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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Folk Rock




"Matt Zaddy releases New LP"

"...if you’ve been searching for a contemplative opus from a certifiably independent songwriter, you can’t do much better than the seven songs that Matt Zaddy has packaged together in this album. Unwaveringly brooding and consistently more expressive than any of the chart-toppers that I’ve heard on the radio recently..." - The Hollywood Digest

"Be, by Matt Zaddy"

"...Zaddy’s new record is such a find; it’s legitimate, to a fault in some respects, and never afraid to bear a lot of heart to us in its exceptionally vulnerable moments...Singer/songwriters have been having a so-so year in 2019, but Matt Zaddy’s Be is definitely a standout among all of its best contemporaries..." - Mob York City

"Matt Zaddy releases LP"

“Be is a provocative, endlessly harmonious effort from a singer/songwriter who isn’t trying to be anyone but himself...I would be straight up lying if I said that this wasn’t one of the better independent albums I’ve listened to in the last six months." - Music Existence

"CD Review: Matt Zaddy “Be”"

"...The Soul, Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll influences in Matt Zaddy’s music are well defined...those various influences help to give Zaddy’s music character and depth. While Be from Matt Zaddy is only seven tracks long, those tracks included in the mix combine to create a release with a very commercial feel to it that should appeal to a large audience." - Rock and Roll Report

"Matt Zaddy - Busy"

"...a swaggering sonic palette of tight, funk-infused instrumentation. Zaddy’s rich, soulful vocal weaves in and out of the arrangements with an effortless, appeal that emits positivity in every direction, offering a sonically upbeat juxtaposition to the thought-provoking sentiment in the lyrical theme...A super slick and smooth cut of sunshine-infused bluesy rock that consistently compels you to come back for another listen."

Written by Karla Harris - When the Horn Blows

"Soul Food - Matt Zaddy "Busy""

Starting out super funky and bluesy with a virtuoso guitar solo which leads into a crooning vocal performance from Matt Zaddy. Lyrically familiar with an angry romantic narrative. “Busy” by Matt Zaddy is saturated with hooks and dynamic changes in the arrangement that will keep listeners engaged from start to finish. - Hot Lunch Music

"Award winning Singer / Songwriter Matt Zaddy releases new Music"

“...Busy is a high and upbeat song with a smooth melody, in a manner reminiscent of early Eagles with a bit of Christopher Cross, Matt Zaddy hits the top marks in music and creativity. Beautifully written and composed “Busy” is a lean and mean track for the modern music lover that loves classical styling and old school rock." - Indie Pulse Music

"Matt Zaddy - Busy"

Seductively smooth blues-rock vibes meet with pop-inspired sensibilities and a brilliantly captivating, long-form melody on Matt Zaddy’s latest single Busy.

Offering up a full and vibrant, organic soundscape, the track still makes room for Zaddy’s naturally impressive and soulful vocals to hold your interest and engage on a deeply human level.

There’s a subtle swagger to this song, Zaddy’s voice meandering from the crack and rasp of blues-rock to the higher, near-falsetto delicacies of Gospel and RnB. Meanwhile, the lyrics paint a series of personal scenes, but these emerge with just enough vagueness to allow the listener to apply the whole thing to their own situation. We’re all too busy for the important things sometimes, too busy being right, self-involved, arguing. We should be busy being happy resounds from the quiet instrumental break, staying with you long after listening.

Musically there’s something of a funk-core to the track, fused with a singer-songwriter-esque purity, and a free-flowing style that tips its hat to the likes of Jason Mraz. All in all, a fine introduction to Matt Zaddy – a songwriter we’re likely to be hearing a lot more from in the coming months and years; and rightfully so. - Stereo Stickman

"Matt Zaddy – Busy Single Review: A Funk-Rock Explosion"

The art of music is one that lends itself to self-expression. It can be a fairly simple task to pour one’s heart into a song and some even succeed in conveying a feeling. Some are able to do this masterfully, as Matt Zaddy proves in his latest single. “Busy” is not only a great name for this eclectic track because of its upbeat and dynamic aesthetic, but also a reflection of how lively it is. The track has much to love and will no doubt be stuck in your head after just one listen.

