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Pittsburgh, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Pittsburgh, PA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Soul




"Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution Breathe Life Into Soul-R&B Fusion with New EP, “Rhapsodize Me”"

“Rhapsodize Me” was released on January 14th, and the five-track record displays a masterful blend of old-school and new-school; of soul and R&B; of instrumental prowess and dynamic vocals. It’s energetic, captivating, and just plain fun.
If you’ve been looking for a companion act to The Commonheart, look no further. LSSD has more straightforward R&B influences, but between their powerhouse lead vocalist, appealing blend of rock and brass instruments, and bigger-than-average band size that still comes together seamlessly, the similarities are evident. This extends to the staggering talent present in both groups. The energy espoused by Lyndsey Smith is incredible. Her passion is obvious, bringing electricity to each track’s honest, clever lyrics, and her range is particularly impressive. Not to downplay the talent of the instrumentalists: the rhythms, riffs, and transitions they handle are often fast and/or complex, but played through perfectly. Everyone involved sounds like they’re enjoying themselves, and that enthusiasm is contagious. In short, “Rhapsodize Me” is an excellent reminder of the relevance and vitality of soul as a genre, in a time where its most well-known artists tend to be from decades past.
The band consists of Lyndsey Smith on lead vocals, Spencer Geer and Ben Sherman on guitar, Luke Daller on bass, Jules Coulson on drums, Ross Anotnich on supplemental percussion, Collin Binko on saxophone, Joe Badaczewski on trumpet, and Stacey Price and Markila Brown on back-up vocals.
The EP kicks off on a lively note with the first track, “Keep On Movin’.” A high-energy brass section brings us in before Smith’s smooth vocals start up, singing “Tonight’s the night we get to party/Just let that rhythm guide you through/And as the sun begins to set into the sky/With the energy to move.” The chorus urges you to “Get on up and dance, don’t you stop now,” an encouragement that’s also reflected in the fast-paced, cymbal-heavy percussion. Smith’s voice steadily gains in power and occasionally veers into jazz scatting, accompanied by in-between sections of distorted guitar. These touches make the song more free-wheeling as it progresses, creating a raw, intimate vibe, but it never goes off the rails. The unexpected drop into a lower key towards song’s end works especially well. This is a solid introduction that gives you a taste of what each member can do, and gets you ready for more.
Things get swankier with the title track, “Rhapsodize Me.” Warbly keys, slower funky drums (along with a shaker), and an audible heartbeat-like bass line lead into a standalone brass riff, all before Smith asks the first question: “Can you feel it?” The answer (of course) is yes. The band’s sharp instincts for layering their multitude of sounds, and their embrace of unconventional melodies and transitions, make for something incredibly intoxicating and cool. Once again, the energy gradually grows throughout—a funky syncopated drum riff here, an addition of brass to the second verse there—until finally, after the second chorus, the subdued minor-chord-heavy sound transitions to something fuller, with multiple vocal layers, and predominately major. Coming back down just a bit for the outro, these shifts are an excellent example of LSSD’s bold creativity.
“Can’t Resist It” blends that cool swagger with a more straightforward, upbeat sound. This fits the song’s subject matter. Here, Smith is singing honestly about happy, exciting, passionate love: “The morning after/still feels like the time we met/filled with such excitement/I’m looking forward to the time we spend.” The sax, trumpet, and vocals are the most prominent sounds here, and their occasional syncopated pausing keeps things rhythmically interesting. The sentiments Smith expresses in the prechorus—“I see you’re tryin’ to keep your cool/The heat is getting to me too”—are reflected musically in the song’s progressively increasing power. After a brief talking section in the bridge (in which guitar riffs pop up intermittently), the chorus replays with ever-higher and more powerful vocals, as well as fuller, funkier instrumentals. This song captures the intensity of strong, multifaceted, reciprocated romance—and is catchy as hell on top of that.
“Where Do We Go From Here” picks up the pace even more, with inventive rhythms, cheery brass riffs, and Smith’s vocals showcasing both the highs and lows of her range. The lyrics describe the paralyzing uncertainty of a stalled relationship: “I can’t understand why, your love went away/I just have one question/Where do we go from here?” The additional percussion played by Anotnici provides great texture to fast drums, as do periodic appearances of guitar and synth. It’s cool and surprising to have a vivacious and rhythmically dynamic song address such emotional paralysis. What makes it work are the unconventional melodic patterns of Smith’s vocals throughout the track—they reflect the confusion and ambiguity of the situation described by the lyrics. This is a song full of smart and interesting moves (as well as being my personal favorite.)
“His Song” concludes the record with a softer, prettier, chilled-out vibe, another creative risk that pays off. Stripped down instrumentals (during which Daller’s bass takes the lead) pair nicely with light, floating vocals and poetic lyrics: “Blue skies, soft against my face/Oh, a simple song/A place to call my own.” Slowly, however, the song grows in intensity. Elements such as the increasing presence of guitar and brass and the addition of backup vocals build upon each other, until the number becomes full-out celebratory gospel, down to its recurring line: “Freedom, and peace of mind.” Other highlights include an unexpected synth solo three minutes in and the increasingly wild but well-controlled vocal improvisations from Smith. This track demonstrates their versatility, as well as their heart.
Suffice to say, this is a creative EP that balances passion with precision and bursts with undeniable talent. Lyndsey Smith and the Soul Distribution is absolutely a band to keep your eye on and pay attention to.
You can find “Rhapsodize Me” on all electronic music platforms, including their Bandcamp page. Follow along with them on Facebook, Instagram (@souldistribution), and on their website to make sure you don’t miss their next show. - Sound Scene Express

