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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | MAJOR

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo EDM Hip Hop


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"DAD Mix 099: Free n Losh – “Breakfast In Bed, Vol. 2″"

The DAD Mix series has already brought us an extremely wide range of artists. Artists with a flair for the progressive and those with a taste for bass. DJs who effortlessly mix range of styles to take us on journeys on the dancefloor and through the depths of our minds. Today we’ve got the 99th mix in our series from Toronto natives, Free n Losh. This duo has been gracing the interwebs with beats for at least two years, and they’ve been going through it and putting in their time. With ups and downs like every artist on their grind chasing a dream, these two have poured their heart and soul into their craft and have had to re-tool and re-shape. With this mix, the second installment in their Breakfast In Bed series (of which we premiered), the duo not only previews their next release, but take us on a journey through four-to-the-floor grooves, jersey club, hip-hop and what’s sure to be a taste of their live show. With that in mind, we caught up with the boys to get a few questions answered.

You guys have been pretty quiet on the release front, what’s the next drop?

Haha! We MAY or may not have a new song dropping on July 7 and it MAY or may not be the first song on this mix!!!

Right on, well I’m sure it’ll be dope as it always has been. That said, you guys have been known more for a sample-based hip-hop sort of style, but you’ve really taken your time to develop that and really try everything, with bits of heavy bass to chilled out jazz-influenced trap music to some house-ier cuts–what would you say is the direction you’re going in now?

We wanted to incorporate all of that into soulful original music. Sampling has been sort of a crutch for us, so we decided to challenge ourselves this year and start writing full songs, with recorded instruments and vocals.

How did you guys get started together as Free n Losh?
We met at the university of Guelph through our homie Dale AKA DJ Trey Anastasio. We shared a love for hip hop and some older music–jazz and classic rock, mostly–and decided to make some pretty bad music together. It eventually got better though [laughs].

It certainly has guys. I’ve watched it and heard it since the beginning. You mentioned that you’re starting to record with acoustic instruments again and just trying new stuff in the studio, what are you adding in now?

Glockenspiel! Glockenspiel is KEY!! And we’re both writing on keyboard and that’s new for us. We also have plans to dip into ukele, bass, and Losh has all his drum shit. But we’re really both amazing at glockenspiel! It lives deep within the soul! [laughs]

Right on then! Any other specific instrument types you’re trying to work in?

We definitely want to get into some different percussive stuff, like congas, djembes and just different culturally diverse stuff from around the world. A “worldly” sound if you will, but also doing so that reflects where we come from.

You guys are also traditionally not DJs. You guys are musicians who later learned to produce and while you have done DJ sets, you guys have been transitioning towards a live show. Talk to us about this transition.

Yeah we wanted to do something different and, honestly, we just want to have the most fun on stage as possible and we feel like that will translate to the crowd. Now basically we’ve produced a bunch of tracks that are good “future bass” songs that are crazy high energy stuff, but we don’t need to put that out because we want that to be really part of the live experience. We don’t want music we meant for our live show to be listened to at home in headphones when you’re bored. We want people to come out to our shows and feel a new energy they haven’t gotten from us before. Losh is going crazy on the drums and I’m mixing like crazy but it’ll be all about having the most fun possible when you’re coming out to a headlining Free n Losh show.

That sounds awesome and something like a bit of a change for a lot of electronic music acts and producer-centric music. I know you guys debuted the live show in your hometown of Toronto back in April to a sold out crowd. What was that experience like?

Sex! Hahah, it was pretty amazing–sold out too, like 400 people showed up. An amazing experience and looking forward to more of it.

Speaking of Toronto, you guys are part of a pretty vibrant scene there. Obviously Drake reps it pretty hard, but you’ve got the likes of Zeds Dead repping the bass music scene too pretty hard as well. Where does Free n Losh fit into this Toronto music equation? In what ways does being from Toronto shape your music and style?

Toronto is what we grew up on. You’re going to make music that sounds like your surroundings. Toronto is a very different place through the seasons though, so our winter music is usually different from the summer sound.

You guys also bring a certain classic rock aesthetic to your stuff and always have. Whether it’s one of your dope-ass Beatles and Led Zeppelin samples, or your Grateful Dead inspired EP Deadhead OG –you guys wear that affinity right out there on your sleeve. What is it about that era in music that you’re so drawn to?

