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Ghost Heart

Spokane, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Spokane, Washington, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Hardcore





Look, we’ve all been there before. You know, when you wake up from a dream where you’re the CEO of a large corporation, you’re sitting in class without any pants on or you’re just moments away from kissing the (literal) person of your dreams only to realize it was all made up.

This common dream vs reality confusion that leaves you feeling like a character in Inception was the inspiration behind Ghost Heart’s brand new melodic post-hardcore track “Insidious.”

Opening up about the new heart-thumping Gatherers-like track, vocalist Nick Tatosky said, “The song explores the idea of achieving a dream, only to find that it’s not what you thought it would be. The video bounces back and forth between a waking state and a dream-like state, with the two slowly bleeding into each other until it’s difficult to tell which is real."

To explore the realms of reality via Ghost Heart’s gripping new single which is premiering exclusively on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the Spokane, Washington outfit, head here. - The Noise

"Commitment to Craft : On Ghost Heart's New Single "Acid Wave""

For every exciting post-hardcore band that emerges, there will be a plethora of other bands that will surface, fighting to contend for a few spots in the open to not sink into this hole of oversaturation that has plagued many rock subgenres for quite some time now. However, when this happens, there is always a band that comes along that will catch your eye. One that will come into view with melodic conviction and grab hold of your audio senses, invigorating you with their infectious post-hardcore non-conformity and brilliance that you were waiting for all along.

That band is no other than Washington's native post-hardcore band, Ghost Heart. With the band releasing their new single, "Acid Wave," this will be the latest we have heard from the band since last year's beautifully nostalgic EP, Elegant Decay. Expressing the ailments of being physically and mentally exhausted, "Acid Wave" couldn't be a more relatable track for the year that has transpired.

"I had been going through a few instances of mystery ailments that had me spending multiple evenings sitting in the ER waiting to be seen, says Nick Tatosky." "The song came about as an outlet for the feelings that the situation caused, such as concern about what I was going through, frustration with not knowing what it might be, and fear that it could be something serious from my family's previous health history. The late nights sitting there, being seen, and then going home with no more answers than I had before didn't do much to settle my mind, so I went about expressing these thoughts in a way that felt right to me."
While "Acid Wave" touches on bases that hit close to home this year, instrumentally and vocally, it is quintessentially the Ghost Heart we have all come to appreciate since 2015. With its atmospherically blaring memorable guitar lines, thrilling percussive energy, and impressive hardcore vocal delivery, the new single "Acid Wave" performs in ways that are not only infectious on your eardrums but emotionally satisfying lyrically. Ghost Heart has designed a track to confront the obstacles of 2020, but in an engaging, relatable way for the post-hardcore scene. If this means anything as to what the future holds for this band next year, chances are they will be amongst the few, standing tall, being noticed amongst the crowd. - Scene Daddy

"Post-hardcore newcomers Ghost Heart release explosive new EP, “Elegant Decay” (Review)"

Just when you thought the post-hardcore genre was getting a bit stale, out of nowhere a Pacific Northwest band, Ghost Heart come out guns blazing with an explosive EP in Elegant Decay. How talented is this band, though?

Elegant Decay is a melodic post-hardcore treasure that starts off with “Insidious”, an intriguing melodic guitar heavy track that immediately pulls us in and effortlessly shows us right off the bat the kind of musical experience we will have from this point on. The first track is impressive and instantly a favorite for its distorted euphonious guitar chords and effective use of distressed vocals. The same instrumental energy drives us into “Long Distance Shortcut” but doesn’t compare to the unique subdued moment we get with “A Pine Overcoat”. Its clean and contrasting distraught vocals coupled with its undressed guitar melodies dials down the energy presented with the first two tracks.

We then pick the energy back up with “Witch Window”, an immensely potent track that is emotionally explosive lyrically while at the same time beautifully expressive instrumentally. Elegant Decay then comes to a satisfying close with ”Idle” that brings down the energy once again with more pretty cathartic guitar melodies and visceral screams and clean vocals interlaced throughout the track.

Elegant Decay does a tremendous job of balancing hard and soft instrumental momentum to help us appreciate the band’s keen sense of creating the perfect ambiance for different tracks on this EP for the listeners. Although the band is still on the rise, Ghost Heart is going to go places with their talented musicianship and great lyrical presence. If they continue this healthy balance with future releases there is no telling where this band will go. For listeners that are fans of Gatherers and Underoath, this is the EP to give spin if you have a moment to spare as it worth every minute of the ear’s time. - New Fury Media

"HM PREMIERE: Ghost Heart drops new single, music video for ‘Goodlake’"

Today, HM is proud to premiere “Goodlake,” the new single from post-hardcore act Ghost Heart. The song comes from their upcoming EP, Catharsis, schedule to hit stores and streams on July 7. The Spokane, WA-based band released their debut album, Ocean Eyes, in 2016.

Ghost Heart vocalist Nick Tatosky shared the meaning behind the song with HM:

“‘Goodlake’ was written shortly after I lost my grandfather. It expresses the feelings of regret and guilt that I felt, thinking of all the missed chances to make memories or show how much I cared. I suppose it’s my way of expressing the saying, ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.'”

The band will be headed out on tour this July to support the EP release. - HM Magazine


Ghost Heart (Self-Titled) - EP - August 9, 2015
Ocean Eyes - Single - November 25, 2016
Catharsis - EP - July 7, 2017
Sleepwalker - Single - April 30, 2018
Insidious - Single - June 21, 2019
Elegant Decay, Part 1 - EP - July 19, 2019
Acid Wave - Single - December 18, 2020
Ditch - Single - December 31, 2021
No Words - Single - December 29, 2022
Fool's Gold - Single - April 25, 2023
Transatlantic Mother Tongue - Single - June 9, 2023



Ghost Heart is a post hardcore/melodic hardcore band based out of Spokane, WA. Formed in 2014, the band was formed as a way for the members to do something different than they had done before musically, drawing influence from a wide range of genres to form something unique to their local scene. Combining elements from both the heavy/chaotic side and the melodic side of the musical spectrum of "alternative" genres, and lyrical content based mostly on relatable personal experiences, both positive and negative, they aim to make music that acts as not only an outlet for themselves, but also acts as a catalyst for cathartic feelings for the listeners.

Nick Tatosky - Vocals
Brennan Leal - Guitar
Zack Jeffrey - Bass
Chase Meek - Drums

Band Members