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Junction City, Kansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Junction City, Kansas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop





y Mizz gives hip hop a deep cleaning with the stories he tells and the messages he shares through his music. He recently committed a homicide over Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” instrumental with his outstanding lyrics. On this track he decided open up about his life while continuing to give us dope punchlines. Jay Mizz vocabulary, ideas, and sound definitely seperates him from a lot of the artist coming up today. I love the fact that he allows his inner light to shine through. Jay Mizz doesn’t have an image to uphold for the public. He is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need other people’s validation nor recognition. The rhymes he creates comes straight from his soul and is based on a true story. Jay Mizz doesn’t have to try hard to impress anybody. His music will automatically touch anybody because you can learn something just from listening to it. I find Jay Mizz to be a very inspiring artist, who will influence the youth coming up today to want to rap later on in life. He is definitely ahead of his time and I highly recommend everyone to support this rising star. - JGLENN


From the Mid-West comes the artist Jay Mizz who is here with his newly released project "Beats I Always Wanted" featuring some classic beats like LL Cool J's old school track "Doin' It" where he rhymes some pretty dope lyrics over the classic beat showing where he comes from. The second track is over the beat from Slim Thugg And Paul Wall, this one titled "Still Killin Freestyle" which he remixes nicely. The Midwest rap renegade managed to amalgamate the skills of classic Hip-Hop with the bouncy, club oriented music of today while maintaining his integrity and realness. The established rapper is a much talented and versatile artist rarely seen in today’s urban music landscape as Jay Mizz writes, rhymes, and produces his own music to make sure it fits his high musical standards. - Poetic Killa

"Jay Mizz: We’ll Figure It Out Mixtape Review"

Jay Mizz is an hip hop artist who has a incredible sound, flow, and great lyrical content to share with the people. He was born and raised in Junction City Kansas where he discovered at a young age, that being a music artist was for him. His style, songs, and creativity definitely sets him apart from most of the artist coming up today. I feel he stands out from the crowd because his music is not high bass. The instrumentals he chose to rap over, is what I feel made it easy for him to create classic hits on his new mixtape “We Figured It Out” that he dropped today. In these days and times a lot of people like to spit bars over trap and pop beats, which doesn’t give the people the opportunity to really enjoy the lyrics. Most people only listen to music that they can dance to and this is one of the reason I feel the game has been destroyed.

In this mixtape Jay Mizz formed a balance where he spoke about his harsh realities and the fun he has as his hard work pays off in a big way. I honestly enjoyed every song off the mixtape and feel like this could of been an album. In his music he expressed that he was a King on the come up grinding hard for success. Everyday he wonders what the other side would be like, so he puts on for his city knowing that the system was set up for them to fail. Although its said that most people end up working for someone, going to jail, or dead at an early age, he believes that everything that he envisions will come to light. While his moms battles with two diseases, he is grinding hard to get her a condo and make her proud. The true hustlers relate and respect him for taking a stand to become something greater. He was never the type to be materialistic although he dreams about purchases some of the hottest cars, get some grills, wearing the best gear, and having a mansion. Everyday he ask himself will he go to hell for buying these things, considering people have this illusion that if you get rich you sell your soul to the devil. In his mind there is nothing wrong with getting what you deserve, so he refuses to stop until his money is long.

Jay Mizz knows he can bring a change to the game because these rappers aren’t saying anything that is going to uplift the youth. People want the life so they are inconsistent and only a few make it which he finds to be sad. While he works hard each day to make sure he makes it out the hood, he builds a relationship with his dad for the time lost. He wants his fans to know that it’s okay to forgive, and let go because everybody deserve a chance to evolve as a person. His goal is to be one of the greatest leaders that people can be inspired by for all the right reasons. I highly recommend that you visit the links below to connect with him and download his new mixtape. There was not one whack song on it people!!! - JGLENN


Kansas MC ​Jay Mizz returns with his “We’ll Figure It Out” project hosted by Nipsey Hussle’s DJ, DJVIP. “We’ll Figure It Out” is a concept album that intentionally switches flow, song style, content​, and production style​ as the mixtape progresses. “There is literally something for every type of Hip Hop fan on this project,” Jay Mizz explains. The lead single from the project, We On Feat. Chinski (Prod By Taylor King)​, is proving to be a fan favorite (over 9K streams on SOUNDCLOUD alone) which you can hear here! - Jake Crates

"Jay Mizz We’re On Single Review"

We’re On is a Jay Mizz track that builds off of the work of artists like Killer Mike and Jay-Z to create something that works perfectly with the past and present of rap music. It is the ability to link together so many different styles and approaches that allows Jay Mizz the ability to make this a hit. There is a great use of the beat during We’re On, meaning that there are points at which the music swells and Jay Mizz’s vocals settle into the background. This ensures that the track is able to have a much larger and fuller sound than what is typically released today. Jay Mizz is able to take the entirety of this track on his shoulders because of these switches and diverse interactions that are heard here.

I am personally excited to hear exactly what will be coming down the pipeline in the next few years with Jay Mizz, as this single is something that could easily make its way onto rap and pop rotation. Make it a point to visit Jay Mizz’s social networking websites for the latest in information about the performers, samples of “We’re On” and other releases, and the latest news coming from his neck of the woods. Here’s to hoping that he will be able to release a full length album in the next few months, as the momentum that he has created with this single is perhaps the highest of any that we at NeuFutur have heard so far this year. This track is definitely recommended for any fans of E-40, Chamillionaire, or of the Houston, Los Angeles, or New York rap scenes of the nineties and 2000s.
Rating: 9.0/10 - James McQuiston



Although his rap moniker may not quite be a household name yet, make no mistake because Junction City, KS resident emcee, Jay Mizz, is definitely no stranger to Hip-Hop.

The established rapper is a much talented and versatile artist rarely seen in todays urban music landscape as Jay Mizz writes, rhymes, and produces his own music to make sure it fits his high musical standards.

The Midwest rap renegade managed to amalgamate the skills of classic Hip-Hop with the bouncy, club oriented music of today while maintaining his integrity and realness. His subject matter does cover the harsh realities, but he goes out of his way to let his fans know that these things are to be avoided and not glorified. Jay Mizz accepts social responsibility and wishes to push the envelope when it comes to subject matter in Hip-Hop.

Having already released countless and buzzing original singles and freestyles online, Jay Mizz became a much sought after emcee throughout the years, especially in the Kansas underground Hip-Hop circuit. Jay Mizz has been featured on many prestigious and popular Hip-Hop websites including WorldStarHipHop.com, HipHopSince1987.com, AllHipHop.com and HipHopWeekly.com

Jay Mizz has built a loyal local following, which can be attributed to his positive yet gully take on the everyday experiences he shares with his listeners. And outside his region, Jay Mizz fan base is growing rapidly one state at a time. He already performed as the opener for Hip-Hop heavyweight Juvenile and Young Dolph.

Jay Mizz is ready to crank up the commercial side of the rap game now. His buzz is growing, the anticipation is thrilling and the momentum is rising. We invite you to stand up and witness something truly magnificent! Stay tuned for more exciting news from this dynamic and charming Hip-Hop artist. 

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