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Fort Worth, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Fort Worth, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
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"Trying to sell your house? Try a house party"

FORT WORTH, Texas — It’s Friday night in Fort Worth and the party’s about to get started.

People have packed into a home on the city’s Near Southside for a pop-up performance from hip-hop artist Lou Charles. Everyone’s drinking, dancing and sharing their experiences on social media.

But despite appearances, this isn’t just an intimate acoustic concert; it’s an open house. This home is for sale.

“People are moving in,” Jamey Ice said. “People love what Fort Worth has to offer.”

Ice owns Fort Worth-based full-service real estate company 6th Avenue Homes, a company that often works with millennials and first-time homebuyers. - WFAA Channel 8

"Check Out The New Single From Fort Worth Rapper Lou Charle$, Whose Name Deserves A Little Recognition On The East Side Of The Metroplex, Too"

Welcome to Song of the Day, where we hip you to all the new local releases you should be caring about. By highlighting one new North Texas-sprung tune every week day, our hope is that you’ll find something new to love about the rich and abundant DFW music scene five days a week.

Lou Charle$ – “What a Feeling”
RIYL: Figuring out who you really are.
What else you should know: Banksy, Jandek and Lou Charle$ share something in common.

All three are averse to sharing their identity.

OK, so perhaps the former two are far better than the latter, but Charle$ still tries to maintain a degree of mystery behind who he is. Even his website’s URL is whoisloucharles.com.

What we do know about Charle$ is this: He’s a hip-hop artist from Fort Worth who has been active since 2011; he’s opened for acts such as Immortal Technique and Chamillionaire; and Fort Worth Weekly once said his “verses flow like rain down a window – subtle but steady, hubristic yet hypnotic.”

Those qualities are just as existent in his new single, “What a Feeling.”

The song opens with a string instrumental, then makes a sudden splash into Travis Scott territory with a similar flow and vocal delivery, complete with impressively-produced trap snares and bass lines. As the verses build momentum, the opening instrumental backs up the beat and Charle$’s vocals.

The mostly poppy production takes notes from the trap movement that is trendy in hip-hop circles today, but also infuses the styles of the dirty south hip-hop that dominated the movement in the ’00s. In this track, Charle$ seems to recognize trap’s ubiquity in hip-hop and adapts accordingly. But it doesn’t come off as pandering. His flow still seems natural, and his style seems authentic all the same.

Apropos to the mystery behind Charle$’s identity is the close of this track, which ends with a woman saying, “Who is Lou?”

Honestly, the suspense is killing us, too. - Central Track


Who is Lou CharLe$? It's a more legitimate question than with most musicians, given that there's next to no concrete information about the 20-something Fort Worth resident. Hell, it's even the name of his website. But when a young artist is opening up for Chamillionaire and Immortal Technique, getting features from Dizzy Wright, and an award-winning producer like J. Rhodes takes notice and collaborates on a new EP, it might be time for the rest of us to pay attention.

Moving schools can be tough for any kid, but moving continents can be even worse. Born in Houston but raised abroad in places like Trinidad and Egypt due to his father's job as an engineer, CharLe$ is no stranger to being the new kid on the block. During his travels, he was exposed to a wide array of cultures and musical styles. To cope, he took the advice of one of his teachers. "I had a middle school teacher who told me before I left the States that I was going to experience a lot of crazy things and I needed to write down everything I see," CharLe$ recalls. "And it really stuck with me. I write what I see. I write what I feel."

But throughout all of his experiences, the one thing that stayed constant was hip-hop. “Hip-hop kept me in tune with the U.S. It kind of bridged the gap. I’d come back from Trinidad, go see my friends and we’d start free styling," CharLe$ says. "We would try to make beats and I was horrible at it. My first beats were god-awful. But at the time, I felt like I was really doing it."

