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Lee West

Oakland, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Lee West, The New Bay Area Hip Hop Artist Is On The Rise"

Lee West, The New Bay Area Hip Hop Artist Is On The Rise
He is a new talent in the world of music. He nurtures talent with passion.

BriefingWire.com, 9/23/2014 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Oakland, California (September 22nd, 2014): This is the season for a new Hip Hop and Pop artist to reveal himself. Lee West, the new talent is coming up with his extensive talent in Bay area. When it comes to music and mainly Hip Hop or rock numbers, there are endless musicians and it is indeed going to be extremely challenging for this new comer to establish his identity. However, Lee West has already won a lot of hearts through his songs and now targeting Bay area to be his next destination to rock on.

As explained by the artist, “I deliver naturally, my lyrics are purely versatile and I am driven to capture attention from many more to have yet to experience my musical talents. Artist, I grew up listening to incredible music pieces. All have unique sounds and a strong following. What I admire about them all the most is their determination to succeed in what they love doing. I keep myself engaged in practice and sharpening my talent and winning more hearts is all I aim at.”

Most of Lee West’s songs are now available on the most popular audio media Sound Cloud. Those who are looking for ultimate entertainment through his songs can simply log on to Sound Cloud and enjoy the best ever Hip Hop. In addition, people can also purchase CD’s, which are available at a very reasonable price. The aspiring artist makes an urge to people to help him progress faster through some contribution. Already he has a number of shows coming up and he seems to highly exciting to give out the best.

As stated one of the listeners of Lee West, “I have tuned into many number by him and he is indeed an inborn talent. I salute him for earning so much of popularity in such a young age. I am actually waiting eagerly for his new launches.”

Lee West is an upcoming artist in areas of Bay. He specializes in Hip Hop. All his music is available on Sound Could. For more details visit http://www.leewestjr.com/ , http://www.soundcloud.com/leewestjr, http://www.reverbnation.com/leewest


Lee West


Oakland, Ca - Evan Smith

"Indie Focus"

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I was born in San Francisco, Ca December 3rd. I was raised in Oakland, Ca by my grandmother who was in a singing group back in the days and my Uncle sings as well. Music has always been in my family either you sing or rap my path became rap, singing just wasn’t for me. Once I got in the studio with my uncle and saw him go to work with writing or laying down vocals, I knew it was the place for me. In high school a few friends and I got together and started a group we weren’t the best at all but it took me time to find myself and figured I’m better off solo.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
I’m working on some mixtapes and an album as well I’m doing the mixtapes so that I can get a buzz and start a strong following. I’m in school learning about music to better my skills, also setting up some shows with bay area promoters so I’m doing what I can to get out there.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
The hardest challenge I believe for every artist is finding yourself as a artist because everyone wants to be a rapper or singer its hard to take certain people serious. Everyone wants to be the best and get paid of course but without being original or knowing the right people you will not make it far. Once you do get your swag then the next hard part is getting yourself out there doing shows having cd’s for people to listen to and become a fan if they are feeling you. In due time I feel I will make it in this industry as a positive artist with my humble attitude and my ability to accept and improve off constructive critisim that’s what makes you better I believe.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
It would have to be when I was in search of who I am as a artist, constantly questioning myself is it rap, hip hop, or pop? Where do I feel most comfortable as an artist. Once I had my 1st performance at San Francisco State and I felt the vibe from all the female fans I knew that hip hop/rapping to the ladies was where I’m suppose to be. It opened my eyes and made me want to write non stop what man doesn’t like the response for beautiful women come on now. So that put me back on track and is my main focus for my music’s audience and I will continue to rock with them as ;long as they rocking with me.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Knowing who you can and can’t trust in the industry who is really there to help you and make you a better artist or are they there to snatch your, style music, or use you for your talent. Artist need to be more involved with what goes on with their contracts all the fine print needs to be understood so you won’t get screwed. Have someone to help you with all paper work you have questions about and always follow up on projects you are starting. Another thing they should be careful of is their targeted audience, some people will test you on words you say in your songs so take that in consideration.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Stay humble to yourself and fans always, look for better ways to become better and make music people will want to throw on repeat. Make sure you go hard when giving shows make sure you have a good stage personality. Rock with your crowd as they rock with you, continue feeding them good music.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
Promotions, selling yourself to the fans 1st so that they will want to buy into your product. Have items that are catchy and something people enjoy using, wearing, or playing. Make sure to have advertisements that pop out and grabs viewers attention.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
I’m in the begging stages so thus far I’m putting my music on youtube, myspace, and other media sites where an artist can post music. After doing shows hand out flyers to where your music can be found how to get a hold of music when its going to be released. So yea the internet is the best way for me so far that way you can also get more gigs from club promoters or maybe even a record deal

