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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
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"Pioneer Records Artist, Musical Theatre Alumnus Places Second in International Songwriting Competition"



"Wadsworth rocker was a busker in New York City and now a Rocker in Residence at Rock Hall"

There's a bit of Wadsworth every time Gabe Reed — aka M.O.O.K.Y. — takes the stage.

Growing up in the Medina County community, the 2014 Wadsworth High School graduate said he tried sports but quickly found out he pretty much "sucked" at every one he tried. He did discover a love of music that led to him to go off to Pittsburgh to study it in college.

These days he has a steady gig as one of three Resident Rockers at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

But things weren't always so easy with a steady gig for the aspiring singer and songwriter.

After performing in clubs in and around Akron, Reed said, he packed his few belongings and set off to chase his dreams in New York City.
Among the things he brought along were the remnants of a dusty old scarecrow from his grandfather's farm that he and his buddies dubbed the Mook because it was sad and so beaten up.

Reed said he worked as a busker playing and singing in the subways and streets of New York and would set up the scarecrow as a prop and a trope for a guy down on his luck.

"Mooky has been with me since the beginning. I guess like him I felt a bit like a loser too," the 25-year-old said. "I'm chasing a dream most people think is hopeless."

Life wasn't easy when he first arrived in New York.

Reed said he helped out a woman who walked and cared for dogs. She let him sleep in the kennel area for free.

"I slept with the dogs laying all over me," he said. "Man it smelled bad."

But he soon began earning more and more tips playing and taking requests in the subway and was able to afford a "crappy small" apartment.

On a good weekend, Reed said, he could earn up to $200 bucks in tips in a single night.

It was on the streets, he said, he learned quickly to be able to play just about any song imaginable to earn extra tips on his simple guitar with a little backup help from his computer and ol' Mook.

The most popular request was Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey."

"I don't know why, but everyone requests that song," he said. "Then there's (expletive) 'Free Bird.'"

Reed describes his music as "anti-pop," with influences from artists like Mac Miller, Prince and Jeff Buckley, that blends alternative rock and hip-hop.

He eventually landed a few gigs at bigger New York clubs, but just as things were looking up the pandemic hit.

The subways were empty of riders, so Reed moved back to Northeast Ohio to be closer to family, including parents Matt and Shelli Reed who own The Sub Station in downtown Wadsworth, and figure what to do next.

He's back playing and pursuing his career thanks to the program at the Rock Hall that helps support aspiring musicians financially and professionally.

He is one of three "rockers" who perform live both inside before paying guests and free in the plaza outside of the Rock Hall on Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays.

Reed said he and the other Rockers in Residence, Sarah Bailey and Marcus Smith, have collaborated on a song that will be performed Aug. 21 as the summer in residence comes to an end.

Reed hopes the end of summer is just the beginning as he plans to release a yet-to-be-named album to join his other music on iTunes and Spotify.

As part of the residency program, which is in its second year, Reed has access to a studio to work on his music along with promotional and marketing expertise from the likes of Rolling Stone magazine and music producers in Nashville, Tennessee.

"What a cool opportunity, man," he said. "I've got to meet so many incredible people."

With so many resources at hand, Reed said, it's hard at times to be willing to accept the help after years of busking alone to make ends meet.

But he doesn't want to end up just another insignificant mook when there's music still to be made and sung."Music is a weapon and a war against unhappiness."

Craig Webb can be reached at cwebb@thebeaconjournal.com. - CRAIG WEBB

"Meet the "Resident Rockers" helping to grow Northeast Ohio's music scene"

CLEVELAND — The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Resident Rocker program, presented by the Kulas Foundation, is a summer long residency that gives a local musicians industry training, networking, and performance opportunities. Now it it's second year, the program aims to help support local talent succeed in the ultra-competitive music industry.

"So here at the Rock Hall, we obviously are all about the history of music and rock and roll. But the thing that we have to remember to never forget is also talking about where it's going," said Kathryn Clusman, Manager of Community and Family Programs. "The program itself is really going to be an asset for the music industry as a whole, but specifically artists."

