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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Music Angel
Director Jay Burna
Label Black Congress Music Group - MTV

"Jay Burna Paradise"

Coming off the release of his debut EP “Fear Is A Lie”, South Florida native Jay Burna puts visuals to his fan-chosen single, “Paradise”. Shot throughout the Miami and Broward area, Jay enlists director Nakia Dixon to capture the essence that is his hometown. Joined by hook master, Chorde, the stand out track is given new life and really captures the sound the creole produced song embodies as a whole. - Allhiphop

"Jay Burna - Respect Mag"

South Florida rhymer Jay Burna returns with another set of visuals as he continues to ride the wave coming off his album, “Fear Is A Lie.” In his newest offering “You Know,” Burna brings back director Nakia Dixon, setting the scenery and context for this ode to that special someone, with a beautiful female lead playing the role of Jay’s love interest, “You Know” sonically touches on deep thought and emotion and confirms that when you know, you just know. - Respect Mag


Unsigned Hype Jay Burna

" Im the heart of the city" quotes the 19 year old rapper. Hailing from the streets of Inglewood, California ,Jude Jay Burna Francois calls himself "The Beast," who's hungry for the music industry. Spending majority of his time in the studio, Jay Burna refers to the booth as his confession room and his audience , his priest, " my music is a journey through my life, where i cater to every soul, not just the hood.. Jay Burna uses his expressive lyrics to clearly paint the vivid pictures of his troubled childhood and overcoming, the deaths of his best friend and grandmother. With almost nothing or no one else to turn too, he began to pursue his rap career. His music defines him; bold, genuine, and talented, his music and vocals none like others, Jay Burna, calls his music, "music that makes sense"."People say I'm weird, I say they're to use to normal". His diversity in flows also allows him to bless us with club bangers and love songs for the ladies, his aggressiveness, passion, and energy are reasons why he would be a great aspect to any label. Burna has lived up to his name as the Broward County Beast, murdering, performances, freestlyes, and tracks! His mixtape "Im A Beast" is only a preview of great music to come. Dont be fooled by Burna's signature (Im Gone), because he presence will be felt for a long time. Now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, his new home, Jay Burna has great plans for his city, "I'm ready to put Lauderdale on the map!!!"

Jay Burna
Location: Florida (Broward County)

Contact: myspace.com/burnathebeast , www.jburna.com , rapmonsta@gmail.com or jayburnamp3@gmail.com

Urbansteez.com Interview with Jay Burna
Urbansteez.com: Tell us your name, where you are from and or what area do you represent?

Burna: Well my name is Jay Burna Some call me the beast and I was born in inglewood in la, California but I got raised in broward county , florida well I'm holding it down for the whole broward ..But Lauderdale is my home

Urbansteez.com: I see...How did you come up with your name?

Burna: My name came out of no where. I wanted something that was hot something fire something that described me. So jay burna was perfect.

Urbansteez.com: Good stuff!! How long have you been pursuing a career in the music industry?

Burna: I've been pursuing my career for three years now

Urbansteez.com: What were you into before pursuing a career in music?

Burna: I was always in to music.. This is my life Urbansteez.com: As an artist how would you describe your sound and why? Burna: My sound is outer space meaning nasa neil armstrong on the microphone. You know something different actual good music .

Urbansteez.com: If you had your pick which label to be signed to, which label would it be and why?

Burna: WOW so many to pick.. But I would love to sign to Roc Nation. But Def Jam was always my aim. Def jam is just that place

Urbansteez.com: Who in your future would you want to collaborate with and why?

Burna: Since i was younger i always wanted to work with timbo..But as for artist Jay-z would be my pick. That a be great feeling to drop something with a person i looked up to.

Urbansteez.com: What are you working on now, and when can we expect to hear more of you?

Burna: Currently im working on multiple mixtapes ..You can hear from me now lol I got a mixtape titled I'm a beast on datpiff.com and my album enemy of the state is on amazon.com, itunes & rhapsody.com. Please support the independent hustle. But i'll be dropping a new mixtape every two months until I get signed. So you'll be hearing from me a lot and soon.

Urbansteez.com: Yea, people support the independent artist, its SO MUCH hot music out there we never get to hear !! What do you think is about the hip hop game today?

Burna: Hip hop is the not the same of course. Its on a different level. I feel like there are like only a hand full of signed rappers making good music. Other than the downloaders. I love hip hop, its apart of me. It's like a religion

Urbansteez.com: That's Wassup!! What will you do with your first royalty check?

Burna: probably invest in something to further my progress.

Urbansteez.com: When you make it big, what car will you first purchase?

Burna: Black on black MAYBACH Gotta get it !

Urbansteez.com: Cant never go wrong with the Maybach...Who would you say is your celebrity crush and why?

Burna: Kyla Pratt. I would love to be with her one on one

Urbansteez.com: Yea buddy!! How can fans and future business heads contact you in the future (myspace, email, PO box, etc.)??

Burna: Well u can contact me at myspace.com/burnathebeast , www.jburna.com , rapmonsta@gmail.com or jayburnamp3@gmail.com

Urbansteez.com : ANY SHOT OUTS???




Straight out of Inglewood, California, 19 year old Jay Burna Francois is keen to prove that there is some young intellect and talent present in the states. Soulja hasn't killed all hope with his plastic plans. Jay Burna calls the booth his confession room and his audience as his priest “music that makes sense”.
Burna has worked hard building his rep as the Broward County Beast, eating up performances, gnashing through freestyles, and never biting on his tracks! Nino caught up with the man himself as he took a break from the usual track snacking in his new home of Lauderdale. Amidst praise from all angles, and an admittingly sceptic stereotype of young American MCs, Burna has proved to us that he is gonna sink his carnivores in conscious hip hop, no matter the stereotypes.

