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Isaac Aragon & The Healing

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band R&B Soul




"All That Isaac's Got"

ISAAC ARAGON'S sweet 'Love Bless America' has been one of the surprise soul hits of the year... though "surprise" is perhaps the wrong word. The tune was (indeed is) a lovely, beguiling item... A proper ear worm; once heard it stayed with you and the message in the music was on point too. So no surprise that it was a hit ... the surprise, I guess, was that it seemed to come out of nowhere and received little formal or large scale promotion... a real indie soul effort.

We learned that Isaac is a blue-eyed soul singer from Albuquerque, New Mexico and he fronts the band Isaac Aragon & The Healing and the good news is that, at last the team have just released a new single... 'All I Got'. More good news? 'All I Got' is every bit as good as 'Love Bless America'. It's built from the same ingredients.... gentle rhythms, soulful vocal, sensible lyrics, memorable melody and more of those same sweet brass fills that will remind you of mellow moment Tower of Power. 'All I Got' will charm and beguile you – just like 'Love Bless America'... watch it climb the soul charts! - SOULandJAZZandFUNK

"All You Need is Love: The Isaac Aragon Interview"

'Love Bless America' is the latest single from US blue eyed soulster ISAAC ARAGON. if you read the savvy soul media you'll know all about it; if you listen to the better soul stations, you'll have heard it.... it's been critically acclaimed and winning plenty of airplay. Surprisingly, maybe, nobody knows too much about Mr Aragon. So, to find out more we hooked up with him and he started by telling us a little something about himself....

I'm 29 years old, and I was born in a small, mountainous area in the northern part of New Mexico, USA. Most of my adult life has been spent in Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico is a crossroads for many very strong and distinct cultures and the music I was raised on was a reflection of that. I was raised with the sounds of Spanish flamenco guitar, Native American drums, Mexican mariachis, Depression era Delta Blues, Rock and Roll, and of course the music that CHOSE me...Soul Music.

Growing up, then, who were you musical heroes and influences?

First I must say that I was brought to music by my parents. They played/sang old Spanish Catholic songs at church every Sunday, and it was they who put a guitar in my hands in the first place. But I didn't quite take to it, not even a little bit...there was no purpose, no incentive. I wasn't spiritually moved by music...until I heard Bill Withers. Bill Withers changed, forever, the trajectory of my life. Simplicity. Raw, sincere human emotion. I never knew how powerful the human voice could be, and how one could say so much with so few words. My discovery of Bill led me on an inevitable journey to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Equally powerful musicians and songwriters in their respective ways. These 3 true artists taught me how to speak to the world about society, about politics...and turn it into a palatable, beautiful experience. And it has since been my goal to carry that torch (making soulful, socially conscious music), while defining a voice and sound distinctly my own. A few other notable influences of mine are Donny Hathaway, Gregory Porter, and Allen Stone.

When did you decide to make a career in music and how would you define the sound you set out to create?

To be honest, I've just now taken the leap of 2019. I studied for 8 years to be a Physiotherapist, and have been practicing as a professional for 3 years now. I've loved what I do...helping people on their road to healing. But I've come to the realization that my musical calling is essentially the same work through a different medium. My music is intended to bring physical, spiritual, and social HEALING. I've finally made the commitment to healing solely through my music. I've pursued my artistic aspirations "part time" for years now, but only in the past 2 months have I been able to do so with all my time and energy as a full time musician. The sound I've set out to create is guided by my musical intention. My songs are intended to make people feel good, but also think deeply and critically. There are plenty of protest songs, social change songs, etc...None more effective, in my opinion, than those that provoke change and action to the sound of an infectious groove or melody that makes you wanna get up and dance! Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On" is a classic example. It's candy-coated medicine.

So where did you start?