And this year's resident rockers represent diverse sounds. From Marcus Smith - a self-described multi-instrumentalist rapper-singer, to Sarah Bailey, a pop singer-songwriter who is self-produced, and Game Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y., an eclectic artist who bends together, modern hip hop, post punk and pop music.

And though these rockers already have plenty of experience under their belts, the residency is also teaching them new skills as well.

"It's funny because I was almost done with music, but this summer has just sparked that creativity again," Smith said.

For Bailey, networking opportunities have made the difference.

"You're just meeting so many people," she said. "You're meeting all of the Rock Hall staff, but you're also meeting so many industry professionals in Cleveland and even other cities."

And the chance to play on the Rock Hall's famous stages doesn't hurt either.

"Playing at the Rock Hall, in general's pretty a surreal feeling," M.O.O.K.Y. said. "You know, the same stages that a Taylor Swift is played on. I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to work with such great people."

Clusman says, the program is catered specifically to develop homegrown talent.

"So many people think of other cities when they think of, you know, growing the music industry or where to go to get big, oh, we're going to go to Nashville. We're going to go to New York. Um, but I think we really want to be one of the contributors to making Cleveland a great city for current music as well."

With this summer's residency, wrapping up the hunt for next year's rockers will begin soon, but it's 2020 ones. Artists look towards the residencies end and all have future projects on the way their advice to future potential cohorts is invaluable.

"If you're applying for this program, be yourself be original," Smith advised. M.O.O.K.Y. agrees.

"I think you need to be as unique as possible," he said. "I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to change the way I write."

And Bailey says, she looks back on her experience with no regrets.

"It was the best thing I think I've ever done in my whole entire life was coming here and I never want to leave," she said. "So I can just tell every artist, just do it, take that leap and invest in yourself and believe in yourself." - Chris Webb


Beginning today, catch up-and-coming artists Sarah Bailey, Gabe Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y., and Damon “Marcus” Smith during Lunch By The Lake on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-2 p.m.

Sample music from this year’s Resident Rockers here

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Resident Rocker program presented by the Kulas Foundation returns this summer providing support for emerging Northeast Ohio artists at a crucial moment in their careers.

Drawing from Northeast Ohio, this year’s Resident Rockers are rising pop star powerhouse Sarah Bailey, emerging singer, songwriter, and producer Gabe Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y., and standout multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and singer Marcus Smith. Check out a sampling of music from this years Resident Rockers on the Rock Hall’s Spotify channel (click here).

“We’re excited for the return of the program and grateful for the Kulas Foundation’s support,” said Greg Harris, President and CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. “Music is the heartbeat of Northeast Ohio and we want to give developing artists the resources and access to opportunities that will take them to the next step in their careers.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Kulas Foundation have collaborated on many exciting events and programs over the years. As Nancy w. McCann, President of the Kulas Foundation says, “What would the world be without music and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?”

The Resident Rockers Program, now in its second year, is made possible through the generous support of the Kulas Foundation. The program is a partnership between the Rock Hall and the Kulas Foundation that demonstrates their shared commitment to promoting local musicians, inspiring new musical passions, and growing the influence of contemporary music in Northeast Ohio.

Throughout the summer, the Rock Hall works with each Resident Rocker to develop long-term, customized plans tailored to their vision and needs. The artists have the opportunity to advance as songwriters, improve their stage presence, learn about the music industry, and gain valuable hands-on marketing experience learning from the Rock Hall’s professional staff and industry experts.

You can catch the Resident Rockers as they perform free live sets, performing new music and enhancing their skills, during the Rock Hall’s Lunch By The Lake series on its plaza on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST. The series kicks off today, July 1, featuring Marcus Smith.

The program debuted in 2020 showcasing the incredible power of music to bring people together and featured Resident Rockers Siena Bella, who went from writing songs in her bedroom to opening for Machine Gun Kelly, and Jack Harris, a self-taught guitarist and burgeoning songwriting whose natural stage presence and love of performing can be seen at the likes of The House of Blues and Brite Winter Music Festival. Fans can catch Harris with Falling Stars on the Rock Hall’s plaza on Thursday, June 19 during its Live & Local Series.

