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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE | AFTRA

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Alternative EDM




"Canadian Guitar Players Association"

Please note that this is a review of THERMOclinE, Aaron's previous project, however it remains relevant if you read on...I have rarely heard a band this completely diverse while maintaining a specific genre.  I'll make an attempt to describe it this way...take some solid driving techno synth riffs and sit them in the background (reminiscent of The Who...but better), then fire up the Gibson with restrained power and stick some intensly powerful licks in there.  Add a professional drummer and top with great vocals and even better harmonies.  Whaddya get?  THERMOclinE!  A very addictive modern rock sound.  No depressing sounds here and no 'Death Before Mellow' attitude either. (Although, Virgin Sunrise starts out really deceptively.  I love this stuff!)<br>OK, that's my attempt at a description, now here's my point of view.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it kids...Just because you play guitar doesn't mean you don't have to sing!!!!  Kronis' backing vocals are nothing short of great!  But even better is the balance of power chords with clear, concise riffs and how he sits in behind the vocals.  Props to great engineering on all the recordings!  One thing that really struck me about his playing was the intelligent use of the Wah pedal in 'Vacant Lot'.  No mindless wiggling of the foot here, but appropriate expression, the way the pedal was meant to be used.  I'm further impressed that although I classify them as 'Modern Rock' it is my opinion that this band is actually 'ahead' of the curve.  What do I mean by that?  They seem to have broken out of the rut that guitar based rock has been in for years.  I'm talking about guitar solos kids!  Nothing too 'in your face' but great breaks.  It's all proportionate, making it highly listenable to a wide range of people.  I could go on and on about this band, but I think you should check them out for yourselves.  They have a great website and seem quite approachable.You can hear some of their stuff here but I recommend picking up their CD.With a fresh set of strings, I'm Dave AlexanderCopyright © 2001-2002 Canadian Guitar Players Association. All Rights reserved. - Dave Alexander

"Chart Attack Magazine"

Tonight, the city remembers the life of Jason Young with a tribute/benefit show for the late THERMOclinE bassist. Last October, Young died suddenly. A few months later, it was revealed to be a suicide, and tonight's six-act show at Barrymore's will raise money for the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region, a 24-hour support hotline. <br><br>THERMOclinE guitarist Aaron Kronis says that not only will it provide "closure" for the still-stunned band, but he hopes the benefit will help prevent people from choosing the road Young took.
"If it just gives them that little push to think about it, and maybe call the Distress Centre, then it'll be worth it," Kronis says.
THERMOclinE will headline the show, with Steve Clarke (ex-Lister) filling in on bass. Spankdriven (who were produced by Young) and newly formed rockers Spread will also play full sets, along with acoustic performances by Tammy Raybould, Charley Beck and Danika.
While Kronis hopes the benefit will become an annual event, he says THERMOclinE will move on this summer, searching for a record deal and possibly touring the U.S. - Jason Markusoff

"Chart Attack Magazine"

Local producer/music fixture Jay Ruston has joined the hordes of Ottawa music folks to leave the Capital for bigger, better things. Ruston was head producer and engineer at Distortion Studios, one of the city's finest recording complexes. The studio has hosted Alanis Morissette, Hennessey, Artificial Joy Club and many others. Ruston was also bassist for THERMOclinE. He's left to produce in L.A. and will continue to produce and work with THERMOclinE. <br><br>THERMOclinE has announced the long-awaited benefit concert for the Ottawa Distress Centre and the Jason Young Foundation, which was set up in memory of former THERMOclinE bassist Young, who took his life late last year. It's at Barrymore's on May 3 and wil feature performances by THERMOclinE, Spread, Spankdriven, Tammy Raybould, Charley Beck and Danika.
--Jason Markusoff - Jason Markusoff

"Chart Attack Magazine"

On the home front, THERMOclinE is launching their new line-up at Barrymore's Saturday. This will be their biggest show since the sudden and tragic death of bassist Jason Young in October. Longtime THERMOclinE producer Jay Ruston has taken over on the bass and the band has already started work on their next album. A version of "Vacant Lot" with new vocalist Steve Gardiner has already seen airplay on Ottawa radio stations.

