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Manhattan, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Manhattan, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Pop Adult Contemporary




"REVIEW #21 Artist: Jackie June Album: Wildflower"

Jackie June is probably one of the most promising pop artists to come out of 2019 so far. I’d like to start out by saying it’s been quite awhile since I have heard five consecutive tracks off a pop album or EP that each have maintained lyrical and musical substance. This release brings me back to the days when Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne, and Sara Bareilles first came out, and that’s a very good thing.


So, I will happily be going over a few tracks off Wildflower, but if you are interested in reading about what I thought of “Chasing Nightmares”, definitely scroll down our review feed to find the posting for that
single’s release!


Anyway! As I stated above June’s debut breaks the mold for today’s typical pop music, well at least when referring to the brand of music that is heard on the radio lately. That said, Jackie’s first track, “Find A Way” is honestly the closest to contradicting my previous thought. While a strong track, this song plays out and feels much like a pop country song, that found its way (get it?) into a dream-pop setting. A warm love story guides the instruments through and feels very much like the perfect track to a mushy summer Netflix movie. Nothing wrong with that at all though, because Jackie’s songs impressively enough, in my opinion, carry a cinematic tonality
very well.

“Reckless” is where I start to notice mementos appearing from the pop classics of my past. Immediately, when this song begins I get a nice healthy dollop of Sixpence None the Richer style vocals accompanied by Vanessa Carlton inspired piano parts. On top of that, this song has already broken over a thousand plays on Spotify!
Off to a good start, Jackie!

Skipping “Chasing Nightmares” as I mentioned earlier, “All the Colors” and the title track, “Wildflower” close out the EP strong. These two songs are arguably her strongest to this point. Jackie’s vocals and emotion on “All the Colors” shine through and make this sad ballad emit powerful vibes of pain and hope. After that, we go into “Wildflower” which is definitely JJ’s Avril Lavigne inspired pop rock anthem, and whether it was intended or not, I hear Green Day’s “Whatshername” in there too.
Then again, I’ll find punk similarities in a tin can if you ask me to. Oh well!

Ultimately, what I like about this EP is that no song has the same beat or the same vocal pattern. I’ll say it again, substance, substance, substance. Maybe I just don’t enjoy modern pop music much (I don’t.), but I do hope Jackie June leads the charge in bringing us back to hearing pop songs that we won’t forget about after a week. You also need to check out her performance live, she delivers live vocals that match the EP and has great musicians backing her up! - Frosted Green Productions

"Review of Jackie June - Wildflower"

Sup? Is it 100 degrees in here or what?! Nope it’s just June! That’s right, the topic of today’s review: Jackie June! Our pop powerhouse friend is at it again with another release and I’m here to tell you all about it. Word up - Jackie is backie with fresh trackies and this time it’s an EP! “Wildflower” hit the social waves back in March, and it’s a refreshingly sweet silhouette of elegance and empowerment that is everything pop needs right now.

“Wildflower” delicately opens with “Find A Way;” a love song about a couple who has been through it all and is still going strong. The sweet little piano melody in the intro really brings the feeling to the forefront almost immediately. Nothing expresses the feeling of love like the high notes of a piano in my opinion, so I’m really digging it. The vocal accompanies the piano rather sweetly and once the intro passes, we start to hear some louder instruments. After riding the verse, we land in Rock Central Station to a symphony of guitars, bass, and drums. The rhythm takes full swing, and we have an easy moving, yet hard hitting pop rock number. And I love the outro as well, with the staccato string section. Super fun!

The second track, “Reckless,” is a bit on the darker side, lyric wise. A song about how our foolish desires may sometimes get in the way of what we really want/need whether it be in relationships, life experiences, etc. The verse in this one is laid back and smooth in contrast to the chorus which powerfully brings the energy up and really delivers the message. In my opinion, the most emotional part of the song is the bridge; where the chords modulate faster, paired with a dramatic vocal performance which alludes to the feeling of giving in to desire and spiraling out of control. Then there is a cool resolution in the last choruses, which feature a spunky xylophone melody that brings the song to a peaceful close. What a ride of emotions on that one. Phew!