The program culminates with a Resident Rocker showcase on August 21 on the Rock Hall’s Union Home Mortgage Plaza.

Check out the full lineup of Resident Rocker performance here. Click here to apply for upcoming sessions of the program.

About 2021 Resident Rockers:

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter residing in Cleveland, Ohio. Sarah writes, produces, and records all her music herself in her home studio. She currently has music out on all platforms and debuted her first album in May 2021. Sarah is always continuing to practice and work on her craft throughout her emerging musical journey. Listen on Sarah’s Spotify page here.

Damon ‘Marcus’ Smith

Marcus Smith is a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, songwriter, and singer from Cleveland, Ohio. With influences ranging from The Beatles and Lenny Kravitz to Bruno Mars and Lupe Fiasco, Marcus brings a fresh experience for which you will want to tune in. Listen on Marcus’ Spotify page here.

Gabe ‘M.O.O.K.Y’ Reed

Gabe Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y is a singer/songwriter/producer born in Akron, Ohio. He pulls influence from artists like Mac Miller, Prince, and Jeff Buckley to blend alternative rock and hip hop together. After living in New York City and busking he headed back home after the Covid pandemic hit. He is excited to be back in Ohio and expand his catalog and audience in Cleveland! Listen on M.O.O.K.Y’s Spotify page here.

About the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rock Connects Us. Our mission is clear: To engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock & roll. We share stories of the people, events and songs that shape our world through digital content, innovative exhibits, live music, and engaging programs. We value all by embracing talents, perspectives and experiences. We intentionally foster a diverse and equitable environment that encourages creativity and innovation by valuing, empowering and respecting all people. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is more than just a policy. It supports our mission and defines our future. Join the millions who love it as much as you do. Experience us live or online – Visit rockhall.com or follow the Rock Hall on Facebook (@rockandrollhalloffame), Twitter (@rockhall), Instagram (@rockhall) and YouTube (youtube.com/rockhall). Long Live Rock!

About the Kulas Foundation

The Kulas Foundation was established in 1937 by the industrialist Elroy J. Kulas and his wife Fynette Hill Kulas with the primary purpose of supporting the musical arts in the Greater Cleveland area. Today, the Foundation continues to focus on music and also makes grants in the areas of arts and culture, community, education and music therapy research. In the past 20 years, the Kulas Foundation has distributed more than $50 million in grants. -


Come join us as Marcus Smith, Sarah Bailey and M.O.O.K.Y bring it home by showcasing all they’ve learned this summer as part of our intense (but obviously one-of-a-kind and totally awesome) Resident Rocker program, supported by The Kulas Foundation. They will showcase their original songs including ones they wrote this summer, music by Rock Hall Inductees, and even perform together with member of the Rock Hall band The Mechanics.

The summer residency is an emerging artist program presented by the Kulas Foundation and designed to allow musicians to advance their careers by working with Hall of Fame professional staff and external partners and by regularly performing live sets on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s popular outdoor plaza.

Jack Harris and Siena Bella, our 2020 Resident Rockers will bring their talents back to the Rock Hall to open for this Showcase.

RSVP to this free event below

Gabe Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y is a singer/songwriter/producer born in Akron, Ohio. He pulls influence from artists like Mac Miller, Prince, and Jeff Buckley to blend alternative rock and hip hop together. After living in New York City and busking he headed back home after the Covid pandemic hit. He is excited to be back in Ohio and expand his catalog and audience in Cleveland! Give his music a listen to here. -



Gabe Reed aka M.O.O.K.Y is a singer/songwriter/producer born in Akron, Ohio. He pulls influence from artists like Mac Miller, Prince, and Jeff Buckley to blend alternative rock and hip hop together. After living in New York City for a few years, he is excited to be back in Ohio and expand his catalog and audience in Cleveland.

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