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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Punk




"POP_PUNK REVIEW Hangtime – ‘Invictus Melodious’"

Hangtime – ‘Invictus Melodious’
February 23, 2018
Bryon William
Hangtime is a pop punk band that has been together for nearly 10 years. The group features Rick Burns (vocals, guitar), Warren Gregson (vocals, guitar), Dan Sciccitano (bass), and Enzo Suppa (drums). These veterans of the Toronto music scene took a brief hiatus from writing before breaking into a rapidly flowing stream of song writing. After spending most of 2017 in production, Hangtime was proud to release their full-length project, ‘Invictus Melodious,’ a follow up to their 2010 release ‘Plug In,’ containing 14 punk fueled jams.

The first song off the album is “Let it Be.” A sample kicks off the song saying, “But generally you think what you hear on the radio is terrible?” before the band explosively enters with an energetic arrangement lead by a melodic lead guitar line creating a captivating introduction. With the addition of infectious vocal melodies, this song easily become a track to remember. Ending with an intriguing instrumental section, “Let it Be” will have you engaged from start to finish making for a great start to their album.

Following up, “Am I Dreaming” is sure to be a crowd favorite with its sensitive, relatable lyrics. After an intro of catchy guitar progressions accompanied by compelling drum rhythms, the arrangement breaks into a steady chugging they sing, “Every day/I find a way/To let you know that I still care
/And even though/You may not know/I take you with me everywhere.” His addictive pop-punk tone molds perfectly with the instrumentation. “Am I Dreaming” features a stellar hook with harmonious layers of backing vocals that make this song a great addition to the line-up.

On the fourth track of the album, Hangtime deliver a love song with more somber overtones “For You.” From the instrumentation to the tone of the vocals, the group does a fantastic job creating and capturing the reminiscent, heartbroken emotions of the song. During the chorus, the instrumentals break down into a pulsing, rhythmic arrangement allowing it to stand-out between the legato, melodic verses. “For You” is a relatable, softer song that allows listeners to connect more with the group.

Next, Hangtime throw revamp the energy with the song, “Biggest Sweet Heart.” This songs light-hearted lyrics and carefree attitude make for a nice change of pace to the album. The song runs at about 2:15 making it one of the shorter songs on the album however, it still leaves a big impact. Following this track, “Devilish Girl” makes for a unique and memorable addition to the album. The songs up-beat melodies and instrumentals are paired with not so up-beat lyrics that make for an unforgettably captivating music experience. Hangtime show off their songwriting prowess yet again with stellar vocal melodies.

Keeping up the energy, they follow up with “Trust in Me.” Opening with a huge, guitar driven arrangement, the grandiose instrumentals make for a rocking introduction. Weaving intense instrumental licks between vocal phrases of the pre-chorus show off the instrumental prowess of the band. Featuring a high-octane electric guitar solo towards the end of this track, the speedy rhythms and non-stop energy are sure to pull listeners to this track.

Going towards the end of the album, the harmony driven vocals of “You Don’t Love Me” are just another reason to fall in love with Hangtime. The harmonies of the verses drive the song forward as it seamlessly transitions from verse to chorus. The constant stream of high energy and vocals are broken with a melodic anthem-like guitar solo and instrumental break before wrapping back into the hook.

They end the album with their song “Lost” featuring tantalizing guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics in a powerful track. Singing about the social and economic struggles of living and being a part of today’s society, Hangtime makes a strong statement not to give up who you are no matter what. “Lost” ends the album on a strong note showcasing their melodic punk sound that you won’t get enough of.

‘Invictus Melodious’ delivers a plethora of catchy, melodic tunes that show the talented songwriting of the pop-punk vets, Hangtime. With 14 tracks clocking in at over 50 minutes of music, these tracks just give a taste of what is to expect from the full album. Fans can find the full album via their Bandcamp. For more information on Hangtime, visit their Facebook page. - Byron William


Hangtime - Plug in LP 2010
Hangtime - Invictus Melodious LP 2017
Hangtime - Invasion EP 2019



They refer to themselves as “Melodic Punk”. 

Although, over the years, the classification of Hangtime’s genre has been often labeled as Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Power Pop, Alternative/ Indie Rock or just plain Brutal Blackened Death Metal. Whatever you feel it is, that’s what it is. 

“Invasion” (March 1, 2019) is Hangtime’s third release and their first E.P.It contains 6 songs of aggressive “Canadian Melodic Punk Sweetness” (there ya go!). 

This is truly just a sample of what is yet to come from these 4 Toronto pop punk veterans. The collection of finished material that is actually ready and waiting to record is ridiculous. 

“We have at least 2 more full albums of great songs that need to be recorded and released ASAP, but these first 6 are the ones that got the nod to be on the new E.P.  We’re not exactly young punks anymore and we just want to write good songs, record and release the albums as soon as we can, no more waiting around for the right time.”

Hangtime are no strangers to Toronto’s music scene, with 2 members (Rick Burns and Warren Gregson) of 90’s pop punk band “Shortfall” as well as (Dan Scicchitano and Enzo Suppa) having been part of several long-time local bands.

2019 is looking like a turning point for Hangtime. After countless shows in 2017/18, a full length album “Invictus Melodious” (Dec 2017) and now the release of their “Invasion” E.P. (March 1, 2019), their schedules are jam packed, and Hangtime are ready to hit the road until at least the fall when they plan on recording yet again! 


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