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Buffalo, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Buffalo, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"King Midas – “Swerve”"

Buffalo, NY native King Midas makes his EarlyBBQ debut with the release of his latest single “Swerve,“ off the upcoming ep executively produced by Kid Ocean. Midas is putting buffalo on the map with this and other singles “Waves,“ & “Walk To The Bank” Loot Ocean EP Out 4/16/17. Stream “Swerve” and leave your comments below - Early BBQ

"King Midas: “Get Loot” sounds street-wise and pimped-out!"

King Midas Is An Artist Originating Out Of Buffalo,NY. King Is A founding father of Creative Enterprises LLC, Creative Entertainment, and Loot Boy Entertainment, with many other ventures not mentioned. King Midas formerly known as King Unicorn is back with a smashing new track titled “Get Loot” which is the second song released from the upcoming project “Midas Touch”.

I’ve followed King Midas since he was Unicorn and he has managed to dig out a firm base in the underground, with very solid follow up releases. This time he not only has a much grounded idea of Hip Hop production, he does it so outside of the box so as not to be able to escape the signature.

I remember how King 2.0 was so raw and unapologetic and yet intelligent and catchy. These exact thoughts came to mind when I first heard “Get Loot”. King Midas takes no prisoners on this one. Backed by a slow-burning, minimal yet hard hitting beat, the King delivers his slow-paced, but high energy rhymes with an intoxicating tenacity that is becoming his key calling card.

“Get Loot” is filled with the unvarnished truths, straight from the mind of the hyper-literate King Midas. The track plays out like a pimp handling his business and deals with everything from money, honeys to hangers-on while staying above the drama and displaying the ever evolving talent that is King Midas. Any rap lover can appreciate his consistency, fluidity, and his style on this track.

King Midas sounds cool and street-wise, pimped-out and not to be trifled with. From a production standpoint, this track is an interesting concept because it fuses a laidback sound with the hard edge of gangster rap, and that job could not be given to a more appropriate dude than King Midas. His low-key, smooth voice gives him the edge that differentiates this track from the other ones out there.

No doubt, this highly talented artist is obviously beginning to cook up another masterpiece with upcoming release of “Midas Touch”. - Jamsphere

"King Midas: “Take A Trip” – you never know what the next bar holds!"

King Midas is an artist originating out of Buffalo, NY. King is a founding father of Creative Enterprises LLC, Creative Entertainment, and Loot Boy Entertainment, and many other ventures under his belt. King Midas was also formerly known as King Unicorn. Last time around we caught King on “Get Loot” which was a song released from the project “Midas Touch”. Now he is back with his new track, “Take A Trip”, which is banging from beginning to end.

The most refreshing thing about King Midas is how little baggage he has. When you listen to a King Midas track you aren’t looking for hidden innuendo alluding to beef, or some drama involving getting shot, or shooting someone else, or time in jail, or any of the other garbage that rappers use to build hype and persona. When you listen to a King Midas track, you’re listening to pure, unadulterated rap and you never know what the next bar holds.

Before discussing the lyrical content, the beat and musical aspect must be addressed. King Midas’ production choices usually represent beats that are leagues above the everyday mainstream stuff. On “Take A Trip”, which the production minimal and bouncy, leaving King Midas to work the beat over with his flow.

And King Midas spits fire. He doesn’t try to show off the lyrical complexity of say, Nas, or the mesmerizing metaphors found on a Jay-Z set; neither does he endlessly search to make any two words rhyme like Eminem. He keeps it straight and simple, while his simple bars hit you right in the chest.

From the jump, the production, the flow and the overall vibe all throughout this track makes the statement loud and clear that King Midas can get down to making real hip-hop music whenever he wants to. - Jam sphere Magazine

"New York Emcee, @KingMidasYCM, releases the NEW visuals to “Let’s Get It” which is directed by Austin Martinelli."

King Midas is an independent musician located in Buffalo, NY. The multi-talented artist released his debut mixtape “King“, receiving over 10,000 views on a multitude of websites. But he hasn’t stop there, Midas is gearing up for a strong 2016, starting with the release of “Midas Touch” on his birthday, February, 7th. Keep an eye out on King Midas, watch his video below. - Neffworking

"King Midas releases go get it video"

Buffalo rapper and Loot Boys member King Midas brings vibrant charisma to his latest track “Go Get It,” featuring Mo Lotto and White Boy. The trio of MCs unleash fiery verses over a sinister instrumental from producer TWOCOLD that combined with an infectious hook is one of the most energetic local rap tracks in recent memory.

The accompanying clip for the track follows the crew throughout the city and is complete with kaleidoscopic effects and effectively captures the artist’s overall raucous style. Watch “Go Get It” below. - BuffaBlog

"King Midas Releases "Take A Trip" Video"

“Take a trip, make it flip.” Its not a complicated formula, but its absolutely working for Buffalo rapper and Loot Boy King Midas on his latest track “Take a Trip.” With youthful exuberance, Midas flips and whips over a playful instrumental remnant of the ringtone era of rap music. Catchiness has been the law of the land in rap, and Midas is certainly doing his part with this head-nodding chorus and digestible verses. The beach-vibe video maintains the fun summer sounds.

