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Toronto, Ontario, CAN | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Toronto, Ontario, CAN
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Guitars for Girls on CP24"

KINK discussing Guitars For Girls on CP24 - CP24

"KINK discussing Fine Lines on CP24"

KINK discusses new album on CP24 Breakfast. - CP24

"Fine Lines Review"

Toronto, ON based rock duo, KINK is made up of Erica Schiopu and Dani Gagnon. The two released a new EP in August entitled “Fine Lines”.

“Fine Lines” is made up of a six tracks, including the title track, which was their first single from said EP. From the first song, “Keep Me Away” until the final song, “Souls” I was completely hooked. The duo exudes such intensity and an extremely fierce rock sound that will have any rock fans pulled in.

“In My Eyes” is the third track and I would have to say it’s my favourite on the album, although the others all follow closely behind. This one evokes a perfect mixture of the vocals and a strong beat that continues to play in my head even after the song ends.

All in all, I recommend you all go check out KINK, and keep an eye out for more from them on Canadian Beats!

Rating: 4.5/5 - Canadian Beats

"KINK show review"

This talented duo boasted fantastic harmonies and an obviously strong chemistry on stage. I don’t see too many acoustic acts at Cherry Colas and it’s great to see a more stripped down band taking stage. Their songs were heartfelt and real and their playful personalities came across strong, at one point a member quipped that because the pair were dating they were actually gayer than Tegan & Sara. I think 2015 is a bit late for a cover of “Bad Romance”, but it’s also Pride weekend so who am I to dismiss anything? Kink’s strong guitar work and intense matching harmonies are really worth a listen. - Punks Don't Think

"KINK Interview"

In just one year, Toronto’s female rock duo, Kink, have played Warped Tour and released a new album. They have recently launched a Guitars for Girls initiative which is their attempt at making rock music more accessible to women. - Canadian Beats

"KINK and Guitars For Girls"

Dixon Hall was thrilled to receive four new acoustic guitars in an exciting new initiative! Started by the ladies of KINK, a female acoustic rock duo from Toronto, contributors wanted to give girls the opportunity to express themselves through music. In partnership with Steve's Music and Schecter Guitars, the donations went directly to those who wouldn't usually have access to instruments like this. Dixon Hall is a Toronto charity organization that provides music education to underprivileged youth. Have any instruments you would like to donate? Get in touch with them at - Snap'd Magazine

"KINK Interview"

What was your first inspiration to play rock and roll yourself?
We both really had strong female idols growing up that drew us into playing rock music. People like Brody Dalle, Joan Jett and bands like Kittie and Veruca Salt influenced not only our musical style, but also who we were as kids! Seeing them being exactly who they wanted to be on stage and in music videos -- strong, wild and loud -- motivated us to pick up guitars!

We’d love to hear about the new EP. Are the songs already written? How far along is it? the process of writing/recording?

We are actually going into Coalition Studios on April 21st for a full week with our producer and drummer Jason Pierce, who currently drums for Our Lady Peace and has worked in the past with Justin Bieber and Paramore. We are hiring some great people to be on the album as well, like Jimmy Reid who has played for Matt Good. The songs are all written and ready to go. We are excited as we normally play as an acoustic duo, but the album is going to be full band.

How are you feeling about the process?

So excited! We have put our blood, sweat and tears into these songs and we are ready to hear them fully produced – and we are ready to hit the rock world hard with our creation. We feel excited about our unique sound – we’re going for an edgy “dark pop-punk” style. Something people who enjoy heavy rock will be able to enjoy, but something pop-punkers will be able to rock out to as well. - Pledgemusic

"KINK - Music Feature"

On how they met:

We met on Tinder! We are actually dating – lots of pros and cons to being in a band together, and in a relationship. Swipe Right!
On what they bring to the table and what inspires them:

We are trying to do something very different with our sound – we bring heavy rock harmonies (similar to Alice in Chains) and bring it into more accessible melodies/riffs, but still keeping true to our love of pop punk!

We both have a lot of female inspiration in music like Brody Dalle, Courtney Love, Joan Jett – they all rock so much!
On their favourite part of their job (and least favourite part):

Our favourite part is song writing – we love working on really unique dark harmonies that people won’t expect in a song! Our least favourite is getting our gear home after shows! - Archmag

"Your Next Favorite Band: KINK"

Toronto-based band KINK is made up of Erica Schiopu and Dani Gagnon, and though they haven’t been playing together for very long — less than a year, in fact — they sound as though their voices were always meant to meld. Both of them have distinct voices, but their blend is impeccable (having spent my whole life in various choirs, this is something I appreciate above most things).

Described as “grunge rock,” there is definite angst and some yelling, but that’s not to say that the musicality suffers at all. With little more to go off of than some YouTube covers, I’m still completely hooked, and I think you will be too. - GERM Magazine

"Jack Daniel's Supporting Act Winner"

KINK are the winners of the Jack Daniel's Supporting Act contest for $7000. - Jack Daniel's


Fine Lines - EP Produced by: Jason Pierce
Keep Me Away 
In My Eyes
Fine Lines 



Erica Schiopu and Dani Gagnon started rocking together in May of 2014. They each bring a different writing and singing style to the band, as well as experience within both the Toronto and Montreal music scenes. KINK played Vans Warped Tour in Toronto in 2015, began an initiative called Guitars for Girls which got featured on CP24 twice, and launched their first album, Fine Lines! 

Erica has always been heavily entrenched in music and song-writing: her bedroom in the house she grew up in, in Montreal, is covered in Nirvana records, ticket stubs and signed set-lists. Erica moved to Toronto to take the three and a half-month intensive Artist Entrepreneur Program through indie powerhouse Coalition Music, where her talents and knowledge within the music industry grew, providing a solid base for the creation of KINK. Her musical influences range from Tool and Deftones, to Lady Gaga. Her creative mindset and charismatic soul bring amazing stage presence, bound to make any show she plays memorable. Catch some of Erica's covers on her Youtube channel where her covers of The Pretty Reckless have earned her more than 30,000 views!

Dani began her musical career drumming in various musical projects while she attended Guelph University. Once she moved to Toronto, she switched to guitar and singing and focused on song-writing and recording. She currently owns Dani G Inc, a marketing firm that specializes in social media and video, which has provided power of a large online presence. Her musical influences include bands like Metric, Hole and Brand New. A natural in front of crowds, Dani brings an edge to KINK's catchy songs with a little growling on the side.

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