The follow up track, “Chasing Nightmares,” is already a long time favorite of mine as you may know, and I’ve even written about it recently. Check out the Oregano review of “Chasing Nightmares” here: Chasing Nightmares Review

“All the Colors,” Jackie’s 4th song on the EP, is actually an older release that has been remastered and given new life to blend with the other songs. This can sometimes be a rather risky move for an artist, placing a re-release on a new EP, but Jackie totally nailed it! This song/revision really does fit perfectly with the other tunes. I love the smooth, mellow, piano and vocal performance throughout the song and the various use of different drums, bass, and guitars. And to top it all off, there’s a choir singing a cool “Na na na” chant in the outro. Gotta love gang vox!

The EP comes to a real kickbutt close. The title track, “Wildflower,” is the powerful ending song that really sums up the meaning of this album. The song starts rockin’ right from the getgo. Now if only we could save on insurance by streaming it... A distorted rock guitar and vocal start jammin’ from beat one, followed by a kick drum and bass just before the chorus. Now fasten your seatbelts, because the chorus takes us to Party Rock Town with energy and emotion spewing out like an open fire hydrant! The bridge is super cool too with the breakdown and reintroduction leading to the last chorus. Just a super well-written pop rock tune with all the right elements.

Overall, this album is a strong, well rounded piece of musical art. A mixture of love, fear, courage, and desire that everyone can relate to. It’s definitely a recommended listen for folks of all ages and demographics. Just be sure to wear shorts when listening, because “Wildflower” has got the heat to make June hot! - Oregano Entertainment Network

"Review of Chasing Nightmares by Jackie June"

Soft and intimate, yet powerful. This is how I would describe the music of New Jersey based singer/songwriter Jackie June. Her influences include Lady Gaga, Adele, Michelle Branch, Nick Fradiani, and her favorite group... Hanson!

Her newest single Chasing Nightmares is a perfect melding of indie and pop. June was able to fuse the two genres together and create a safe middle ground, which could potentially reach a whole array of individuals. I can definitely hear this track on both mainstream radio stations and smaller college stations. It was written with pianist Jes Hudak and produced by Jamie McClanahan from the band The Victory Drive. This beautiful song opens up with an ambient and filtered piano that draws me in and makes me feel like something big is going to happen. Around 14 seconds, June's voice comes in with a full and sweet-sounding piano. The track continues to build and add other instruments like drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and strings. The choruses explodes with vigor and empowerment, yet still maintain a beautiful sensibility. The climax happens during the final chorus and it does not disappoint. The snare drum rolls around 1:40 have a march-like quality and adds forward momentum to the second chorus. It could also signify June crushing all of her fears and inhibitions. McClanahan really nailed the vibe on this track. It goes from subtle to explosive in an instant.

The production quality is professional and all the instruments are mixed well and balanced. June's voice sits solidly in the mix, does not get overpowered by the instruments and fits the overall vibe. Some of the production tricks (like the old-school talkie and crackling effect on the opening piano) grab my attention and I feel inclined to keep listening. The interesting thing about this track is that it has multiple layers that keep unfolding as time goes on. With each listen I find myself hearing new things that I hadn't noticed before. Those are the best moments. It makes you go "wow, what was that? That was pretty cool!" I do wish that June's voice had more reverb on it for the verses, but it sounds good as it is.

I love songs with positive messages and this song has that. It moves from a dark place to a brighter atmosphere. It's uplifting and hopeful. Going from fearful to fearless. In the lyrics, June discusses the idea of overcoming your fears and she is tired of things holding her back in life. Sometimes it's best to stand up for yourself and make significant changes in your life. It might just be for the best. You never know what you can accomplish until you try. - Boomer Album Reviews

"Jackie June To Open For Tiffany In Teaneck and Release New Music Video"

(TEANECK, NJ) -- New Jersey pop songstress Jackie June will release her newest music video for her single “Wildflower” on October 16. The singer is set to perform the single on October 19 at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck as she opens for 80s pop icon Tiffany.

On the song, June shared: “Wildflowers are bright, vibrant, and grow untamed in peculiar places. They weather the worst, but remain strong and continue to flourish. ‘Wildflower’ is a pop rock celebration. It's a song about being misunderstood, but loving who you are—in all your quirks—despite that.”