At some point during his childhood, CharLe$ took his passion to the next level. With the assistance of his parents' laptop and one of those call-center headsets, he managed to dish out his fist mixtape. And after moving back to Texas in 2011, he released his first EP, Fish Out of Water. But that's when his creative juices began to stall. CharLe$ took a bit of a hiatus from the scene, but in 2014 he came back with a bang by churning out four more projects, even garnering himself a 2015 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Best Album nomination. That said, something still felt off for the young artist.

“After I released Fish Out of Water in 2011, I was coming out of a personal situation and I kind of lost my identity," CharLe$ explains. That's when he reached out to J. Rhodes, an acquaintance and award-winning producer, for some guidance with his beats. For those not familiar with Rhodes, he's a Dallas native who, along with Symbolyc 1 and VohnBeatz, just won a Dove Award for work on LeCrae's Anomaly LP. But Rhodes' resume is impressive in its own right, bearing names like Talib Kweli, the Game and Ab-Soul, to name a few. "J. Rhodes helped me find my voice and speak from a different perspective than I ever have before. And In Transit is just the tip of the iceberg; It’s the first installment of our series.”

Rhodes remembers: “He [CharLe$] reached out. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that somebody won’t work with a local artist. But I’m like, as long as the music is good, we can work." And work they did. The pair just released a pretty impressive EP by the name of In Transit, which features Las Vegas-based rapper Dizzy Wright — a move that, in and of itself, is a true testament to CharLe$' dedication to his craft. After knocking out their first song together, "Facts Only," both Rhodes and CharLe$ were in awe of their work. At that point, CharLe$ asked himself, “What if we could get a bigger name on it?" He then promptly pitched himself to Wright's management team and they made it happen.

It paid off. In Transit emits CharLe$' deep, soulful voice, wrapped around smooth, intelligent lyrics on the title track, as well as "Mama Say." But there's a definitive playfulness to his tracks. You can hear it on "Facts Only" and "RunTelDat," which are completely in line with CharLe$' own take on his music. "For me, it’s really weird trying to find my footing, because I’m not from anywhere. And it reflects in my music," he admits. "That’s why it might sound a little different — it’s just a big clusterfuck of different stuff."

From Rhodes' point of view, CharLe$ has a very Wiz Khalifa-esque presence, but he's clear that their music couldn't be more different. "Lou’s message is different. His energy has a positive, laid-back vibe but it’s kind of off-center from what everyone else is doing — and it comes off as likable," Rhodes says. "He gets out of his own way. A lot of artists get in their own way with the business, with burning bridges. All of that is 90 percent of it. Making music is 10 percent, but you don’t often find an artist who gets that other 90 percent, and Lou gets it."

From here, CharLe$ plans to continue working with Rhodes. In fact, the two agreed that, in addition to creating a larger catalogue for CharLe$, they will work on creating a brand together. And for the self-described "most unconscious, socially conscious rapper," CharLe$ seems to be well on his way. But while he is focused on his endgame, he's adamant that he doesn't want the creative process to lose its shine. "I like to talk where I’m from, I like to put all of that in my music and speak my truth — but I still want to turn up," he says. - Dallas Observer

"Lou Charle$ & J.Rhodes Drop Their ‘In Transit’ EP"

The simplest description about Lou Charle$ & J.Rhodes brand new collaborative EP, In Transit is that it puts a bow on a strong Dallas rectangle of high powered rap releases following Curtis Mayz, The Outfit, TX & Bobby Sessions – in that order.

But that’s the thing. As easy and outright lazy you can make it a conversation of competition, Lou CharLe$ and J.Rhodes merely are in the mold of crafting music that appeases not only them but those in similar situations. One is a father for the second time, raising of an awesome baby girl along with his 8-year-old daughter. The other is shedding the growing pains of early adulthood and giving back at the same time. One’s an author, the other one is living in the city and trying to avoid hard scrabble times and bad favor. So In Transit may in fact be the tale of two men, joined at the hip for a moment to make the music of their current lives. It’s as personal a project lyrically for Lou Charle$ as it is an explorative moment for J.Rhodes. For all of the bombast he’s capable of production, he swings downward with a lot of jazzy instrumentation, soft piano keys knocking next to hard hitting percussion. CharLe$ rides this with open moment of reflection and grace. “Mama Say” with Miki Rose is the easiest example of this with “Oh Damn!” & “Make A Way” following right behind it.

