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Windsor, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

Windsor, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie




"Huttch – Cherry Cola’s Rock N Roll and Cabaret Lounge – July"

A power trio who play new age indie pop rock, Huttch are just getting started. This Windsor, Ontario based band started out the night at Cherry Cola’s. The population was peppered, but what was remarkable was that all the other bands were excited to see them play. You are definitely doing something right when your core fan base is a bunch of professional musicians. Their songs are complex but catchy with a polished sound that is almost impossible for such a young band. In fact, they are all seasoned musicians and used to play together in a band called ‘State Of Us.’

Lead singer and lead guitarist Sebastian Abt is a powerful presence. He switches between intricate piercing riffs and blistering rhythm guitar. Drummer Robbie Cervi is beastly and raw but his fills are tight as hot pants. He also happened to be hilarious and but a sign on his back so that those passing by Cherry Cola’s could have a nice welcome sign. Bassist Zack Vivier is humble, funky and furiously on point with his pulsing lines. He brings a huge range of styles and dynamic shifts to the bands live performance.

Their live performance bleeds passion. Their sound is huge. Beyond this, Huttch blend elements of Psychedelic Rock, 90’s Pop and crazy into their music. Seeing Huttch live is like watching a beautiful bomb go off that causes passion instead of pain. They are well worth your time and are in the process of recording with notable producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. Be sure to check out Huttch here:

Review and Pictures by: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder
Edited by: Jesse Kline - Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder


Huttch has made some changes and come a long way over the past year and a half. Their new album is only a month or two away.

In the beginning of 2014 the band which was then called State Of Us released an album and moved to Toronto to meet contacts and share their music. Shortly after they arrived they dropped the fourth member of their band and changed their name to Huttch. The band is comprised of Sebastian Abt, lead vocals and guitar, Zack Vivier, bass and Robbie Cervi on drums.

“We left for Toronto in May 2014,” said Cervi. “We pushed ourselves and the album everywhere we could, talked to as many people as we could and played every show and just said yes to everything.”

With the dropping of the fourth member, the band’s sound changed as well. The band now has an Indie rock sound.

“When we switched to a three-piece our sound just changed a little bit naturally,” said Sebastian. “We wanted to produce songs that are just undeniable and that we can groove to every day.”

While in Toronto the band made some contacts with a producer at a random show they played and he is now helping produce their new album.

“After we met him we knew this is where the next anything was going to be,” said Cervi.

When the band moved back to Windsor at the end of 2014 they got a house together to promote themselves, practice and play some shows.

“We figure since we were going to be writing more and practicing for the new songs we were recording we might as well move out for a year and do some work save some money and play some house shows,” said Abt. “It was cool because we got to see people we wanted to see play in the basement.”

“We picked bands we were fans of and that we wanted to see play,” said Cervi.

“It was always a fun time, we will have memories of that house forever,” said Vivier.

The band just released their new music video on September 1, 2015 for their new song White Sheets. Within three weeks it had over 4000 views on YouTube.

“The whole theme we are going for is a lot of groovy blankets, like the ones that are on Robbie’s drums we decked out the whole house and had a lot of fun. We got free beer and ordered pizza,” said Abt.

“Everyone was happy to be there and happy to help,” said Cervi.

The band is in the process of finishing up the recording for their EP, which they are very excited to release.

“We want to try to put out a music video to every song that we can on the new EP,” said Abt.

Once the album is out Huttch wants to have a release show and book a tour for Ontario and maybe the East Coast as well.

“Once we get the copy we will setup the show right away,” said Abt.

Huttch continues to make changes and work hard as the album is almost finished.

“Opportunities come and you either grab them or say no and we have been saying yes to the right ones, said Cervi. - Anthony Sheardown

"Huttch Debut Music Video for White Sheets"

On September 1st Windsor indie band, Huttch released the long-anticipated music video for their latest single, White Sheets. I had the pleasure of being on set, as the shoot required plenty of noteworthy extras, and it essentially turned into a five-hour party. The video was sponsored by MacLean’s Farmhouse Blonde Ale, so we had a fridge full of Ontario craft beer at our disposal. Ryan Brough conceptualized and directed the ambitious video, which was filmed in one consecutive take.

As one of my many side projects, I teamed up with talented graphic designer, photographer, and fellow digital marketer, Drew Reaume a few months back to form Rose City Collective, a marketing team specifically designed to promote the video for this year’s installment of Windsor Marketing + Music Video Contest. Over the summer we worked together to develop a comprehensive digital campaign.

This project was an immensely collaborative effort, and being part of such a strong team was a truly gratifying experience. If you haven’t seen the video yet, I encourage you to take a look. - Amanda Sinasac

"Pardon their sneeze: Windsor indie rock band Huttch"

Saturday’s a momentous occasion for Windsor indie rock trio Huttch: The band is celebrating the release of its debut EP with a show at the Windsor Beer Exchange (493 University Ave. East).

We talk to drummer Robbie Cervi about how he, guitarist Sebastian Abt, and bassist Zack Vivier are feeling about the band these days.