"Local Scene in music: Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution"

When Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution play “Keep On Movin,’” the single from their debut EP, “Rhapsodize Me,” it will be almost impossible to keep still.

The Pittsburgh R&B/soul band plans to demonstrate that unstoppable groove at the release show Saturday at James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy on the North Side.

At the mic is a New Jersey native, inspired by Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston, who moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 and hit the clubs with Vanilla Funk.

She went on to form Soul Distribution in 2011, doing a mix of classics, contemporary soul/R&B and originals. The band has played First Night Pittsburgh and before- or after-parties for Nicki Minaj and Patti LaBelle shows, and opened for Damien Escobar​​ and Mint Condition​.

In addition to performing, Ms. Smith is a performing arts teacher at Propel Andrew Street High School and a vocal coach for developing singers and entertainers.

The show is at 8 p.m. with The Bill Henry Band and Byron Nash + Plan B. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Pittsburgh’s Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution deliver a new EP"

Soul music has been a means of empowerment for its artists and listeners since its inception six decades ago. That empowerment often comes through sharing the pain and adversity of life through performance.

That’s definitely how it works for Pittsburgh’s Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution, whose music implores listeners to stay motivated, stay strong and “Keep On Movin’.”

“Everything we write comes from a place of finding inner strength and sometimes letting yourself go, so that you can come to a place of happiness or peace,” says Smith, the band’s lead vocalist. “Sometimes you have to lose control a little bit in order to find that order and find that place of peace.”

The single “Keep on Movin’,” off the upcoming EP Rhapsodize Me, opens with a driving drum beat and horn section playing sharply concise notes in quick succession; Smith’s carrying vocals kick in a few measures into the joint. The song plays on its title, often stopping for an instant and bringing it all back to full strength a note later.

Smith attributes her strength as a person and as a singer to being a survivor of both domestic violence and a brain tumor. “Both of those elements, I had fought them for a while, and now I use them kind of as my motivation to push through,” she says. “It’s also the grit and the gravel behind my voice. It comes from a place of understanding and identifying with that pain.

“Whenever you hear a really, really hard line, that’s usually the mental space I use to inspire bringing it home.”

Now in her 10th year performing, Smith is raising four sons, working as a performing-arts teacher and vocal coach, and still finds time to get up on stage and belt out a set with Soul Distribution. Expect a dynamic lineup of tracks on Rhapsodize Me, with tones ranging from sensual to inspiring. As Smith puts it, it is an album that is “truly soul.”

“I was literally raised on soul music,” she says. “I was just constantly singing, period. I used to walk through the house, and everyone would tell me I didn’t go anywhere without singing. They used to have to tell me to shut up. All the time. All I used to do is sing.”