The track serves as the second single from Midas’ upcoming project Midas Touch, and the Loot Boys are cooking up No Free Loot for release in September. Give “Take a Trip” a watch below. - Buffablog

"King Midas YRN"

King Midas Releases Third Video "YRN" From The Album "Midas Touch" - Beat100


Midas Second Visual - Rising Hype

"Mo Lotto x King Midas x White Boy – “Go Get It” Prod by T w o C o l d"

Buffalo original, King Midas, formerly known as King Unicorn, has teamed up with Mo Lotto and White Boy on the track “Go Get It” Prod by T w o C o l d. As the title indicates, this song is not for the weak at heart and the music is unadulterated underground.

Every rapper today, screams into the mic, sonically trashes the beats up in the studio and generally tries to scare people on the street into looking the other way when they pass them, but Mo Lotto x King Midas x White Boy have a totally different, imprint-it-in-your-head rap mentality. They entice and entrap you with a smooth, but constant and mesmerizing rapping style which is supported by a minimal bass driven beat. The whole thing works perfectly.

Mo Lotto x King Midas x White Boy turbo-drive their flow until it worms its way into your head. Few groups have captured the marriage of pure old-school simplicity and new school angst that these dudes have in spades here. The flow and verbosity is dense and tight with no-one trying to outdo another, which further gels the entire project.

The beat though sparse is one of those that hit home, it goes to your head and you don’t even notice the different instruments on the first listen, just the beat as a whole, and it is a great one. The second time around, you just can’t believe how you missed picking up the fact the instruments take turns in dominantly supporting the verses, switching between keys, bass and drums.

Every time I listen to this track, it gets a little better. Every time I notice something different whether lyrically, or musically. This is the sign of an interestingly good track. Non-commercial and not trying to do anything groundbreaking, T w o C o l d simply deliver a no-nonsense beat that fits Mo Lotto x King Midas x White Boy’s lyrical fist like a glove. Together the three add a really interesting and distinctive feeling to “Go Get It”.

More About: King Midas is an artist originating out of Buffalo, NY. King is a founding father of Creative Enterprises LLC, Creative Entertainment, and Loot Boy Entertainment, and many other ventures under his belt. King Midas was also formerly known as King Unicorn. - Jamsphere

"King Midas: “Let’s Get It” – designed to dazzle with acrobatic wordplay"

The first track, “Let’s Get It”, Produced by T w o c o l D, off the upcoming King Midas project, entitled “Midas Touch”, is futuristic and inventive hip-hop that can easily beat mainstream works around the place, and then ask for more. Not only are the lyrics as good as the very best but the music is minimal and dark, sublime bass-driven stuff, making the hairs prick up on your arms and neck.

If you’re tired of the hip-POP that they play on most radio stations, or if you’re tired of music with no meaning at all, listen to “Let’s Get It”. What you will find is an extremely lyrically gifted artist, laying down verse after verse of colorful rhymes. It may take you a while to absorb it all, but hey…it has substance. The music in the background may take a while to absorb as well. If you “feel” music, then this is something that you will like.

King Midas isn’t speaking gibberish either, folks; he’s spitting some personal knowledge, it’s just that he’s spitting it in a highly esoteric manner. Not everyone’s going to get the message, and I can guarantee no one will upon first listen; however, give it a few more listens, and pay attention to what King Midas has to say, and his intentions become clear. Moreover “Let’s Get It” really set new standards for hip-hop in the new era – how often have you heard a rap track recently, without one single vocal hook or some female sung lines to endear your ear?

Instead King Midas relies on the spoken word rather than hooks. His lyrics are designed to dazzle with acrobatic wordplay and a barrage of pop culture references, and he delivers it all in a dizzying fashion…without once raising his vocal tone or pace!

King Midas is an uncompromising artist. Though he has received plenty of media and fan attention, it doesn’t surprise me that he hasn’t garnered massive awareness in the casual hip-hop community. He has never made any serious attempt to market himself to a mainstream audience, preferring to offer a different aspect to the art we call hip-hop. That’s not a compliment or a fault, just a fact.

Watch out for King Midas in his performance with Kirko Bangz, set for Sunday, March 6.

ABOUT: King Midas Is An Artist Originating Out Of Buffalo, NY. King Is The Founder Of Creative Enterprises LLC, And Has Made Many Contributions To The Buffalo HipHop Scene. Midas Has Dropped 2 Projects, King, And King 2.0, With Midas Touch Due Out 2/7/16. - Jamsphere


Still working on that hot first release.



King Loot is an artist originating out of Buffalo, NY. Midas is the founder of Young Creative Minds Entertainment, which handles all musical and visual distribution. King has dropped multiple projects, "King and King 2.0 with a new self titled project "King Loot" due out in the spring. Check out for updates on visuals and music.

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