Thank you for calling our music dope-ass [laughs]. We just love classic rock. The change from acoustic to electric guitar is similar to the one from electric to electronic thats happening in music today. It allowed for an incredible amount of freedom and creativity. They were just combining new sounds with old styles of music so that’s easy for us to relate to.

What’s your favorite spot to go see some live music in Toronto? A DJ set?

Massey Hall and Phoenix Concert Theatre are dope. Besides that, smaller bars.

What are your favorite classic rock bands that you’ve never sampled?

Man, that’s a tough question to answer off the bat but we’d say Pink Floyd, The Band, Tragically Hip, and Supertramp.

Niiiiice. Before we finish up, tell us more about this Breakfast in Bed series.

The first one was because we put it out after New Year’s as a hangover cure, and then we realized there’s a difference between a live show and making a mix. We love listening to mixes that are musical journeys–and it doesn’t have to be all high energy, just an adventure. We’re not playing this mix out to 400+ people, so “Breakfast In Bed” is us giving you music without having to think and it’s just like the title because you don’t have to listen to this, you don’t have to choose it yourself and we’re just serving it up for you. No mess, just tunes and that’s like getting Breakfast In Bed served to you. - Do Androids Dance

"Free n Losh – A World Within EP + Exclusive Interview"

Like the colorful imagination of a young child, Free N Losh are uninhibited by any societal musical expectations or norms. Allowing their creativity to shine through, these two have created a daydreamers’ fantasy, illustrating what a lot of us hear as we’re careening through the thoughts that make us warm ‘n fuzzy.

This latest EP is even more imaginative and dreamlike than anything we’ve heard from them previously. Of course you’re already familiar with “What We’ll See,” from our earlier post on it. And while it has some chillstep inspired smooth rolling basslines, in “The World Within,” we’re offered up something quite different. This tune, heavily rooted in classic jazz, focused highly on the combination of different instrumental sampling. Despite the fluttering synths layered into it, you can actually still picture listening to this in a darkened jazz club. You quickly forget that you’re listening to a form of electronica.

“Spaceships vs Submarines” probably resembles what we’re used to in mainstream EDM, with lasers, carefully placed vocal samples and some trap style synths. However, the progression of the song is anything but, as it curves away from the big bass and into a drum and bass style breakdown. Finally we’re left with our personal favorite on the EP: “Open Your Eyes”.

I grew up on the Temptations. My mom always leaned away from rock and roll, and leaned towards soul, RnB and eventually disco. So, hearing this silky smooth interpretation really took me to another place. It’s so natural, undemanding and meticulously put together. This track is the epitome of how I see Free n Losh.

After sampling this EP on repeat, we reached out to ask some questions to this Toronto based duo. From the early days, to what’s in store next, check out what they had to say.

TMN: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking some time to sit down with us. First off, talk to us about how this project came to be. When did you two come together to form Free n Losh?

Free: We met up at university through mutual friends. I stopped by Losh’s room with my buddy who knew him and when I walked in I saw Big L and Pharcyde posters and we got to talking…

Losh: Free had been producing already for a couple years when we met and when I told him I always wanted to give it a shot, he encouraged me to try it out. So I did, and I got addicted to it. It all grew from there.

TMN: What was it like creating your guys’ sound?

Free: I wouldn’t say we really have one sound… We’re always developing and working on new ideas.

Losh: Our music is more conceptually and emotionally based because we try not to limit ourselves by genre. We just want to be able to make whatever comes to us at any given time.

TMN: Speaking of your sound, you have a very interesting selection of tracks that you sample. From Tony Bennett to the Temptations, it’s not what we typically hear. What do you look for in a track to sample from/re-work?

Losh: the main thing I look for is what emotion the sample portrays and if i think its possible to maintain. the emotion can come from the lyrics, vocal timbre, horn line, drum groove, anything.

Free: We like to use songs where the lyrics paint a picture, and then we just build on it.

TMN: This latest release, “A World Within,” has a really dreamy soundscape that allows your mind to wander. How do you guys create such a rich, cinematic sound?

Free: It’s really hard to say. With this EP we wanted to capture some new themes and go deeper with our music than we have in the past. For me it was a matter of channeling a state of mind that I’m all too familiar with.

