  • Immortal - 2020
  • Love Will Get You Killed - 2017
  • Q85 - 2017
  • D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence) - 2015
  • Berwick Road - 2014


  • Timelapse - 2023
  • Northside to Southside (Immortal)
  • We All In (Immortal)
  • Baquiat (Q85)
  • Floetry (D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence))
  • Trap Simmons (Berwick Road)



Focus The Truth is a highly skilled rapper and songwriter hailing from Queens, New York. He burst onto the Hip Hop scene in the early 2010s, quickly making a name for himself with his sharp lyricism, socially conscious themes, and smooth flow.

Over the years, Focus has released a number of critically acclaimed projects, including his notable fan favored album, "Q85" (2016), which showcased his ability to craft complex and nuanced rhymes over hard-hitting beats. He followed that up with "Love Will Get You Killed" (2018), a collaborative project with producer DJ Stolz aka Smoking Indoors that further cemented his status as one of the most promising young talents in the game.

In addition to his full-length releases, Focus has also dropped a number of standout singles and EPs over the years. Some of his most notable tracks include "Ride for Me," "Tales of Trillium Shakespeare," and "Northside to Southside," all of which demonstrate his ability to blend personal experiences with larger societal issues.

Beyond his solo work, Focus has also collaborated with a number of well-known artists and producers, including Styles P of the L.O.X, Tony Yayo of G-Unit, and Daringer from Griselda. He has been featured on major publications such as The Source, Boom Bap Nation, and HotNewHipHop as well as has performed at festivals and venues across the world.

Despite his growing success, Focus remains committed to his craft, consistently pushing himself to evolve and improve as an artist. With a deep catalogue of music and a devoted fanbase, he is poised to make a major impact on the world of Hip Hop for years to come.

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