“I just wanted the project to be an accurate and honest snapshot of where I am now in my journey, whether that’s addressing my faith, my finances, my romantic life, my friends, etc,” Charle$ said in a statement. “Great music that stands the test of time is always derived from some sort of truth and that’s what I set out to do on “In Transit” tell MY personal truth.” - Day & A Dream

"Dizzy Wright Assists Dallas’ Lou CharLe$ On Debut “Facts Only”"

Who is Lou CharLe$? To the uninitiated he may seem to be just another face in the struggle rap landscape but believe me, he is one of Dallas’ best-kept secrets. Both of his previous releases, “Who Is Lou?: Vol. 1” and “Sink or Swim” gained a great deal of local media accolades and several ‘best of’ nominations and now the kid is looking to take that success national with his upcoming release, “In Transit.” On the project’s first offering, “Facts Only”, Lou and Dizzy Wright wax poetic over a mellow, jazzy track provided by Billboard and Stellar Award-winning producer, J. Rhodes. This reflective song takes a conversational tone as the two discuss their experience with ‘frenemies’: those around you who smile in your face while all the time reveling in your struggles and choking on your sucesses. It’s a theme that most can relate to and the relaxed piano vibe makes it one that anyone can enjoy. - See more at: http://hiphopenquirer.com/dizzy-wright-assists-dallas-lou-charle-on-debut-facts-only/#sthash.ZDn3uAdF.dpuf - Hip Hop Enquirer

"White Noise. 9.23.14"

On the other hand, a release that's probably not on your radar is the newest from Fort Worth rapper Lou Charles, who should be applauded for somehow making a late-period Red Hot Chili Peppers sample sound more than bearable on his actually pretty catchy "RiCH KiD$" single. - Central Track


As summer fades away, Lou CharLe$ looks to extend the good vibes just a few days longer with "RiCH KiD$." This ode to living the good life chronicles Lou's journey in sidestepping material distractions in favor of staying true to himself. With an ironic hook taking a note from the classic "If You Ain't Got No Money" by Raheem the Dream this is definitely a joint worth checking out. - Fresh Prince ATX

"Lone Star Sounds: New music from Bludded Head and more"

Lou Charles, ‘Who is Lou?, Vol. 1’

Three years have passed since Fort Worth-based rapper Lou Charles (born Lu Wilson) last released a solo project (2011’s Fish Out of Water EP, if you’re keeping score), but he hasn’t been sitting idly by. As part of the duo Midway, formed with fellow Texas Christian University alum Kev Nolan, Charles has stayed involved with the city’s vibrant hip-hop scene, releasing a series of remixes and last year’s terrific FunEmployment, Vol. 1. With his latest effort, the rapper aims to reacquaint listeners with his singular solo style. Charles, already working on his next LP, The New School (due this summer), wastes little time grabbing attention: the crunching, too-brief No Days Off is one of the best rap tracks I’ve heard in 2014, local or otherwise. He might have momentarily slipped from the spotlight, but Lou Charles retakes it with authority. - DFW.com

"White Noise. 10.14.14"

More new music this week comes courtesy of Fort Worth rapper Lou Charle$, who followed up this summer's "RiCH KiD$" single with a new, Blue, the Misfit-produced cut called "Jackie Moon" that also features a verse from 88 Killa. Check it out. - Central Track

"BEWARE’s Block: This Is Definitely The Plac"

Lou CharLe$ Feat. Dizzy Wright – “Facts Only”

Listen to Lou CharLe$ and Dizzy Wright kick rhymes about proving others wrong on the jazzy “Facts Only” and you’ll hear how confident they both are, as a result of being questioned. Apparently, having a chip on your shoulder is a great quality. Lou’s upcoming In Transit EP drops soon. - The Smoking Section