TMN: Speaking of cinematic, we have to ask, are you guys film buffs? We assumed so, due to the near movie-like scoring of your tunes and of course the homage to Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Free: Who doesn’t love a good movie? I think cinematic music is really just visual music and if your music hits on more than one of the five senses you’re doing something right – we try to make music you can hear, see and feel… we haven’t figured out smell and taste yet…
TMN: If you guys could work with any Director to score a movie, who would you most like to work with?

Free: After last night – Vince Gilligan. That last episode of Breaking Bad was beautiful. Other than that I’d want to work with Richard Linklater on some Waking Life type visuals.

Losh: Martin Scorsese

TMN: Alright, back to your music. We’ve noticed so many different influences from jazz to electronica. Did you grow up exposed to music as kids? How did the admiration of different genres come about?

Free: Both of our dads are musicians so we were definitely exposed to music early on. I would have to remember a time that I didn’t love music to understand how my love of music came about.
Losh: My parents exposed me to a lot of different music growing up from rock to jazz to reggae, blues, funk, etc. And my older siblings were also introducing me to some more modern 90′s rock and R&B at the same time so I was kind of getting hit with a ton of different sounds at all times.

TMN: What’s next for Free n Losh? Can we expect a tour on the horizon?

Losh: You can expect a tour in the near future…we’re developing something special that will be more than just another dj set. When it does come we’ll be incorporating plenty of live elements…that’s all you get for now.

Free: We’ve got a bunch of new songs finished that should be out pretty soon. Also, we’ve already started brainstorming ideas for the next EP.

TMN: Alright, before we go, let’s ask a few questions just to get to know you better personally. These are a little off the wall, so just say the first thing that comes to mind. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

Free: Sushi

Losh: Chicken and waffles from the Drake Hotel

TMN: If you could live in any other era in history, what would it be?

Losh: The 50′s

TMN: If you guys were a WWF wrestling duo, what would your name be?

Free: The Music Ninjas

TMN: Love it. Name three things that are always in your fridge, no matter what.

Losh: mango, arugula and thick-sliced bacon

TMN: Ok, that’s it! Thank you so much for your time. We’re huge fans of your guys work, and were honored to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Free n Losh: It’s been a pleasure. Hope to speak to you guys again soon. - The Music Ninja

"Pretty Lights - "Press Pause" (Free n Losh Remix)"

Pretty Lights just released the remixes for his album A Color Map of the Sun, and "Press Pause", remixed by Free n Losh, caught our ear. The Toronto-based electronic duo has been consistently pumping out noteworthy original tracks and remixes. The pair, Lee and Myles, have an ability to seamlessly mesh a handful of genres into one track. While throwing nods towards some influential styles in their music, they seem to have an ability to give the genres they're incorporating their own signature sound.

While listening to the track, you'll pick up on some trap elements that coexist with hard drum patterns, an occasional hit of aching guitar, and vocals that have become even more jaded as Free n Losh wreak havoc on them on this amped up remix. While all of the remixes off of A Color Map of the Sun are worth a listen, make sure you definitely check this one out. - Earmilk

"The Best Is Yet To Come"

Toronto based duo Free N Losh have been tantalizing our ear buds with delicious reworkings of golden classics from the likes of Led Zeppelin to the The Mills Brothers. Their latest EP The Best Is Yet To Come is a musical smorgasbord of glistening revivals. Free N Losh transform into Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they catapult us back into time, exploring the likes of the jazz era, the swing era and many more. The Best Is Yet To Come is resilient and truly pays homage to the original masters while garnishing it with tight trap stylings. So let’s open up those butterfly doors and hop in the time machine, don’t worry about traffic on the highway because where we’re going we don't need roads.

To start the album off, Fresh N’ Losh wet our appetite with a soulful trap rendition of “I Believe To My Soul” by Ray Charles, that drips in sexiness. “Things You Don't Understand" utilizes emotionally charged guitar riffs that complement the vocals, like a slice of lime compliments a cold summer brew. Slowed down samples from “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder add to this gripping track, providing dynamism and weight, while still paying homage to the original masters.

Next on the decks, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” the first song that introduced me to Free N’ Losh and got me aboard the Free N Losh locomotive. We previously praised this track declaring that, Free n Losh join in the ranks with their creative remix of Led Zepplin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” FnL have taken this classic rock gem and turned it into a soulful groove. Jimmy Page’s entrancing guitar chords and Robert Plants emotionally filled vocals are accompanied by a chilled-out minimalistic percussion bed that make this track certified gold.