After five years of performing with Soul Distribution, Smith says she intends to take the band national. “I think the best feeling is knowing when you go to another city, there’s nobody that really knows you,” Smith says. “They haven’t seen you before. They don’t know what you do. When you’re able to change their minds, or even just stun them and shock them to the point that they start following you and telling other people about you, it is the absolute best feeling ever.” - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Featured Artist: Lyndsey Smith"

Through a partnership with Reverbnation, Unheard Voices has the chance to find upcoming artists who are not only cultivating their way through the music industry but making a difference while doing it. In an industry that is so rough our goal is to find talented artists that often go under represented in an industry that praises mainstream success. This month we would like to introduce Lyndsey Smith & The Soul Distribution. Lyndsey Smith immediately caught my attention when I seen her submission. It wasn’t only because of her unique sound but because we’ve crossed paths before. As a child and teenager, I was a member of Second Baptist Church of Long Branch youth choir. I remember Lyndsey when she came to the church and joined the choir. It was her first choir practice with the group and the choir director was looking for a soloist for the song”How Excellent”. The person who normally would sing the solo wasn’t there and I remember Lyndsey, the newcomer, volunteering to sing the solo. Not many knew what to expect, especially for those who didn’t know her. When she opened her mouth, the blessings in her voice showed me she had something special. Even as a teenager I knew that and said to myself that Lyndsey should definitely pursue a singing career. So it was a pleasant surprise to see her pursuing her dreams, and not only that but has a beautiful band behind her as well that is dominating the Pittsburgh music scene. Lyndsey Smith sings R&B, Jazz and Soul with a voice that truly comes from pain and triumph. This Jersey Shore native credits artist like Anita Baker, Chaka Kahn, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, EWF, Michael Jackson, but mostly her musical idol, Ella Fitzgerald. US Immigration Services - USCIS Application Forms Online Prepare Your US Citizenship or Green Card Applications Online. Easy To Prepare & Complete Immigration Applications. Get Started Now! Although her passion for singing began at the age of 3, she truly got a feel of performing in the front of people while singing in church choirs. She looked to one of her closest relatives, Susan Clark, who was a prominent ’90s dance-music singer, as an example on how to succeed in this industry. In high school she was apart of every musical group possible, including All-Shore Chorus, 4 school musicals, an Acapella Choir and the school’s Mass Chorus. She had a very brief stint with opera, but found that her niche was to sing jazz, gospel R&B and soul. Lydnsey attended college at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she became the lead vocalist for the school’s jazz band. With the band, they traveled to many locations to perform. It was there that she was dubbed as the “God-Daughter of Soul”. Which is a name that has stuck with her ever since. In 2011, her current band Soul Distribution was formed by her manager, B. Michael Smith. The band has seen some change of musicians, but the current line-up seems to be the truly magical combination with the multi-talented musician CJ Young on drums, the cool-chill Luke Daller on bass, the energetically talented James Rushin on keyboard, smooth guitarist Spencer Geer, Collin Binko and Joe Badz on brass, eclectic Big Ross on percussion and Lyndsey’s right-hand women Stacey Price and Kiki Brown as back-up vocals. Collectively, Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution have been bringing music to the souls of music lovers for the past 5 years and have been gaining loyal fans on a regional, national and international level. LSSD’s Rock’N’Soul style gives their shows high energy and they know that their fans aren’t just there as a formality, they are there as part of the show! They were recently nominated in 4 categories in the *Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards* for Best R&B Artist/Band, Best Neo-Soul Artist, Best R&B Single (Can’t Resist It), Best Group and have received awards for *”Strong Vocal Performance”* from They perform regularly at regional venues including The Rivers Casino, Hard Rock Cafe, Club Cafe, Nola on the Square, Southside Works Exposed , etc. but are expand their wings and eventually go national. . For unsigned artists, they are in the Top 10 for all genres in the Pittsburgh region, as well as *Top 100 in R&B/Soul nationally and globally* ( Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution have performed their original music on nationally broadcasted TV for the CW Network (CBS/Time Warner) and have their music in rotation on several internet radio, college radio and terrestrial Florida radio stations. They *won the 2015 Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands in Pittsburgh* and have opened for national acts including Space Capone, Caroline Smith and the legendary funk band Tower of Power. Lyndsey Smith & The Soul Distribution are well on their well. Get to know more about Lyndsey & the band below and see why they are this month’s featured artist. UV: When did you fall in love with music? LSSD: I fell in love with music from the moment I heard my first beat. I come from a family of musicians, so music was always a part of the atmosphere. I don’t know how to function without it. UV:How long have you been creating and performing music? LSSD: I have been singing since the age of 3. Making intricate melodies was always something I just did, but at the time I didn’t realize that was what I was doing. I was just “Diddying”. UV: How would you describe your music? LSSD: I make music for the growing and grown soul. Our music takes you to a place in time where music pulled at your soul’s strings. