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Burlington, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Burlington, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Avant-garde




"Introducing Gdansk"

If you can’t get behind at least one of those things then you’re probably in the wrong place. They come from the mouth of Tim Mann who plays in Gdansk; a five-piece from Ontario who make rather beautiful, electronic-based indie-rock. There are shades of The Antlers and Port St Willow in the gentle, falsetto vocals and the whole thing comes wrapped up with a blissful, dream-like state of suspense that gently claws at your sleeves, enticing you further and further into their world.

A previous EP was released almost a year ago, but this is the first taste of the bands new material which signals something of a sharp change of direction. You can grab both the EP and Atlas from their Bandcamp page, both for free, right here. - Gold Flake Paint

"Gdansk - Atlas"

This new band features Tim Mann, Jamie Ball, Iain Kennedy and Tom Lang, a four-piece which makes up Gdansk. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the quartet are currently unsigned and have an ambient alternative vibe.

With Gdansk being formed in 2011, the band have gone from strength to strength releasing an EP and most recently a brand new single entitled 'Atlas'. Released on 28th March 2013, the track is extremely well crafted combining vocals and effects with a soft, electronic backing before dropping about two-and-a-half minutes in with an energetic, clever instrumental vibe. Check it out below and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out their awesome EP here!

If you would like to learn more about Gdansk and like what you hear from the clip, please check out the band's pages below. - Hearty Vibes

"Gdansk - Atlas"

Gdansk is a band based out of Ontario who dabble a bit in organic and electronic sounds. Though the vocals on their latest song, “Atlas”, are heavily coated in effects, there’s something remarkably human about it. I think it might be because the track seems to be loaded with emotion. “Atlas” is really a slow burner. A minimal electronic pattern sets the scene while some keys set the mood, allowing you to soak in the lyrics. At some point, the song peaks into an epic anthem complete with a bold electric guitar that could have been plucked straight out of the Top Gun soundtrack. It really creates a feeling of power. The outcome is a truly excellent song, and although the voice may seem robotic, I found myself easily connecting with Gdansk’s sound.

- Matt - The Record Stache

"EP Review"

Well done Gdansk. Not only is this self titled debut EP from the band very well put together but to top it off it's free. (Get it here ) I can't think of a more ingenious way of promoting your band/music than giving it away. Come to think of it isn't that how drug dealers get kids hooked on their product? Excellent thinking guys, you'll have them coming back asking for more in no time. If you want to support the band and purchase it you can get the physical CD version for $5 Gdansk (city in Poland) is actually based out of Hamilton, Ontario. A lot of good music is coming out of this city, don't know quite what is going on there but they're doing something right.

Alright back to the music, to start, don't fear the length of the songs. Embrace it, I know a lot of people don't have the attention spans that they used to. So hopefully you'll be able to feel a sense of pride knowing you sat and listened to these awesome songs in their entirety. While listening to this album I could really hear inspirations from a few bands like Doves, Radiohead (OK Computer era guitar playing, especially on "Ships at Sea") and Travis. But really the sound is all their own, very delightfully eerie and haunting, but of course in a good way. Most of their songs have this build up going throughout and they just get more powerful and intense. Check out "Ships at Sea" at about the 3:00 minute mark and "The Weight Of Your Love" at 3:20 minute mark. Really nice touches for those songs, kinda makes your ears perk up and listen more intently. Untitled (waves), is another one of those beautifully haunting songs. This song creates a brilliant sound scape. Weirdly enough I picture fireworks going off as this songs rocks out in the background if that helps paint a picture of "Untitled (waves)" feeling.

My two favorite tracks might have to be "Adam's Needle" and "Outside Your Window". Again just really well produced, powerful music. Pay attention to "Outside Your Window" at about 2:45 minutes in, another one of those intense build up moments. It's very refreshing hearing songs that don't rely on a hook to make the song what it is. These songs stand their own as a whole complete package. Support good music, tell your friends about Gdansk and where they can get their free album. - Harpelli Music


Self-Titled Debut EP released May / 2012



Gdansk is a rock band from the city of Hamilton, Ontario. It began as the musical articulation of Timothy Mann, a multi-instrumentalist, in the fall of 2011. The bands music has been an outpouring of creativity, and a labour of intention. It goes beyond the imaginative arrangements and purposeful lyrics: there also rests a weight of truth that reflects life in its wonder and question, joy and pain, hope and fear.

Sharing the stage with Mann are three talented musicians and close friends: Jamie Ball on guitar, Iain Kennedy on bass, and Tom Lang on drums. With influences as diverse as Arcade Fire, The Antlers, Prince, Johnny Cash, Wilco, Radiohead, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Eno and Bjork, Gdansk makes music that aims to be distinctive and remembered.

We try to deal with things with as much honesty as possible. says Timothy Mann, singer and principal songwriter. What we experience, the views we espouse to; just how we see things. If the lyrics are heavy, then thats just us being honest and I hope people can relate. But through all that, I think we try to offer people as much hope as possible. We desire to make music that matters. Music that speaks to something way beyond itself. I think thats what good art does.

And that is what Gdansk strives for: to make art that matters, and offer a glimmer of hope to others through words and music. Gdansk released their self-titled debut EP in May 2012.

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