Lina Fouro (L4O)
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Lina Fouro (L4O)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop EDM




"BANG BANG BABY (DANCE VERSION) - "Irresistible crossover Pop-EDM""

Lina Fouro has now released her Dancer Version of her original single “Bang Bang Baby”.  She has already done a radio interview on 7/8/2016 with CIX 106.9 FM The X and is slated to do another with 88.9 FM The Cube. “Bang Bang Baby (Dance Version)” is released by 3 Shots Productions.
Lina is one of the most underrated talents in a very long time. This girl is the real deal. If you are on the fence about this single, seriously, pull the trigger. You will be glad you did.
There are some voices that just grab hold of you the moment you first hear them. Lina’s breathy and sexy delivery easily falls into that category – it light, its silky, it’s smooth, and sharp enough to cut like a razor blade.  The clean uncluttered production pushes her airy pitch-perfect vocal instrument front and center where it should be.
The result is irresistible crossover Pop-EDM, and a killer hook, perfectly produced.
What is so impressive about Lina Fouro on this recording and pretty much everything else she does, is how everything fits together so well as she morphs from Contemporary Pop to full blown Edm. And throughout it all we never lose Lina’s smooth almost playful singing style.
Partly because she never loses her sense of pure enjoyment of the music she does – and secondly, because her non-abrasive voice fits any style like a glove.
As has happened on her previous releases, on “Bang Bang Baby (Dance Version)”, Lina Fouro has your attention, brings you in and then never lets you go. Her vocal artistry makes her very easy to enjoy and has me already looking forward to her next release. - JamSphere

"“The Love Cycle” – precision-tooled to blare out of speakers everywhere!"

Lina Fouro (L4O) brings out her sexy side, her spirited side, her street side and her vulnerable sweet side while maintaining a cool groove and emotionally variegated lyrical content throughout the 13 tracks that make up the album. Lina goes from a catchy and fun up-tempo song like “Boom” to a dark slow burner like “Down” within a blink of an eye. She is so smooth and confident. A lot of artists sing songs, but don’t bring the attitude to match the song. Lina does each and every time. She takes you there with her. Her emotions are transparent and there is no guess work to understand where she is coming from with each track.

By the time you get to the lead single, “High”, you’ll be wagging your tail, back and forth all over the dance floor. And you would already have fallen in love with Lina’s sometimes-airy, sometimes-sultry voice, as she runs the gauntlet of low notes then switches over to falsetto tones, adding a nice assemblage of breathy sexiness during her transitions. She continually and successfully pulls this off and leaves her audience wanting more each time. “High” along with “Bang Bang Baby” is enough to make this album a classic. - TONE FLAME MUSIC MAGAZINE


Lina Fouro’s “The Love Cycle” combines delectable pop with colorful imagery. With a clear debt to dance music “The Love Cycle” bounces. Melodies glide by luxuriously. Impeccably produced the songs sparkle and shine. At times the music feels so joyous it might as well be neon-tinted. Pieces move by quickly as the tempos blare forth full of energy. Such things are truly wonderful to behold. The true heart of the songs are the crystal clear vocals that add the necessary heart and soul. Everything on “The Love Cycle” points to the idea of balance, the right mix of party and of contemplation.

The aptly named “Boom” starts things off with a bang. Repetitive rhythms put the song into a trance. “Bang Bang Baby” continues this frantic energy replete with handclaps and a slight tinge of dubstep. A good sense of structure is obviously apparent on “A Little More”. Moving into quieter territory is the dreamy “Again”. Line Fouro’s previous flirtations with dubstep reach critical mass on the impressive “Down”. Showing off an adept understanding of atmosphere is the dark “Before”. Returning to the high energy of the album’s opening is the infectious “Funk”. By far the highlight of the album is the extended jam of “Always Falling”. With an elegant buildup the song is perfect right down to Lina Fouro’s impassioned vocal delivery. Things end off on a distorted playful note with the funky “Delamhaust”.