Dallas MC Lou Charle$ makes his presence known on his upcoming project’s first offering, “Facts Only”. Lou calls on the help of Dizzy Wright to wax poetic over a mellow, jazzy track provided by Billboard and Stellar Award-winning producer, J. Rhodes. This reflective song takes a conversational tone as the two discuss their experience with ‘frenemies’: those around you who smile in your face while all the time reveling in your struggles and choking on your successes. It’s a theme that most can relate to and the relaxed piano vibe makes it one that anyone can enjoy. - Mechanical Dummy

"Lou CharLe$ - Mama Say"

For the second offering from his upcoming In Transit project, Dallas emcee Lou CharLe$ takes us back to his days at college and those weekly phone calls to Mom who always had just the right words of encouragement and advice for a young man struggling to find his way in the world and those of us lucky enough to have that kind of support can relate. Once again noted Dallas producer J. Rhodes provides an easy conversational track that gives the song an intimate tone while Los Angeles native Miki Rose cameos with that sage maternal counsel that made Lou the man he is today. This is one of Lou’s more personal songs off the project and at the end of the day, what’s not to love about an ode to one of the most influential people in a young man’s life. - Rhyme Junkie

"BEWARE’s Block: Swaying In The Breeze"

Lou Charle$ Feat. Miki Rose – “Mama Say”

It’s getting cold outside, so warming heaters like “Mama Say” from Lou Charle$ are welcomed. With help from some Rhodes keys, triumphant brass and Miki Rose’s moving vocals, the Dallas rapper I featured a few weeks ago offers another meaningful window into his world, using an inviting approach to present his family-first morals. Lou’s In Transit project drops soon. - The Smoking Section

"Lou Charle$ feat. Miki Rose – “Mama Say” [@LouCharlesTX @J_Rhodes]"

The thing about songs for mothers is that they’re lovable by default. Because we apply it to all of our mothers regardless of who’s mother its actually about. Lou Charle$, he of “Facts Only” and “Rich Kids” fame knows how much his mother sacrificed for him. As his mother’s oldest child, he’s first in line to give her thanks on “mama Say”, a soothing J.Rhodes produced cut where Lou Charle$ can act like every day is Mother’s Day. It’s the second Lou Charle$ / J.Rhodes collab following “Facts Only” and all it serves is another reminder that even teens who want money and the fame can realize where all of the original help and support came from. Stream “Mama Say” below. Charle$’ In Transit EP is coming soon. - Day & A Dream

"Lone Star Sounds"

The past 12 months have been extraordinarily active for North Texas hip-hop acts, and while most of the heat has been focused on artists to the east, don’t sleep on Panther City. There has been and continues to be a steady stream of worthwhile releases flowing out of the 817 — the latest of these being Lou Charle$’ new EP, In Transit (produced, fittingly, at Dallas’ CC Studios by J. Rhodes), which makes a considerable impact in the space of just six tracks. Charle$’ laid-back, inviting style can be deceptive — he favors a gentle, R&B-tinged approach, although he gets plenty wound up on the propulsive RunTelDat — and he deftly weaves in commentary on modern strife (namechecking Ferguson during Mama Say) without upsetting his engaging vibe. - DFW.Com

"Fresh Music: Who Is Lou?, Vol 1 by Lou Charle$"

It’s spring, lots of blossoming new artists in the garden of our hip hop culture – and if music is the sustenance I’m here to feed-lucky for me Lou CharLe$ has arrived is happy to let me feast on his new mixtape dropping 4/24/2014 appropriately titled “Who Is Lou?”.

Most new artists can come across as gimmicky,tentative,adrift in a sea of new faces simply seeking to define themselves-overly egotistical swerving in and out of lanes just doing too too much- Lou CharLe$ is stepping on the scene and holding his own ground. A newbie as a solo act but with no qualms about his place- currently standing in front of the hip hop audience with an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

As we all know in every part of life first impressions are everything.

