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York, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

York, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Rock Post-punk




"Lyndhurst - I'm Sorry for the Way I Am"

Lyndhurst is a four-piece pop punk/emo band from York PA, and is led by frontman Ed Allison. The rest of the band consists of Kevin Kroushour, Tim Yinger and Mark Caruso. They recently released a single entitled “I'm Sorry For The Way I Am.” They mention: “The single is an emo anthem about realizing sometimes, you're the bad guy. The song was written and recorded entirely by Ed about coming to grips with wanting to be better and not settling for staying the same.”

The song definitely feels like the epitome of emo. There’s a lot of self-reflection, a lot of attention getting better and just a lot of lyrics which go into how he feels. Also similar to a lot of pop punk and emo the lyrics skip poetic language. There’s not too much use of metaphors or analogies in the song and Allison prefers to use straight language so there’s no ambiguity about what he is singing about.

The song starts with some guitar picking and vocals. For the most part Allison is reflecting and lamenting about the current circumstances. It doesn't take too long for drums, bass and additional guitar to up the energy. There’s however a major change in energy about a-minute- and-a-half in where the song simply starts to rock out even more. The song rocks out for a solid minute before simmering down into a melodic breakdown. Allison isn’t done yet and comes back again and rocks out once more.

If you’re a fan of pop-punk or emo in general this song should immediately resonate with you. Allison sticks to the criteria that define the genre. He doesn't experiment with or push it in ways I haven’t heard before but he does nail the aspects which fans of the genre love.

​There’s a video of the song I recommend watching. The production value is really great. I have to admit I was wondering where the rest of the band was. Allison is the only one in the video and actually jumps around to different instruments. Regardless, it's still worthy of a watch and a listen. Recommended. - Divide and Conquer


I'm Sorry for the Way I Am (2021)

1. I'm Sorry for the Way I Am

Messy (2022)

1. Messy
2. I'm Sorry for the Way I Am

Between the Here and Everywhere (2022)

1. Drugpression
2. Stormy Weather
3. Silver Linings (Down the Drain)
4. Jaded
5. The One I Can Live Without
6. I'm Sorry for the Way I Am
7. Messy
8. Broken
9. Cannonballs
10. The Current
11. Nothing at All
12. All These Things I'll Never Get to Say
13. Song for Catharsis



“I’ll tread on this indigo ocean, let the current pull me in, and learn to swim again”

These lyrics paint the picture of Lyndhurst’s colorful blend of millennial cynicism and determined optimism that permeate throughout their music and their lives.

Lyndhurst is a four piece pop punk/emo band from York PA, and is the brainchild of frontman Ed Allison. Lyndhurst creates high energy, catchy, and relatable pop punk music that wears its influences and its originality as badges of honor. Set for release in 2021, their debut record tells stories of heartbreak, friendship, inner demons, and breaking free.

Ed Allison || Kevin Kroushour || Tim Yinger || Mark Caruso

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