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Four Day Beard

San Luis Obispo, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

San Luis Obispo, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Musical Mad Science"

They’re not quite kids, but the members of Four Day Beard are definitely new, a local act playing brooding, experimental rock, folk, blues, and more filtered through a psychedelic shoe gazer sensibility.

“Where’s all the good luck gone? Is it running on?” asks the band on “Kentucky Gentleman,” the lead track off their self-titled debut album. The track starts with tightly controlled guitar distortion, but when the vocals kick in, the song takes on a decidedly Morphine-like vibe sans saxophone, with swirling, playful, psychedelic toy organ. It’s charming as hell.

“Feels Like I Might Disintegrate” begins with a tambourine and guitar before morphing into shimmering synth: “I guess you noticed I’m not from around here. Feels like I landed here from outer space. There’s no train or jet airplane can take me back to where I belong,” the band sings.

“Leaning heavily on personal experience, Four Day Beard’s songs are both a contemplation and exploration of love, heartbreak, feelings of alienation, and the struggle to transcend frustrations of modern life,” according to their bio.

Their album’s closing song, “East Texas,” gets right at the heart of the band’s exploration of feeling adrift: “It’s OK. Just take your time. It takes time to get there. It’s alright if you’re losing your mind. I think everybody’s been there. It’s alright. It’s OK if we don’t know where we’re going. Nobody really knows anyway. If they say they do they’re lying.”

The album’s unusual instrumentation, forlorn lyrics, and striking but unobtrusive melodies are immediately attractive—which is sort of amazing for a band clearly operating well outside the mainstream. Recorded in three locations—Southern Illinois; Knoxville, Tenn.; and San Luis Obispo—it was created via long-distance songwriting and instrumental collaboration. Very interesting sounds indeed. - New Times San Luis Obispo

"Album Release Review"

Four Day Beard is the brainchild from Joe Schwab. He started it in 2011 and over some years of turmoil and self-discovery he refined his music. The result is a self-titled six song EP which is an impressive indie rock/pop album.

Right out of the bat I thought the vocals were exceptional. It reminded me of the lead singer from Wolf Parade. The first song “Kentucky Gentlemen” maybe the highlight on the EP and has great lyrics, inventive instrumentation and catchy melodies. It starts with bass and drums that provide the foundation for the guitars to pull off some lead work.

​Once the the verse hits the energy picks up from the drums and Schwab sings “Where’s all the good luck gone? Is it runnin' out? When it does, you’ll know where to find me” The chorus is exceptional and has tings of a band like Broken Social Scene.

“Feels like I might disintegrate” revolves around warm organ, percussion, guitar and bass. It's another exceptional song all around. Take a dash of Sparklehorse and The Flaming Lips and you might get an idea of what this song sounds like. He sings “I guess you noticed/I’m not from around here/Feels like I landed here from outer space/There’s no train or jet airplane /Can take me back where I belong/Feels like I might disintegrate If I don’t make it back home/Could you gather my belongings? And bury them in your yard?

“Salty Brine” does some solid rocking with slide guitar. The vocal harmonies are catchy, memorable and easy to enjoy. “Polar Vortex” and “Sweetheart Sucker” continue to ride the vibe he established from the previous songs while “East Texas” feels like his personal return to redemption and out of the darkness.

Four Day Beard is an exceptional EP with very minor issues that aren’t even worthy of mentioning. Schwab took a bit of time to get his music out there but it seems as if his journey paid off. - No More Division


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Four Day Beard (self titled) 2014



Four Day Beard's music is mellow, brooding and introspective with gritty textures that give way to accessible song structures, catchy melodies and lofty chorus sections.

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