I'm primarily a self-taught musician. Once I was swept up by music, I started writing songs and performing anywhere I could. Busking, playing open mics, etc. It wasn't long before I was taking gigs as a solo performer to pay my way through college and grad school. I had some good fortune in 2015, winning the Telluride Blues Challenge at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival in Colorado. This gave me the opportunity to perform in front of quite a large crowd, and grace the same stage as many blues and soul greats. I continued working on my song writing, recording, and performing and was invited back in 2016 to perform the festival again with my band "Isaac Aragon & The Healing". I spent the next several years performing at various festivals and venues in the South-western US, and writing/recording more material. I had the opportunity to work with a phenomenal producer in the Summer of 2018, and the tune "Love Bless America" was birthed. I finally had the sound that I would be proud to introduce to the world...and I've been working Independently to market the song since. I do all my own booking, promotion, publicity, marketing, etc. I'm learning with every step, but I've been fortunate to cross paths with so many talented and gracious folks who have helped me along the way.

Now that song....LOVE BLESS AMERICA.... was it inspired by a certain politician with a day glo tan and the world's worst comb over?

Ha! Inspiration comes in many forms! I'll allow plenty of room for interpretation. All joking's no secret that America appears to be in a time of great divide. Whether a facade or a reality, it's a division we feel all too tangibly in all walks of life...even now in sporting events, such as American Football. It's frustrating and disheartening; but of course any negativity and frustration can breed inspiration and motivation for change and betterment. After much soul-searching, I had a vision of clarity. Not an answer, but perhaps at least some insight. With this song, I wanted to express the notion that our divisions aren't nearly as prominent as they can sometimes appear to be, and that just maybe we're more alike than we are different. Christian conservatives preach "God", Liberal revolutionaries preach "Love". Are those really opposing ideals? That's a question the listener has to answer themselves, but the real message in the song is that LOVE is a choice. It's not a passive blessing; it's an act...completely active. Love does not come easy. We must choose to love. Love is sacrifice, love is compromise. Only through these acts will America, and the world for that matter, see true change.

How was it produced... where was it recorded... what kind of sound were you aiming for?

The song was recorded at Eagle Wind Sound Studios in Winter Park, CO. I won a song writing competition (not with 'Love Bless America'), and was awarded some free studio time. I gathered the BEST musicians I knew, stuffed them into a car and drove up to Colorado. In the weeks leading up to the session, I searched my heart, my mind, and my soul frantically for something significant to say. When I had just about reached delirium, it all clicked and the song began to take shape. I showed the guys my rough demo recording in the car as we were about an hour out from the studio! They brainstormed some arrangements, and we began putting it together as we got to the studio. We ran through it a few times, and laid it down the next day. The song was Engineered and Produced by someone who has become a dear friend and mentor, PJ Olsson. PJ is the lead singer and producer for the Alan Parsons Project. He's such a soulful dude; all about the artist, and so good at bringing their vision to fruition. He lives at the intersection of creativity and professionalism and world class quality. To no surprise, he won his first Grammy with Alan in Production this year; we're super proud of him.

And those lovely horn parts?

They were arranged by my long-time friend and colleague, fellow New Mexican Ryan Montano. Ryan is a super talented jazz trumpeter here in NM. We've worked together on several projects, but he came into these sessions with some serious voodoo. He worked up the arrangements, which are all trumpet, and it's undeniable that those arrangements elevate the song to another level entirely. Be sure to check out Ryan's music, he's a special artist. I also had Paul Palmer III on drums, the masterful Artha Meadors on Bass guitar, Dee Brown on Keys, and Jeremy Campos on supporting electric guitar. These guys are like my family. We play together live, too, so the live shows sound just like the studio!

The record's doing well in the UK... are you surprised at that?

Completely surprised! I'm still in shock at how open and receptive UK dj's have been in even just checking out new music. I'm super appreciative that the song has found a receptive platform. The beautiful thing is...the title specifies "America"...but the concept/philosophy is applicable to any culture/society in the world. It simply addresses a dichotomy, and presents a mantra for unity...regardless of country or place.

How's it doing in the US.... are the two markets very different?