June spills the angst that accompanies any journey of self-love onto the canvas of “Wildflower.” Her most bold song to date, the single proves the singer’s prowess for 90s alternative, setting her dynamic vocals atop a gut-punching rock composition. June fronts a band of New Jersey musician veterans in her video and confirms, through a spirited performance, that she has blossomed.

June recently toured the northeast alongside accompanist Kory Hilpmann on her “We Were On a Break” tour. June is currently writing new music with her sights set on touring again next year.

“Wildflower” can be found on June’s debut EP of the same name, which debuted earlier this year. - New Jersey Stage

"Interview with Jackie June"

South Amboy’s Jackie June is an alt-pop singer/songwriter who is set to release her newest music video for her single “Wildflower” later this month on YouTube. She will also be opening for ‘80s pop icon Tiffany at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ on October 19th.

We were fortunate to be able to connect with Jackie June and ask her about the inspiration behind her song, as well as her thoughts about her upcoming performance. Be sure to tune into Jackie June’s YouTube channel on October 16th when her music video for “Wildflower” goes live, and in the meantime head on over to www.jackiejunemusic.com to stay up-to-date on everything Jackie June.

What's your name, where are you from, where are you based now?
I am Jackie June and I am originally from Toms River, NJ but currently reside in South Amboy, NJ.

How would you describe your sound? Who are your musical influences?

I would say I am alt-pop, others might say singer/songwriter. I definitely have a pop vibe but with more moody, emotional lyrics, haha. My musical influences tend to come from the late ‘90s/early 2000s — Singer/Songwriters like Michelle Branch and Hanson. I am also influenced by more current artists like Lady Gaga, Marianas Trench, Pink, etc.

Congratulations on the release of your new music video for “Wildflower.” What's the inspiration behind the song? Which came first for you, the melody or the lyrics?

Thank you! I am super excited about this one. "Wildflower" is the title track off my debut EP. It's definitely my most fun, upbeat song to date. It's celebratory. I wanted to write a song about being misunderstood, but I didn't want it to be sad. I wanted it to be uplifting. Wildflowers are strong, vibrant and beautiful. Maybe not the most traditional flower or even the most perfect, but they grow wild and free in the strangest of places. Personally, I can relate to wildflowers and I think others can, too. For this song, the concept came first. I knew what I wanted to write about and had a few melody ideas and a few lyric ideas. I brought these ideas to Jes Hudak, who co-wrote the song with me, and she helped me make it the song that it is now! I am really proud of this one and it wouldn't be the song it is without her.

Tell us about the music video-making experience. What filmmaker did you work with, and where can we see more of their work? Who's featured in the video? Where was it filmed?

Oh man, it's SO much fun but also incredibly exhausting. Haha! I worked with Anthony Corvyx of Vyxen Visions. He is a brilliant artist, videographer, and director. You guys really need to check out his stuff. Joey Dean assisted with the video as well. He is also an insanely talented artist. Definitely check out his band called Pros & iCons! As far as the band in the video, we have Jon Loree on Drums, Chris Dubrow on Bass, Tre Davis on Keys, and Dominic Zamora on Guitar. We filmed the video at Fenix Studios in Staten Island, NY. They had the perfect big white room!

You also have a show coming up in Teaneck where you'll be opening for Tiffany. Very cool! What has your journey been so far that's led you up to this point?

Yes, I am opening for Tiffany at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck on October 19th. This is probably my biggest gig to date, and I am so excited about the opportunity! I even found my Tiffany vinyl record from the late 80s!! This music journey has been a whirlwind. I released my first single in August 2018 and since then have been gigging a lot, did a small tour around the northeast, filmed 2 music videos, and release my debut EP. I spent a long time fighting this passion for music and I guess I am making up for lost time, haha. I just feel really lucky to be doing any of this. It's really a dream come true.

Do you have any words of advice for people who share a similar passion or have maybe faced similar obstacles/challenges?

Do it. Don't spend your life wondering "what if.” I have found the more I challenge myself and do things I am scared of, the more awesome things happen. It's worth the risk.

Finally, what are some ways that fans can connect with you online? (Website? Facebook? Spotify? Etc.?)