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster all the while making your ears and soul smile. UV: Tell us a brief history on the band. LS: Our band got its youngest start here in Pittsburgh about 7 years ago with a band called “Vanilla Phunk”. We had the same idea conceptually. After a marriage and a little boy, I decided to get the band back together. So a few members changed but the music had gotten so much more mature. We had all grown musically. Now we are 11 members in, and we call ourselves “Soul Distribution”. That name is so characteristic of what we do. Like Us On Facebook UV:What artists have the greatest musical influences on you and your music? LSSD: I personally pull from artists like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott, and Chaka Khan for my musical inspiration. As far as the band, we really identify stylistically with older acts like “Earth Wind and Fire”, “Chicago”, “Stevie Wonder” and newer acts like Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, “Dirty Loops”, “Lettuce” and “Hiatus Kaiyote”. UV: What advice do you have for other indie artists trying to succeed? LSSD: Stay true to your sound. The world will always have an opinion on what you should do or sound like. There are entirely too many people who are trying to fit into one bubble. Legends are made by simply successfully doing things their own way. Music is about taking a chance and staying true to your own form of self-expression. UV: What is the hardest challenge you have encountered with building your fan base? LSSD: In Pittsburgh, we are creating a musical market that seems to have been forgotten. Soul music is something that hasn’t been in the forefront of people’s minds in this city. We live in a city that loves Rock, Country, and Rap. The hard work comes in where we have to create a market where there isn’t one. UV: How in tune are you with your fans? LS: LSSD is in constant contact with our fans. Either by social media, ReverbNation, our website, or even making a concerted to know as many of our fans by their first name as possible, we work really hard at keeping in contact with all of you! UV: Has anyone ever given you negative feedback on your music, if so how did you react to it? LSSD: We have gotten some negative feedback before. The biggest thing is.. I am a “For Real” vocalist. I am powerful, dynamic, in your face, and in your soul. I sing from a place of pain. And I am loud. Our band is a live band. Our band has a live sound. Not taking anything away from other artists at all, but we are too loud for dinnertime music. We are too live for cocktail conversation. That is the biggest critique we get. It’s rare, but it happens. 10. How important and how difficult is it to support your career with your own funding? With a band as large as LSSD, it is often times difficult to find funding for EVERYTHING. Of course we would love to stay independent and work out our own funding. That means we would be able to keep most everything of what we produce, but the honest fact is that we are not shying or turning away from the idea of label representation and or seeking help from other resources. UV: To date, what has been your best performance? When was it, where was it and why is it your best performance? LSSD: My personal best was 2 years ago at the “Rivers Casino” here in Pittsburgh. I had to perform a fan favorite cover of “Dirty Diana”. I don’t know what happened or what took over. All I know was I was down in the audience cutting up. When I was finished there was not one member of the audience seated. For my band, it would have to be this year in April. We performed at our local Hard Rock Café’s “Hard Rock Rising” competition (which started with 87 bands) and we SLAYED, winning the final round here in Pittsburgh! It was really amazing performing a set of mostly original music and having an audience respond the way they did. We won that competition. UV: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? LSSD: We will hopefully be a household name. We love Pittsburgh, but in the next 5 years it will be our mission to bring the entire world a huge dose of soul! UV: Do you have any upcoming shows? LSSD: We are excited to be performing for Live Nation during the Nicki Minaj concert coming here on August 8, 2015. We’re always performing in various locations around the Pittsburgh region, but what we’d like to do is find the right booking agent so that we can go on a national tour for 2016. Please keep an eye out for dates as they are constantly being added to our ReverbNation. UV: What` current projects do you have out or forthcoming projects in progress? LSSD: We are writing like crazy people right now. LSSD is hoping to have our first album written and recorded for you guys in September. Please stay tuned for details. UV: In closing, I would like you to leave the Unheard Voices readers words of encouragement and inspiration, especially for those pursuing a career in music and entertainment. LSSD: Always, always, ALWAYS stay true to you! Whatever your sound is or your words are, know there is always going to be someone out there that is listening and will relate. Be known for simply being you!