Guitarist Aaron Kronis says it's taken a while to recover from being tough to moving on after losing Young, but the band has found a new determination. "We're going ahead 100 per cent. We've never been closer," Kronis says. "It's what he would have expected us to do."
—Jason Markusoff Jason Markusoff is a superstar in his own right. His column appears bi-weekly. - Jason Markusoff

"Chart Attack Magazine"

The Ottawa music community is mourning one of its own this week, as I regretfully announce the passing of Jason "Jay" Young, bassist for the local power-pop quartet THERMOclinE.
Young died Monday, Oct. 15 at age 30.
Since the band's inception in a few years ago, THERMOclinE has put out two albums. Negative ONE was released earlier this year.
In addition to being a talented bassist for one of Ottawa's most popular groups, Young also produced for local artists like Spankdriven.
This message from THERMOclinE is on the band's website:
"We would like to express our deepest symapthies to Jason's family and friends and to thank all of you who have called and emailed us with your condolences, overall support and understanding during this difficult time.

"Jay had a great love of music, animals and the outdoors. As his bandmates and friends we will cherish the time we spent sharing his dedication, focus and passion for the music we made together.

"It's these things that make us stronger as people and as communities. There is no question that we will be there for each other and that Jay, without realizing it, has brought us together more profoundly than we may ever have been. We owe it to Jay to recover from this and do the best work of our lives, if for no other reason than to honour his very passionate dream." - Jason Markusoff

"Ottawa Sun Newspaper"

Wednesday, May 1, 2002 Tribute honours pal's memory By STEVE MACFARLANE
Ottawa Sun THERMOclinE is about to take another step forward.
Since losing bassist Jason Young to suicide last fall, the young alt-rock group has been forging ahead slowly and coming to grips with the tragedy. As another step towards closure, the band has helped organize a benefit concert this Friday at Barrymore's, with proceeds going to the Distress Centre of Ottawa -- a non-profit organization that provides 24-hour suicide prevention counselling.
"Everyone who knew Jason just got together and said we have to do something," said THERMOclinE frontman Aaron Kronis. "For us to take a step forward, I think we need to do something here."
The bill is lined with friends of Young's, all young up-and-comers in the music industry whose lives were touched by a talented musician, producer and friend. Hosted by Mauler of Xfm, the show features sets from THERMOclinE, Spread and Spankdriven as well as acoustic performances by Nepean native Tammy Raybould, Charley Beck and Danika.
Most of these performers played and practised in the same local circles as Young, who also acted as producer for all-girl outfit Spankdriven. Vocalist Tanya Nicklaus played a big role in the organization and promotion of the show, along with Kronis.
The fundraising and awareness aspects of the show really hit home with Spread, which dealt with a similar loss when guitarist Marty Spiro's brother took his own life two years ago.
Most importantly, the music appeals to an age group that is high on the suicide stats chart, though twentysomethings have been the most difficult to reach, says the Distress Centre's Mike Kelly.
"We've always felt like we could reach more people," said Kelly, adding that aside from the financial support the centre will receive, it's the awareness and potential for new volunteers that will most benefit the cause.
"We don't reach a lot of people in their twenties." Thanks to Healey Disc Manufacturing, a CD featuring songs from all performing artists will be available at the show, with all profits going to the Distress Centre. It's another extra that will make the night a commemorative one.
"It's a night to remember Jason and celebrate his life," said Kronis. "It's not going to be a downer." - Steve Macfarlane

"Gods of Music Zine"

