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Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1992

Tampa, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 1992
Band Metal Death Metal




"NEW-LISTENING: INSATANITY - New Songs From EP 'Upon The Ivory Throne'"

The essence of its song's honor is that it does not sanction predatory or its instrumental violence, yet only retaliation for gains its tenseness grooves, firmness blasts, strenuous riffing, and exceptional confidence on its darker lines.

Generally, 'INSATANITY' always give tenseness on the derivative grooving of death metal and black metal. Conceptually, the band retained their musical identity consistently since 'Divine Decomposition (2006)'. Relating to that, Today, I received news that they back took their dead, reliable, cruel, solid, competitive, and identity to black brutality, into an album (EP) which to released by 'Pathologically Explicit Recordings' on June 15, 2018.

Although on the band's journey, the band is looking for a lead guitarist, on the feasibility, 'Upon The Ivory Throne' should release, due to yearning to listen to militant bang, the purest form of death black, or just to satisfy to yearning for selective black brutality. Therefore, they have released two songs titled 'Demons within Creation' and self-titled track 'Upon The Ivory Throne'.

Basically, if understood in terms of quality and musicality in both of these songs, it almost appears not change when compared to the songs on the album 'Divine Decomposition (2009)' or 'The Day God Died (2010)'. There's only one point that I believe is fitting to change, like sound settings/mixing. Meanwhile, the maturity of musicality is evident in furrows that increasingly defined, isolated, and increasingly tense and highly demolish.

If I compare of how my attitude responds to the comparison of the grooves of their two early albums on this brand-new song as follows:
'I have no desire want to know how deep the tension of anger, hate, and impression as a rebellion which eliminated in prompt time when I listen to 'Divine Decomposition (2009) 'or' The Day God Died (2010) '. But upon listening to 'Demons within Creation' and self-titled track 'Upon The Ivory Throne', I assume that there's nothing to compromised; I'll hit a wise person's face, or I'll rape a woman who insults me. Moreover, I will conceive of reality, I'm more acting the antagonist situation, or I prefer an angel from hell.

Therefore, these brand-new songs are faster to grow the emotional path on riffing, grooving or blasting than their early two albums, and faster to define the role of each instrument in each path created. Additionally, I would argue that sound mixing has the influential contribution of how they determine the direction of their musicality. - Metal Bleeding Corp / Apollo

"Insatanity Releases Video For Blasphemous, Torturous “Whose Hands Embalm”"

Philadelphia to Tampa transplant, blacken death metal band Insatanity is back with a new single and music video for “Whose Hand Embalms.” Metal enthusiasts may recognize the emerging band for their previous track, “Ashes of Apostle.”

“Whose Hand Embalms,” released yesterday, January 5th, sees an accompanying music video from director Mike O’Mahony, an independent horror director who made a name for himself with bizarre and gory titles such as Deadly Detour and Sloppy the Psychotic. The video sees a young woman bound to a table, helpless against her masked assailant. Her torture and pain grows with the intensity of the blasphemous lyrics and apocalyptic beat. Find the video at the bottom of this post. - Horror Society / MICHAEL THERKELSEN

"Death Metal Band Insatanity Release Gory Video For 'Whose Hands Embalm'"

Insatanity is a death metal band from Philadelphia, now based in Tampa, whose uncompromising style helped to define the American Northeast's uniquely brutal death template, alongside the likes of Vital Remains, Suffocation, and Immolation.

The band is back with a new single and music video for “Whose Hand Embalms.”

The track sees an accompanying music video from director Mike O’Mahony, an independent horror director behind the bizarre and gory titles such as Deadly Detour and Sloppy the Psychotic. The video features a young woman bound to a table, at the mercy of her masked assailant. The torture intensifies as the video progresses. - Crypt Teaze / Nikolas Sullivan

"Insatanity Footage at Metal for the Military"

Insatanity is setting the bar higher for underground death metal bands. They have a signature brutal sound, but they go so far with their intensity to where it’s almost demonic.