That said-as I jam his mixtape I busted out the notebook and filled several pages of ramblings… I tend to accumulate random side thoughts as I go through tracks & decipher them to share with you. When I finished my bottle of Chianti… AHEM.. I mean … When I “ran out of paper” I looked over my chicken scratch penmanship which for whatever reason got less legible throughout the evening & realized aside from not knowing about this guy sooner I had nothing negative to say.

I KNOW!!! I was SHOCKED TOO!!!!!

*pause for you to let that simmer

I legit listened AGAIN just to make sure that was my position.

It’s a mixtape.

It’s a new project.

I don’t compare or even hold them to the same standard as I would a seasoned vet –Apples to Oranges.

Is it a Valiant effort?-YES.

Is it redundant? Superficial? Did it commit the number one sin of WASTING MY TIME?????!!!!


Not even just a lil bit.

“Who Is Lou?” Was not a project to ignore. Well-connected flows- THAT’S what I have found here with no sloppy transition in themes and considering the beats he’s chosen are familiar; you aren’t distracted by them –which is saying a lot.

He manages to find his voice and not just make you hear him but actually LISTEN to what he has to say. Vibrant energy is what Lou CharLe$ comes out with SWINGING and he maintains his vibe throughout his project keeping it fun and consistently exceeding his last track.

So.. Who Is Lou? Find out because soon he’ll need no introduction.

Until the next one… - Too Fresh Productions

"The future looks brash for Fort Worth rapper Lou Charle$"

Lou Charle$ is the new stage name of the local hip-hop artist formerly known as J. Quest. This moniker is closer to his real name, which is Lu Wilson, but to several friends and fans from the scene, the personality-laden 22-year-old college student will always be known as the Fresh Prince of Funkytown.

Last year as J. Quest, he released his debut album, the well-received Rehab Is for Quitters. Doing that album was, "me trying to figure out who I was, what my sound was," he said.

This fall, he will release the follow-up, Fish Out of Water. He feels the overall musical quality, done by prolific producer EyeJay, is a definite step up, as is the content. "Now, I'm telling people who I am," he said.

Fish Out of Water is an apt description of the guy who grew up in Houston, Trinidad and Tobago, then Egypt. He defines himself as a "third culture kid," meaning his societal upbringing is different than that of his American parents. A hallmark of polycultural beings is that "they don't feel like they fit in anywhere," he said.

Coming to Fort Worth and Texas Christian University (from which he will receive a degree in communications in December), was a "huge culture shock."

Though Charle$ feels like the odd man out, to an outsider, he looks and acts mostly like a normal college kid. He likes video games, basketball and, more than anything, rap music. He takes his lighthearted, narrative style from his hip-hop idols -- Will Smith, early Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest.

Though Charle$ lives like a normal guy, he transforms into a different character onstage. He gets so wrapped up in the lights and crowds, he sometimes yells at his audiences when they aren't giving him the energy he wants.

His brash attitude, coupled with sometimes wildly inappropriate rants on Twitter, have convinced a few onlookers that Charle$ is "cocky." He says that's not the real story. "I get live, exuberant, but it's all fun," he said.

If he didn't have the rap skills, including the ability to lace verses with warp-speed flows, he probably couldn't pull off his larger-than-life persona. As Rehab proves, Charle$ backs up his big vision with seriously entertaining songs.

Hooks on two of Rehab's best songs, Kool Aid and Bookworm, show how a well-constructed theme can tie together even the most disparate elements of a hip-hop song. And if many of his local contemporaries, like Dru B Shinin', Smoothvega and A-Roy, draw inspiration from the trials in their lives, Charle$ is a pure entertainer.

"There is enough bad sh-- out in the world," he said. "When you put in my CD, you can just be happy."

Settling into a new name and a more personalized style is a good confluence of events for a young man who will soon be out of school and in the working world. He says he will discuss his "dreams and aspirations" in Fish Out of Water, which he promises will be sonically "unique." EyeJay stealthily sampled popular indie-rock loops and gave the record dub-step shadows. Charle$ has been recording vocals at a south side studio belonging to T-Riff and Menace Entertainment, and visitors including Dallas' popular hip-hop group A.Dd+ will be appearing on the album.