Tasteful and flawless, “The Love Cycle” shows the emotional depth of pop at its best. - SKOPE MAGAZINE

"Dalemhaust! Or It’s My Choice! : Lina Fouro Tells The World with Debut Album"

Lina Fouro tells the world with her new debut album “The Love Cycle”

Delemhaust is the last song in the album and a statement from Lina Fouro, a young and very talented singer and song writer from Toronto. The translation is simple. It means “the choice is up to me” in Farsi. Despite everyone’s suggestion of pursuing a more secure career path, this young starlet said “no” to the cultural pressure and followed her heart. Over a short period of time, with lots of hard work and dedication, she is now releasing her debut album The Love Cycle.

If you cannot recall the name yet, you may have heard this catchy beat: “It beats for you… when my heart goes Boom Boom Boom Boom”, because it is playing on Virgin Radio and other popular radio stations.

…her album is an inevitable progression of emotion

Lina creates her songs from scratch. She writes the melody, she spices it up with a beat, and then she sings. Her music is as versatile and multi-cultured as Lina herself. After shooting a couple of videos, a video commercial and a busy concert schedule, Lina is now working on finalizing her debut album, The Love Cycle. Apart from Googoosh (a Persian singer and actress) and Michael Jackson inspiring Lina with her music, Lonnie Szola, Juno Award winning producer, helped her do what she loves and share it with her fans. The Love Cycle is a conceptual album leading the listener through a cycle of love and life. As in Kubler Ross’s stages of grief theory her album is an inevitable progression of emotion.

The second part of the album, especially towards the end, is experimentation with new styles and so far, all of the pre-release reviews are very positive. For those of you who like the top-40 songs on the radio, this album will definitely be a great purchase. The Love Cycle appears on iTunes in the fall of 2014. Around the same time Lina Fouro’s first album will join other artists on the shelves of music stores. - MONTREAL RAMPAGE


In the meantime we ran by Lina’s single BOOM. Shot in Los Angeles, CA, LINA performed the shooting of the supporting video for “BOOM” in one continuous take with Video Director LAVADO STUBBS.

Lina doesn’t go over the top to try to be different; she’s just naturally different and very talented. She is interesting to me because she seems to be a hybrid of a serious songwriter and a pop princess.

BOOM manages to be catchy and fun – while still offering up some original and well-crafted lyrics. It forges a dash of electronica with a tinge of pop and a soothing voice that has hints of both fragility and fortitude. The upbeat melody and moving bass lines makes BOOM appealing to a wide variety of listeners.

BOOM is a well-crafted dance pop song speckled with sonic surprises along the way that makes all the difference in electronic music.

At first glance you might think this is just like every other song out there from a young and aspiring diva and songstress without much hope of breaking away from the pack. But this is not the case; Lina Fouro’s voice is enchanting, while her sound is perky and refreshing.

Lina can be breathless and light one minute and smolderingly sexy the next. She is ever changing and captivating, and as much as the juxtaposition of her voice backed with cutting-edge pop-electronica drives much of the song, her charisma proves that she can be just as compelling without bells and whistles.

The song BOOM is a great introduction to the talent that is LINA FOURO (L4O) and you’ll love it even more once you’ve seen the video! - JamShpere

"Pop Music Star"

When friends first told me about a brilliant, hip Afghan-Canadian female pop singer who was winning over audiences in the highly competitive Toronto nightclub and concert scene, I was interested in learning more. My friends said that Lina Fouro is going to be a big star.

Then I listened to her yet-unreleased track of "Bang Bang Baby,” and I thought that maybe my friends were on to something. So I listened to “Boom” and watched one of her music video trailers. Then I was sure they were right. Lina Fouro is a star already. She will be a much bigger star very soon when her debut album The Love Cycle is released by Yen Productions early next month. (Update Album will be Released December 2014)

Fouro writes all her own songs, blending electro-influenced styles of pop, funk, house and progressive music with a unique touch of both hip-hop and Afghan/Persian beats. But it isn’t just her musical style that is unique. Also a poet, a sometime-actor and model, a social activist and an intellectual, the story of Lina Fouro herself is unique.

Since our first interview, Lina Fouro’s star has continued to rise. She has gained the attention of internationally known hip-hop musicians like Kirko Bangz, French Montana, Peter Jackson, and other stars in the music industry. Her next media event is an exclusive radio interview with London-based Afghan Voice.

