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Joyce From The Future

Billings, Montana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Billings, Montana, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
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"Joyce From the Future - Pop - Billings, MT"

Joyce From the Future - Pop - Billings, MT
by Jordan Finn
One part chilling and equal parts chill, Joyce From the Future makes electro-pop just as cool as it is hot and heavy. Their eponymous EP, Joyce From the Future, fuses a pastiche of house, funk, soul, psychedelia, and (of course) pop to create a sound you might expect from Brooklyn or LA, but not the sugar beet smells of Billings, Montana.

Each of Joyce’s four synth-heavy tracks carves out its own moody personality with sleek production and precise musicianship. It’s also due in no small part to vocalist Lyric Horton’s velvety delivery and straight-forward lyricism that lands without a whiff of pop’s occasional melodrama. Joining her on production duty is writing partner Alex Campbell, letting his audio wizardry reign mighty and contributing on a number of instruments. Konnor Stiles provides keys and tasty saxophone while Josh Reedy performs with metronomic precision on the drums. The result is a cohesive record that consistently shifts styles between tracks and incorporates as many instruments and textures as possible without overwhelming the listener. One track might slink hypnotically along with a sinister bass groove and a throbbing wall of synth, while another foregrounds arpeggiated guitar, sunny vocal stylings, and pulsing keys that make the whole package infectious.

Like the best types of records, Joyce has that lived-in feeling that makes a first listen seem familiar. A casual listener can have a surface-level experience with the hallmarks of pop’s immediate catchiness, but a close listen is rewarded with nuggets of nuance that scintillate like a collectable in the corner of your eye. Opener “The Sound of Being Alive” establishes jaunty vocals and a hermetically tight bass performance that keeps the song locked-in from start to finish. Oh yeah - and there’s a sick sax solo. If “The Sound of Being Alive” is a California night-drive, the spry “Interior Design” is a speedier mix with an elevated tempo and psychier ambience that feels like you’re watching someone have a bad trip in a club. Next, “I Want 2 Be Wrong” showcases the band’s ability to synthesize two conflicting moods without losing any of the pleasurable melodies. Here, anxiety feels damn sexy and the track oscillates between a breezy (albeit disquiet) acoustic guitar verse and a downright sleazy chorus that sashays between eardrums. The final track, “Stranger,” harkens back to 80s synth-pop, an intimidating and bassy synth competes with a playful guitar lick that worms its way in your brain with each repeating chorus. As light as the EP starts it ends with surprising weight.

It’s easy to appreciate a group like Joyce From the Future for a lot of reasons - but what stands out is their ability to jam-pack such an assortment of sounds into such a neat little package. No instrument sounds the same track to track and no mood feels duplicated. Rather, they find enough sonic space to fit contrasting tones and shifts in atmosphere while staying confidently buoyant. Joyce’s ability to dovetail dark but brief chord changes into waves of melody separates the group from some of indie-pop’s more anodyne brethren. To hear vibrant sounds like this from a state known for its fly-fishing and cattle runs is a most welcome breath of fresh air. In an era of bands embracing electronica and pop acts veering towards sensitive subtlety, Joyce From the Future is killing it. - Waste Division

"Joyce from the Future, Joyce from the Future [EP]"

Joyce from the Future, Joyce from the Future [EP]
Screw COVID, I just caught boogie fever. Joyce from the Future sings angelically over slap bass techno funk. Instrumentals vary throughout the EP from full bass to stripped guitar. Big band influences are sprinkled throughout the album: a Steve Miller cherry on top. Lyrics are personal and relatable to the listener talking about relationships insecurity and love. When you put them in conjunction with the smackin’ bass? Golden. - KBGA Radio - Missoula, MT

"Meet the Band: Joyce From The Future"

Meet the Band: Joyce From The Future
September 16, 2021

article & photos by arianna skoog

The year was 2020. A long year, filled with all sorts of shenanigans and hard things, void of social gatherings and the magical experience of being serenaded and entertained by talented artists.

For me, April of 2021 was the birth of a new season of live music. Excited, to say the least, I made my way to my first (social-distanced) show at the Pub Station to watch Gilda House play her album release. This is where I first saw Joyce From The Future, the opening band. I was immediately immersed in their music with the accompaniment of my tool of expression, my camera. A mixture of vintage and modern sounds (mostly pop, disco, and R&B), Joyce From The Future was an excellent start to a fun evening.

Alex and Lyric met in high school through their shared love of music, playing for the Pops concert at Senior High. They made their way to the U of M to try out the whole college thing and quickly discovered it wasn’t for them. They decided to put their time and resources into making music and started making beats, which they’ve since used in some of their music for Joyce. They moved back to Billings, and in December 2018, Joyce From The Future emerged. - Simply Billings


Stranger - Single Out Dec 2021
Joyce From The Future - EP 2020
Sound of Being Alive - Single 2020



Joyce From The Future is a pop-influenced band based out of Billings, MT. Comprised of vocalist/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist : Lyric Horton; muliti-intrumentalist/producer/songwriter : Alex Campbell; saxophone/keys: Konnor Stiles; Drums : Josh Reedy

JFTF's story began in 2018 in a college dorm at the University of Montana when Alex Campbell and Lyric Horton decided they wanted to be in a band. Having no idea what they wanted their sound to be, they started producing beats on a gaming laptop in a practice room in the music hall. A semester later, Alex and Lyric decided to pursue the band full time. After months of learning equipment and getting a feel for their sound, they fleshed out their first song: The Sound of Being Alive. The rest of the EP followed, with a few song cuts along the way. Alex then joined Billings band Arterial Drive and met Konnor and Josh. JFTF released their debut self-titled EP in October 2020.

Photos by Ariana Skoog - Skoog Photography