Next up we have “Where Do They Go.” The dark and sexy remake of The Mills Brothers, “Smoke Rings.” The track lead my imagination to a dimly lit bar where everything illuminates in black and white, while a smoky haze floods the room. I look over my shoulder and see Duke Ellington doing the same, slowly rocking to Lee and Myles’ time-withstanding use of snare and high-hat syncopation, all while complementing the muted trumpet beautifully. Rounding out the middle of our journey back into time with Free N Losh, “Where Do They Go” is another exceptionally tasty rework of those beloved classic tunes.

Up next on the already stellar EP is a reinvisioning of the classic song “She’s Leaving Home” from The Beatles Srgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. A smooth brass section accompanied by a hard-hitting down-tempo percussion bed all accent Paul McCartney’s intoxicating and iconic vocals. When the chorus hit I want to writhe my head back and forth, like an earthworm extending his head from his resting hole greeting the day’s sunshine. Probably one of my favorite tracks off the album but with some many platinum reworking’s it’s hard to call it my absolute favorite.

What better way to end the album than a reimagining of the king of swing, Frank Sinatara’s timeless classic “The Best Is Yet To Come.” The brass section makes me feel as if I am running along side the pink panther solving mysteries wearing trench coats and funny top hats. Staccato melodies accompany Sinatara’s iconic and alluring vocals, making it irresistible and will keep your two-tone oxford leather shoes tapping and your fingers snapping.

From soul to swing and all the way down to classic rock, Free N’ Losh take us on a musical voyage while still holding true to the original songs. Hop in the Delorean and let Free N’ Losh conduct your ride back through time. As Doc once said, “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour you’re going to [hear] some serious shit.” - Earmilk

"Premiere: Free n Losh: Where Do They Go"

The Mills Brothers’ “Smoke Rings” was not meant to be remixed. It’s the kind of track you expect to hear playing in the background of a grainy black and white movie that came out before mimes were a creepy joke. But there’s something disrespectfully excellent about this trap remake called “Where Do They Go?” Relaxing to the sounds of skittering hi-hats underneath the “puff, puff, puff” and tinny brass may not feel natural, but it’s definitely interesting.

Listen to the Toronto production duo’s latest track below. - Pigeons and Planes

"Premiere: You Had My Mind"

Free n Losh come through with a mind blowing tune titled “You Had My Mind”. Featuring some sexy 8-bit and booming synths sure to leave you with a smile on your face. This vibey tune titled “You Had My Mind” is FNL submission in The Untz Challange, which is for a chance to play at some Festivals over the summer. Some of which feature Lightning In A Bottle, Electric Forest and more. We’re big on these vibey future bass tunes here at RTT and we can only hope you do to. Please support FNL in this contest by clicking on the link above. Cheers. - Run The Trap

"Free n Losh - The Best Is Yet To Come"

A few days ago Toronto based duo, Free n Losh released this dope 5 track remix EP with glitch-hop, and relaxed trap flavored reworks of Ray Charles, Led Zepplin, The Mills Brothers, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. More often than not I’m usually unimpressed by electronic reworks of classics, but Free n Losh hit the nail on the head with these. The subtle additions in their production take all the best elements of these classic songs and bring them back into chill, sexy relevance. Grab the DL below: - Gotta Dance Dirty

"Eight All Canadian Tracks to Make Out to"

Memorecks—“Trouble ft. Jenna Pemowski (Free N Losh Remix)”

The Situation: You and your girl have been done for a week and things aren’t looking good. With shaking hands, you text her and ask if you can meet up and talk things out over coffee… she responds with the palm-forward emoji. There’s no hope, so you walk to your freezer and grab the emergency Ben and Jerry’s. Finally, you’ve found happiness.
The Location: Cold storage.
The Weather: Parting clouds on a new dawn. - Thump

"Pretty Lights Presents 'A Colour Map of The Sun Remixes'"

A Color Map of the Sun, the fourth album from Derek Vincent Smith, was the first Pretty Lights album composed entirely by Smith. The result is a grooving LP anchored by thumping drums and dreamy soundscapes. By contrast, the companion record A Color Map of the Sun Remixes finds sixteen other artists radically overhauling his originals into something more impulsive and aggressive. - Rolling Stone