Q. What does the band name mean?

A. We came up with the name when we were living in Toronto. It was kind of a joke. I was sneezing and everyone was kind of making fun of the noise I was making — ‘Hutch, hutch, hutch.’ And then our singer was like, ‘That’s a pretty good band name.’ We added an extra ‘t,’ and that was the band name.

Q. How long have you guys been a band?

A. Under the current name, it’s been about a year. But before that, we were State of Us, and we were a band for four or five years, playing around the city. But we were young teenagers, you know?

Windsor indie rock band Huttch. From left; Zack Vivier, Sebastian Abt, and Robbie Cervi.
Windsor indie rock band Huttch.
Q. How would you describe the Huttch sound?

A. Everyone says it’s very relaxed. Indie rock is the best way to describe it.

Q. Who do you consider big inspirations?

A. Sam Roberts Band, The Arkells. We also listen to a lot of older stuff: The Steve Miller Band was a big influence for our sound.

Q. What are the songs on the new EP about?

A. They’re songs that we wrote here in Windsor, in the basement of a house that we rented out. It kind of describes what we’re up to. There’s a song about Malden Hill, and how we go up there and look at the skyline. There’s a song about driving to Toronto, and how it’s always worth it. (The EP) really tells the story of the band and what it’s been through over the last year and a half.

Huttch release their self-titled EP on Saturday night at the Windsor Beer Exchange (493 University Ave. E.). Also playing: Ivory Hours from London and Of the Pack from Windsor. Doors open 9 p.m. $5 cover, 19 and older. - Dalson Chen

"BANDS OF THE DAY January 17th 2016 at FORKSTER Huttch"

The FORKSTER music goods on ‘Huttch’:

Musicianship & Overall SOUND: A ‘radiating and gravitating’ indie rock platform. The music efforts incredibly roar out with vibrantly soaring vocal launches, rhythm units that truly wallop out a ‘steady and ready’ bounce desire alongside ‘booming and zooming’ riff rocketing skies. This trio brings an indie rock that has a jolting music presence with an energetic magnificence, ‘top potential’.

Very admirable listening to fans of: Ace indie rock goodness

Huttch are:
Robbie Cervi – Drums/Vocals
Sebastian Abt – Guitar/Vocals
Zack Vivier – Bass/Vocals

From:Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Main Link: - Timothy John Forker


"Huttch" Self -titled EP Released January 16th 2016 



Amongst the blanket-covered walls and strung lights of a basement in Windsor, Ontario, an indie rock power trio known as Huttch was formed in 2014. Drawing influences from bands such as Hollerado and Yukon Blonde, their music is a blend of psychedelic and fast paced rock. If their well-crafted guitar riffs and solid rhythm section complete with driving bass lines doesn’t ignite an adrenaline rush, their act also includes acrobatic stunts mid guitar solo. With gear spiffed up in vibrant aztec patterns, and outfits adorned with sea-shell necklaces, the band could easily be mistaken for California strays;  softly reminding their audience to relish in life’s simple, audio pleasures.

Huttch has covered a lot of ground throughout the past year, fostering a collection of work sizzling with originality and allure. In January 2014, they released their first full length album titled “Perspectives” under the name State of Us (Est. 2010) which sold all 200 copies. Shortly after, the band moved to Toronto for the summer and during their 4-month stay, attracted the attention of Ross Citrullo, their current producer.  Mr. Citrullo, who is widely respected in the industry, has worked with major label artists including The Sheepdogs and AWOLNATION.

Returning home, they released their first music video titled “Gimme Some More”, garnering roughly 4000 views on YouTube.  The single was also exclusively premiered on CBC Radio One. Joining forces with a Windsor-based brewery, Huttch concocted Gimme S’more Stout Craft Beer that was featured in a pub crawl held by five locally owned venues. This sparked the successful idea to document each member’s bar hopping adventure via GoPro that will be released as a music video in February 2016. On September 1st, Huttch submitted their one-shot music video, “White sheets”, which won 1st place in the Windsor Marketing Music Video Contest (WMMVC).

They have been working tirelessly in the recording studio since, polishing off the final touches on a 6-track EP planned for release in January 2016. Travelling through Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes in an upcoming tour, Huttch are excited to contribute to the eternally rich music scene of Eastern Canada. With emphasis on pioneering their own sound, Huttch will continue writing and adapting to produce original, genre-defying music.

Growing up in Windsor ,Ontario, a small city bordering Detroit, the band “cut their teeth” in the local music scene in a variety of live music establishments. These venues embrace the unkempt grungy quality of Huttch’s music and are defined by their diverse personality much like the crowds they attract. These no glitz, no glam bars are chock-full of open-minded teens as well as emerging artists sharing a thirst for musical discovery and face-to-face frontman action.

Huttch has been broadcasted on local radio stations and featured in the Windsor Independent Newspaper. Huttch has collaborated with fellow musicians and filmmakers focussed on showcasing local talent. They have brought in acts from around the country and have personally hosted house shows to provide alternative platforms for artists to exhibit their work; increasing accessibility for both audience and performers to build connections.

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