How To Live Together
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How To Live Together

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Pop Synth




"Revue's Best Albums of 2019"

How To Live Together - Resister

Confronting the unnatural anxieties of our modern age by exploring the dark, twisting world of synthesizers, Grand Rapids duo How To Live Together made a debut that goes deep into the dysfunctional digital soul of the social media era. At its core, the duo of couple Jesse Kaczmarczyk and Steffanie Rosalez emanates with love as an act of defiance, melding their vocal harmonies with relentless synth noise. Creating an album that pulses with nervous dance floor energy and plays out like a retro video game waging the current culture war, Resister stands boldly as the most original and inspirational sound of the year. - Revue Magazine

"Album Reviews:How To Live Together"

"Unapologetically electronic....Sometimes dance-worthy, sometimes dizzying, the duo is confident in the ability to create its own world out of sounds and textures." - Local Spins

"How to Live Together: Fun, upbeat synth-pop with ‘heavy, meaningful lyrics’"

"Their synth-pop unfurls with live instrumentation during their concerts, with both musicians intensely jockeying between keyboards, drum machines and samplers to create lush-sounding tracks." - Local Spins

"Blooming Together: Bermudas and How To Live Together share special album release show"

"Merging Moogs and Nintendo blips into an indie synth-pop sound, the pair has developed from a personal home project into a band with its sights set on touring outside of the city." - Revue Magazine



When Jesse Kaczmarczyk and Steffanie Rosalez bought a house together in Grand Rapids, Michigan they had only been playing music together for just a few short months. Learning about digital and analog synthesis and writing synth-pop songs became their method for figuring out how to live together. Sampling lighthearted Nintendo blips while creating dark analog sounds became an ongoing parallel for their own relationship and their relationship to the world around them. They use the limitless world of synthesizers to examine both the joy and the dysfunction of being an interracial couple in the current cultural landscape of race, gender, politics, the internet and social norms.

The songs they wrote together eventually became Resistѳr, their debut synth-pop record dually named for the process of resisting social and cultural norms and also for the internal electrical component of every synthesizer they used to compose the songs. This reference to the internal and invisible struggle alongside the daily practice of resisting external stressors is what you can expect to find each song grappling with. Their album looks into the way people learn how to love themselves as individuals in order to love each other as partners and support each other in a world that doesn’t always do the same.

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