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Falls Church, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Falls Church, VA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Interview: Holly Montgomery"

Singer, songwriter, Holly Montgomery has recently released her newest album entitled, “Leaving Eden”, a 9 track, animated, lyrical wonder.

Singing since the age of 5, Holly currently plays over 150 dates a year. Her band, “Big Planet”, was awarded ‘Best Acoustic Band in Los Angeles”, by the National Academy of Songwriters. Holly has played with artists such as folk legend Dan Bern, John Ford, and has also recorded with Ice Cube....

Playing 175 dates a year, recording, writing, .....when do you get
time to breathe?

Such is the life of the middle-class musician, ha! You’d be surprised what a person can accomplish in order to avoid getting a day job. Seriously though, the key for me is to diversify and be open to what comes along. Not all the gigs I play are of “me” as the “artist” - I play bass on lots of projects for other artists and I love doing that too. I even play guitar on some other gigs, even though in the grand scheme of things I would choose to only be the bass player/singer in my own project, as well as producing other artists. I guess the other key is to always come at whatever work I’m doing with a sense of gratitude, and that way I stay happy making my living as a musician.

Your songs are fun, yet sophisticated, I especially love the song,”
Beyond the Veil. Where do you acquire your inspiration for your songs?

I have always loved good storytelling, whether in a musical format or not, so I’m basically always looking for a good story to write about. I wrote “Beyond The Veil” from the perspective of a lonely person who sees other people find their soulmates, and who realized that they may never find that in this life - it was based on an offhand comment I heard a friend say. I am interested in writing about the human condition and of people’s struggles and dreams, and I get much of my inspiration from those offhand comments I hear people say.

When you were 5 years old, singing with your mom, did you know then
that you wanted to grow up and be a recording artist? Do you feel that
you were born to play music?

I always knew that I would be a musician. I don’t remember ever not being a musician. Both of my parents were musicians, my mother was a country singer and guitar player, and my father was a classical pianist. My father died when I was 7, and so the “romance” of following in his footsteps and trying to make good on his dream has been something I’ve carried around on my soul ever since. I hear music in my head constantly. Every time I’ve tried to do anything else it didn’t end well, so here I am!

Do you ever feel like the words to your songs act as a lifeline to people that you will never meet?

Having my music be a lifeline, and more specifically, to give voice to people’s unspoken feelings and dreams has been all I ever wanted to do, and that desire to put into words what people have difficulty saying out loud is a major part of what I have tried to do with my musical life.

What was it like recording with Ice Cube?

Well, it was... interesting! I was playing with a band in L.A. called Big Planet, and we were recording a record with producer Jim Creegan (who worked with Rod Stewart) and an engineer named Andy “Stoker” Growcott (from Dexys Midnight Runner). Stoker said he was working with this rap artist and they had been through a bunch of bass players who weren’t getting in right, and asked me to come in and give it a go. I went to the session and sat for more than an hour until they were ready, and then they asked me to plug in and start playing. Ice Cube and/or his producer sang a groove in my ear and asked me to reproduce it so they could sample it. They seemed to like it, so I played a bunch of different grooves and tempos for a good long while, and they used them for samples. It was the first time I had ever done that as a straight sampling session, and it was quite thrilling and nerve-wracking. He was totally cool and paid me double the agreed upon price.

Can you recall the best or funniest experience that you ever has live on stage?

There are too many to narrow down, I wouldn’t even know where to start. When I still lived in L.A., my band played pretty regularly at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. I loved that place because it was always full of people looking to listen to music. If I had to narrow it down to the “best”, I remember one time my band was doing a private industry showcase, and we were so unbelievably well-rehearsed and on our game that I felt like I was floating in outer space. But honestly, the best moments for me on stage are the times when the band is thinking and playing as one being - and that can happen on any gig, regardless of the size or import of it.

What advice would you give the younger Holly, knowing what you do now?

I would tell younger Holly that everyone has an agenda, be it for good or for bad, and that it has nothing to do with you or your music or your viability as an artist. I took (and still sometimes continue to take) people’s words too much to heart. Some people are never going to like what I do but it has everything to do with their personal preferences or current needs and has nothing to do with the value of what I’m doing. I would tell younger Holly to listen, and then go on about her business.

Is there a song on “Leaving Eden” that means more to you than the rest?