I haven't found an effective promotional strategy here in the States just yet, so the song has been limited to my fan base and community for the most part. The two markets, from my perspective, are ENTIRELY different. Our radio network is like a machine. There's a formula and a dollar amount which lead to success. Over there – the UK - the market seems to still be driven by the people. It's very grassroots. I've contacted writers and DJ's, they've really dug the song, and decided to feature it's on the UK Soul Charts. It just makes sense. I dig what you guys have created. You know and appreciate real music.

OK so what's your next move...?

I plan to continue promoting "Love Bless America" as far and wide as it will reach, beginning with other European countries. I've got plenty more music to release, and will follow up this track when the timing is right. I anticipate a full length album release later this year, or early 2020. As soon as reasonably possible, I'd love to facilitate a trip out to the UK to perform, continue to build, and meet all you cats that have been so welcoming to me and my art!

And how do you see your future long-term?

I'm living out my dream every day. My goal is just to be able to live it out on a grander (more global) scale. To tour my art and travel the world, connecting with people through music and humanity. Experience different countries and cultures, using music as a vehicle to play and sing but also listen. To teach but also learn. To forever continue making music and art, and leave a trail of peace and a legacy of LOVE everywhere I go.

How can we find out more?

Social media, of course, but my web site is - SOULandJAZZandFUNK

"God Bless America"

ISAAC ARAGON is a blue-eyed soul singer from Albuquerque, New Mexico and he fronts the band Isaac Aragon & The Healing. The team are a hard-gigging outfit and they say the highlight of their career so far was to support the wonderful Sharon Jones before she passed.

The band have just released their debut single 'Love Bless America' and it's a lovely slab of blue-eyed soul enhanced by the sweetest brass fills this side of Tower Of Power. It is rather beguiling and hypnotic and given what's happening with America right now you can't argue with the sentiment. 'What The World Needs Now Is Love'... amen. - SOULandJAZZandFUNK

"Listen Up: Isaac Aragon - "Love Bless America""

As he prepares to hit the road this month, the man and his guitar of Albuquerque, New Mexico-himself Isaac Aragon unveils his latest single, “Love Bless America”. The award-winning soulman delivers a passionate love story about the greatest country on earth.

Produced by fellow award-winning producer PJ Olsson, “Love Bless America” socially-charged therapy session discussing love, healing, and social justice. Aragon’s bold introduction to the world is one that should be felt and heard across all borders, cultures, and creeds. “Love Bless America” is available via Youngblood Productions.

After “Love Bless America”, feel free to follow the talented superstar daily via Instagram and Twitter. - Kaboom Magazine

"Get Healed with Isaac Aragon's New Single"

Singer/songwriter Isaac Aragon has two pieces of good news for music listeners: First, he is releasing his new single, “Love Bless America,” on February 19 via the familiar online outlets. Second, he has recently made the decision to flip his work schedule, going from full- to part-time at his physical therapy gig (he’s got a doctorate in that discipline) and from part- to full-time in his music career. That means you’ll be seeing the Peñasco native/Los Lunas resident playing out a much more often than in the past, and you’ll be hearing a lot of new music from him this year. If the rest is anything like “Love Bless America”—oh, baby.

Isaac Aragon and The Healing
“Love Bless America” (indie)
A review
I first heard singer/songwriter Isaac Aragon and his band, The Healing, at a Summerfest event last summer and was impressed with his soulful performance and the tight, funky backing band of Burque locals. I went home with his EP, Devil’s Garden, and though I found it somewhat unpolished, I was struck by his passion and the genuine good vibe in his music. So I decided to profile him in my column in the February issue of Albuquerque The Magazine, and we met for an interview last December. We had quite a long and friendly chat about his belief that “music is medicine” on three levels—physical, emotional/spiritual, and social—and about his musical mission: “a call for commonality, a call for understanding and tolerance and justice.”