“Busy” has a slick aesthetic on a solid rock foundation. The track is able to go from an explosive intro, to a smooth and sensual transition into its softer dynamic. This isn’t to say the track is without excitement, as the guitar pushes a mysterious aesthetic along the head-bobbing percussions. The bass is deep, and wavy, cradling the other instruments as it guides the beat. It is groovy and full of life, with a bit of a dance vibe to it. The vocals of Matt Zaddy are smooth as butter and offers a dynamic aesthetic. It goes well with the track and only adds to its personality when he digs deep and delivers a raspy note, along with other vocal directions throughout the track. “Busy” is a fun, robust and memorable track. The chorus will stick with you, as you will feel each time you hear “We’re slippin’ away” and might just catch yourself bobbing your head at the same time.

“Busy” is a fantastic first impression for Matt Zaddy’s new album. The lively instrumentals, helmed by fantastic guitar and deep, groovy bass offers a fantastic vibe. The elements of funk and jazz are subtle, but fun and sensual. The track is one that will make you want to move your hips, offering a great jazz club style aesthetic. “Busy” deserves a listen, as it is a fun look into what is to come from this funky, soulful artist. - Review Fix

"Review - Matt Zaddy"

"As soon as the EP started, I knew I was going to enjoy it...I found myself singing along after the first listen...the show was amazing!"

"Matt’s vocals are so soft and smooth, enough to give me chills! I can’t wait to hear more from Matt, and I highly recommend you all go check out 'Perfect Moments'." - Canadian Beats

"Modern Music: Reviewing 'Perfect Moments' by Matt Zaddy"

"Matt Zaddy, Mississauga’s humble, talented musician and all around great guy, recently released his debut album called Perfect Moments.

"His bluesy-folksy sound is beautifully illustrated on Perfect Moments through five well written songs with very honest and unapologetic lyrics framed by songwriting and musicianship with a very modern feel.

Zaddy, a left handed guitarist (Ned Flanders is cheering somewhere in Springfield), has been at this for over a decade and he’s culminated all of those years and experiences with a small yet strong collection of music that’s got great hooks, smart guitar parts and a backing band that does a terrific job of framing his work.

"It’s got elements of early John Mayer and Dave Matthews with traces of Ryan Adams with Bingham and Young thrown in there as well.
What helps this record stand strongly is that while Zaddy’s influences are present, his voice and music are presented in a unique way through this album that gives it a sound that cuts through…so, so good.

"While I could eat up a couple hundred words about should listen to it for yourself.

I dare you to only tap one foot..." - Modern Mississauga

"Perfect Moments - An Interview and EP Review with Matt Zaddy"

"Matt Zaddy's EP #PerfectMoments describes the ups and downs of life...well...perfectly...Matt's wonderful vocals and amazing guitar skills blend into beautiful melodies that evoke many different emotions in the listener."

"After listening to this EP on repeat, we can honestly say we are in awe of Matt Zaddy's immense talent. This compilation is a great mix of pop rock, folk and much soul! The music feels real and we can't help but connect with each and every word. We highly recommend you add this to your collection :)" - Canada's Music

"Show Review - Matt Zaddy"

"Zaddy’s flawless set highlighted the hard work and dedication that was put into the creation of Perfect Moments. The show was a testament to his passion for songwriting and creating reflective, genuine music that resonated with the whole crowd."

Cassandra Popescu - Canadian Beats

"Matt Zaddy – Voices From The Vault CMW 2016"

Matt Zaddy – Voices From The Vault CMW 2016

Matt Zaddy is the kind of songwriter you feel you have known your whole life. His honest and personal lyrics recall the best and worst times, and how we move forward to be the people we are today. His debut release, the Perfect Moments EP showcases his personal journey of rediscovery through music. Matt Zaddy will join us for our Canadian Music Week Showcase on Sunday May 8th.