Ack, asking me to choose between my children...! “Beyond the Veil” is so meaningful to me, because I feel like I got the best possible vocal performance I could ever get and would not change a thing. And for me, that’s rare. But on the flip side, I am so thrilled with “Jumped The Gun” because it’s about those kind of guys that enjoy making you fall in love with them just so they can bail on it by turning it around and saying that you were the one moving too fast. I’ve heard that story from my friends so many times, and I don’t know of any song specifically about the “ghosters” out there.

Will you be touring in support of your new release?

My band (with Andy Hamburger and Buddy Speir) is playing mainly in the mid-Atlantic area right now, though we do occasional long distance runs. We are playing a lot in support of it and have awesome fans in our area!

What’s next for Holly?

I have a few too many projects going right now, while trying to promote “Leaving Eden”! I have a part in an indie film that is going to be released in November, and have collaborated on some music for another indie film. “Jumped The Gun” is getting some play on internet radio in England/Europe and I am working on touring over there at some point. I also have written a bunch of new songs for the next record but am trying not to get ahead of myself until this new album has its own say in the musical world. In the end, what’s next for Holly is that I am going to enjoy my very busy musical life and I’m prepared for whatever comes along! - Huffington Post

"Holly Montgomery with “Leaving Eden”"

I love a strong confident female artist who knows exactly how she wants to express herself. Holly Montgomery is one of those artists. She tours across the country doing well over 150 shows a year. Her band “Big Planet” received “Best Acoustic Band” in Los Angeles from the National Academy of Songwriters. Holly played with The Mustangs, a modern country all girl band and has worked/recorded with Ice Cube. Her versatility and talent is far reaching and definitely a key component for her future endeavors in the music industry.

Title track “Leaving Eden” brought tears. But it also brought back memories of love, happy times, and truth. To me it was about a first affair of the heart. She’s Eve and he is Adam. The first man and woman and the first temptation. Because of it she’s leaving her safety and security for the unknown.
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Lyrically the album welcomes you to sing along. You’ll know all the songs by the time you reach the last one and then you’ll go back and play it again. Reminds me of the cool late summer nights cruising through Falls Church preparing to enter 10th grade. It was awesome. Just like this album.

“Drunk on the Power” and it is hot. It starts out with an eclectic texture. Like teasing your taste pallet with caviar and Jack Daniels. Oh, did I mention that Holly plays bass, guitar and piano on her album. Yep. Explains it all.

Instrumentally this album is solid. Right on the money. Great bass lines, driving lead guitar and hard hitting percussion with a dynamite ethereal piano. It’s not thin or faint but I would say full of flavor,

and fun.

Vocally Holly expresses her passion with high energy and has her own unique vocals. Her sound is distinct and different. She’s got her own style and is not afraid to let it rock out. Gritty and raw with a distinction all her own.
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Holly Montgomery, layed back, relaxed and yet full of high powered rocking energy. She’s one to watch for the fall charts and early 2017 chart lists. I can’t sit still long enough to write this review. All I want to do is dance. Dang it.

“Beyond The Veil” touched something inside me that I’ve tried to hold back lately. Especially since the loss of my mother in law. But this song was magical. It helped me to relate to so many others who have lost loved one’s. Touching and filled with intimate feelings of true emotions. This song expressed how we want to love and wonder will we ever truly know that deep love before we cross over. Powerful.

The album is not long in length but full in the depth and integrity of each song. Each song is high on the mark and could stand alone as a solid high energy single. It seems there has always been a silent test for musicians and singer/songwriters in the industry. A test of how well their music will be received and if they have what it takes to make it for the long haul. Montgomery has all of it. Her ability to cross several genres is a testament to true natural talent. She can easily cross from Rock to Pop, Country rock, soft rock, alternative pop.
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Holly Montgomery courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Jumped The Gun” reminded me of Pat Bentar on the intro. Hard, determined, and raw. The songs design is psychedelic and atmospheric. Rock at it’s best.

This album was produced by Rich Isaac of Clean Cuts Studio, Baltimore and holds nine tracks. It was released on May 1st 2016 and has received outstanding reviews. She’s classy, sophisticated, and rocker all the way.

