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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021 | INDIE | AFM

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2021
Solo Hip Hop




"Lil Jeezy Brings Game to the Hip Hop Scene with "I'm A Baller""

LAS VEGAS - A young and rising hip hop artist, Lil Jeezy, is making a big splash in the industry. Debuting at #2 on the Emerging 300 Artists chart, Lil Jeezy is throwing down some catchy melodies for an eight-year-old while letting other artists know he’s here to stay.

“I’m A Baller” is Lil Jeezy’s first single, and it showcases his style and love for basketball and football. The upbeat track is all about making the shot, scoring a touchdown, and following your dreams.

“I love being active and competitive, and I love shooting the basketball,” said Lil Jeezy. “I like the same type of music as my dad, and I’ve grown up watching him record and produce music, so it’s fun for me to be creative. I love telling a story with my lyrics.”

With all the makings of the next Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo, Lil Jeezy has an advantage - his father - D’Jon, a rapper and musician who knows the ins and out of the industry.

And thanks to D’Jon, when Lil Jeezy told his father he wanted to be a rapper, the beginnings of “I’m A Baller” took off.

After D’Jon wrote “I’m A Baller,” and he heard how Lil Jeezy was serious about rapping, they decided to make a video - not one but two videos.

The first video was shot in their Las Vegas neighborhood, featuring some sick dance moves for an eight-year-old and a melody that will stay with you long after the song ends.

Knowing there was something special about Lil Jeezy and “I’m A Baller,” D’Jon took the video-making process a step further.

“I wanted to do more than just a typical music video,” said D’Jon. “So we ended up doing a music video and another version.”

The second video is a 16-minute short film entitled “Follow Your Dreams” featuring Lil Jeezy in the lead role. Chronicling the song, the video is an inspirational story about a young boy who dreams about being an athlete. Intermixing some actual footage of Lil Jeezy playing hoops, the video shows how hard work and determination can make dreams come true.

“You have to follow your dreams and do what you love,” said Lil Jeezy.

Meanwhile, Lil Jeezy is doing what third-graders across the country are doing. “I’m just going to school and after-school doing my homework and playing games.”

But there’s one more thing this young rapper is doing - writing. Yes, at the tender age of eight, Lil Jeezy is starting to write his raps.

“I’ve come up with the hook and little bit of the first verse,” he admits. “I think I’m good, but I am still young.”

In the studio, Lil Jeezy and D’Jon are working on a new song that will drop in December, along with other music for 2022.

As a father, D’Jon is beaming with pride. “I was surprised at his level of talent even writing his first song; it’s pretty dope. So, it’s a very proud moment. I prayed for him to exceed all of our expectations. You want to see your kid succeed. It’s been very, very fun watching the success so far with the single.”

When asked about the comparison to Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo, D’Jon said, “There’s been a void in that arena for some time now. I see Lil Jeezy as being the new generation of Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo.”

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I'm A Baller: Follow Your Dreams - MTV Next

"8-Year-Old Rapper Lil Jeezy Takes Hip Hop Scene By Storm"

Adorable is not the word you would usually use to describe your favorite rapper, but Lil Jeezy is about to change that. This young musician began to follow his dreams at only six years old. With the help of his dad, D’jon, Lil Jeezy got into a studio and recorded his first song, “I’m A Baller”. From there, the two have been enjoying the experience and making this little boy’s dreams come true.

Lil Jeezy’s career began when he saw a child even younger than himself following his dreams. From there, this little boy knew he wanted to do the same. The two then choose a name for the young rapper from a video game handle that perfectly paid homage to Lil Jeezy’s dad, who is sometimes referred to by friends as D’Jeezy. From there he and his dad wrote their first song, “I’m A Baller” and away they went.

“I’m A Baller” is an upbeat and fun song about some of the important things in Lil Jeezy’s life, sports. A big fan of basketball, football and many other things, it seemed like the perfect song for this young artist to start with.

The recording process for Lil Jeezy was an interesting one as well. “At first I was nervous because I didn’t think I was going to do good but right around the middle of recording, I started feeling better.” He is now a big fan of being in the studio.

Lil Jeezy’s proud father explained how much of a natural he was, saying, “I didn’t realize how good of a memory he had until we started recording.” Lil Jeezy had memorized his lyrics quickly and did an amazing job of taking direction in the studio. Not only was he having fun, he was already a pro at it.

Not only is Lil Jeezy taking on the world of music, he is also taking on the acting world. As a visual for “I’m A Baller”, he and his dad put together a short film about following your dreams and not letting anything get in your way. The video is fun and features some incredible action shots of Lil Jeezy in his last season of basketball.

The young artist and his dad also have more songs in the works, including a new track called “Run It Up”, which will be coming out around Christmas time. It is a fun and relatable track for kids everywhere, and a must add to your holiday wish list.