Lina Fouro’s first interview generated great interest from Film Annex readers and Lina Fouro fans, and set a new record for Film Annex interview tweets and shares at the time. Her fans, followers and friends have been asking lately for an update about her latest activities, so I spoke with her again. As before, Lina was just as gracious and fun to speak with as she is immensely talented. - Afghan Proverbs and Sayings

""The Love Cycle""

Lina Fouro (Electro/Pop Canadian Singer/Songwriter from Toronto) recorded her first track, Take Your Love Back, in the Iranian underground music scene. Her debut album features a unique and brilliant mix of electro-pop, techno & dance style music.

After recording her first track, Take Your Love Back, in the Iranian underground music scene, it ignited her passion for music and got her further involved in the entertainment industry. This is her debut album. The Love Cycle is a danceable, techno-infused exploration of the parallels between Love and Grief. It has the beats and rhythms of some of the best progressive/techno pop music and dance clubs in the world. But on the other hand, it also connects to one of the great thoughts of the 20th century; Kübler-Ross’s Cycle of Grief and what Lina herself now calls the "Cycle of Love." Juno Award-Winning Producer Lonnie Szoke, who is the executive producer for the album, has worked with musical artists such as Beyonce, Ne-Yo, 50 Cent, and Keyshia Cole to name a few. Lina Fouro is an active philanthropist, working with the Youth in Action program. This program helps at risk youth to become educated and become future leaders of the world. Lina is very supportive and passionate about AIL (Afghan Institute of Learning), which helps empower and educate Afghan women.

Press Reviews

“Fouro writes all her own songs, blending electro-influenced styles of pop, funk, house and progressive music with a unique touch of hip-hop.

“Lina Fouro, one of Toronto's highly talented singers is here and ready to let the world hear her beautiful voice - Press King



 Single HIGH is being Promoted by DJ MELLOW D Official DJ  for MISSY ELLIOTT on BEACH 105.1 FM .



The Amazing LINA FOURO Performed the Shooting of her Video "BOOM" in One Continuous Take!!! 
Shot In Los Angeles, CA. The Director of the Video is LAVADO STUBBS.




LINA FOURO is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Lina was first noticed in the music industry in 2011. Since then she has gained major awareness for her electro-influenced pop sound. 

LINA has Released her Debut Album, `The Love Cycle` with Juno-Award Winning Producer LONNIE SZOKE (in which he has worked with the likes of [Drake, Beyonce, Little Wayne and Sizzla] the Album is available in all Digital Outlets!

The Canadian Electronic/Pop sensation known as Lina Fouro (L4O) has released her New Dance Crossover Single “BANG BANG BABY” to Rave Critical Music Reviews and Fan Reviews. “Bang Bang Baby” is a sensational romantic dance track which portrays Lina’s sensual and powerful melodic vocals over the groovy instruments which empowers this track to nothing short than amazing. EDM Nations writer put it this way “With no doubt, those incredible vocals are the highlight of the track, but being mixed with the powerful groove, housy vibes, pounding rhythm and catchy beats, this tune delivers a sensational piece of dance music.”

LINA's  Album single "BANG BANG BABY" has been placed in PERSIAN EMPIRE BRANDY Commercial. See it Here: PERSIAN EMPIRE COMMERCIAL

LINA's Video BOOM has been airing on MTVU and for Broadcasting. 

LINA’s Album “The Love Cycle” has a Great  Review in STEEL NOTES MAGAZINE  Page 164 by Michael "Jacobs" McKenna.

LINA’s Album “The Love Cycle” has a Great  Review in the MONTREAL RAMPAGE by Victoria Shinkaruk.

LINA’s Album “The Love Cycle” has a Great  Review in SKOPE MAGAZINE by Beach Sloth.

LINA’s Single “Boom” has a Great  Review in the JAMSPHERE MAGAZINE by Rick Jamm.

LINA has worked with Major Label Artist such as French Montana and Kirko Bangz for release of a Brandy Commercial PERSIAN EMPIRE

LINA Performed at the CBC on June 21st, 2014

LINA Had a Live Interview @ CHHA 1610AM her Single "Boom" was Featured Song of the Week on August 1, 2014

LINA has Headlined at Major Venues with 500 to over 1000 Attendees.  [CBC Broadcasting Center, The Ballet, Six Degrees, Eclipse, C-lounge, The Opera, Epic Lounge, Wegz Stadium Bar, The Mod Club, International Center, Steam Whistle]

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