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Glendale, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Glendale, Arizona, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Jazz Adult Contemporary




""Christmas is For Grownups Too" Review"

I am glad to know that Christmas Is For Grownups Too. I never claimed to have grown up, just out, as in a larger belly, once I got into my mid forties. That is nothing a few crunches and some vigorous treadmill workouts on regular basis cannot make disappear, but then there is the holidays…

It is the beginning of October and we already have a Christmas CD to check out. Is this a little too early…I mean Halloween is not even here yet. Well, I just listened to the kind of holiday music that is fun to listen to all year round so it does not matter that Christmas is three months away. This CD well certainly gets you in the spirit regardless of the date you happen to be listening to it.

Juan Oskar has 24 musical treats for you to delight in this year on his Christmas Is For Grownups Too CD. Oskar takes his trusty Yamaha Motif ES6 Keyboard, his trumpet, a few very well done vocal parts from some talented female vocalists, and turns it into one big festival of the holidays for a worldwide audience to enjoy.

So again, here I am looking at another CD that has a lion’s share of processed music through a keyboard. The doubt creeps in, you start questioning the talent of the artist, and then something magical happens and suddenly all of that trepidation disappears and you are really enjoying what you are hearing, what do you know? This has been happening to me more often, especially this year for some reason. So many crafty artists are coming up with these well put together CDs by using one incredible keyboard like the ES6, taking some real instruments, played very well by the way, then adding a variety of vocals. Surprisingly, time after time, this offers any listener seeking something different with a unique blend of sounds and genres all wrapped tightly with a bright red bow ready for Christmas an option that was rarely available before. This year around the holidays, you have to look no further than Mr. Oskar. Ok, you have your Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, and The Carpenters CDs, all wonderful holiday music, but then you have something like this that is totally out the ordinary, something you would actually like to listen to anytime.

Oskar plays jazz with a Latin influence, has some vocals in Spanish, rocks out, throws in some Ventures licks here and there, and comes up with something I have never heard before. He does this consistently in all 24 tracks, now that is a lot of music, a double LP back in the day you know (for those of you that can remember or discovered vinyl recently). My favorite track on the entire album is “Fur Elise,” I felt it was one of the more exceptional offerings on the CD while “Decking The Halls in 1966” is like a Ventures greatest hits of the 60s sampled and sandwiched in between the traditional “Deck The Halls.” That track really got my attention and made me realize that the CD was coming to end very soon. I knew that what I was hearing has to be one of the most entertaining and different holiday CDs in many years.

One can no longer underestimate the talents of individuals that can manipulate a keyboard to sound like an entire ensemble; it takes ingenuity and creativity to record a CD like this. Viva! Juan Osakar and Feliz Navidad to all.

- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"Christmas is for Grownups Too"

Gotta say I agree with the album title. Juan Oskar puts together twenty-four great Christmas songs along with a bevy of other classical and standards including “Ode to Joy”, “Fur Elise”, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, and many others. All are recorded with his MIDI-sounding easy listening keyboard (it’s a Yahama Motif ES6 keyboard) and electronic rock sound. The musicianship is stellar and will certainly find its way into my CD player around the holidays. The tracks with the vocals are recorded nicely and boast great harmonies.

- J-Sin - Smother.Net by: J. Sin

"TAXI has feedback on "Viejito 2053""

You have some really strong instrumentation here with some funky drums and keys. The horns are extremely strong and definitely carry the track.

This type of track reminds me of something that the group Us3 would have put out. A little more on the funk side of things then hip hop, but could crossover nicely. I like the breakdown that you use to flip the beat up for a few bars. The scratches come across clean and are effective as well.

I really enjoyed what you have here. Instrumental albums seem to be a new thing in the hip hop industry and this could definitely work.

Not much that I could really say that I think improve the track.

The horns are outstanding.

Thanks again, and keep on making this good music. - TAXI...Independent A & R Company

"Sound the Sirens.com"

2001: Trumpeter Juan Oskar’s Baile Buffet is a scintillating compilation of mambo, salsa, jazz and Latin music. It seems to be rooted more in tradition rather than the bastardized Ricky Martin Latin pop that has definitely left a sour taste in mainstream music. This record is for those who enjoy salsa, Latin ... and for those wish to seduce that beautiful Spanish girl who lives down your street, it probably won’t work but at least you tried to seduce her with Juan Oskar and not Menudo.
- by: Billy Maulana

"LA Ritmo.com"

Juan's use of synth and real instruments is quite a contrast in itself, never mind being very out of the norm of most Latin jazz I've heard. Is this jazz? It's a collection of 13 cruise ship classics with 2 Christmas bonus tracks, adding up to 44 minutes that is designed to get you dancing.