1 – Can you give us a brief history of your journey in music?

I started playing music when I was 5 years old. First piano, then clarinet at 9, guitar at 13. I was a sponge, soaking up whatever my teachers would teach me, and all the music on my own I could handle. When I was sixteen I had an epiphany during a performance by Kirk McDonald where I realized I wanted to make and perform music for the rest of my life. At 18 I was exposed to the punk/hardcore and metal scene in Ontario and fell in love. There was unbridled passion and precision, and a really community willing to put their music out there. I spent my twenties playing in a progressive metal band called Starring Janet Leigh. We released 3 EPs, 1 full length record on Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade Records, and toured Canada and the USA numerous times. Starring Janet Leigh disbanded in 2011 and I was originally planning on putting out a solo metal record. At that time I was playing a lot of acoustic guitar and all these tunes just started pouring out of me. I was inspired, really inspired, and I could not ignore it. I wrote 15 tunes over the next few years while gigging around as a solo, duo, and full band act, doing covers and originals. I chose 5 originals for my debut solo release, and recorded it on my dime and my time with friends who I had played with over the last few years.

That ‘Perfect Moments’ EP was released in November 2015: A blend of folk, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll. I am still a musical sponge. I love to teach, write, perform, and read about music. It’s an integral part of who I am. The journey continues…

2-Favourite show you ever played?

My CD release show in Nov. 2015 for my latest release. There was something magical that night. There are a lot of close seconds. I’ve played a ton of gigs with my top 40 trio The Infringements where we just jam off on tunes and get lost in the best way possible. I also played hundreds of shows with Starring Janet Leigh that would be a close 2nd.

3-Favourite show you ever saw?

Again, a tough one. Probably Meshuggah on my 30th birthday, unbelievable show.

4-Seeing as it is CANADIAN Music Week, can you please tell us three of your favourite Canadian music acts?

Neil Young (forever and always), Feist, and Treble Charger circa Maybe It’s Me.

5-How has modern technology affected the way you make music?

More than anything else, technology has enable me to instantly capture an idea when I come up with it work and not lose something worth keeping. Modern times make for busy lives and musical inspiration does not always show up when convenient. I can make a quick demo on the spot, and develop that idea later with my own pre-production before approaching my producer.

6-How has modern technology affected the way you listen to new music?

I still buy CDs. I know, antiquated, but I do. These days I find I listen to music online more than I do my CDs, mostly Youtube, and I buy the record if I like it. I just today signed up for Spotify in order to claim my artist page. I also check out artists on Bandcamp.

7-What can we expect from you in the near future?

Throughout the course of 2016 I will be performing across Canada in support of my latest release. I will also be releasing 4 music videos of my own tunes, along with a series of cover videos. Dates can be found at

Matt Zaddy performs as part of our Canadian Music Week Showcase in “The Vault” at One King West at 1:00pm. - TC Helicon Music on Mobile


Toronto singer-songwriter Matt Zaddy recently released a new single, “Busy,” from his forthcoming album Be, slated to drop November 1. Produced by Ross Citrullo, the album was mastered by Joao Carvalho.

“Busy” opens on thick bluesy tones riding a crisp rhythmic pulse provided by crisp percussion and a plump popping bassline. I love the creamy oozing flavors of the guitar accents, infusing the tune with viscous colors and dripping textures.

Cool radiant vocal harmonies shimmer around Zaddy’s sweet high tenor, full of tasty passionate timbres, imbuing the lyrics with tight urgency.