Holly has always loved music, it has always been a huge part of her life. Her inspiration is the people around her and what is authentic to life. She is the music. - Nashville Music Guide

"Holly Montgomery is a Powerful Force with "Leaving Eden""

Holly Montgomery is a buzzworthy singer and songwriter, who is currently sharing her eclectic release, Leaving Eden. A mainstay in the music world, her music has garnered her accolades and acclaim all over the world.

On Leaving Eden we dig deep inside of Montgomery's musical mindset. Her blissful music offers stories within every song, as her music takes you away on a journey. Clocking in with 9-songs, the album is short but sweet, and leaves a lasting impression.

Personal favorite of mine include the title track Leaving Eden, and Go Mellow, though each song has its own story to tell. It's not hard to tell why Holly Montgomery's music is so loved.

Her songwriting skills and performance quality, showcases her as an artist, and one with staying power.

Leaving Eden is out now. - Paste Magazine

"New album 'Leaving Eden' by Holly Montgomery hits the roots of rock"

The new album Leaving Eden by Holly Montgomery hits the roots of rock with a lot of spirit and cool guitar playing. The album has a nice touch of folk music as well and should do just fine with lovers of the genre.

At times, the album by Montgomery has a country feel to it, and, maybe, that is because her songs tend to come from the heart. The songs in Leaving Eden are composed with nice simple guitar riffs that give it a nice cool sound to it.

The simple guitars is not a bad thing, it is just a style that Montgomery seems to have to create simple beautiful music. Montgomery is the bass player for the most part but she does put in a lot of nice work with the acoustic guitar. Also, some of the guitar solos are done just right in the album by Buddy Speir that gives it a nice touch.

Of course, at times, the music has this power to make a listener feel good. The first song “Drunk On the Power” has this John Cougar Mellencamp feel to it. It is a song that sounds very Mid-West as the rest of the tracks on this feel-good album, although Montgomery is from Washington DC.

About the artist

Montgomery plays about 150 shows a year mostly in the mid-Atlantic area. She also has a band called “Big Planet” which was awarded by the National Academy of Songwriters as Best Acoustic Band in Los Angeles. Her band also played with folk legend Dan Bern and all-girl modern country band The Mustangs. Montgomery has also recorded with rap icon Ice Cube.

In the end, the album Leaving Eden is a well written album by Holly Montgomery. It has fine touches of country, folk, and simple rock and roll roots. Holly Montgomery did a superb job at putting together a nice beautiful sounding piece of work. - AXS

"Holly Montgomery, ‘Leaving Eden’ Reviewed"

“You want to join the party?”

Yeah? Well that’s the opening question asked by Holly Montgomery on her new release Leaving Eden, and if you’re looking for some rock with meat on the bones, then you might want to take a listen.

photo: Julian Vankim

Holly Montgomery, a singer-songwriter presently based out of D.C., is a bass player who not only survived the LA music scene, but filled her resume with impressive live outings and credits for her theme songs used by major charities.

Leaving Eden showcases her songwriting ability with strong lyrics and rockin’ melodies. “Drunk On The Power” opens the album with a twangy guitar and a full out vocal. Easy paced, the lyrics accuse while the band fully takes over the empty spaces.

There is crying in music as “Waterworks” explains. “I’m a girl, it’s what I do. It’s not necessarily got to be about you.” Very catchy song with lots of attitude.

“Beyond The Veil,” is a haunting song about death and the afterlife. The piano is heavy with emotion and sets the mood of sadness and loneliness the lyrics convey.

The album picks up with “Jumped The Gun.” With a little influence from ZZ Top, it starts out rockin’ and doesn’t stop.

The title song takes the Biblical reference in an interesting direction. “Leaving Eden” is a beautifully written contrast of moving on from one’s sins, real or imagined. Nicely arranged, it’s one of the stronger songs on the album.

Montgomery moves from a solidly structured song to a 60s basement vibe with “Go Mellow.” Spacey and psychedelic, it has some interesting bass and synth moments, though not sure it merits many repeat plays.

Taking another sharp turn, “Morning Glory” is an upbeat country-pop song. It’s fun, infectious and will make your day start off right.

The album ends with a statement song. “Music On The Side” defines the choice of living an artists’ life and to not ‘play music on the side.’ As far as tracking an album, there could be no better placement.

