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San Antonio, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop




"A Guide to The San Antonio Music Awards Showcases"

Operating out of the West Side, LaJIT’s two color/solar releases (Blue Sun and Black Sun) maintain a low BPM, allowing LaJIT to double-time his rhymes over the top. With production weird enough for the insider game of SoundCloud rap and enough mass appeal to deliver in any context, LaJIT’s nimble verses attend the school of Kendrick Lamar, for whom LaJIT opened in SA back in 2012. - San Antonio Current

"Flow Culture: San Antonio-based rapper LaJIT shows growth on new EP"

LaJIT — Blue Sun EP

San Antonio-based rapper LaJIT just put out his new Blue Sun EP, a continuation of his Black Sun EP from last year, and the new release is a decent piece of work. On “Fear in Me,” LaJIT raps “I’ve been doing this shit since Lupe made me daydream,” acknowledging Fiasco’s contemplative lyricism as an influence. However, LaJIT turns that contemplation away from Lupe’s borderline preachy-ness and towards himself throughout his introspective verses. You can hear traces of 8 Mile era Eminem all over this EP with LaJIT’s lyrics built around his struggle against a disinterested world. His responses to that central problem range from keeping up the grind on “Look into My Eyes” to just tuning out with muscle relaxers and a beer on “Cards in Hand,” but his overarching attitude is quiet determination in his chances of success.

Aesthetically, this EP sits on the edge between menace and aggressive self-confidence. LaJIT changes up his flows to meet the needs of his verses, reflecting his struggles on “Look into My Eyes” with rapid-fire rhymes and building up his aggression until it nearly spills over at the end of “Fear in Me.” The EP’s production, provided entirely by confirmed denizen of Based World Keyboard Kid, is excellent. Trap percussion forms the background of Keyboard Kid’s beats, but their overall tonality wanders between the dark, violent tone of “Fear in Me” to the wavy, almost futuristic “That’s Life” featuring Shady Blaze.

Blue Sun is a definite step up from LaJIT’s previous EP, particularly in the professionalism of his sound thanks to the collaboration with Keyboard Kid. He has placed himself on an upwards trajectory, and I think it’s safe to say that we can look forward to more excellent work coming out of San Antonio. - Michigan Daily

"LaJIT: Black And Blue"

“I’ve been doing this shit since Lupe made me daydream.”

A youngin’ from San Antonio, Texas. A rapper trying his best to find his way in the world. A curious soul experiencing dark days and moments of clarity about looking forward. An artist writing while taking muscle relaxers and drinking beer. Welcome to the world of LaJit.

Blue Sun is the newest project from the 23-year-old Texan. This is the follow-up to last year’s EP, Black Sun, which was a much darker, more angsty project. We see a rapper blacking out and snarling through every track. While the nighttime darkness almost ran him over, the Blue Sun lifts him up. Not all the way, but enough brightness to need sunglasses again. More energy, more mysticism. How does all of this connect to hip-hop? LaJit expands the playing field by experimenting and forming a sound all his own. With the help of Based God’s producer-in-crime Keyboard Kid, who produced the whole EP, LaJit creates a wild canvas upon which he paints intertwining tales of harsh realities and nightmares. The Keyboard Kid production sounds like something MondreM.A.N smokes to before falling asleep. “CLOUD!” LaJit’s music is a world where he can relieve stress and reach closure. Some of the Black Sun anger (like on track “Should of Aborted Me” where he talks about his parents splitting up and his father doing drugs) has risen into a new color. A prime example is halfway through Blue Sun with the standout track “Waves of Despair,” which deals with LaJit understanding his purpose, moving forward despite the hardships from yesterday. “This rap game chess, so I’m goin’ all out ’til it’s check mate.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Blue Sun is happiness and hugs. Sure, LaJit has grown a great deal in between Black and Blue, but “Look Into My Eyes” is still full of building fury, lyrics dealing with suicide and heartbreak and family members being unable to reach him. The beat is insane. So spaced out and full of haunting levels of distortion and bass eruptions.