My website is www.jackiejunemusic.com. I am on Facebook and Instagram — JackieJuneMusicNJ. My EP is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. I also have a YouTube channel! - Jersey Indie

"North Jersey Notes: Jackie June"

I’m sure by now, the secret is out that I work at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City as my day job. Through my job, I’ve met some very interesting people in the past year, including this week’s featured artist, Jackie June. You never really know someone… until they Facebook friend you! Jackie is one of our media buyers and I had no idea she could sing until I happened to look at my very own concert calendar this week and saw that she was performing at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck on May 1. I immediately sent Jackie a text and asked her if she was the same person performing at Debonair, and she responded, “That’s me!” I needed to know more!

“Find the courage to speak your truth” is the motto of New Jersey singer/songwriter Jackie June, who channels this guiding principle into her 2019 debut EP, Wildflower, featuring the songs “Find A Way,” “Reckless,” “Chasing Nightmares,” “All the Colors,” and the title track. Jackie says that “truth” has remained a challenging force for her as she’s had to spend life suppressing her undying passion for music. Jackie told me that she only started pursuing a career in music within the past year, or so. Yet, she sounds like a seasoned musician. Jackie, now secure in her footing and firm in her voice, shares her story of apprehension with the world, instructing those both young and old that it’s never too late to leap forward into your “truth.” Finally harnessing her voice and speaking as the narrator of her own story, Jackie accesses the most authentic version of herself.​ Her music incorporates eclectic influences, ranging from Michelle Branch, who she sounds a lot like, as well as Lady Gaga, Adele, and Nick Fradiani. Jackie’s biggest musical inspiration, Hanson, speaks to her gift of seeing the value within. The brothers, who brought us “MMMBop,” have made a successful indie career as serious songwriters. Jackie’s own lyrics come from personal experiences. Her debut single, “All the Colors,” motivates listeners to push through their struggles and live their “truth.” Jackie’s latest single, “Chasing Nightmares” was written with Jes Hudak and produced by Jamie McClanahan of Audio Faktory, and it takes a witty, upbeat approach to empowerment that will have you dancing away your fears.

Jackie June recently released her debut EP Wildflower, where she explores a deeper vulnerability and finally takes off her mask and finds beauty in the broken. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Jackie’s vocal ability on this EP. I know her on a professional level, but who knew she can sing like this? It’s funny that she compares herself to Michelle Branch in her bio because that’s exactly who she reminds me of when I hear her voice. Wildflower is just an amazing rookie effort for this singer/songwriter. Local musicians should take notes on how to write a song from Jackie June. Catch her live at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck! Or, learn more about her at JackieJuneMusic.com, or check her out on Spotify! She’s definitely worth the listen. - The Aquarian


Find the courage to speak your truth.

New Jersey singer-songwriter Jackie June channels this guiding principle into her 2019 EP ‘Wildflower’. Truth has remained a challenging force for the indie-pop songstress, having spent life suppressing her undying passion for music. Now secure in her footing and firm in her voice, she shares her story of apprehension with the world while instructing those both young and old that it’s never too late to leap forward into your truth. Finally harnessing her voice and speaking as the narrator of her own story, she accesses the most authentic version of herself.

Q: What is the origin story of Jackie June? How did you come to be a singer-songwriter?

A: I’ve always loved singing. I think I came out of the womb singing songs. However, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I made an attempt at writing my own songs. I had taken a break for a while and wanted to get back into singing so I started voice lessons with the amazing singer-songwriter, Jes Hudak. She is the one who inspired me to start writing and now I’ve written most of my songs with her!

Q: You recently released your debut single “Chasing Nightmares”. How exciting is that?

A: Oh my gosh, it’s incredible. I really loved the song and hoped others would too! I even just released a music video for it. How crazy is that? Sometimes I need to pinch myself.

Q: What is the story behind the single? What was your inspiration?

A: The song is actually about self-sabotage. I spent a lot of my life dealing with that. Not allowing myself to chase my dreams even though I knew there was a chance they were accessible. I was always afraid of failure. The song is about how I refuse to do that to myself anymore and I hope it inspires others to be less afraid and to actually chase their dreams.

Q: Do you have any favorite lyrics from “Chasing Nightmares”?

A: I think it’s the chorus. “I’m chasing all my nightmares, cuz my daydreams haunt me. I see them standing right there. Come on try to find me.” Almost like I’m enticing my dreams to keep coming at me. That even though I fight them off because of fear, I still want them to keep trying. There’s still that gleam of hope inside me that things are possible.