Holly Montgomery is a very good songwriter. Nice production on Leaving Eden from Rich Isaac, where each tune is effective, with lots of depth and fullness. Her vocals may need more than one listen to really appreciate her style, which is somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Kim Carnes. There’s a lot of talent here, you might want to take a listen. - OnStage Magazine

"Consumers Can Download and Donate with the Choice Hotels Music Newest Song"

"We hope this song helps to inspire people to think about others during this season of giving and we're very happy that the song writer/artist, Holly Montgomery, has chosen to personally perform 'Looking for the Road' at our fundraising gala tomorrow night in Washington, D.C.," said Fr. John Adams, President of SOME." - PR Newswire

"CHOICE HOTELS presents "My Brother's Keeper""

"Choice Hotels is pleased to present "My Brother's Keeper," an anthem of inspiration, community and commitment . The song was written and performed by HOLLY MONTGOMERY as the launch song for the Choice Hotels Music initiative and benefits national nonprofit Rebuilding Together and its efforts to help the Gulf and New Orleans rebuild. "My Brother's Keeper" is now available on ChoiceHotels.com, where consumers can download the song for free for 30 days from August 25 through September 24. With each song download, Choice Hotels will donate $1, up to $10,000, to Rebuilding Together. "This song was inspired by the large number of New Orleans residents displaced by Katrina who still have not been able to return because they have no home," said Singer/Songwriter HOLLY MONTGOMERY. "I hope that 'My Brother's Keeper' can serve as an anthem of hope for New Orleans residents still waiting for help and that this song can play a part in improving the lives of these people in need." " - CNBC

"Fifty for Five Block Party"

"Rebuilding Together is hosting a Fifty for Five Block Party celebration in Lafayette Square from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Fifty for Five signifies the 50 homes that Rebuilding Together has rebuilt in Gentilly by the fifth anniversary of Katrina. The event will feature World Class Rockers, a group made up of former members of Santana, Journey, Boston, Steppenwolf, Toto and Lynyrd Skynyrd; local music, including the Treme Brass Band and Anders Osbourne; and a special performance by Holly Montgomery at 5 p.m. Montgomery’s song, “My Brother’s Keeper,” was written as an anthem about the aftermath of Katrina; each time the song is downloaded from choicehotels.com, Choice Hotels will donate $1 to Rebuilding Together. " - My New Orleans


The band is primarily about vocalist/bassist/guitarist HOLLY MONTGOMERY and the fact that she manages to completely hook your ass before the first chorus in "Think Too Much." The coolest blast of Concrete Blonde-meets-Joan Jett crawtch-rawk since Johnette's "God Is A Bullet," the song also boasts the best-ever phrasing of the body-as-guitar metaphor in the history of rock 'n'roll. Things cool down a little on the next two tracks, but "Nice Girl" more than makes up for the momentary lack of noize by kicking out your front teeth and slapping you around for a couple of minutes." - The Music Paper

"Consumers Can Download for Donations with the Choice Hotels Music Newest Original Song"

SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

As part of the continuing Choice Hotels Music program that introduces original songs to benefit a range of charities, "Sweetest Dreams" performed by Holly Montgomery will be launched on the Choice Hotels Music website. "Sweetest Dreams" was made available on January 11, 2011, and consumers who visit ChoiceHotelsMusic.com and download the free song will sponsor a $1 donation from Choice Hotels International (NYSE: CHH | PowerRating) to the non-profit organization ServiceSource Foundation. Choice Hotels will donate one dollar for every free download of the song by consumers, up to $10,000.

"Sweetest Dreams" is the latest song to be introduced by Choice Hotels Music and it's one that strikes a particularly emotional chord for the company. In May of 2010, Steve Joyce, president and CEO of Choice Hotels International and Vice-Chairman of the ServiceSource Foundation, visited ServiceSource in Alexandria, Virginia where he met a remarkable young woman named Kai Croft. Kai is a 26 year old client of ServiceSource, who, despite having Arthrogryposis -- a severe physical disability which affects a person's joints, is a prolific and eloquent poet. After reading Kai's poetry blog, Steve asked Kai if she would like some of her poems put to music. Kai loved the idea.

"I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. I think I was about 12 years old when I wrote my first poem called 'Poems' and it made me think that I could express myself with the words that readily came to mind," said Kai. "It's so exciting that my writing has inspired others to create this song and give back to ServiceSource."