I have always been a sucker for hip-hop projects where the rapper sticks with the same producer. LaJit did it on his first tape with Nicodxmvs. The music video for “Fear In Me”, actually, was directed by Nicodxmvs. Keyboard Kid distorts and leaves the whole project feeling super based. Ocean vibes and a changing of the tide. Shady Blaze is the only featured rapper on this tape, featured on the last track “That’s Life” and the Green Ova fire spitter sounds like an older brother coaxing his family member down the right path. Maybe White Sun will see LaJit reaching enlightenment. Until then, blast the blue.

Shout-out to the homies at Steady Bloggin’ for premiering the EP and the music video. - Mishka Bloglin

"I Hate Things That Make Me Want To End Me (Trilogy)"

All three short clips now rolled into one continuous quasi-narrative. The editing is a little sloppy in parts but overall the three combined videos come together smoothly enough and manage to convey LaJIT’s anger and frustration rather well. - SteadyBloggin

"LaJIT: 'Black Sun'"

An artist from San Antonio, Texas that goes by the name of LaJIT just dropped off this 9 track EP called Black Sun.

The sound is a pure/original hunger that is noted by listeners. It’s nothing like the current sound that is going on. He made this EP to give you a sample of who he is. Check it out after the jump. - Dope Drops

"LaJIT: 'Black Sun'"

Something interesting from our inbox. LaJIT is rough around the edges but he’s got potential and some interesting ideas and he’s palpably hungry. The way he attacks some of these tracks almost stood out more than the music itself, not a bad trait for a young up and comer. It’s also notable that he’s trying to find his own sound, I get too many submissions these days that sound like half-assed 3rd rate A$AP Rocky and Drake impersonations. - SteadyBloggin

"LaJIT: 'Black Sun'"

LaJIT is John Isaac Torres, a 21-year-old SA resident who spent his high school years on fixed income living with with an alcoholic uncle after his parents divorced. In 2011, he refused Zoloft prescriptions after contemplating suicide. Expectedly, his debut EP Black Sun attempts to chronicle the pathos of family dysfunction and, in some ways, it is a wild success. Producer Nicodxmvs (pronounced "Nicodemus") paints a soundscape that is as macabre as it is anxious. Beats percolate with a palpable insanity alongside the skeletal synths and piano samples. Credit LaJIT for cherry-picking the songs from Nicodxmvs' vault and also rapping with a heart attack's seriousness. The problem is that his reflections lack impact. He thinks money is overrated and that the idea of thinking money is overrated is overrated. His pontificating leads him to lyrics like "I'm the type to question Life and if God's fake." Not startling realizations for most of us. Still, on "Strange Pleasures" he deftly equates his generation's soul-searching with numbing one's brain from too many search engine queries. The unfortunate truth about LaJIT's quest for the same is that time is often the only solution. The hope is that he doesn't cross the precipice before that happens. - SA Current


InandOut Mixtape
Black Sun EP
Blue Sun EP



Of all the various descriptors that one could apply to the music of San Antonio native LaJIT, the one that stands out above them all is, Passionate. There's passion in his song-writing, passion in his delivery and passion in his execution. Working from his home studio on the city's West Side, he's grown adept at injecting the type of energy that connects with people on personal level. On tracks like "I Hate Things, "That Make Me" & "Want To End Me," he delves deep into his personal struggles revealing a portrait of a hungry poet pushing hard to make it while dealing with the cloud of existential issues that accompany life in 21st Century America.
Striving towards a certain level of professionalism, he's applied the DIY ethic in a manner that's afforded him the opportunity to perform at various venues throughout South Texas, including an opening slot at The White Rabbit when Kendrick Lamar's Section 80 tour rolled through San Antonio. It's this state of mind that informs his creative process and the one he carries with him moving into the future.

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