Then, he told me he had a new single that he would release early in 2019, “Love Bless America.” He said it was on a whole different level from his EP, and boy, was he ever right. Backed by Dee Brown (organ/keys), Ryan Montaño (trumpet), Jeremy Campos (guitar), Artha Meadors (bass), and Paul Palmer (percussion), Aragon has delivered a polished, powerful, and uplifting social statement. The genre is old school soul. Aragon’s resonant vocal embraces the ears and the heart, and recalls a young Marvin Gaye (one of his musical heroes, along with Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder). The groove, as smooth as silk, drops you back into the sound of ’60s Detroit, and the horns, beautifully arranged by Montaño, evoke the spiritual balm of early ’80s recordings from Van Morrison.

Aragon’s song finds commonality in the hopes of citizens at different ends of the political and cultural spectra: There’s the woman with “Two fingers to the sky/And flowers in her hair” for whom “Love is free and love is fair,” and there’s the man with “Bible held high/Stars and stripes across his chest” for whom “God is love and God is blessed.” Coming from different places, both end up at the same crossroad: “If God is love, and love is free, then why are we in misery?” Aragon answers, “If God is love/And love is free/Then it’s up to you and me/Love bless America.”

In this doctor’s hands, music is indeed medicine, and “Love Bless America” can and should be taken multiple times a day for best results. You may find yourself turning up the volume, bathing in the healing sound, and belting out the chorus along with Aragon to maximize its therapeutic effects.

© 2019 Mel Minter - Musically Speaking

"All the Love and Joy You Need: Isaac Aragon"

Isaac Aragon was born and raised in Peñasco. He learned to play guitar in his early twenties while pursuing a career as a physical therapist in Albuquerque. His first single, “Love Bless America,” is now available.

When I developed my big band, Isaac Aragon & the Healing, I was going for feel-good soul. “Love Bless America” is meant to be a breath of fresh air during this time of political divisiveness.

I’m excited about the message I’m sending. Creating these songs doesn’t come easily to me. But when the lights go out on a stage and it’s just you up there, the people give you all the love and joy you need.

There’s such a tight community of artists and musicians in Albuquerque who are willing to lend their voices and talents to one another.

The places where I like to check out live music are Marble Brewery downtown, where cool musicians play throughout the week; Ben Michael’s, in Old Town, hosts a weekly jazz jam with world-class musicians; and Taos Mesa Brewing’s Mothership always has a good musical act. - New Mexico Magazine

"Festival Lineup: Telluride Blues and Brews Festival"

Native New Mexican Isaac Aragon is a young musician deeply rooted in the sacred tradition of blues and soul music. A strong advocate for the use of "music as medicine", he's dedicated to alleviating the aches and ailments within both the body and the soul. His authentically soulful vocals helped him to be crowned winner of the 2015 Telluride Blues Challenge.

A true soul man, Isaac's politically charged musical message promotes love, peace, and social justice. Open up your heart, free your mind...and allow The Healing to begin. - Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

"Talkin Music: Isaac Aragon"

Ali Lightfoot speaks with the winner of the 2015 Telluride Blues Challenge, Isaac Aragon. Aragon competed against five other finalists at the festival. Here, he talks about the experience of performing in front of 10 thousand people on the main stage. - KVNF

"The Hum: Taos Plaza Live Features Isaac Aragon & The Healing"

Isaac Aragon spent his early years in Peñasco and moved to Albuquerque during middle school. He recently received his doctorate degree in Denver and is working as a physical therapist in Albuquerque. But, he’s coming back to Taos County to share his love for music.

On Thursday, July 6 Isaac Aragon brings his band The Healers to Taos Plaza for part of the Taos Plaza Live summer concert series produced by the Taos County Chamber of Commerce. Aragon and The Healers play from 6 to 8 p.m. for their first show in Taos County.

Isaac Aragon and The Healers is a seven-piece band with Sean Umstead on keyboards, Marco Sandoval on drums, Jeremy Campos on lead guitar, LaTasha Johnson on background vocals, Ryan Youngblood on bass, Ryan Montano on trumpet and Isaac Aragon on guitar and vocals.

While Aragon is the front man for the band, he acknowledges each band member’s contributions.

“I tell my bandmates … this is not me telling my story. Every time you play a note you’re telling people your story, your experience and your voice.”

