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Jenn DeSantis

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Singer/Songwriter Jenn DeSantis is Moving Us With Her Latest Hit “Every Part of Me”"

Singer/songwriter, pianist and producer, Jenn DeSantis, is back with her heartfelt new song, “Every Part of Me”. Jenn’s vocal stylings have been influenced by such icons as; Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, Melissa Etherbridge, Fiona Apple, and other vocalists/musicians. Jenn began playing piano by ear at the age of two. She imitated her brother without yet realizing her own talent. Jenn continues to draw inspiration from church choirs and to rocking out to her father’s Classic Rock collection. More recently, Jenn DeSantis released her debut EP titled, 'Chromatic Heart'. This song contains delicate themes of romance, intimacy, strong emotions, and vulnerability.

Her hit, “Every Part of Me” captures themes of longing for a deeper connection with someone, and doing soul searching to find it. The song begins with subtle violin strings and delicate, yet moving piano chord progressions. Jenn DeSantis portrays incredibly meaningful and heartfelt imagery with lyrics like, “I wanna be the smile when you’re jaded, I wanna be your home”. The song gradually builds to a well-rounded emotive track with a variety of supporting strings, while perfectly harmonizing with each high pitched violin note. Jenn DeSantis has created an extremely vulnerable and genuine song and is an artist to follow.

Listen to “Every Part of Me” by Jenn DeSantis here.

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If you’re a fan of English singer/songwriter Kate Bush, then you will want to rush to get Jenn DeSantis. The American pop rocker’s “I Wanna Know” serendipitously channels female empowerment and enchanting vocals. Where others may use electronica as a crutch or boost, DeSantis uses a mix of modern beats, raw talent, top-level songwriting and a hypnotic voice that makes the listener chase her echoes. “I Wanna Know” opens the door to want to further know this exciting young singer/songwriter.


Raised in Pennsylvania, DeSantis graduated from State University of New York Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) and served as president of the school’s songwriting club. With plans to move to Los Angeles to further her career, DeSantis really makes her mark with this heartfelt track. Besides growing up listening to artists like Bush (as noted above), Fiona Apple and Lady Gaga, her dad’s record collection featured Depeche Mode, YES and psychedelic rockers Tame Impala. Her influences are rooted in pop rock, classic rock and that oh-so-cool synthesizer sound. She brings these all into play in “I Wanna Know”.

When she sings, DeSantis has a way of drawing out the lyrics to make each word sound like they are poetry in motion. It’s like she’s a curling iron and gives some of the words that extra curl or spring. Sounding like snapping turtles following her every move, that fun music bed jaunts along. As happy as the song is, there’s also a sensed sadness or fear of revealing these feelings. When she sings I feel so alive with you, I feel so alive, how could I ever say goodbye, I felt as though she were saying this to a journal, not necessarily to the other person. She’s a bit modest or timid. She sings of going through the motions. When she sang that it reminded me of the days when you’re just in that fog, just living each day as if were the same as the day prior. That endless spiral. When you’re love and when you’re with the person that reciprocates that love, the colors on the leaves are brighter, the days are never the same. By the end of the song it feels like the emotion has expanded. She’s mustered the courage to tell this person aloud her feelings. The music bed is richer, loftier.

What do I think she’s communicating to her listener? I think she’s giving them herself. As much as this song is about her romantic feelings or feelings in general for this other person, she’s also putting her heart on her sleeve. For a debut single, she certainly impresses.

The world is at DeSantis’ fingertips. She’s really onto something with her songwriting and the structure will surprise many listeners. It’s not your average pop rock/contemporary track. You can tell there’s a great deal of depth to her and even a conversation would yield numerous idiosyncrasies and gems. It’s a sweet escape, a victory lap for this young visionary that has caught my attention. I’m certain she will catch yours.

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"Rock-Pop Prodigy Jenn DeSantis Helps Fan’s Son Overcome Suicidal Thoughts with Single “Don’t Give Up”"

Written as a reminder for her supporter’s son, “Don’t Give Up” gives reassurance and provides hope that things will get better. Drawing from her struggles, Jenn encourages her listeners to never give up on themselves because the pain is temporary.

To further support the cause, Jenn chose to release the single on February 25th as a nod to 2025 – the year that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention strives to decrease the rate of suicides by 20 percent.

Jenn DeSantis

Jenn began her musical journey in middle school when she sold her first album to benefit a local child advocacy center. Since then, she has opened up for Trans/LGBT icon Ryan Cassata, been nominated for “Best Vocals” by WNY Music, and collaborated on the main soundtrack for the nonprofit film Drive which premiered at the annual UK Film Festival.

Influenced by Fionna Apple, Kate Bush, and Lady Gaga, Jenn’s eclectic and unconventional music has captured the ears of thousands of listeners worldwide.

Jenn proudly wrote the lyrics, played the piano, sang, produced and arranged all the instruments for her latest single. World-renowned Denmark film composer Mark Wind said, “she has a unique blend of different genres that work so incredibly well, I could pick her out of thousands of artists. That is a powerful trait.”

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December 2019

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September 2017



Jenn DeSantis is an emerging self produced Pop singer/songwriter and keyboardist who is currently touring the country. Her effortlessly melodic style, creative lyricism, and vocal powerhouse captivates listeners and is consistently defying the boundaries of music genres. Her lyrics are all about being true to yourself, perseverance, self-love, and being vulnerable. Some of her musical inspirations are: Queen, Fletcher, ELO, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Florence. Some highlights this year include singing the National Anthem for Monster Jam, performing at Pittsburgh Pride, Chicago’s West Loop Art Fest and the upcoming Phoenix Pride. Jenn DeSantis is an emerging artist that will undeniably leave you eager to hear what she creates next.

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