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"Soul Show: Lyndsey Smith"

“I heard Lyndsey opening for Tower Of Power last year, and she made enough of a personal impression to make me track down her manager in the crowd. If "When My Baby's Gone" is an indication of the upcoming EP's material, I'm excited for Lyndsey and the band: solid vocals, solid organic instrumentation without the all-too-common electronica that all too often crowd the acoustic space, good arrangement. Looking forward to hearing and playing more!”
--Mike Canton, Radio Host for The Soul Show - WYEP-FM, Pittsburgh PA

"Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution: Bringing true Soul back to Pittsburgh"

Jersey Shore is known as home base for the cast members of the 2009-2012 MTV Reality Show in which the namesake was presented. But, many are just beginning to know Jersey Shore as being home to yet another talented star on the rise. With a style influenced by the cultures of the Roaring 20s, the Soulful 60s, the Glam Rock of the 80s and the Smooth Grooves of the 90s, Lyndsey Smith steps on the scene with class, sophistication and a vocal range that will blow away any audience with intense force, leaving goosebumps down your spine and back again!

Three days before SweetNote Entertainment's Rock'N'Soul Christmas Show, AXS met with B. Michael Smith to speak about Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution to find out who LSSD is, what they have done and where they plan to go. This band is nothing but pure ear candy and a great inspiration to the many up and coming bands all over the Globe.

You see, Lyndsey Smith got her start in the church, as do many talented acts. But unlike many of those acts, at the age of three, she was given the chance to shine in front of full congregations and leaving her onlookers in awe of her passion and abilities at such a young age. She may have gotten her start in gospel choirs, but her calling lead her to other realms of the Music World. Having been classically trained and aspired to the arts of Opera, Soul and Jazz, she became crowned “The Goddaughter of Soul” by her loyal Baltimore fans and continue to evolve her personal style and vocal abilities through them. Naturally, she is a strong, powerful Alto that can blow harder than the winds of a Florida hurricane, but she has the abilities to hit well above and well below her natural vocal range.

The complete package -- talent, skill and showmanship -- Lyndsey, with her band Soul Distribution, has been known to “pack houses” to the maximum of fire codes and ordinances. Together, they bring a very soulful show to audiences, notorious for infusing funky bass lines, dynamic rhythms, and harmonized back up vocals to match amazing leads that compare to our legendary Jazz and Soul favorites, such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Her ability to hit chakras with her soulful punches and rockstar grit allows the band to have fun while playing hard, promoting true musicianship that has been long lost and forgotten by many of our contemporaries.

Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution is a ten-piece band with some of the best musicians in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan and surrounding Tri-State regions… if not amongst the best, Nationally. This group was built with the influences and dynamics of Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament/Funkadelic, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in mind. Each member works collaboratively, as a group, writing lyrics yet leaving the bass player, Beni Rossman, and drummer, CJ Young, to most of the composing. Lyndsey then adds her vocal arrangements, and the rest falls into place skillfully and admirably like the influential, Improvisational Jazz that added to molding of Lyndsey’s vocal abilities.

The group, itself, has quite an interesting story. They didn’t get together because they were long time friends. On the contrary, they became family due to the chemistry built through the love and passion of music and the processes of creation. It wasn’t until Lyndsey’s oldest son was diagnosed with Autism, actually, that she moved to the City of Pittsburgh to seek support and medical opportunity in aiding to his advancement with his unfortunate disease. Pittsburgh is home to some of the best Children’s facilities in the Nation. This motivated Lyndsey to relocate to the Steel City and start a new life for her family.

