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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

San Francisco, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
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Song Review: “Purge” by Killerteddybear ft. TJ Ellis

San Fransisco based rapper Killerteddybear has released the song “Purge.” It is a hip hop/rap song and collaboration with fellow rapper TJ Eliis. In addition to the song, Killerteddybearhas released a music video for “Purge.” Both the song and the music video help tell a story of a society where all crime is temporarily legal.

The music video begins with a group of people simply hanging out on a couch and watching television when an ‘Emergency Broadcast System’ interrupts the regularly scheduled programming. This ‘Emergency Broadcast System’ consists of a robotic voice announcing that the United States federal government has ordered a 12 hour continuous purge from 7 pm to 7 am. In it, the narrator makes clear that murder is legal. This sets the stage for the song “Purge” itself and its powerful message.

“Purge” opens with a memorable synth melody. These synths, including the drum beat, are put on a loop for the entire song. This allows listeners to be accustomed to the beat early on, and for Killerteddybear and TJ Ellis to have something consistent to rap over. It also allows for listeners to keep their main focus on the lyrics and their message, all while keeping the beat in mind as well. While the beat alone does not make the song what it is, it is a perfect complement to the melody of the lyrics.

The lyrics are the most remarkable part of “Purge,” and are the reason why Killerteddybear and TJ Ellis could create such a high concept music video. Early on in the song, Killerteddybearraps “people robbing and stealing” and “a lot of blood is spilling,” perfectly summing up the negative effects of a purge. Most hauntingly, it remarks on how some people would follow through with a murder if murdering was indeed considered legal by the United States federal government. Additionally, it is a commentary on the murdering that goes on in the country as it is, despite being a highly illegal act. It is worth noting that in the music video, the robbers and murderers are all wearing disguises. This means that while committing such heinous acts are legal in that 12 hour period, these people still do not want their identities to be known. This could be because of a combination of knowing it is morally wrong or simply the fear of retaliation against them. Killerteddybear goes on to rap that “everywhere I look people are acting like villains,” which once again is an accurate depiction of a purge. However, perhaps the most notable lyric is when Killerteddybear suggests fighting back with peace. He raps “My Bible’s in my next hand because it too is a weapon.” He suggests his Bible is a weapon not because it kills people, but perhaps because it could help people who participate in the purge see the light of day.

The music video to “Purge” by Killereddybear and TJ Ellis can be found on YouTube ( “Purge” can be streamed on Soundcloud ( - Street Wave media


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My name is Joshua Offenberg. I'm from Oakland, California, and I and sign my work under the artist name Killerteddybear.

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to LA which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art to express myself. I specialize in Logic Pro x and I focus on Tragic Comedy. I also enjoy working with Waves for mixing and mastering.

My art style is Pop Punk/Meme Rap. I am motivated by modern society issues to make music. I have been creating art for six years. My favorite artist is Emeniem and I find his work to be genius! I connect with the art community online. My work has been presented on Soundcloud and other platforms.

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