Making cameos on others' albums is normal in the rap world, and especially so in the close-knit Fort Worth hip-hop community. Charle$, in the last year, has collaborated with everyone from KillaMC to RLC tha Rod and plans to branch out into working with rock artists. "Once you bring us all together, it's a beautiful thing," he said.

While the 817 rap community is a pretty united front, for some reason, the larger local music world has yet to fully embrace the excellent hip-hop happening in town. The inaugural West Berry Block Party invited 50 stellar bands to play but omitted hip-hop entirely. Another prominent festival gathered 48 of the "best" local groups to play its showcase but only made space for one rap act: Dru B Shinin'.

"That hurts because I love Fort Worth," Charle$ said.

Charle$ has been applying for jobs across the country, but he hasn't made any firm plans for life after graduation. He likes living here because "it just feels like home," he said. He wants to wait and see if the local music movers and shakers can adopt a more inclusive attitude before committing to being a permanent Panther City resident. He's not asking for much in return for his music-making efforts. "I just want to engage the Fort Worth community," he said.

Online: Lou Charle$: www.facebook.com/LouCharlesTx?sk=wall - DFW.com

"In Transit"

Lou CharLe$ is constantly on the move. Whether it’s touring, recording, promoting, or shooting videos, the TCU graduate can’t stay still for too long. His perpetual motion is probably something that was wired into his DNA. The 26-year-old’s passport has more ink than Dennis Rodman.

CharLe$’ father worked in the oil business, and the Fort Worth-based rapper’s family moved wherever his dad’s job took them. He’s lived in New Orleans, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and Cairo, Egypt. His world experience has had an effect on the subject matter of his material.

“I’m able to see the world from different points of view,” he said. “To me, that’s the mark of a good storyteller. That’s also what I think is lacking in hip-hop –– the ability to tell a story in an entertaining way.”

In October, CharLe$ is set to release his fourth recording, and first full-length, In Transit 2, a collection that builds on some of the themes of his 2015 EP, In Transit. He and producer J. Rhodes (The Game, Talib Kweli, Slim Thug) recorded 25 tracks at engineer Jose “Chico” Santiago’s Music in Focus studio in North Fort Worth. CharLe$ is trying to whittle that number down before the album drops.

Fans can get a glimpse of some of the record’s songs on his website (whoisloucharles.com) starting next week. On Tuesday, Aug. 23, he’ll leak the first of three songs (one a week) from In Transit 2, “Hall of Fame,” a track he described in a recent interview as a grind song –– the mission statement for his new release.

“The whole premise of [the EP] In Transit was that I’m on my way to a destination, whether that’s Top 40 greatness or anything like that, I don’t know,” he said. “I’m on this journey trying to find and understand more about myself. That [song] is picking up where In Transit 1 left off.”

The self-acclaimed “rap nerd” started his career while in college working as a manager for the TCU basketball team. He and coworker Kev Nolan formed the critically lauded duo Midway, which he described as party music.

His style and subject matter became more sophisticated after hooking up with acclaimed Dallas producer Justin Rhodes.

“His instrumentals bring out those stories,” CharLe$ said. “I remember one time he sent me a batch of beats, and I thought, ‘Oh my god. I don’t know what to do with these.’ I can’t rap what I normally rap about on these tracks. I can’t rap about a party and a girl over these beats.”

On In Transit, CharLe$ and Rhodes combine for a sound that’s polished, confident, and relaxed. The EP’s motifs unfold over its six tracks. The slick production ranges from jazzy and soulful to driving and frenetic. The new album, CharLe$ said, will be a little more aggressive.

“In Transit 2 is going to surprise some people,” he said. “It’s the same thing with more energy. It’s a little more braggadocios.

“I just wanted it to feel like it’s the second installment in the series,” he continued. “So you’ve got to incorporate elements of the last project while also introducing new sounds, ideas, and ways to keep the storyline going.”