The two original mixes on this EP are second-to-none, but since that wasn’t enough for this Toronto-based producer, he’s curated three killer remixes to go along with it. While all are great in their own right, don’t skip over Free n Losh’s remix of “Trouble”; it’s got all the great pieces that made the original mix so awesome, but it’s been smoothed out even more, and has a near-perfect flow. - Hilly Dilly

"Free n Losh - The Best Is Yet To Come"

Toronto duo Free n Losh’s latest album, The Best Is Yet To Come, has a simple objective: to reinterpret jazz and rock classics in a way that appeals to the increasingly modern masses. The results, however, are powerful, and the first two singles quickly attained tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud. I’m honestly surprised that nobody else has managed to pull this off so well until now, but I guess that that’s just what makes this album so special. - Salacious Sound

"The 30 Best Canadian Producers"

The Toronto duo has been on fire. After breaking the top 10 on HypeM twice, they finalled snagged the coveted #1 spot with "Things You Don't Understand." Whether they're doing their thing with classic jams, producing hip-hop, or putting in time to work on their forthcoming original material, Free n Losh has got versatility in spades. Their production is clean, their attitude is right, and their future is bright. - Do Androids Dance

"Free n Losh - What We'll See"

Torontonian duo Free N Losh are growing up right before our very eyes. Their most recent EP spawned a #1 on HypeM with two others breaking the top five and ten respectively and of course, the DAD-premiered “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” We even named them one of the best in all of Canada. Today the duo has released their new original single, “What We’ll See.” Flipping a sample from the illustrious classic “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Free N Losh inspires a bright-eyed inter-galactic space vibe complete with their evolving signature combination of new age and cool jazz-flavored saxaphones, grainy and hazy yet heady synths and deliberate and emotive percussion. With their next release (the World Within EP) dropping this month, the duo has really stepped up as they progress towards the next phase of their career. Excited to say the least! - Do Androids Dance


Spring 2012 MVP
Winter 2012 Deadhead OG EP
Summer 2013 The Best Is Yet To Come EP
Winter 2013 A World Within EP
Summer 2014 Lost (Single) 



Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Lee Freedman and Myles Schwartz started their journey as hip-hop producers. As they developed their affinity for beat making, their constant yearning for musical exploration brought them to the electronic realm where they've developed an endless repertoire of production abilities, but always stayed true to their roots in hip-hop.

With the releases of "Deadhead O.G." and "The Best is Yet to Come," this newly formed duo dropped their signature sound on the masses, quickly gaining the adoration from highly acclaimed major publications around the world. Following the motto of their home city, Diversity Our Strength, Free n Losh's diverse sounds were written up from sites like Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut, Gotta Dance Dirty, Pigeons and Planes, The Music Ninja, THUMP and Thissongslaps to name a few.

The duo has been embraced with open arms by the Hype Machine community, having two original tracks reach the Top Ten Most Popular, before the third, "Things You Dont Understand," got to the coveted number one spot. While this was flattering in itself, the momentum they gained from "The Best is Yet to Come" created some more notable buzz; getting them ranked among the top 25 producers in Canada by Complex Media's electronic publication, Do Androids Dance.

Their newest offering, "A World Within," is a testament to the two's ever-evolving sonic style as they delve deeper and explore their roots in jazz, classic psychedelic rock, hip-hop, r&b and soul, while encouraging their listeners to discover more philosophical elements such as imagination and their inner being. "A World Within" has been highly praised for its originality and symbolism and has been played on radio shows and podcasts across North America and Europe.

Recently Free n Losh got the attention of Pretty Lights Music and were commissioned to do an Official Remix for Pretty Lights' Grammy nominated - "Press Pause", which was premiered on and featured on his Colour Map of the Sun Remix Album in December 2013.

Aside from Free n Losh, the electronic artists, the duo continues to build an extensive hip-hop catalogue. Having production credits on Mac Miller's "Got You" as well as working in collaboration with some of Toronto's brightest up and coming rappers.

Free n Losh carry themselves with a precocious professionalism and commitment to their craft normally expected from seasoned veterans and it is clear that these young visionaries are well on their way to lead a movement alongside a new era of producers, who arent afraid to explore the true potential of sound. Their first all-original single "Lost" drops July 7th new electronic via recently launched Next Wave Records and will be the first release on the LA-based label. 

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