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Jep Roadie

Bristol, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Bristol, Connecticut, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Source"

The multi-talented Jep Roadie drops another record, staying true and consistent to his tried and true formula that features him on the verses, the hook, and production. -


Jep Roadie is a 23 year old New England native, whose debut track “SuperHeros” has been critically acclaimed by a host of sites. The multi-talented Cape Verdean emcee brings back the lost art of emceeing–moving the crowd–on his latest track, which is a smooth, soulful record. Jep did not only the bars, but the hook as well. Peep it below. -


The latest track from Jeb Roadie, “Static in my Headfones”, has a laidback and atmospheric buzz that belies the urgency of the artist himself. Here is a young man on the move, inspired by his great grandfather, a player in the Negro Leagues. The artist says he cannot imagine what kind of abuse he would have had to put up with - and despite that, he kept playing. That inspiration is clear on this track, as he raps about identity and inner peace.

This track has a little something of a split identity. In between strong messages about religion, following in the footsteps of inspirational black leaders like Obama, and maintaining peace in the face of police brutality, it also wanders into admiration of marijuana and special brownies. Still, there is a lot here which deserves to be focused on. The Cape Verdean artist urges the listener to "be yourself, my n*gga / I think it's very cool". There is an inspirational lean to the lyrics that goes beyond the calm feel of the music, pushing you to go out and be all that you can be - maybe even the President.

23 year old Jordan Dias is the real person behind Jep Roadie, based out of Bristol, CT. He makes music to capture his feelings, and there is a certain frustration that comes through the track which just about anyone can most likely relate to. He also captures something of the zeitgeist, ending the song with the lines "They win when the streets divide / keep calm when police arrive."

There is definite potential here, and the beginning of the track may well be prophecy: "If you knew that I was here with a greater purpose / you would probably come jump up on the bandwagon."

The track, produced by Lee Mimms, will soon be accompanied by an animated music video, and Jep Roadie also plans to release a couple of new tracks over the next couple of months. -

"Outlet Mag"

Review: Jep Roadie

By Paul Simpson / November 27, 2015
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There is a risk inherent in putting it out on twitter that you are looking for music to review. You leave yourself open to bombardment of reality show wannabes that have never worked at the music they pretend to love. In the days of instant communication, of every laptop coming with recording and mixing software included (except mine as it appears to have disappeared for some reason, tech is not my friend) it is far too easy to record, auto tune and release any song you want.

However there are a few gems. Every so often you come across someone that you would never have found out about otherwise. Then all that is left is for you to find out that you are late to the party when you see the number of people who found out about them before you.

In this case Jep Roadie got in touch and made himself the highlight of what was otherwise a pretty standard Thursday night. In the past I have written a lot about how much rap, hip hop and RnB has let me down since the early 00s., becoming far too mass produced and identical to everything else that is around at the time. It is a world that has become as inexplicable as the pop world where the least talented people are often the ones that are most successful. I like to think that people buy their music in the same way that they watch reality TV shows, to make them feel good about themselves. If this person can make so much money by being average at best then I could be twice as rich.

Unfortunately that is not often the way that things work. I have never understood why, and I don’t think I’ll be able to anytime soon. It is especially impressed into my mind at the moment as I am on my third listen through Jep Roadie’s sound cloud page. This might be the first time that I have ever felt like I need to make a conscious effort to change the situation back in favour of music.

‘Static in my headphones’ was my chilled out introduction to Jep’s world. As usual it was not what I was expecting. I was fully prepared to hear a reasonably produced beat with a slightly offbeat mis matched vocal laid over the top. What I found was a professionally produced track that stands out among every other track in it’s genre as actually sounding original. The lyrics are honest and give you the sense of being heart felt.

‘Here I am’ may be the stand out track of the collection, picking up the pace slightly. The lyrics come at you with more pace but no less clarity. It is nice to hear an artist going back to an era of having lyrics that actually reflect on life, politics and a reflection of the world at large, rather than relying on well worn clichés and repetition. Honestly if I hear another person (I’m looking at you Lil Wayne) rhyme the same word at the end of consecutive line I will kick off).

I’m not going to go track by track here. That would leave you with nothing to explore for yourself. What you will not find here is any of the music TV hip pop that they play in the gym to have you run faster and distract you with women in bikinis to disguise the rampant lack of talent otherwise on display. This is music to listen through headphones to, relaxing with a drink; a smooth feel to not hide any lapses in rhythm or lack of lyrical creativity. The tracks here cry out to be listened to with your full attention, and deserve to receive it. The only downside is that there is (as yet) nothing available to purchase.

In the mean time the only alternative is to hammer the soundcloud page and pester @peacejeproadie to release more music. -

"Respect Mag"

Cape Verdean MC Jep Roadie delivers a new self-produced single with a message with “Static In My Headfones.” Taking a stand on the war between good and evil, Jep speaks on the harsh realities people, namely those with more melanin, face in today’s world. Jep believes he has the answers to help save the generation. Take a listen to the new track here and see if it sparks you to join in on the revolution. -

"BCD Wire"

This review was written in response to a submission to BDCwire’s “Review Anything August” campaign. The opinions in this review are those solely of the author and not of BDCwire as a publication. Stay tuned to BDCwire for more reviews from this feature.

I went into “Jam Jam” believing that any rapper that dare sample “Sail” could only fall short of AWOLNATION’s original poetry. Well, Jep Roadie is big on defying expectations. The track begins with a mic check followed a series of cackles—mere kindling for the hot fire to come:

“No they never gave me shit
Everyday they gave me shit
Because I was never what they wanted
Every summer I babysit.”
The track quickly changes tone. Jep Roadie starts off a delinquent babysitter, and next thing we know he’s guzzling cough syrup, buying some jeans and shirts, and watching that “pussy pop on that handstand.” What does this all even mean? Jep Roadie’s life’s unreal, and beyond that, he’s got a pretty slick flow—starting off slow but then really dripping out by the last verse. The content can be funny, but all joking aside, get this guy on the radio. He’s entertaining, insightful, and has a seemingly inexhaustible bank of thoughts and lyrics.

Because who wants a jam when you can have a “jam jam?” -


Still working on that hot first release.



Based in Bristol, Connecticut, The 24-year-old Jep Roadie is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. Which mostly includes lyric driven tracks.  His sound is all about reaching out to the audience through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and a thought-provoking lyrical flow, not unlike influential performers such as Mos Def, Emimen, The Fugees or Kendrick Lamar, just to mention but a few. Jep's music has been featured on major media, including The Source, or - Don't miss out on his recent news and his upcoming release "Among The Hidden"!

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