Insatanity has a lot of old-school elements, such as writing heavier music over technical. While the musicianship is still solid, Insatanity has that old-school heaviness, almost a groove, to their sound. Because of this, Insatanity fits perfectly in the Tampa death metal scene but also stands out.

Every Insatanity show is full of energy and aggression. Their songs always sound perfect to the recordings. It truly never gets old seeing an Insatanity show. This is a band that deserves to tour so fans from all over the world get to experience them.

Coming up, Insatanity is releasing their new EP “The Scrolls of Belial.” This EP features six brand new songs. So far, I love the material I’ve heard. The song “Seed of Baal” captures the diversity of this band. But songs such as “Upon the Ivory Throne” are the embodiment of Insatanity’s unique sound.

I caught Insatanity’s set when they played Metal for the Military in Tampa, Florida. Check it out! - Infernal TV / Stephanie Jensen

"Insatanity – Divine Decomposition (Brutal Death Metal album review)"

Originally released in 1996 by Insatanity, but later reissued again in 2015 with demo tracks, “Divine Decomposition” is a wall of death metal brutality with hints of black metal, which is sure to crush your spirit to death.

There are plenty sound barrier destroying guitar rhythms and drumming passages coming across like a minefield unleashing its ungodly fury on any poor soul that steps on these fields of total destruction.

Demo tracks 11-14 are very raw and sound like the band recorded these tracks in a live setting in one take. Their studio recorded and produced material can be found on tracks 1 to 10, and they are brilliantly executed with the highest level of precision and severity no one should endure. If you want to die a prolific death without any remorse, “Divine Decomposition” is your choice of weapon to complete this profane and hideous task.

“Angels Of The Apocalypse” is a viciously downtuned song with its guitars and a haunting vibe within the deep guttural vocals. You feel as if your body is being taken over by some unknown evil spiritual entity on this track. Imagine dying a thousand times without any hope of being saved by your god. Now, this is what I call more brutal and extreme than extreme.

Insatanity is not like your typical American guttural death metal band, as these dudes have plenty of chilling and hair raising elements within their music. Check it out and be a witness to the decimation of the divinity within you. Pathologically Explicit Recordings Sarjoo Devani - Explicitly Intense / Sarjoo Devani

"INSATANITY - Divine Decomposition"

This album was released some 3 years ago (95) , but since I just got it , here it is on review . Insatanity hails from the U.S. and Divine Decomposition is a fine blend of technical death/black music (death vocals done by Mark Rhochar) . Most of the tracks on this album are in the death vein with occasional black vocals being filled in by another member of the band . Production wise , a little on the bad side , but I have heard some rumours that this is due to the fact that Unisound did little to finance the band when they were recording this album . Hence the bad sound . Overall , this is a very nice digipak album boosting some fine , yet brutal death metal from the dark pits of America . Perhaps , If the band is able to mix death and black music togther more often , it could be a better album for fans of both genres . Anyway , Insatanity currently has a split CD out with fellow Americans Immortal Suffering . Watch out for that , as Insatanity definitely has tons of potential . House Recommendations : meant for fans of brutal death metal Rating : 7/10 - Shackled 1

"Insatanity Divine Decomposition"

(7 out of 10)
This up-and-coming Philadelphia band pounds out fairly standard death metal in the sick and guttural style of bands like Internal Bleeding and Suffocation. At their best, they do it in a massively weighty way, melding together some very evil-sounding riffs, raspy shrieks, super-deep growling, and tempos all over the map. The band sounds especially heavy plowing through some crushing grooves at mid and slower speeds - and they're not shy about playing fast, either (though I think they sound a bit less distinctive when they're just blasting away). "Transfiguration", "The Blood is the Life", and the title track all showcase a finely honed death metal outfit executing some compelling material with conviction and skill. The production on this CD is a bit rough, though, but it doesn't really take much away from the music. Does this release measure up to the creative intensity and technical bombast of a band like Kataklysm or Cannibal Corpse? No. But it's solid, real heavy stuff nonetheless. - Chronicles of Chaos / Henry Akeley

"Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloria Demo (self released)"

Truly a relic from a bygone era – I believe Insatanity still exists today, but regrettably without the iconic Reverend Mark Rochar on vocals or longtime lead guitarist Jay Lipitz, the 2 members who bravely soldiered on through the late nineties and kept Insatanity guttural, catchy, and evil through many trials and tribulations. Last time I saw them live was probably around 1998. They were selling tie-dye Insatanity shirts and had an IMac as a drummer, but still put on a crushing set with no bass and Evan from Morbid Entrée providing 2nd guitar support.

This thick, yet surprisingly clear-sounding demo shifts gears periodically between concrete NY stomps and dark, regal leads. The (human) drums are tight and keep things rolling fairly seamlessly between all this action, delivering plenty of classic early 90s style syncopated jackhammer blasts. The two key elements that make this, and any of the old Insatanity recordings, stand out are the bottomless-sounding guttural vocal parts and the way they seamlessly blend blackened Death Metal with addictively catchy breaks and headbanging thrashouts. A band with its own identity who touched on ideas that were, at the time, unique to very different regions like Florida, NY, and Finland. - No Clean Singing / William Smith



1993  Insatanity                                          

1994  Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam        

1995  Unholiness Rising

2018  Upon the Ivory Throne                         


1996  Divine Decomposition                 

1997  Vengeance from Beyond the Grave

2005  The Black Stone.                         

2010  The Day God Died.                         

TBD   Upon the Ivory Throne.           




Insatanity is a cult Blackened Death Metal band originally Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now based in Tampa, Florida, the band's uncompromising style helped to define the American Northeast's uniquely brutal death template, alongside the likes of Vital Remains, Suffocation, and Immolation

Formed in 1992, The band immediately began writing material for their self-titled debut demo. This brutal four-song offering was released in February of 1993, and it established Insatanity as one of the most intense metal bands in the Philadelphia area. They followed up with two more demos, "Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam" in 1994 and "Unholiness Rising" in 1995, before unleashing their debut album, "Divine Decomposition", in 1995 on Unisound International Records out of Greece.


Insatanity parted ways with Unisound Records shortly after the release of "Divine Decomposition" and subsequently began writing new material and playing shows, building a large following of supporters. In July of 1997, the band re-entered the studio to record their next offering, "Vengeance From Beyond The Grave", a Split EP with New York based band Immortal Suffering. The split was a very anticipated release in the underground metal scene, selling well and receiving much critical acclaim.


After several years of regional touring, Insatanity entered the studio once again at the beginning of 2005 and recorded a four song EP entitled "The Black Stone". This release was long overdue and got much praise from the metal media and fans alike. The band then headed out on a solo US tour that September where they were well received. After returning from tour, Insatanity again entered the studio to recorded their EP, "The Day God Died".


In 2014, Insatanity was offered the opportunity to go to Europe with Bloodsoaked for the "Consuming Europe" tour. This was the band's first time in Europe and they were well received. Upon returning, the band left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and relocated to Tampa, Florida. Insatanity did a 3 week US tour with Brazilian band Nervochaos in 2015 and partnered with Pathologically Explicit Recordings to re-release the band's "Divine Decomposition" album with new artwork.


Insatanity played the Las Vegas Deathfest in 2017. The following year, band added Vanessa Cordoba on Guitar/Vocals and Ronnie Palmer on Drums. After solidifying the new lineup they began writing new material, planning to release a new full length album entitled "Upon the Ivory Throne" in 2019. They release the video, “Whose Hand Embalms” to promote the upcoming album.

Chris Lytle - Bass/Vocals

Vanessa Cordoba - Guitar/Vocals 

Scott Zupet - Guitar 

Ronnie Parmer - Drums

Band Members