“Busy” exudes scrumptious R&B energy, an infectious rolling rhythm, delicious guitar licks, and the evocative voice of Matt Zaddy. - Rawckus

"Five Questions with...Matt Zaddy"

Zaddy officially launches his new album Be on Sunday, Nov. 3 in Toronto at 3030 Dundas West. For more info, go to

What was the process like making Be, and how does it stand apart from your past work?

This album was a real collaboration with my producer Ross Citrullo. Throughout the making of it, I brought as many tunes as I had ready to the table and we picked the seven that best suited the album. He pushed me to make these songs the best they could be. We worked with both my core band and a handful of session musicians where it was needed. Ross and I got into a great groove together, and the songs came together very naturally. It was a great experience.

How would you describe your artistic evolution so far?

I have been all over the map in terms of genres over my musical career, and that’s fuelled my growth. I spent my 20s playing progressive death metal in a band called Starring Janet Leigh, and that pushed me to see what I could pull off musically, to see how far a song could go in any direction. The switch to folk-rock happened naturally and organically. I had always loved this kind of music, but I could only really focus on one project at a time. Musically I took what I had learned playing heavy music and applied the life lessons it taught me to my music now. My first release as a singer-songwriter was very contemplative and hopeful. Be deals with things I've learned, trying to be the best version of myself I can. Lyrically, the evolution has been more about trying to inspire others through my own life experience.

Which one of your songs means the most to you and why?

That often changes. Right now it’s Little River, off the new album. It’s always a reminder that I need to take time away to reflect and get perspective. It also reminds me to be with the people I care about and to slow down every once in a while.

What's been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

That's a tough one. I got married three years ago, and it had a profound effect on my life. My partner Heather Christine and I frequently collaborate on the projects we do, and she's helped to bring out the best in me. The other significant change was going from making music part-time to full-time. When I think back to those days of 40-50 hour weeks at my day job and then putting in 40-50 hours doing music on top of that and I can’t believe how I did that straight for so long.

What's your best touring story?

There are many! When I was in my metal band Starring Janet Leigh, we did a six-week run through the U.S. This was one of the trips where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The first 15 days of the tour consisted of a minimum of eight-hour drives through the worst storm to hit the eastern seaboard in years. Two bands dropped off the tour almost immediately, and we had to renegotiate with venues nearly every night. Despite all the adversity we faced, it still ended up being one of the most rewarding and most fun tours I've ever been on. Adversity can be a growth opportunity, and that was most definitely the outcome of that experience.
Facebook: @mattzaddy
Twitter: @mattzaddy
Instagram: @mattzaddy - FYI Music News

"PREMIERE – Matt Zaddy releases new single, “Busy”"

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter, Matt Zaddy is set to release his new album, Be on November 1, 2019. This release follows his 2015 debut EP, Perfect Moments.

Today, we’re happy to team up with Matt to unveil the brand new single, “Busy” from the upcoming release.

“Busy” is a blast of pure, contemporary R&B that shows off Zaddy and company’s full power.

For Zaddy, its message hinges on the line “you can be right or you can be happy,” one of those aforementioned hard-earned life lessons.

“Sometimes we want to be right so badly that we don’t care who we hurt in the process,” he observes. “I’ve found myself guilty of this more than once in my life, and writing this song was part of me realizing there has to be a better way. We can have an open and honest conversation, and leave the daggers at the door.”

Check out the new bluesy single “Busy” below and be sure to stay up to date with all things Matt Zaddy via his socials. - Canadian Beats

"Single Review: Matt Zaddy “Busy”"

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Zaddy is an artist that creates his music blending together Blues, Soul, and some light Rock and Roll. With that musical blend, he also calls upon several of today’s hottest artists for inspiration. Artists like John Mayer, Neil Young, Jason Mraz, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, and plenty of others help shape the music of Zaddy.