Though CharLe$ is prolific in the studio –– he’s released a mix tape, two EPs, and countless YouTube videos –– he said performing is what he enjoys the most. Engineer Santiago dee-jays the high-energy set and MC WTF Cynikal and Nay Nay the Dancer hype the crowd.

Some of his recent touring was booked through Premier Live Experience, local rapper Smooth Vega’s booking and promotions company. Landing a gig in his hometown has been somewhat challenging for CharLe$, despite the fact that he has opened for national hip-hop giants like Chamillionaire, Immortal Technique, and Joe Budden.

“I feel like for the noteworthy local hip-hop acts in general, it’s difficult to maneuver within this city, unless you’re Smooth Vega,” he said. “It leads a lot of the Fort Worth talent to go up I-30 and play Dallas.”

Though he’s still young, CharLe$ is already one of the more pedigreed rappers on the bourgeoning Fort Worth hip-hop scene: He’s opened for national acts, toured, is working with a prominent producer, and puts a ton of energy into his act.

“I want to do hip-hop for a living,” he said. - Fort Worth Weekly


What A Feeling (2019)
Love On Drugs (2018)
Run It Back (2018)
In Transit 2 (2017)
In Transit (2015)



After spending much of his formative years living abroad (Trinidad & Tobago and Cario, Egypt), Lou CharLe$ finds himself on a different journey. The Texas native, CharLe$ has made a name for himself  with captivating live shows share the stage with likes of G-Eazy, Joyner Lucas, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Cam’Ron. Great music that stands the test of time is always derived from real life and that’s exactly what Lou Charle$ sets out to do -- tell his truth.

In November of 2015 Lou Charle$ stormed on the scene with the release of “In Transit,” a six-song project fully produced by Billboard and Stellar Award winning producer J.Rhodes. Showcasing himself as an artist and a free-thinker with strong yet candid lyricism, “In Transit” carries intensity throughout it’s entirety with varying tones, from darker more ambient sounds to more sonically inviting cuts. The project received praise from several major entertainment publications including, The Smoking Section, Mechanical Dummy, and Hip Hop Weekly. All Hip Hop named Lou Charle$ a Top 25 2015 Underground Hip Hop Artist.

Lou CharLe$ kept the momentum going in 2016, touring regionally with Joe Budden & Jarren Benton as he also returned back to the lab with J.Rhodes to release their follow-up project “In Transit 2” which was once again met with high praise being nominated as “Album of the Year” by the Fort Worth Weekly. He was again recognized by AllHipHop.Com as a Top Underground Artist for 2016 as well as highlighted by the Dallas Observer as one of the Top Rappers To Look Out for in 2017. 

As Lou CharLe$’ artistry continues to grow, he has seen his music reach new heights and broader audiences, which culminated in one of his songs receiving a placement in an episode of Season 12 of CBS’ Criminal Minds. The release of his 2018 singles “Run It Back” and “Love On Drugs” racked up 250,000+  plays on Spotify which translated into his first heading show in Dallas, TX (Ruins) selling out. 

Active in his local community, Lou had the distinct honor of introducing, Betsy Price, the Mayor of Fort Worth at her 2019 Annual Meeting. He was recognized in the Month of February as Visit Fort Worth’s Musician of the Month and was also given the opportunity by the City of Fort Worth to curate his own SXSW event where he showcased the best indie artists in the upcoming Fort Worth Hip-Hop Scene. Lou CharLe$ also partnered with Kia Motors to promote the 2019 Stinger with a commercial spot. All of this momentum snowballed into Lou selling out his annual show “Louapalooza 3” at Main At Southside in Fort Worth, TX. 

The story is still being written for Lou CharLe$, but it is obvious that his electric shows, positive message, and charismatic candor is resonating with a diverse audience causing more and more to ask “Who is Lou?” 

Lou continues to work in the studio on his upcoming release and perform frequently in the Dallas/Fort Worth market as well as other regional cities. 

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