Representatives of Choice Hotels contacted Holly Montgomery (local musician) and Tom Nichols (local musician & producer) and asked them to review some of Kai's poems to see if they might create a song from her poetry. Montgomery and Nichols got right to work, pulling lines and words from her poems to assemble what ultimately became the lyrics to "Sweetest Dreams."

"As soon as Tom and I started reading Kai's blog we fell in love with her words. Using her poetry, it was so easy to create a beautiful song. We started arranging and composing music and in only a few days were able to record a demo," said Holly Montgomery, Sweetest Dreams singer and songwriter. "But what really made the experience amazing was the fact that not only did we get to create this music, but every time somebody downloads the song a donation (up to $10,000) is made back to the organization that means so much to Kai -- ServiceSource Foundation. We are able to make music and make a difference!"

"I was so inspired by meeting Kai, reading her poems and learning what ServiceSource Foundation does to help people. It all just fit so perfectly with the Choice Hotels Music program which was able to combine all of these amazing elements to create 'Sweetest Dreams,'" said Steve Joyce, Choice Hotels President and CEO, and Vice-Chairman of the ServiceSource Foundation.

The song was professionally recorded on May 26, 2010. With Kai in attendance, she was able to hear exactly how the words in her poems came to life in a song. Nichols produced the recording and sang backup vocals while Montgomery played bass and sang lead vocals. A host of famous and talented musicians also played on the song including Drummer Aynsley Dunbar, and Guitarists Randall Hall and Paul Bell.

Since the launch of Choice Hotels Music in August 2010, the company has released three original songs that have generated over 30,000 downloads, which resulted in donations from Choice Hotels to three worthy charities -- Rebuilding Together, SOME (So Others Might Eat) and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Washington and Greater Baltimore.

Visit ChoiceHotelsMusic.com today to download the free song "Sweetest Dreams" by Holly Montgomery and inspire a $1 donation (up to $10,000) for the ServiceSource Foundation. - Trading Markets

"Choice Hotels Launches Innovative Music Initiative to Support Nonprofit Causes and Musicians"

NEW ORLEANS and SILVER SPRING, Md., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) is proud to announce the launch of Choice Hotels Music – an innovative new music initiative designed to give artists the rare opportunity to deliver their music to millions of consumers and retain ownership of their works while, at the same time, drive donations from Choice Hotels to leading non-profit organizations.

As part of Choice Hotels Music, the company will produce original music and offer consumers the chance to download these songs for a limited time for free at ChoiceHotels.com. With each download, a financial donation will be made to a featured cause or charity. Choice Hotels Music has already begun producing ten songs that will be matched to appropriate charities, providing aid to a wide range of worthy causes—and plans to produce more songs on an ongoing basis.

"Choice Hotels Music is truly a first in many ways," said Stephen P. Joyce, president and CEO for Choice Hotels. "Through this program, we're enabling charities to harness the emotional power of music and raise awareness and funds like never before, while also giving artists the chance to get their music heard through the powerful distribution system of Choice Hotels, which reaches and attracts millions of guests every day."

To mark this achievement, Choice Hotels is pleased to present "My Brother's Keeper," an anthem of inspiration, community and commitment . The song was written and performed by Holly Montgomery as the launch song for the Choice Hotels Music initiative and benefits national nonprofit Rebuilding Together and its efforts to help the Gulf and New Orleans rebuild. "My Brother's Keeper" is now available on ChoiceHotels.com, where consumers can download the song for free for 30 days from August 25 through September 24. With each song download, Choice Hotels will donate $1, up to $10,000, to Rebuilding Together.

"This song was inspired by the large number of New Orleans residents displaced by Katrina who still have not been able to return because they have no home," said Singer/Songwriter Holly Montgomery. "I hope that 'My Brother's Keeper' can serve as an anthem of hope for New Orleans residents still waiting for help and that this song can play a part in improving the lives of these people in need."