Reviewing THERMOclinE’s “Vacant Lot”, 2.13.02 First Impressions: Are these guys signed?? THERMOclinE hails from Ottawa Canada and their current line-up consists of Steve Gardiner on Lead Vocals, Aaron Kronis on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Jay Ruston on bass, and Andrew Lamarche on Drums. This is what today’s radio play pop-rock is all about! These gentlemen liken themselves to Stabbing Westward, Econoline Crush, STP, and Filter, but do not let this influence your decision to listen to them. I am a fan of most of the aforementioned groups, but I do not hear them in this tune. What I do hear is an original song, which if played every day at 5:PM on the radio, would generate platinum status album sales! If you are into today’s hits from such artists as Nickelback, SUM41, Train, Lit, and Third-Eye Blind, then I guarantee that you will like THERMOclinE! Vacant Lot” is a 3:29 A&R dream. This song has everything it needs to satisfy both the musician AND the average audience. It is short. It is to the point. It has absolutely no wasted space. The chorus sticks in your head, and it is FUN to sing a long with! The musicianship is tight, slightly difficult and very well produced. The dynamics rise and fall appropriately from verse to chorus. I can find very little that I would have done differently in this song. Even the guitar solo falls directly into the category of “Today.” Since the fall of the guitar solo (most commonly noted as being destroyed by Nirvana and Nevermind) guitar solos have become much shorter, less flashy, and more hooky. Aaron’s solo in “Vacant Lot” adds a hook to the music without distracting you from the song itself. It belongs here, and it would be missed if it were removed. I absolutely love the mode contrasts from the verses to the choruses as well. Especially in the middle when the crunchy guitars emphasize the eighth notes! I will be singing along with this chorus for quite some time!“I want to forget now I want to forget now It's the way you looked at me If I don't remember you Then you will remember me” I am adding this song to my station on because it is THAT good! John E. Tate IV Mind Blowing. One of the best tracks ever. Charisma:  10.00  Technical Skill:  9.00  Structure:  9.00  Interest:  9.00  Lyrics:  8.50  Performance:  9.00  Arrangement:  9.00  RecordingQuality:  9.00  Long Term Appeal:  9.00  OVERALL:  9.00   - John E. Tate IV


new album - KRONIS against the world, recorded in Los Angeles is now completely recorded. 
hear 4 songs:
watch it live:

been playing live 9pm nightly (EST)




Based in Los Angeles, CA / Toronto, CANADA |


ALT ROCK, Streamed LIVE with Live Guitars+ Live Vocals + Ableton.

KRONIS has become the final evolution of a lead singer and an extraordinary guitar player who’s into electronic sounds and manipulations of waveforms to create something new that sounds familiar.

With several albums under his belt working with countless artists and producers in studios across North America, Aaron Kronis has honed his craft to produce something ‘fun, and relevant’ including things he loves that the audiences will too.

“Guitars into cell phones while on hoverboards”.

It has been said (by KLOS) that KRONIS can balance that fine line of Rock and EDM where many others fail.  Listen to ‘I’m Not Sorry’ and hear for yourself. With EDM drops in most songs (“that’s what’s been missing all along”, says KRONIS) and not compromising on guitar sounds, technology is finally here!

Produced by Parker Ament with several incredible drummers including

·      Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley)

·      Chris Moore (RockOfAgesTour, Project Nfidelikah)

·      and Andy Sanesi (Missing Persons, Frankie Valley) for our recent live performance at Viper Room for KLOS Next2Rock search.

: I’m Not Sorry was featured 3 times on KLOS Los Angeles
who are awaiting the album release this spring.

The new album, KRONIS – Against The World

This new record wholly captures the constant stamina required to endure this music industry based on Aaron’s life in Los Angeles and the world today.

Fueled by skateboarding and the essence of Sk8 Kamp experiences at Burning Man, listen as Aaron embraces old and new with EDM technology

(See his latest cover of Martin Garrix ‘Forever’ + parts from Metallica’s ‘To Live Is To Die’ in a live show mashup format in ‘Forever is to Die’, currently featured on 


Aaron recently attended TwitchCon with Webaround Gaming and has been learning how to get his studio sound to stream properly to Twitch and other platforms including Facebook Live + Instagram Live.


With sponsors like IK Mulitmedia (iRig allows the streaming to work) and ErnieBall, things are looking promising as the KRONIS current relocation to Canada to avoid Covid-19 only helps ‘becoming big in your own backyard first’ for this Los Angeles/Toronto Based Artist. Luckily, Parker and Aaron finished recording the album at the end of February, Early March 2020, so we can produce the live show now remotely, and Aaron has been already streaming Live from Canada to get things rolling faster.






Working with on our live performances since the Viper Room, keep an eye out for 2020 live shows from KRONIS where old will definitely meet new in this Alternative Rock & EDM technological extravaganza!





Current: Ernie Ball/MusicMan, IKMultiMedia (iRig), (In-Ear Monitors), Webaround Gaming, D&AGuitarGear (Stands, etc), Antares

Previous: Line6 Mesa/Boogie ,Buffalo Jeans, Vibe, KMS Haircare, Gibson USA


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