Nino: Give us a brief intro – from the moment you first picked up a mike until this very moment...

Jay Burna: WOW! Um... The first time I picked up a mike was the day I fell in love with hip hop. I was about 12, 13 and I was listening to the radio. I was so in love with the music. I figured I could do it too. My mind was full of thoughts that I could write down so I dropped a song over a computer mike at my neighbours house and from there I became record-a-holic. As time went by I suffered pain from losing a close friend which caused me to write deeper lyrics. Get more in depth. He always told me “make your listeners feel like they’re with you”.

Nino: So what makes you different from the herd of wannabee gangster rappers being pumped out of the states at the moment?

Jay Burna: WHOA! Man I do me. I’m not scared to experiment with my music. Most rappers are scared to come out of that ‘I sell this I pop that’ box. My music is universal like my life. We go through more than just that in the hood.

Nino: Can you name three landmark hip hop albums every head should own?

Jay Burna: American Gangster, College Dropout, Enemy Of The State. Go get my album on iTunes, Amazon or Rhapsody. Support Independent Artists Please!

Nino: When Young Jeezy came over to the UK he ripped UK hip hop heads by ignorantly implying that true hip hop scenes and lifestyles cannot exist outside of the US. Is this an attitude a lot people around you have? What’s your honest take?

Jay Burna: I didn’t hear about that. Nobody around me has that attitude. Hip Hop is life. How the hell can it just be in the states when hip hop is all over the world?!

Nino: Are there any British hip hop acts you really feel?

Jay Burna: Estelle comes to mind when you say that. I’m loving her sound right now. I don’t know what you consider Amy Whinehouse but she's hot too.

Nino: What did you do to celebrate this year’s Independence Day? Is it something you take seriously?

Jay Burna: I had a show that night, so that was my focus. To be honest, America won't let Haitians over there without a hassle or let them in period. So you read between the lines... haha.

Nino: How much attention do you pay to hip hop journalism?

Jay Burna: A Whole lot. I have to stay updated.

Nino: What do you love the most about hip hop?

Jay Burna: Being a part of it. I love everything about it. From rocking the mike to sitting back listening.

Nino: Is there anything about the way hip hop is heading or the suggestions made by mainstream ideas that worries or disturbs you?

Jay Burna: Well hip hop is changing. There’s no way Soulja Boy is going to rap like Common. Hip hop changes every few years and we just have to be happy we still have some good artists left in the game. As for disturbances, I’m not feeling the way the media is making it seem that hip hop is cause of problems. When the world is full problems caused by many people who don't listen to hip hop.

Nino: Is hip hop a safe game anymore? Was it ever safe?

Jay Burna: Honestly, we both know that the game is no way near safe. Anything can happen. It was never safe. Look at TLC. So much good music with so little money coming back. Then you got labels like Cash Money who's artist never come out unless your Wayne. This game is cold. That will never change.

Nino: With artists such as 50 Cent, Kanye and Jay Z representing hip hop to the masses at the moment – do you think that the lyrical content is as timeless genius as some of the older legends such as Chuck D and KRS1 whose words were consistently original and influential?

Jay Burna: Like I stated before hip hop changes every few years. KRS1 is the truth. I love that non violence movement. But to be real with you; lyrics are dying. I can have the hardest verses on song but all fans now wanna hear is a hook. So no, I don’t think lyric content is the same.

Nino: What do you think of ringtone rappers?

Jay Burna: If the music is hot they got a easy hustle. What More can I say?

Nino: Do you ever personally buy into songs rather than artists?

Jay Burna: Artist image tell me more than the music. Unless you’re Andre 3000.

Nino: Are any recent rap Ameri - britishhiphop.co.uk





Change the Game


Mine All Mine

Real One


Fear is a Lie Release Date: April 21, 2015


I'm a Beast Release Date: May 21, 2008

Heart Of The City Released: February 18, 2009

1st Degree Burn Released: June 9, 2009

Believe in Burna Released: October 13, 2009

Since 1989 (Hosted By DJ Ill & DJ Rockstar) Released: June 15, 2010

Burna's World Released: September 11, 2010

Chosen One (w/ Urban Noize) Released: January 12, 2011

Winter's Summer Released: Dec 31, 2011

Chosen One 2 (w/ Urban Noize) Released: September 20, 2012

Winter's Summer 2 Released: January 1, 2013

Downtown (Hosted By DJ Cos The Kid) Released: September 26, 2014



  • Music artist Jay Burna rose to fame largely due to versatile flows and creative ambitions.  Part writer, composer, and director, the South Florida rapper spends the majority of his time in the studio. “My music is a journey through life” says Jay Burna.  The talented rapper founded and operates Black Congress Music Group, the independent label behind his records.
  •  Jay Burna has worked with artists such as Grammy winning producers Bigg D and Lambo of 12th & Collins, Jerry Wonda , RCA recording artist Kid Ink, R&B singer Sammie, Atlantic recording artist CurrenSy and more. Jay Burna – “Ready” has been featured on MTV, VH1, and more. Jay Burna’s hot new single “Mood” premiered on the front page of Vibe Magazine. Since then Jay Burna – “Mood” has charted as high as #119 on urban radio and the #19 indie song in the world – and still climbing! This marks a strong finish to an already stellar 2015 for Jay Burna which included being voted one of hip hop’s rising indie stars.

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