In 2008, Production and Artist Manager, B. Michael Smith had been in the process of creating a Production Company with collegauges, Matthew Knochel and David Hawkins. It became known as Kaos Theory. It was then that B. Michael met Lyndsey, and history had been set in motion. Through Kaos Theory, now a subsidiary of SweetNote Entertainment, B. Michael’s empire-in-the-making, a 7-piece band was started for Lyndsey, entitled Vanilla Phunk, which became the predecessor for LSSD, the band which now tours and records with Lyndsey on a regular basis. Two of the original members, Max Snyder and Stacey Randolph, have remained strong and influential members of the latter Soul Distribution. It was this year that Lyndsey Smith was crowned the “2008 Pittsburgh Idol” winner. However, unsustainable at a time when Lyndsey and B. Michael were expecting a child, the group disbanded, taking a break from the magic that would soon come to be.

In 2011, SweetNote Entertainment arose with the birth of a brand new, private studio that would be the launching pad for Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution with literal “in-house” recording, allowing for creative freedoms without the restraint of time and pressure from outsiders. LSSD became the first group under the label. Through the creation of LSSD, Lyndsey and B.Michael were adamant on the topic of non-usage of backing tracks, by bringing a higher caliber of live music, previously non existent in the Pittsburgh Area for some time. This mission led to a 2011 Battle of the Bands, presented by Drusky Entertainment, grand prize win against 14 other top regional acts and a “Strong Performance Award” from

Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution was initially created with the inclusion of the one of the former members of Vanilla Phunk, adding a second and third member who was scouted out via Online classified ads and a previous acquaintance of B. Michael Smith. A 3-piece backing band was underway for Lyndsey Smith’s Soul Distribution. This was only the beginning, creating a new genre of Rock’N’Soul music, bringing the music to the soul of their audience and giving the World what they need!

As the group evolved, B. Michael began adding more members, including a second member of the predeceasing Vanilla Phunk band. Some of the new members came from Online classifieds, others came from mass auditions. B. Michael Smith was in search of not just talent, he sought out those of raw and unadulterated quality with skills and personality to compliment the essence of the group that was now LSSD. Cancers were removed in the process, as the group's style and persona also evolved. Networking in the local areas through gigs and live shows, a few more members were added to the roster; and the group, aged 22 to 46, has been steady rocking with ten members ever since.

According to B. Michael Smith, “ Each member brings skill sets to the table beyond the music and behind the scenes. Experience with songwriting, marketing, public relations, music composition, production, sound engineering, arranging choreography and business… It makes my job much easier when they have the experience to understand the moves that I make as their manager, and it helps me to relate to them and their abilities and goals.” Not only has Lyndsey Smith worked with House Music Producer, Romy Faget, of France; but the group, in whole, has also shared the bill with quite a few National acts, including up-and-coming band, Space Capone, and the legendary Funk band, Tower of Power.

In 2013, Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution released a short EP, highlighting some of LSSD’s most accomplished works. This album consisted of nothing but original music. They are currently working to complete their first full album, which will be released in 2015. In early 2014, LSSD was nominated for the “Best Group,” “Best R&B Single,” “Best R&B Artist” and “Best Neo-Soul Artist” awards at the 2014 Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards showcase.

Recently, the group has been gaining increased National notoriety through supporters of the band. An award-winning production company, Dakota P. Productions (DPP), has revived The Upbeat Dancer Show. the weekly televised variety dance show based on the hit television variety show from the 60's and 70's, UPBEAT, for the CW Network (CBS/Warner Bros.). They have been including independent and major music acts from all over the United States. In December of 2014, The Upbeat Dancer Show filmed an episode at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. The Hard Rock Corporation insisted on having Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution included into the show. It was a hit! LSSD performed two of their original and intensely soulful originals, “Ball & Chain” and “Can’t Resist It” for the taping set for broadcast on December 20, 2014.

When not hanging out in jam sessions or performing live, LSSD likes to go to “Sing Sing,” “Club Cafe,” “Lava Lounge,” “Rivers Casino,” “Latitude 40” and a few other live music venues in the city. They continuously tour the Pennsylvania/Ohio regions, that call for their presence, including Hard Rock locations, regional casinos and summer music festivals. They have been involved in several charitable causes and fundraisers and have been a major part of The Annual Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show, presented by SweetNote Entertainment, for the last four years. The Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show benefits Toys for Tots and the Toys for Tots Foundation to bring a night of networking to musicians and businesses in the area, while collecting toys and donations for children during the holidays.