Q: The debut single is only the beginning because you are releasing your EP ‘Wildflower’ soon. What can you tell me about it? Where will it be available for purchase?

A: Yes! I am so excited! It will be a 5 song EP. It is available for pre-order now across all streaming platforms and will be released on 3/8. I will also have it available on CD for purchase!

Q: What was your writing process for the EP? Was it different than writing you have done in the past?

A: I wrote all 5 songs with Jes Hudak. The process was pretty similar for most of the songs. I generally come up with some sort of melody in my head and then match it to a concept of what I want the song to be about. I write lyrics to it or even lyrics that may not go with the melody, but fit the concept, and then bring it to Jes. She is amazing at helping me build out the concepts, add to the lyrics and melody, and create amazing chord progressions and music to connect the dots. She is really incredible.

Q: If you had to choose, what is your favorite song from the EP?

A: This is such a difficult question to answer! Each one of the 5 songs is deeply personal to me. I write about feelings and/or experiences that I’ve had. I tell stories about real life. So it’s like being asked to pick your favorite child. I think I like the storyline of “Find a Way” the best, the driving force behind “Wildflower”, and the melody of “Chasing Nightmares” a lot. Ugh, whatever, I really can’t pick.

Q: Do you have any upcoming shows you can tell me about?

A: Yes, so many!

3/03 – 1 PM – Dragonfly Music & Coffee Café – Somerville, NJ

3/09 – 7 PM – Roxy & Duke’s Roadhouse – Dunellen, NJ

3/16 – 7 PM – Saige Coffee House – Jackson, NJ

3/19 – 8 PM – Van Gogh’s Ear Café – Union, NJ

3/20 – 7 PM – Northern Lights Espresso Bar – Scranton, PA

3/21 – 8 PM – Starry Nites Café – Rochester, NY

3/22 – 10 PM – House show at SUNY Potsdam – Potsdam, NY

3/23 – 7 PM – Cafeteria Coffee House – New Paltz, NY

3/24 – 1 PM – J. Rene Coffee Roasters – West Hartford, CT

3/30 – 8 PM – The Pharmacy – Philadelphia, PA

4/07 – 1 PM – EP Release Party at General Store – Lavallette, NJ

4/13 – 7:30 PM – Map Room at the Bowery Electric – New York, NY

4/23 – 7 PM – Café Artiste at the Jersey Shore Arts Center – Ocean Grove, NJ

5/01 – 7 PM – Debonair Music Hall – Teaneck, NJ

6/21 – 9 PM – The Asbury – Asbury Park, NJ

Q: How would you describe your local music scene in New Jersey? What is your favorite thing about it?

A: It’s actually an incredibly welcoming community. I’ve met so many wonderful, talented musicians and it’s incredible how supportive we are of each other. We tell each other about events, attend each other’s shows, play music or sing for each other, and even collaborate in writing. It’s just a great scene and I’m proud to have joined and become a part of it!

Q: What do you hope listeners gain from your music?

A: I hope they can enjoy the melodies and have fun with the songs but that they can also connect to the lyrics. I am still on a journey, as we all are, but if my experiences or words can connect to someone and maybe make them feel less alone, then I know I’ve done something right. I know that’s what music does for me. It helps me feel connected. - Frame the Stage


Wildflower EP
Find A Way
Chasing Nightmares
All the Colors

On the Move - Single



Find the courage to speak your truth.​

New Jersey singer-songwriter Jackie June channels this guiding principle into her 2019 debut EP Wildflower. Truth has remained a challenging force for the songstress, having spent most of her life suppressing her undying passion for music.

Now, secure in her footing and firm in her voice, June shares her story of apprehension with the world, instructing those both young and old that it's never too late to leap forward into your truth. Finally harnessing her voice and speaking as the narrator of her own story, June accesses the most authentic version of herself.​

Wildflower finds kinship with the sonically delicate and lyrically poignant pop discographies of artists from Michelle Branch and Rachel Platten to Lady Gaga and Adele. And, more personally, June's infectious refrains and whimsical instrumentation harken back to the 90s airwaves that inspired her youth. ​

Having already shared her message of self-love and self-actualization in her singles "Wildflower" and "Chasing Nightmares," June explores a deeper vulnerability in Wildflower, finally taking off her mask and finding beauty in the broken.

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