While I'm not a fan of music that relies this heavily on keys for beat and purpose, I can see though how this release would stir up some excitement and a theme of love coursing through the veins of those under starry skies.

'Viviendo Con Rosamaria' is especially fulsome in its lite and sprightly keyboard rhythm dancing from ear to ear while Juan's trumpet spits out the lead with repetitious flourish.

If you're looking to get away from instrumentals, Ana Blendu's bilingual attack on negative vibes grabs all couples by the holding hands and seems to march them down the aisle with slow passion. Some wonderful stuff here, minus the short synth break.

If you're seeking some Latin with a little electronic bite to it, with some stereophonic intrigue, this should be your baby. - by: Ben Ohmart


Juan Oskar is a horn player. A fantastic horn player. ¡Baile Buffet! is a 15 track Spanish/Latin/Tejano influenced collection. Think Mexicana. Think sultry. Think fiesta and warm tropical breezes.

At the time of this review, there are "300 mobile/club DJs using it and about 40 indie/college radio stations playing it."

Every track on this C.D. is hot. Steamy. "Viviendo Con Rosamaria" stands out as possibly my favorite. The intro grabs you. I feel like dancing the bossanova or some other ballroom and partner style dance.

A musak version of "Where the Boys Are" is included. Ew, muzak. I don't like singing words in my head as an instrument plays the vocal part of a song. But I bet my mom could groove to it.

This is a sophisticated collection. The production quality is superb. This is definately going in my bedroom - if you know what I mean!

For the most part, this is an instrumental C.D. A few of the tracks have vocal parts while others are 'songs' in the traditional 'song' format.

I feel like I spent the evening partying in Merida, capital of Yucatan State, MX. And that is a good thing my friend. A very good thing.

This is a damn fine C.D.

- by: John Dante

"La Perla Cafe"

If you haven't seen or listened to Juan Oskar for a while, you may want to come by La Perla every Friday and Saturday night and listen to one of the world's most prolific trumpet players. Juan has published several music CDs and the reviews are in. Juan plays the trumpet in the style and tradition of Herb Alpert. You simply must hear him for yourself! Every night in the intimacy of our small lounge. - Entertainment press release


Juan (Jay) Oskar Maynes aka Juan Oskar

1979 45 rpm “A Kick in the Brass”
1981 45 rpm “Cowboy Strut”
1983 45 rpm “Christmas is For Grownups Too”
*note: These records received extensive air-play on Arizona radio Stations.
1986 “Laser Lips Project” (unpublished) Featuring... Drummer: Hal Blaine & Trumpeter: John Eth
1989-1990 “Groovin’ High” Cassette Album w/Jazz vocal ensemble “Mayneswing”
1998 “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” (Fifth Edition) Paul C. Krouse/Publisher
2001 CD “Baile Buffet” (www.amazon.com)
2004 CD “Jazz Pizzazz and Latino” (www.cdbaby.com) (Tower Records.com)
2004 Four Songs Published by: Transition Music
2005 CD “Christmas is For Grownups Too”
2005 Received an official "Artist Endorsement" from the Yamaha Corporation of America.
2006-2007 Cable TV: "Black Don't Crack", "Latin Lifestyles", "Renovate My Place", "Travel in Style" & "Writer's Hot List". 2007 CD "Superhero"




1979 45 rpm “A Kick in the Brass” 
1981 45 rpm “Cowboy Strut” 
1983 45 rpm “Christmas is For Grownups Too” 
*note: These records received extensive air-play on Arizona radio Stations. 
1986 “Laser Lips Project” (unpublished) Featuring... Drummer: Hal Blaine & Trumpeter: John Eth 
1989-1990 “Groovin’ High” Cassette Album w/Jazz vocal ensemble “Mayneswing” 
1998 “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” (Fifth Edition) Paul C. Krouse/Publisher 
2001 CD “Baile Buffet” (amazon.com) 
2004 CD “Jazz Pizzazz and Latino” (cdbaby.com) (amazon.com) 
2005 CD “Christmas is For Grownups Too” (cdbaby.com) (amazon.com)
2005 Received an official "Artist Endorsement" from the Yamaha Corporation of America. 
2007 CD "Superhero"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2010 CD “Stairway to Heaven”                                                                                                                  2014-15 CD "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
2017 -CD "Archives"

Much of Juan Oskar’s music is Published by: Transition Music & heard on Cable TV shows: "Black Don't Crack", "Latin Lifestyles", "Renovate My Place", "Travel in Style", "Writer's Hot List", “Pets TV”, “Who Wants to Date a Comedian”  “Young Icons”, “My Destination TV”, “Career Day”, “Every Woman”, & others.         

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