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Pasadena, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Pasadena, CA
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Christian


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"‘Gerry Rhymes’ is a different kind of children’s album by local musicians"

Geraldine Png has released the children's pop album, "Gerry Rhymes." She was a singer/songwriter in Singapore, as well as a flight attendant. Today she is a children's music education executive with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. She is pictured with her husband Bert Lindsey and daughter Seanny, 2, at their Pasadena home Dec. 16, 2013. (Staff photo by Leo Jarzomb/San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

By Michelle Mills, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
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Geraldine Png has released the children's pop album, "Gerry Rhymes." She was a singer/songwriter in Singapore, as well as a flight attendant. Today she is a children's music education executive with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. She is pictured with her husband Bert Lindsey and daughter Seanny, 2, at their Pasadena home Dec. 16, 2013. (Staff photo by Leo Jarzomb/San Gabriel Valley Tribune)
One of the most annoying things about being a parent can be listening to your child’s music albums over and over ... and over. The songs often have repetitive lyrics with overly simplified musical arrangements and they start to sound the same after a couple of plays.

Aware of this, Geraldine Png of Pasadena has released “Gerry Rhymes: For Kids One to Ninety-Two” (CD Baby), an album that’s different from the norm.

“It appeals to children and adults and hence the tagline ‘for kids one to ninety-two.’ The arrangement is unique, it’s not one thing and it’s not average kids’ stuff,” Png said. “My schoolteacher friends describe it as a refreshing twist of nursery rhymes and pop, jazz, fusion, classical.”

Png grew up in Singapore listening to the records her father played by American artists like Charley Pride, Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte and Henry Mancini. As an adult she worked a series of jobs; she was a flight attendant, a nightclub singer, a disc jockey and a children’s music education executive with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

When she sang or spun discs at the clubs, Png had to cater to the crowd, giving them the music they wanted to hear.

“Deep down inside, some part of me knew I wanted to do original music,” Png said.

Png decided to place an ad online seeking a songwriter/music partner. Bert Lindsey, an aircraft mechanic and musician working in Singapore at the time, answered her call. The musical chemistry between the two was instant; romance and marriage soon followed. Png came to the United States in 2006 and the couple now have a 2-year-old daughter named Seanny.

“Gerry Rhymes” came about after fellow Glendale First Evangelical Church member Annette Holdun commented to Lindsey that she was bored with her children’s albums. Later at home, Lindsey shared the conversation with Png and suggested that they make a recording for Holdun.

“I gave Bert a list of 24 songs and let him pick out what he wanted,” Png said. “He would create the music in the night and the next day we would go in the studio. We can create music in three to four hours.”

They completed eight popular children’s tunes, with Lindsey arranging them in a wide range of genres, from lullaby to pop, and wrote the original Christian number, “Child in Your Eyes.” Lindsey created the music and melody and Png supplied the lyrics.

“It does not mention Jesus Christ. When you hear it, I feel that perhaps it could be about parents, it could be about my father — you can relate how you want,” Png said.

In addition to the songs, Png decided to include an eight-part story accompanied by music on her album.

“In traditional Asian music, especially the Chinese kind of music, Mandarin, we would normally weave a story in the music. It could be about family, it could be something about war, it could be about something sad, something happy, usually sad, but always woven with the story,” Png said.

Png also has recorded the adult contemporary concept albums “Moonstone City I” and “Moonstone City II,” about her recovery from alcoholism, as well as her devotion to Christianity, interest in science fiction and opinions about political, social and environmental issues.

Though “Gerry Rhymes” began as a present for their friend Holdun, Png, who had never officially released her previous adult contemporary recordings, thought it might be attractive to a wider audience. Her hunch appears right, as Barnes & Noble will be selling it online and in its stores beginning in February. For now, it’s available online for $12 at CD Baby ( There are “Gerry Rhymes” music videos on YouTube at

Png is working on another children’s album that she hopes to release this summer. - The Los Angeles News Group Southern California chain be it Pasadena Star-News, Whittier Daily News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"Singapore Media Release in DEC 2013 :"

Once in a while, I get to meet or know of people whose life experiences would strike a very familiar chord. And, in most cases, these are those who – as American musician Tom Petty puts it – have ventured “into the great wide open.”

These are those whose life journeys have led them to a brave new world.

In the music industry, this type of person is not very hard to find. In fact, I was introduced to one just recently. Her name is Ms Geraldine Png – a Singaporean artist who enjoyed life as an accomplished singer, songwriter, DJ and TV personality back at home but had went abroad to pursue a new kind of happiness…growing her own family.

How did her story began and how it is shaping up? Find out as Ms Png recently shared with us how a musician gets to find “home away from home.”


Tell us something about your background…was being a singer a childhood dream of yours? Was your family also “musical?”

My family was not like the Von Trapp Family portrayed in the Sound of Music…but my father, George Png, had an extensive vinyl collection and musicals on VSH tapes which I watched and listened to as a child. My father’s my main influence in life and music.

On dreaming of becoming a singer…well of course being a “Popstar” was a dream of mine. It all started back at Marymount Convent School. We had an Irish school principal and the western influences was there., I read British music magazines like Smash Hits and followed Radio DJ Paul Bennet’s British Top Twenty Countdown on BBC Radio.

When did you become a professional singer? Can you remember your first gig? What was it like?