Plans for 2015 include the release of a full studio debut album and collaborations with great companies and organizations, such as Love360 Connections, Shorty Produkshins, Playas Mob Radio, The Palermo Heart to Heart Foundation and The Delta Foundation, just to name a few.

In keeping with changing technologies, Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution can be found on sites like ReverbNation,, Facebook and Twitter. The group also has a mobile application and official site that fans can stay up-to-date with breaking news relating to the group and its members. Fans are also encouraged to reach out to the group at 732-LYN-SOUL, while business inquiry should be limited to SweetNote, directly. -

"Soul Show: Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution"

"First time I put them on I was hooked!... It takes a lot for anyone from Baltimore to give anyone from the Steel City a little bit of credit, but these guys rock!!" - KCRO Radio Lite, Baltimore MD

"Artist Review -- Lyndsey Smith"

“Smith's voice is like food for the soul. If her voice doesn't give you the chills at least once, you might want to check your pulse. The band is great and that is much more than my opinion, it's a fact!” - Soul Pitt Magazine/Ron Fisher

"R&B Night: Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution"

“The smoothest sound around! Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution bring their own signature R&B sound. Influenced by Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, Lyndsey Smith brings some new flavors to Neo-Soul. The large ensemble has the ability to create soundscapes and tonal textures that provide the perfect support for Lyndsey Smith’s powerful vocals. Keep an eye out for Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution coming to a city or festival near you, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of their new EP titled “Rhapsodize Me.”” - Music Box Supper Club, Cleveland OH


“Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution, who’ll be bringing their own signature sounds to the party. The sultry R&B outfit has been feeding the souls of music lovers far and wide for nearly half a decade, making their mark on both the PGH underground scene, and on a national level. Soul Distribution’s front runner and lead vocalist is Pittsburgh transplant, Lyndsey Smith, who taps into musical influences like Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald in her songwriting and live performances. You won’t want to miss this proper mashup of East Coast funk and soul.” -


Still working on that hot first release.



Lyndsey Smith  has been performing in national concerts​ frequently for the past 5 years. Lyndsey was​ the feature entertainment for the the Live Nation VIP party for Nicki Minaj's concert at the First Niagara Pavilion, has opened for Emmy-Award winning musician Damien Escobar by his request and internationally known Grammy-nominated R&B band Mint ConditionLyndsey​ has​​ been specially requested to perform the tribute medley for award-winning Director Michael Schultz's lifetime achievement award ceremony and​ shared the night with Patti Labelle's outdoor concert​ at Meadows Casino's​ after-party ​inside the casino after the show.​​2016/2017 has been a pivotal year so far for LSSD. They've entered a sponsorship with guitar string and accessories company Ernie Ball and​ guitar efx company​ Walrus Audio and released their new EP "Rhapsodize Me" with cutting-edge studio Red Camien Media.
​Lyndsey was just recently featured in Unheard Voices Magazine.​ LSSD is featured in the premiere issue of The Elite Pittsburgh Magazine, ​has been remarked as "Pittsburgh's hidden sensation" by Steel City Entertainment Magazine and ​were Critics' Pick for the Pittsburgh City Paper for the 2015 New Year

It's noted that she "possess the "it factor" by 
POPgh Magazine and is "pure ear candy" by national music and entertainment news source ​Lyndsey was recently nominated in 4 categories in the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards for Best R&B Artist/Band, Best Neo-Soul Artist, Best R&B Single (Can't Resist It), Best Group as well has received awards for "Strong Vocal Performance" from​​
Lyndsey Smith has performed her music on nationally broadcasted TV for the CW Network (CBS/Time Warner) and have their music in rotation on several internet radio, college radio and terrestrial Florida radio stations. Lyndsey Smith, and her backing band Soul Distribution, won the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands in Pittsburgh against 87 other bands in 2015​ and have shared ​the bills​ with national acts including Space Capone, Caroline Smith, The Suffers​ and legendary funk band Tower of Power. ​
Upcoming, LSSD will be sharing national dates with award-winning artists Damien Escobar, Jonathan Butler and more.

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