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Langston Hughes III

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Adult Contemporary




"Langston Hughes III revises their past on their debut album Dream Expedited"

In the anxious weeks leading up to the release of their group's debut LP Dream Expedited, Chawle Dawk da Superstar and Maximillion are finally thinking about the future, instead of the past.

"Right now, on Oct. 25, when the album goes live, I complete it," says Chawle, one fourth of rap group Langston Hughes III. "It doesn't matter what happens after that. I set out, I got the goal, I got this project done."

Formed in 2014, after years of staying quiet, Langston Hughes III is an attempt to reignite the dreams of yesterday — taking them back by force, if necessary.
Dream Expedited
As somewhat clandestine luminaries in the Lowcountry hip-hop scene, Chawle and Maximillion toured the U.S. in support of Charleston's first nationally recognized rap album in the '90s, guided the scene through the 2000s, and were instrumental in laying the groundwork for Holy City hip-hop.

But, for differing reasons, their end-goal of a career in rap music remained elusive.

Dream Expedited may be the group's triumph, but this victory comes at the end of an almost 30-year struggle to turn a dream into a reality.
As somewhat clandestine luminaries in the Lowcountry hip-hop scene, Chawle and Maximillion toured the U.S. in support of Charleston's first nationally recognized rap album in the '90s, guided the scene through the 2000s, and were instrumental in laying the groundwork for Holy City hip-hop.

But, for differing reasons, their end-goal of a career in rap music remained elusive.

Dream Expedited may be the group's triumph, but this victory comes at the end of an almost 30-year struggle to turn a dream into a reality.

Full article: - Charleston City Paper


The guys in Langston Hughes III deserve to open up for a big name like Big Daddy Kane. Langston members Herman "Chawle Dawk da Superstar" Rice and Chris "Maximillion" Witty have always been hard at work cultivating the local rap scene. Back when they were in golden-age rap trio Da Phlayva, they dropped the first nationally distributed local rap album (1994's Phlayva 4 Dem All), had a couple rap radio shows, and a local television show. And ever since the two rappers formed Langston Hughes III, with Da Moja DJ Cory B and Choc the Bully, they've proven that they're still building on their legacy. So, how did they start their second act? By putting rap music on Broad Street with their Merlot Moments series and creating a new sound they call Adult Contemporary Head Nod. "We got grown up," says Rice. "For hip-hop, especially, it's all about being cool. So, for us to try to come back like we're 20— that wouldn't be cool." While Langston has not released much music, they've hit the "cool" mark with every song they have dropped. "Karolina Shine An Old Kneegrow Spiritual" will make a believer out of anyone. The beat's loud and emotional without being rambunctious, and Rice and Witty's flows are old-school but don't sound dated. Langston has brought the golden age into modern times and it sounds great. In the near future, the band is hoping to keep their grown-up-hip-hop going by getting the Summerville Orchestra involved in future projects. "We're going to mesh hip-hop and classical music," says Rice. —Heath Ellison - Charleston City Paper

"Best marriage of lyrics and wine - The Best of 2018"

Hip-hop group Langston Hughes III — who created “contemporary headnod music”— launched Merlot Moments last year, a pretty bangin’ combo of art, wine, and classic hip-hop. The popup event happens at art galleries, like Redux, featuring local hip-hop artists, and offers y’all the ability to say you’ve been to one of the coolest possible evenings in town. —Kelly Rae Smith - The Charleston City Paper

"The Soul Food Kitchen"

The Soul Food Kitchen Convention
Sat. March 3
6-11 p.m.
Redux Contemporary Art Center
The latest installment in Adult Contemporary Head Nod hip hop group Langston Hughes III's Merlot Moments, this event will be a celebration of three iconic soul food restaurants. Aptly named The Soul Food Kitchen Convention, the event will honor Bertha's, Hannibal's, and Dave's Carryout at Redux.

"We decided, especially with Charleston Wine + Food coming ,this would be a perfect time to give a head nod to soul food restaurants in the area, especially the legendary ones," says organizer Herman Rice. "They’ve been around for over 30 years serving the city at large as well as people coming in from out of town. I frequent these places a lot and it’s incredible to see people come at lunch come from all over the city to go to this one spot."

