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Glass Cannon

Lubbock, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Lubbock, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Electronic Post-rock




"Glass Cannon premieres exhilarating 'Tipping Point'"

The crew WUMP Collective regularly has its finger of the pulse of not only today's big trends, but also the cutting-edge sound coming around the corner. And let's be clear, the traffic in the same underground bass realm that drives our fans nuts, so this is a niche of a niche, but still—they really are up our alley when it comes to delivering the goods.

On that tip, the collective's latest find is Texas three-piece Glass Cannon. Now everything's bigger in the Lone Star State, so it should be no surprise that this avant garde act is big on sound. Fusing drummer and producer Kasey Chesnutt, guitarist Elias Salaz, and singer Holly Harper's sounds into a post rock, bass hybird, the unique result is a wildly inventive sonic aesthetic that defies simple categorization.

The band was kind enough to let us premiere “Tipping Point” ahead of the release of its EP, Strange Toes, which drops tomorrow (September 13) on WUMP. The strident attack and unrelenting groove will help fans understand just what this outfit is all about. Additionally, you'll get why Harper is oft compared to the legend björk.

Keep your eyes and ears on the WUMP Collective's channels for Strange Toes, there's definitely something brewing here. - The Untz

"Glass Cannon and WUMP Collective Join Forces for the Mystical ‘Strange Toes EP’"

It has been proven time and time again that the combination of live instrumentation and electronic production cultivate an experience that is unlike any other. One label who is acutely aware of this trend is WUMP Collective, who has previously released artists like Tortuga, Eyes Ahead, & Zes-T. The most recent musical amalgamation to join the roster is Glass Cannon, a group of three musicians and producers aiming to take over the bass music world with a seamless blend of vocal and musical styles. Earlier this year the group released the emotion filled and psychedelic “Slow Crave” on Gravitas Recording’s Infusion series, but while their new WUMP Collective EP “Strange Toes” has a similar aesthetic, it sees the group experiment more, and soar to new heights.

In each track the powerful vocals of Holly Harper Chesnutt gel with thick drums, tasteful instrumentation, and smooth, yet gritty basslines, creating an atmosphere that is both ethereal and intoxicating. Perhaps the best aspect of the project though is Holly’s actual lyrics, and how easily they work with the music, while still maintaining a high level of passion and substance. Hopefully in the future we see more bands follow in the footsteps of Glass Cannon, Bassline Drift, and other live electronic acts, as having such close control over the content of your music has seemed to give artists the ability to express emotion in ways that have never been possible before.

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Connect With WUMP Collective: - Raver Rafting

"Transcendent Tunes unveils latest compilation Ideatio(N)"

This fresh compilation from Transcendent Tunes brings a variety of interesting new tracks from new and innovative producers across the country. Unusual and eclectic arrays of sounds from realms of neuro funk-bass, DnB, and ethno-fusion dot this latest release from the Boston-based label helmed by HEISS.

It opens uptempo, whereas the prevalent rhythm is a more downtempo, mildly psychedelic chill in the second half of the compilation. The high eccentricity quotient means it's time for a private listen in the forest or your favourite outdoor spot. The collection is a complex, funky, and futuristic electro amalgamation

The eastern journey of “Compos Mentis” by Calicofrost really stands out as a dazzling newcomer.

Bizzy's “Visitor” hearkens sounds entering from unseen worlds, parallel planes, creatures from other dimensions, communication in a percussive frenzy.

Heiss' “Wreckoning” sounds like an exciting, glitchy, cosmic glitch orcherstra comes to town! Wicked instrumentation is the Glass Cannon hallmark on “Fly Guise” with Ryan Morgan, a unique fusion of rock, rap, and innovative electronic, bass sounds.

Dancemyth is familiar to ThazDope Records fans. “Dough” has a nice little intro groove! A minimal track, easy on the ears and mind, with a slinky outro. Hive Mind's “Living Forest” closes things out with a realistic journey; storytelling through sound, imagery, water and thunder building to a steady 4/4 bass line, high-pitched chirps lead and a digiridoo takes us deep into the heart of the track. Our short forest frolic ends where it began. - The Untz

"Glass Cannon - Land of Echo EP"

MalLabel Music is proud to be welcoming back Texas’s premiere fusion innovators with a triumphant return as ‘The Land Of Echo’ stretches sound and conception barriers.

Glass Cannon’s release ‘First Expanse’ was a juggernaut on MalLabel this spring and the trio’s innovation and technical prowess has layered upon itself for an incredible journey through the possibilities of collaboration and experimentation.

‘The Land Of Echo’ is a delightful surprise: otherworldly eastern elements surge into hella inspirational hip-hop and twist round into antiquing carnival-esque soundscapes. Yep, it happens. It’s better than could ever be expected. Features by APOTH, Father Figure and Knight of Water lend each track such incredible diversity onto itself that the EP leaves the listener jaw dropped and drooling. With a subtle and enduring strength, Glass Cannon hypnotizes, galvanizes, and echos the human experience together with jazzy mastery.

Truly original, impossible to put in a corner and doggedly reinventive, ‘The Land of Echo’ is a profound release from musical shapeshifters. You have definitely not heard the last of Glass Cannon. - Mal Label Music


Still working on that hot first release.



We combine live instruments, controllers and computers to journey through consciousness and time. Our sound explores the lofty realms of spiritual bass music through a lens of post rock influence. We intend to cultivate a force of positivity through our journeys. 

Glass Cannon is comprised of 3 members:

Kasey Chestnutt- Percussionist, Sound Designer, Producer

Elias Salaz- Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sound Designer

Holly Harper- Vocals, Lyricist, Ukulele

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