On Saturday, August 28, at a special block party concert in New Orleans, Holly Montgomery will do a live performance of "My Brother's Keeper." This event culminates the efforts of Choice Hotels and Rebuilding Together's Fifty for Five initiative to rehabilitate 50 homes in New Orleans on the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The effort moves Rebuilding Together closer to its pledge of completing 1,000 homes in the Gulf. The Choice Hotels Music initiative enables Choice Hotels to pursue its philanthropic causes and promote its brands while
leveraging and maximizing the power of its customer database, its vast marketing and distribution system, and its leading online presence and eMarketing strategies.
For artists interested in creating great music to support great causes, please visit choicehotels.com for updates on the initiative and the process that will soon be announced by Choice to identify artists, causes and songs. - PR Newswire

"Press Pass: Holly Montgomery"

For years singer-songwriter Holly Montgomery has devoted her time to others. Working with various charitable organizations she's provided aid to hurricane victims and helped feed the hungry. As a mother she adopted and raised three teenagers from Kazakhstan.

Yes, at first glance, Montgomery seems like quite the giver. But little did we know she was taking from all of those experiences as well, collecting inspiration for a songwriting career that began in Los Angeles and now continues in Falls Church. But on Sunday, Jan. 16 she'll be back in her usual role, endowing music fans with her latest album, Uncanny Valley, with a release show at Jammin' Java.

Before she could take the stage, we sat her down to get her take on the extraordinary overlap between her life of service and her craft.

Mike Hume: When were you first drawn to community service?

Holly Montgomery: I was still in Los Angeles and I felt it was a good balance from the egocentric realities of the music business. I was a teacher at a Hebrew school there and took my classes on frequent outings to do community work, such as serving dinner in homeless shelters, or cleaning the public parks, or helping stock local food pantries. I saw how good it made them feel about themselves and also their figuring out that they could not take their own good fortune for granted.

MH: What do you find so moving about these causes from an artistic standpoint?

HM: The power of the arts and music to move people's hearts can't be overstated. I tend to see the world in terms of songs and melodies, for example, this-or-that person is like a folk song in a minor key. So when I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write songs for charities, I tend to search out the individual people involved in the work - both the recipients and the providers - and find out their stories and write the song and melody that fits them. That's where the magic happens. For example there's the story of Bill Conway. Every day going to and from his business concerns, he passed homeless, indigent people asking for a handout. One day, he made a connection with one of those people he usually passed by, and in an epiphany, he realized that he could never look the other way again. He began carrying muffins in his coat and going out and handing them out. He carried on the work for years without expectation of praise. That story was very powerful to me, and I wrote a song about it called "Looking For The Road," that So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.) is using for fundraising.

MH: What has that experience of adopting and raising teens taught you and how has if affected you as an artist?

HM: Adopting and raising those kids was the hardest but best thing I ever did and the thing that I am most proud of in my entire life. So many parents expect their kids to be mini-versions of themselves. It was obvious that I didn't have that luxury as my kids don't look like me and have very different backgrounds and goals. A great life lesson I learned was that I knew that I had to take the kids for who they were and not try to mould them. After taking time off from music to raise them I am back performing and recording again and every moment of music I make is miraculous to me. This realization has put my musical endeavors into a perspective I don't think I would have had otherwise, as my values and priorities have totally changed.

MH: It seems like you dabble in a number of genres. What attracts you to all those varied approaches?

HM: I have never cared at all about genres, I just like what I like. I was a huge Frank Zappa fan in my teens, at the same time I loved folk music. I guess overall I prefer the sonic characteristics of rock, even sometimes harder rock for my band, but want a heavy dose of singer-songwriter lyrics and melodies in my songs. As a result, I end up crossing genres without paying attention. - Falls Church News Press


Leaving Eden (full length CD)
Uncanny Valley (full length CD)
I'm Only Human (full length CD)
Live From Royaltone (EP)
Food Chain (full length CD)



The Holly Montgomery Band is a female-fronted album rock band that plays a mix of epic rock (any combination of covers and originals) that gets people to sing along, dance along, and be glad to be alive! The music of this band satisfies a wide variety of musical cravings but are unified under the power of the vocals, the driving beat and the orchestral guitar stylings. We have a blast every time we play and are proud to work as much as we do for those people who are looking for something that is not your standard, pre-packaged event-type band.

Our last album, "Leaving Eden", was on the first round ballot for a GRAMMY Award.
"Leaving Eden" debuted at #1 in the UK on One World Music Radio.
"Jumped the Gun", off of "Leaving Eden", was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest.
Reviewed in major publications such as The Huffington Post, Nashville Music Guide, OnStage Magazine