Be sure to check out Lil Jeezy’s music on all major streaming platforms and follow him on social media to keep up with everything going on in this incredibly young artist’s career. He has a big future ahead of him and now is the time to get involved. Links to all of this can be found listed below. - Hip Hop Weekly

"Lil Jeezy - I'm A Baller"

The future of Hip-Hop is here; 8-year-old Lil Jeezy brings fresh sound to the table with hot new single

LAS VEGAS, NV – A fun track from a young new artist is lighting up the West Coast and causing quite a buzz among music industry insiders and fans alike. “I’m A Baller” is the debut single from 8-year-old rapper Lil Jeezy. The son of long-time songwriter and recording artist D’jon, Lil Jeezy has burst onto the scene with his own brand of hip-hop that showcases his fun, carefree style and entertaining performance. Written by his father, “I’m A Baller” is a fun, upbeat track that’s all about being good at basketball and football. Inspired by his love of sports, the song also features a short film that showcases the young star chasing his dreams of being a professional athlete and putting in the work to achieve those dreams.

“I love being active and competitive, and I love shooting the basketball,” Lil Jeezy said. “I like the same type of music as my dad, and I’ve grown up watching him record and produce music, so it’s fun for me being creative. I love telling a story with my lyrics.”

Lil Jeezy’s father was an athlete and has been involved with music as a career for many years, but he’s never encouraged any of his children to follow in his footsteps. He’s been intentional about supporting them in whatever passions they choose to pursue, and for the most part those passions have been with athletics. But for his youngest son, the notion of making music is something that attracted him at a young age, and when he was 6 he finally approached his father about creating a song together.

“He just out of the blue was like, ‘Dad, I want to do a music video. Can we do it today?’” D’jon said. “I said, ‘Well, we need music first.’ So, we got some production from two-time Grammy-nominated producer DJ Vudu Spellz and I wrote the song. He’s been an athlete for the past couple of years, so when I asked him what he wanted the song to be about, he said sports. When we got ready to record it, he had the whole thing memorized and he took direction very well, as far as vocal production, and he fell in love with the process and now wants to do even more songs.”

D’jon said they’ve been working ever since on building a brand and plan for pursuing Lil Jeezy’s dreams moving forward. Part of that plan involves creating music videos that are more like short films than traditional music videos. That’s where the idea of creating a story called “Follow Your Dreams” came from – something that builds off the themes of Lil Jeezy’s debut song but takes it further through video mediums and will continue in future films.

“It’s an inspirational story for kids,” D’jon said. “If there’s something you want to accomplish, put in the work and you can make it happen. With this first video it shows him hanging out with friends on a Saturday morning, and when the friends leave, he gets bored and so he picks up a basketball and he’s absolutely horrible. After a frustrating effort, he sits down on the ball and starts daydreaming. During the daydream he realizes his dream is to become a great basketball and football player. It’s as though, even at a young age, he is such a sports superstar that his games are nationally televised. He has fans and he even has haters. After the daydream is over, he asks his dad to teach him how to play basketball. Being that basketball was his first love, dad becomes elated at his son’s request. Then after months of hard work and dedication, he shows his growth from working hard and there are highlights from his first season ever playing, in which he is much better than he was when he first picked up the ball in the video. He’s a living example that hard work pays off.”

Lil Jeezy is eager for new fans to check out his music and get a taste for the unique sound and style he’s bringing to the game. It’s been many years since there’s been a young artist like Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo, and D’jon is certain Lil Jeezy will be able to fill that vacuum with an amazing natural talent. With songs and subject matter that comes straight from the mind of an 8-year-old, Lil Jeezy’s music is nothing short of fun and entertaining.

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J’mari Johnson, known as “Lil Jeezy”, is a Las Vegas native.  At the tender age of six and growing up in a musical home, he envisioned his future as a Hip Hop artist and an Actor. Lil Jeezy brought his ambitions to his father D’jon, who is a talented songwriter and hip hop artist. It didn’t take long for Dad to recognize his son’s talent, heart and passion to follow his dreams and be an entertainer.

During the summer of Covid (2020), Lil Jeezy took to the studio with his father and created his first single, “I’m A Baller”, written by D’jon and Produced by Grammy accredited hip hop producer DJ Vudu Spellz. Once completed, Lil Jeezy was anxious to film a music video, but Dad had a different path that would showcase Lil Jeezy’s acting skills. Instead of filming a traditional music video, D’jon, decided to put his son’s talents to greater use by filming a pilot episode for a web series titled "Follow Your Dreams" that included the video for "I'm A Baller", in which Lil Jeezy would play the lead role.

"I'm A Baller" went on to reach #1 on the DRT Independent charts, #55 on the DRT Global charts, competing with major label artists, and up to #84 at MediaBase / Billboard. Lil Jeezy and the creative team have since created much more musical material for his up and coming 2024 album release. 

Along the way, Lil Jeezy has performed many live shows in the Las Vegas community, including co-headlining with Busta Rhymes at Tracy McGrady's One's Basketball League finals at the Dollar Loan Center Arena in Henderson, Nevada, performing for the Las Vegas Raiders, Afrikfest, Bolden Area Command's Halloween Party and many more. He has also taken advantage of opportunities to perform on the road which includes being the headliner for Charleston, West Virginia's semi-pro baseball team the Charleston Dirty Birds' pre-game entertainment.

Lil Jeezy, has two loving, supportive parents and an older brother Jaedon, who he looks up to, who loves sports and gaming, as does Lil Jeezy, who also has great friends and loves school. Stay tuned as he continues to grow his budding hip hop career and resume, welcoming all that life can bring him and encourage other kids to follow their dreams.

For further information contact D’jon Johnson at

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