For the event, Langston Hughes III will premiere a mini documentary they filmed
and produced dedicated to these restaurants. There will also be art showings from
artists Elva Lovoz (DC), Whitney Warden (Atlanta), Alexandria Searles (NY), Javet Blunt (S.CC) and Martin Askem (UK) in addition to wine tastings from Deepwater Vineyard. Chef JA, owner of Lillie Ollie, will be on hand serving what Merlot Moments is calling elevated soul food wo round the evening off there will close with a performance from The Selektahs as well as a live music from singer Kalaani and The Nndigo Sol Band, in addition to Langston Hughes III tunes. - The Charleston City Paper

"SUPERFLY TRIBUTE | Merlot Moments"

Purveyors of "adult contemporary head nod," Langston Hughes III are known for their smooth and cool take on rap music, but they're also fans of wine, art, and culture. They occasionally combine all those with hip-hop in events they call Merlot Moments. According to Chawle Dawk da Superstar, it's all about classic hip-hop. "Not necessarily old school hip-hop, but the classic energy and feel of the golden age of hip-hop," he says. This new Merlot Moment will be a "mini-moment," with more of an emphasis on the classic film Superfly. "Superfly was definitely ingrained in hip-hop culture," says Chawle Dawk. Not only was the film a beloved example of blaxploitation cinema, but it also featured a fantastic soundtrack by the legendary Curtis Mayfield. "It's been sampled numerous times in hip-hop and Curtis Mayfield definitely has always been one of my favorite guys and an inspiration to Langston Hughes," he says. "We just wanted to give a head nod in celebration to that while we sip some good wine from around the world." The crux of the music for the night will be songs from the Superfly soundtrack, songs that have been inspired by it, breakbeats, and songs that complement the soundtrack. "We will definitely be playing our music and probably introducing a new song," he says. While they are not planning on performing, Chawle Dawk says that "depending on the energy" they may pass the mic for a song or two. Here's hoping the energy's high. —Heath Ellison - Charleston City Paper

"Langston Hughes III – Je Ne Sais Quoi (Prod. by B73 Music Group)(Dotgotit Exclusive) (Stream)"

It’s my extreme honor and privilege to present the 3rd leak from the Dotgotit 10th Anniversary Mixtape courtesy of veteran Charleston,S.C. crew,Langston Hughes III who,after a long hiatus where each member started careers and/or families (living life) have returned to spearhead the Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music movement armed with love and passion for the culture and above all,dope beats and grown man rhymes. This B73 Music Group produced ode to the beautiful and irresistible members of the fair sex with that quality you can’t specifically name,but love her for is sure to have your lady friends heads nodding. Chawle Dawk Da Superstar,Maximillion,Choc Da Bully and Da Moja DJ Cory B are Langston Hughes III. This is Je Ne Sais Quoi..Now That’s Langston. - Real Hip Hop for Real People

"Langston Hughes III releases live performance ahead of new album"

Don’t you love it when artists know their working on something great? Like the time Q-Tip told everyone the sophomore slump was about to get wrecked by The Low End Theory, Langston Hughes III just announced to the world that their ready to kick ass in 2018 with their live performance at the Martin Gallery. The live show, which is a part of their ongoing Merlot Moments series, was originally recorded in 2017, but was uploaded to SoundCloud over the weekend.

The whole thing is as energetic as a rap show should be. Maximillion and Chawle Dawk da Superstar prove again and again that they haven’t lost their step since their Da Phlayva or Carolina Pathfindaz days. Flow-wise, they even fulfill their promise to bring golden age hip-hop into the modern day, with impressive socially conscious rhymes that don’t let up on the throttle. The group even gets a little theatrical with an intro poetry reading of “Dream Deferred” from their namesake author. There are too many great moments in the half-hour recording to list.

The best part is that all of this is just the buildup. Langston Hughes is gearing up to release their first full-length album in the summer. Do yourself a favor and give the link a click to see why you should be hyped. - The Charleston City Paper


Dream Expedited (2019)

What I Do- From A3C , Vol 8 (2019)

Je ne sais quoi (2018)

Uber to the Opera (2018)  

Merlot Moments presents Langston Live (2018)

Escapism III (2017)

DInner at Carmine's (2017)

Karolina Shine: An Old Kneegrow Spiritual (2015)



Langston Hughes III is an American Hip Hop group from Charleston SC. Langston consists of Renaissance men Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion, Choc Da Bully, and Da Moja DJ Cory B. The group's music is a natural progression of the 90’s "golden era" of hip-hop music they have termed Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. "We are not stuck in the 90's, but we also do not move to the beat of the current drums," says Chawle Dawk DA Superstar. Langston Hughes III performed under the name Da Phlayva in the mid-90s and secured a short-lived recording and distribution deal with Vertical/ Solar Records. In 2014, the group, who is often compared to A Tribe Called Quest, reformed and took its new name from Harlem Renaissance leader, poet, and activist, Langston Hughes." Langston Hughes was a Renaissance man... from merging his poetry with Jazz to fashion. His suit game was crazy! We embody that same creative energy." says Maximillion. Langston Hughes's poem Dream Deferred also stands as the foundation and motivation for the group re-entering the music industry 20 years later. As a result of getting back to their dreams, Langston Hughes III has inspired others to do the same. Their Mantra? Protect your dreams by any means. Now That's Langston...

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