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Shreveport, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"A Interview with the Rapper of the Season – LA Johnson"

A Interview with the Rapper of the Season – LA Johnson
March 8, 2019
LA Johnson

LA JOHNSON has created history in the music industry by releasing some excellent tracks. The music video ‘FLAVA’ is one of a kind. You will love to listen to the mesmerizing beats of this music. So, let’s check the conversation with this rockstar –

Q : According to you – what is success?

Ans : To me success is doing what you love to do and being recognized for your hard work. Success is Being loved by fans and getting compensated for your talent. The good life per say. Milk and honey or wealth and a positive outcome.

Q : Which one is your favourite genre?

Ans : My favorite genre is hip hop but I don’t limit myself to just hip hop. That’s why I started my own label 1GMUSIC GROUP meaning 1 Genre all music.

Q : If you are asked to collaborate with a renowned musician, whose name will you write down?

Ans : This would be a tough one because it’s a lot of musicians I would like to work with but I would say a Dr Dre production ft me and Kendrick Lamar.

Q : Tell us something about your latest track ‘FLAVA’?

Ans : FLAVA is a tracked produced by Yung Shun am recorded at Iconica Studios in Hollywood. It pretty much means style, class, flava. How you present yourself to the world wether it be fashion, music, or the culture.

Q : Who have been your inspirations so far?

Ans : My inspirations have been my kids and my wife. I was at a point of giving up but they kept giving me the fuel to bring this fire.

Q : What does a live performance mean to you?

Ans : Alive performance to me means getting the crowd involved. Hype. Crunk. FLAVA and a whole lot of head bobbing.

Q : Is there any upcoming project that you will love to talk about?

Ans : The album of course OVERDUE: Coming 4 Mine$ is on the way. The single FLAVA is available on all digital media platforms and Video is on YouTube.

Q : Vocalization or instrumentation – which one plays a vital role while producing music?

Ans : For me it’s the instrumentation. It can be one sound in the track that I love and I will feed off that and write off
that specific melody and that’s what I like to highlight in the mixing process.

Q : How will you love to create sensation amongst the audiences?

Ans : I’m usually a crunk hype person but when I do get the crowd I try to take them on a journey into my world when I’m on stage. You will become a fan after I’m done.

Q : If your fans ask you to recommend one of your tracks, which one will you mention?

Ans : I have a track off the album called “Find Myself” and it’s just a little insight of my struggle to success in this music game.

Q : Anything that you will like to share with your fans?

Ans : Just to be on the lookout for the album OVERDUE: Comin 4 Mine$ and stay tuned for what I have to show the world.

Q : What’s the best thing that has happened to you after you have become an artist?

Ans : The best thing that I can say that has happened to me as an artist is the love I get from fans when I perform that has never heard my music and they telling me they rocking with it. - Daily Music Roll

"Rapper LA Johnson’s Video Song ‘FLAVA’ is a Musical Blast of Contemporary Lyrics and Sound Arrangements"

Hip-hop musician LA Johnson’s new music video ‘FLAVA’ is an expanded spectrum of neo-wave musical expressions and a groovy beat adorning the entirety of the song. He is an artist of the contemporary hip-hop flairs of collective genre influences that make for some of the most captivating tracks of the modern-day cacophony of musical intensity. He cultivates the global dilemma of personal issues into a thematic depiction of a relatable music stream. A natural lyricist who pens down the justifiable declaration of art’s free speech through a limitless boundary of expressive and eloquent words of wisdom, LA Johnson is gradually reaching the pinnacle of critical and commercial success. From creating an ambient scope of groovy musical blends to lyrics that make you understand feelings and emotions from a different perspective, LA Johnson has it all up his sleeves.

LA Jonson has imbibed his unique style of prepossessing musical qualities from some of the biggest names in the spectrum of rap and hip-hop including Lil Wayne, Tupac, OutKast, Eminem, and more. This led to the creation of other amalgamated musical pomp like ‘Hold Up’ among others. With time, his sound stream is only expanding with more and more chartbusters. Idealizing the virtues of life’s undulating experiences, ‘FLAVA’ is a stunning mix of some of the most familiar emotions of our daily lives. Flowing along the gradients of southern influenced musical trajectories and more, he is just another star in the making. Go on this differential journey of an empathetic soundscape by following his work on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Myafton right away! - Music Promotions



Through what seemed to be an endless cascade of hardships, LA Johnson has come through the other side to pave the way for his long-awaited debut, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$.  Overdue is more than the name of LA Johnson’s debut, it’s a sentiment that holds so much truth. Growing up in the heart of Queensboro, Johnson found himself stuck as his mother fought hard to raise him and his four younger siblings. She did what she could but the reality of their situation started to take a toll and soon enough Johnson found himself falling prey to the streets and in the juvenile system by the time he was 13.  While most would’ve let life behind bars get to them, Johnson took it as an opportunity to hit restart. He started soul searching and soon realized his passion for rhyming. Soon though he was penning lyrics and performing at the juvenile detention center talent show in Shreveport. Those around him showed him nothing but love and in turn, encouraged him to continue once he was released. But it wasn’t easy.  With a rap sheet, Johnson struggled for a bit to find his place back amongst society but things started to change for the better in 2002. That was when he and a childhood friend connected became part of the group Boo Ridaz. They even released an album, but a myriad of issues led them to disband. They remained friends but as he moved forward with his career, Johnson had to focus on himself.  Over the next 17 years, he switched gears performing everywhere from Dallas to Detroit, he started his label 1GMusic Group and started to put the work in on his debut release, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$.  His debut was a long time coming and is the culmination of a lifetime of struggle. Songs like “Flava” and “Rollin Solo” pinpoint those hard times and put them on display for everyone to see. A vulnerable move, but one that was necessary for listeners to truly grasp the life and times of a man who’s been to the bottom numerous times and always managed to find his way back up. While some would've everything he’s been through tear them down completely, Johnson took his past and put it towards his passion for music.  Today he’s focusing on not only building his name and label but helping other artists find their voice as well. He has noticed the talent throughout Shreveport, LA and wants to tap into it before others take notice so he can then pay it forward and continue to prove   that struggles aren’t forever. They’re just moments that push you towards better tomorrows.

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