Where can people visit you?

soon youtube search will also be under young west as well it’s undergoing construction - Stuart Rosemond


Lee West is a 28-year- old rapper born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. He’s an artist reminiscent of LL Cool J or Tyrese. His new album features singles like “Straight Outta Cali,” “Bowflex” and “All Night.” They’re songs he says he wrote with women in mind and which have received a lot of good feedback from fans throughout the area. “The women who have heard it say it’s hot and they enjoy my voice,” West said. “’All Night’ in particular they hear it and say they need to go take a cold shower. And that’s exactly what I want to hear with songs like that. My target audience is women, and I came up with that because my mom was a single parent and looking for love was something that I witnessed growing up. It was something that my mother was seeking – that strong feeling of the need for the love of a man. I’ve always been interested in seeing how women react to certain types of music. So I want to create something that makes them feel good – something that says, ‘I love you.’” The single for “All Night” was released June 1 on Soundcloud. West first started writing raps in 2009, though he’s always had a flare for music. His grandmother and uncle were both singers, and the music gene appeared early in his life as he began rapping and performing in talent shows as a child. “They started calling me the little rapper guy, because I could never sing,” he said. “But I’ve always been pretty talented with the pen and my rapping voice.” Now at 28 years old, Lee West has been performing all over the Bay area and opening for such artists as Snoop Dogg, Philthy Rich and Tyrese. His music has also been heard on 106 KMEL after winning the Home Turf competition held by the radio station. His single Bowflex beat out 150 other contestants for the top honor. He credits much of his success to his grandmother, who raised him pushed him to be his best and pursue his dreams – both as a young child and throughout his pursuits today. His grandmother raised him because he said his father left him and his sister at a young age. As a result, West said he felt compelled to be the male role model for his family. “I used my performances as an outlet for that void in my life,” he said of the absence of a father. “I became a natural performer and use the love from my fans as a supplement to the tragedies I’ve experienced. From performing at venues from the Bay area to Los Angeles, I have been blessed to build a loyal fan base.” West has a show coming up on June 11 at the Oakland Event Center – Crate. The address of the venue is 420 14 th St., and those wishing to purchase tickets can do so at www.aftonshows.com/LeeWest. In addition to that, West likes to keep in touch with his fans via Instagram. His handle is @TeamWestMusic. Fans can also check out his music on Soundcloud or YouTube. And just in case any of the ladies were wondering … Lee West is single.

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Introduction Of Me- Mixtape 
The Gentleman Ep
One Verse- Mixtape 




Born into the cornerstone of music, fine arts, and cultural diversification, Oakland, CA was the city where I first discovered and began to develop my talents in lyric composition and creative expression. The day my father signed over his parental rights, leaving my younger sister and I to navigate the world without the guidance of an influential male presence, I took initiative to be that example for my family and used my performances as an outlet for that void. I became a natural performer and use the love from my fans as a supplement to the tragedies experienced.


From performing at venues from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, I have been blessed to build a loyal fan base. I deliver naturally, my lyrics are uniquely versatile and I am driven to capture attention from many more to have yet to experience my musical talents. 


Very humbled to have opened up for:


·      K00l John (Agenda, San Jose)

·      Talib Kweli (Ruby Skye, San Francisco)

·      J. Holiday (Coaches, Sacramento)

·      Snoop Dogg (Ace of Spades, Sacramento)

·      Yukmouth (Red House, Walnut Creek)

·      Philthy Rich (Spartan Lounge, San Jose)

·      Tyrese (Ruby Skye, San Francisco)


Also, I have CRUSHED the 106 KMEL Home Turf competition and beat out 150 other participants to earn the title of Bay Area Featured song for my top single Bowflex.


Recent Performances Include:


·      Fahrenheit

·      Spartan Lounge

·      Agenda Lounge

·      BackBar Sofa

·      Air Lounge Oakland

·      San Francisco State University

·      MilkBar San Francisco

·      1015 Folsom San Francisco

·      Ruby Skye San Francisco

·      Red House Walnut Creek

·      Terrace NightClub Los Angeles

·      Ace of Spades Sacramento

·      Strikes  Sacramento

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