Aragon will be playing his original music and sharing his musical philosophy with the people of Taos for his two-hour concert. “It’s going to be a big showcase of soul music, feel good music, music that you can have fun dancing to and listening to,” said Aragon.

The name of Aragon’s band says much about his musical philosophy.

“I think there’s a lot of disharmony in this world on so many levels,” says Aragon. “You can fall out of harmony on a personal level, societal/community level, even a global level.”

“I believe music has the power to heal all things,” Aragon continues. “What we know about music is your heart rate and brain waves can actually change depending on what music you listen to.”

Aragon says he takes seriously the responsibility of playing music that is positive in nature.

“My message is a message of love, tolerance, understanding and peace,” says Aragon.

In addition, Aragon recognizes that writing songs has a self-healing power. He started writing songs about seven years ago.

“I did it for self-expression,” Aragon said. “It was therapeutic for me to get my thoughts down on paper and be able to sing them and express them in a way I couldn’t do just by talking about them.”

Musicians such as Bill Withers (“Lean on Me,” “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and “Grandma’s Hands”), Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye had a strong impact on Aragon.

“I was fascinated that they could make good sounding music, and if you looked deeper [they had] a profound message for society and the human race. I draw a lot of inspiration from that,” Aragon noted.

Describing his music as soul music, Aragon says it is music that has been historically difficult to define. Then, he proceeds to articulate what it is.

“Soul music is sincere, honest, and from the heart,” Aragon says. “A big component of it is revival - reviving old sounds that have been somewhat forgotten from Motown songs. It’s not necessarily rock, not completely blues, not entirely R&B. It’s from the heart, sincere, and kind of a meld of all those things.”

Aragon has performed at the Telluride Blues Festival, Fairport Music Festival, Newport Music Festival and has been featured on Tellurides KOTO radio and Albuquerque's KUNM college radio. He plays regularly for Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery. His EP “Devils Garden” is available for purchase on his website, - Taos News


Thank you to all the talented artists that entered this year's competition and congratulations to the winner of the 2015 Telluride Blues Challenge - Isaac Aragon! Aragon competed against five other finalists at the festival's Telluride Blues Challenge on Saturday, September 19th to win a premium Martin guitar provided by Telluride Music Company two performances at this year's and next year's Telluride Blues & Brews Festival and more! To check out photo highlights from the event, click here. - Telluride Blues & Brews Festival


All I Got (Single) - 2019

Love Bless America (Single) - 2019

Devil's Garden EP- 2016



Like sugarcane honeysuckle licorice root nourishment for the soul, Isaac Aragon is a potent soul singer and frontman for the Albuquerque-based band "The Healing".  Hell-bent on inspiring movement of the body and soul, their original music promotes love, healing and social justice through the sounds of jazz, neo-soul, r&b, rock, and blues.  Isaac has received great acclaim with his smooth, soulful vocals and prolific songwriting ability. Isaac regularly performs as a solo acoustic act, duo, trio or quartet, and with a full seven piece soul ensemble including a ripping horn section.

***Latest 2019 release "All I Got" is currently at #9 on the UK Soul Charts, and is being featured on Soul Radio across the UK, Grenada and West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. 

***Isaac's 2019 debut release, "Love Bless America", has been featured on BBC radio in the United Kingdom, and peaked at #16 on the U.K. Soul Charts closely behind new releases by Marvin Gaye and the O'Jays. 

***In 2015 Isaac Aragon was selected the winner of the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival Blues Challenge, and has carried the momentum forward by formulating a full band and elevating his sound and musical message.  Since, he has performed at the Telluride Blues Festival, Fairport Music Festival, Newport Music Festival, and top regional breweries and venues in and around the Southwest including headlining the Albuquerque Blues and Brews festival, New Mexico Hop fest, and Taos Plaza Live Concert Series.  Isaac has been featured in Albuquerque The Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, and on Telluride's KOTO radio, Albuquerque's KUNM Radio, and Humans of New Mexico documentary series.  Isaac has continued to manage and maintain a strong regional fan base, providing a consistent draw for his live performances and merchandise sales. 

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