I just woke up one day and said I was going to join a band and sing. So, I checked out local music web sites to source out band mates and music shops where some musicians double up as sales persons.

My first professional gig was in the basement restaurant of The Laguna Country Club. The gig was “song request driven,” and we played 60′s to the 90′s music. It was very memorable.

I find your singing style very unique – which artists would you say are your influences?

I enjoy listening to different artistes, but I don’t emulate their style of singing. I am still discovering my own voice. I am glad you find my singing style unique.

And you’re not just a singer right? You also did acting, you also write and you also DJ in clubs. How do you manage to have so many gigs? Do you do them concurrently or on “per project” basis?

These were mostly ad hoc projects; I would masterfully juggle them between my office and event organizing jobs.

Being a DJ was my first job after dropping out of college. Later I became a full time flight attendant with gigs as a singer or DJ on my non flying time.

As a musician, what do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far?

I consider my current album ‘Gerry Rhymes’ my second biggest accomplishment to date, my family is first. I have loads of songs, mostly Christian Pop Rock which are soon to be released


You’re based in LA now, right? Was that a career move or because of other personal reasons?

I moved to LA seven years ago to be with my American born husband who worked in Singapore before. We now have a two year old girl.

What’s the difference between living in LA and Singapore? Anything that you miss back home?

The temperature in LA is hot and dry while Singapore’s “island weather” is hot and humid. Also, the food in LA is quite expensive but, they serve huge portions. You also need “wheels” to go around in LA, while in Singapore every place is accessible through trains, buses or taxis.

I miss the variety of foods in Singapore – and being able to eat fried bee hoon at 6am. You can’t get that Hawker Centre or Kopitiam ambience except in Singapore lah!

I’ve met a few local musicians who feels like there’s not much support here – and are actually looking at moving abroad for opportunities? What’s are your thoughts about this?

It is the same “ball game” here in LA or overseas. It’s a lot of hard work, nothing different. Clubs expect you to have your own “support base” to bring in the money – there’s nothing greener on the other side. Just remember to enjoy what you do, even if it means juggling between a full-time day job and gigging at night.

If anything – what’s the biggest obstacle or challenge facing local musicians right now? What do you think is the best way to overcome this?

I think the biggest obstacle for anyone is trying to be something they are not. One must find their own voice and express it as only they can. Led Zeppelin was good but you need not copy their style to be you or get noticed. It’s a long road no matter what you decide but, doing your music your way has no regrets when looking back. In fact, these are things I remind myself of constantly.

Is being a musician still worth pursuing today? Any advice to fellow musicians in Singapore?

Yes. I think other aspects of life extend to being a musician. Example: If your home is a mess your music life will emulate that and it doesn’t stop at music. Being a good musician also means doing non-musical jobs weather you live with your parents or on your own. Learn to clean up as you go. Be respectful of others behind you. My musical husband Bert works a full time non-musical job to pay the rent and put food on the table and I wash, cook and clean like any good homemaker.


You mentioned about Gerry Rhymes earlier, which is your most recent project – can you tell us more about it? How did you came up with the idea of starting a project such as this one? What’s your main goal for this project?

Annette, a fellow church member, said she finds children’s music boring. She wondered if there was something more stimulating for her seven year. This prompted my husband Bert to arrange his version of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, of which I did the vocals. Annette and her family enjoyed it – which led to the “birth” of the album Gerry Rhymes.

Currently our focus for the album Gerry Rhymes is to secure a distribution deal with a record label. Gerry Rhymes will be in stores soon. Right now, it is available only at at and

Gerry Rhymes
Gerry Rhymes is available at and
So your husband played a major role in Gerry Rhymes?

Yes, my husband Bert Lindsey is the music arranger for the entire album Gerry Rhymes and also my other songs at

What makes Gerry Rhymes unique?

It is a refreshing twist of pop, jazz fusion & classical. With appeal to both adults and children – hence the album’s tagline ‘For Kids Ages One To Ninety-Two.’

I’m personally very excited for you – not just because of Gerry Rhymes and all your other accomplishments, but with how everything seems to fall into place for you now. Has family life – having a wonderful husband and kids – inspired you more as a artist?

Well, I guess to an extent my own toddler steered me to do a “parents and children’s” album. But as for collaborating with my husband in our home studio, its work, work, work. During our recording sessions, Bert would often set the same criteria and standards that he does for everyone. But I put my trust in him – acknowledging in my heart and mind that he only wants the best for me amidst our occasional disagreements in the studio.

Any other projects that you are working on right now? What does the future hold for Ms Geraldine Png – what can we expect from you in the next few years or so?

Bert has started arranging music for “Gerry Rhymes Again” album. Also in the queue, I am considering an Asian music album set to Bert’s music arrangements. But, in general, as for telling what the future holds? I just sing “Que Sera Sera…Whatever Will Be Will Be”

Any message for your family, friends and fans in Singapore?

Thank you for your help in the past, support & prayers

Glen Oliver
Founder of SOUND OF/F
You may contact him at
Or follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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Geraldine  Png is a singer & songwriter raised in Singapore and resides in Los Angeles, CA.

It had taken  awhile to gather  memories  in her journey as a struggling alcoholic,  coming to be honest in 1999 and about her spiritual  journey which began in 2005.

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