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Tempe, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Tempe, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Tucson Folk Festival Update"

Of course, with 130 acts, there were plenty of outstanding shows to see, and I would be remiss if I did not tell you of the superb job my friends “JC & Laney” did on the stage at La Cocina – Old Town Artisans. That’s my favorite of the festival venues. Even though they can sit well over 100 people, it still feels intimate and the audience is close to the stage. JC Scott & Laney Greynolds were joined by their producer Steve Wood on piano and it really “filled out” their sound. Not that they needed it. Their vocal harmonies blend like golden honey. And JC’s songwriting is excellent (“Every time I feel my heart on fire, You’re at the end of the flame”). Good stuff. Please check out their website at http://www.jcandlaney.com. - Darrell Elmer Rodgers' Weblog


The Xtreme Bean offers many pleasant surprises, but earlier tonight was the topper for me thus far, by far. My intention had been to stop in just long enough to grab a decaf, but when I heard these two people I changed my order on the spot to an espresso. I knew I’d be there listening to them for a long while, and now I’m here at home writing about them for a little while longer, still listening to them on their latest CD, Heartbreak & Paradise.

During a break Laney Greynolds (pronounced like Reynolds plus a G) told me that she and JC Scott have only been performing together for a couple of years, but I told her they sound like they’ve been together for a lot longer than that. JC said I should hear them in a more acoustically friendly venue, and I certainly plan to do that, but they could make a wrecking yard sound like a backup band. Their individual voices are very good, but in harmony they’re… well, heartbreaking, and as for paradise, we Zensters don’t necessarily believe in that. But we don’t necessarily rule it out either, and JC & Laney have now become part of the reason I personally don’t.

JC invited me to give them a call anytime, and I’ll probably do that tomorrow (actually, later today). I have many questions to ask them, and will no doubt be updating this post after the interview. - The Garden of Ezen


The more I listen the more I like it. Great Album. Great words, music & Harmony. Best new music I have heard in a long time. - Dave LBGP - cdbaby

""This is the best local songwriting duo we have ever heard!!!""

"This is the best local songwriting duo we have ever heard!!! Don't miss this one!" Live Music Phoenix - Live Music Phoenix

"JC & Laney"

JC and Laney have been in the local music scene for some time — mostly apart. JC caught up with Laney through the musical grapevine relatively recently and the duo hit it off instantly. It wouldn’t be tough to guess that if you sat in for a performance (like, say, the one here): Their harmonies are reminiscent of classic Fleetwood Mac or Simon & Garfunkel, beautiful and masterfully done, while JC’s guitar-work provides the perfect accompaniment. - SPM Acoustic - Arizona State University

"Check out the latest SPM Acoustics"

A local duo reminiscent of classic Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel: - spm@statepressmag

""A one of a kind entertainment experience...""

The JC & Laney project has been characterize as a "one of a kind entertainment experience.... some have described as a cross between a rock and a rose. - a fan


Serendipity released 3/26/10
Will Ceases Never Wonder released 1/29/11
Heartbreak and Paradise released 3/11/2012
Out of the Dust released Oct 11 2012
Heart of Steel released May 4, 2013

Members of the International Folk Alliance

JC & Laney are represented by WCL Music for college and university bookings through NACA.

NACA # 132197



JC & LANEY is a premier ACOUSTIC ROCK SINGER/SONGWRITER DUO from Arizona. Sometimes performing with accompanying musicians and always dazzlingly entertaining, they appeal to a wide range of audiences. Appearing at festivals, colleges, state fairs, and theaters since 2010, they powerfully deliver their own Roots/Americana songs with emotionally charged, subtle, direct or tongue in cheek lyrics, and unique, immediately recognizable & memorable vocals.

JC SCOTT since 1990 as a solo artist, has written & released five CDs and played with musicians from Arlo Guthrie & Lindsey Buckingham to Kenny Loggins.
LANEY GREYNOLDS former high energy lead singer for Saddletramp, has excited audiences with one of a kind vocal performances since 1995.
After a chance meeting in October of 2009, JC & Laney knew they were born to sing together. By combining their talents with legendary producer, Steve Wood, they have created 4 studio albums and 1 live CD in 3 1/2 years that show the depth their abilities and a world class appeal: SERENDIPITY(2010), WILL CEASES NEVER WONDER (2011), and HEARTBREAK & PARADISE (2012),
OUT OF THE DUST (2012) recorded live @ Higley Center for the Performing Arts on August 11, 2012 featuring Heather “Lil Mama“ Hardy (AZ Blues Hall of Fame 2000 Inductee) on violin. This CD reveals the truth of their live performance … you will know why they surely captivate the house.
Their newest release May 4, 2013, HEART OF STEEL is available now with free shipping at their website... www.jcandlaney.com.

Recent Accolades:
Named opening act for John Michael Montgomery
2nd Place Winner 2013 Tucson Folk Festival
Top 10 in the 2012 Tucson Folk Festival
2nd Place Winner 2011 Tucson Folk Festival
2010 song New Dawn Comin’ chosen as Top 5 ‘CD Baby International Folk Song’