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Rochester, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Rochester, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Pop




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Album -
▶️ 2018: Criminal Minds

Single -

▶️2018: Get down
▶️2018: Got that bag
▶️2017: We ready
▶️2016: Criminal Motivation
▶️2015: Silence
▶️2014: 056
▶️2010: Been on my mind

Mixtapes -

▶️2018: Project of a mad man

▶️2017: Criminal Intentions

▶️2016: Criminal Motivation

▶️2015: Street Money Vol. 1

▶️2012: The Lost Tapes

Featured -
◾Jinx ◾Tru gunna ◾Trigga ◾Ygz Shane ◾King ◾ Montana (B.S.G) ◾Truth ◾Bendo ◾Dolce ◾Swavvy City da Gawd◾Turbo da loecc◾Slap ◾Swagga ◾Lokie ◾Golden child ◾Smiley ◾Mystic

Certificate -
Poectic poems to county jail inmates for the New York State Litature (NYSL) upon granted certificate.



Born in the 90's, Joshua Burris also known as the solo hip-hop music artist "Jaebur" was born and raised in the city's southside of Rochester, New York. Before his name was "Jaebur" it was "J-Flow". The name "Jaebur" is based off his government first and last name, which is the first letter of his real name (J), and first 3 letters of his last name(Bur). Upon a discovery of a gift of rhyming and poetry that was kept with him in elementary since age 9, Jaebur added that creative talent to his lifestyle at age 13. By that age Jaebur began to make his own music from the equipment his mother gave him which was, and still his number one supporter. Jaebur learned how to make beats, got lyrical, learned alot about the studio programs and quality presets, he also developed his own rhythm of style in recording his vocals better by age 18. By 2010 Jaebur dugg further into his music to make it a career and became an official independent hip-hop music artist. By doing that, Jaebur put alot of footwork effort finding clubs, local venues, open mic sessions, and radio play to perform his music on. Jaebur has performed his music all over the city Rochester such as Clarrisa st. Jazz bar, club pazzos, club elite, the bar and grill, and many more throughout the city. In 2010 Jaebur released an unpublished song he was featured in with the producer named "Mystic" and a songwriter named "Truth" called "Been on my mind". The "Been on my mind" single was submitted to the WDKX Radio Station and stayed on there website for at least 3 years. Jaebur's first music performance was actually at a local recreational center called "Edgerton" on backus street in Rochester's northwest side of the city. Jaebur's performance at Edgerton was a tribute to a "STOP THE VIOLENCE DVD" promo to get kids and young teens involved. In 2013, Jaebur had wriiten and performed a poetry script called "The city inside me" to local incarcerated inmates for the New York State Literature (NYSL) program. Later in the same year Jaebur started putting alot of focus on making underground mixtapes non-profitable. On April 29th, 2014 Jaebur released "Street Money Vol. 1" mixtape on datpiff.com also known as "The Mixtape Authority" website. In 2014 Jaebur began an entertainment with friends called "Team Nostra" doing video production for a couple of singles from Street money vol. 1 mixtape then further became big in Youtube subscribers for uploading his works. Alhough the video productions and studio recordings all cost, Jaebur became partners with people of his projects and paid out royalties for there works on any projects he planned to make with them. Their were no sales from "Street money vol. 1" mixtape, all were non-profit. By 2015 Jaebur picked up a job as a dishwasher to pay off the expenses of his new project and wealthyness of his well being. His first new music project in 2016 was released on October 25th called "Criminal Motivation". Criminal Motivation is the first mixtape in the "Criminal Saga Series" which has w number of mixtapes about a good and bad aspects in appreciating life more, knowing laws, being protected, safe, and remaining calm in tough situations. "Criminal Motivation" was one of Jaebur's best high in viewing mixtape for 2016, it is really cache and easy to remember. In June 20th, 2016 Jaebur released the first song on the Criminal Motivation mixtape called "Criminal motivation" which was released before the actual mixtape dropped in October. The criminal motivation song music video was released the same day as the song in June 20th, 2016. The music video "Criminal motivation" song hit nearly 2,000 views in one week and is still counting. The plannings and recordings for the "Criminal Motivation" mixtape project took a month in a half with self promo and good ratings. After the "Criminal Motivation" mixtape Jaebur got compensated for his works of music. In 2017 Jaebur released an EP from the Criminal Saga Series called "Criminal Intentions". In January 2018 "Criminal Intentions" became a full mixtape when more songs were added to the EP. The next mixtape coming up in Criminal Saga Series will be "Criminal Minds" this is a mixtape/album that has been released in March, 13, 2018.

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