With these and other influences, Zaddy’s music is just as fresh and inviting as anything currently found on the radio. Within the last few years, Matt Zaddy has been focusing on refining his style and sound, a style he refers to as “Canadiana”. During the time he has been performing, Zaddy has released a single here or there as well as the 2015 five-track EP called Perfect Moments. Since the time of that release, Zaddy has been writing new music and will shortly be releasing his first album. That album is entitled Be.

To help promote the new album, Matt Zaddy is releasing a new single ahead of the album. That single is called “Busy”. For the single of “Busy”, the song was created by Matt Zaddy with the help of four other musicians. Along with Matt Zaddy on vocals and guitar, the rest of the band consists of: Heather Christine on vocals, Jeremy Tozer on vocals and bass, Joash Paul on drums and percussion, and Thomas Francis on keys. Together, the band takes Zaddy’s various musical influences, blends them together and creates a track that draws largely upon the Blues style of Johnny Lang while also adding some influence of someone like the afore-mentioned John Mayer.

“Busy” features a strong, powerful guitar base perfect for the Blues while also containing some light Rock and Roll flavor. It’s a perfect Mayer/Lang mashup. Zaddy’s guitar on the track is, of course, the focal point of the music. However, the keys from Thomas Francis add a definite Soul influence to the song and maybe a little Jazz feel, as well. Altogether, the Soul, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll influences combine to create a track that feels as if it could be included on any of several radio formats such as Smooth Jazz, Hot A/C and/or Top 40. - Matheson's Entertainment Blog

"Matt Zaddy’s Busy Single Review"

Artist: Matt Zaddy

Powerfully infusing their heart’s true content into their songs can be an invigoratingly freeing experience for musicians. Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Matt Zaddy, is masterfully and successfully conveying his true feelings in his new single, ‘Busy,’ which appears on his new seven-track folk rock-modern soul album, ‘Be,’ which is being released today. The musician, who’s one of Canada’s most promising artists, crafted an upbeat and dynamic aesthetic for the relatable, lively tune, which stirs up feelings of people fighting to save a romantic relationship that’s begun to deteriorate.

The eclectic, sensual ‘Busy’ begins with an intriguing blend of blues and rock-driven guitar riffs. Zaddy then begins to croon about how their bond has become relegated to a riot and battle of words. The lyrics also highlight how they often get into fights easily, as he notes that he and the person he’s with spends too much time feeling as though they’re right. As a result of their differences in opinions, they start to slip away from each other, until there’s nothing left to fight for in their connection. He emotionally adds that their bond continues to deteriorate until he can no longer stand the fight.

Zaddy’s latest song is also endearing in the sense that it features pulsating percussion and bass, which help support his dynamic, raspy vocals. ‘Busy’ is a robust single that’s full of life and personality, which creates a lasting, mesmerizing first impression. Along with its subtle, captivating elements of funk and jazz, he proves what a soulful, thought-provoking and relatable singer-songwriter he is, who truly understands real-life emotions.

The seductive blues-rock vibes and pop-inspired sensibilities that are included on Zaddy’s latest single help make it a brilliantly captivating entry in today’s musical world. Fueled by vibrant instrumentals and soulful vocals and lyrics that will surely engage listeners on a deeply human level, the musician proves how vital he is to the current musical landscape with ‘Busy.’

The evocative folk-rock-soul-R&B track highlights how the singer has realized that he’s been guilty of wanting to be right so much that he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process, which made him realize that there has to be a better way to make a relationship work. The musician notes that people should have open and honest conversations when their relationship becomes broken in the stellar, vital tune, which proves that he’s an artist who should be taken seriously, and is about to take the world by storm. - Shock Ya!


2019 - Be (album) (Independent Release)
2019 - Busy (single) (Independent Release)
2017 - Perfect Moments (single) (Independent Release)
2015 - Perfect Moments EP (Independent Release)



2021 - Winner - Mississauga Arts Award - Best Solo Vocalist
2020 - Winner - Mississauga Music Award - Album of the Year for 'Be'
2019 - Winner - Mississauga Music Award - Best Promoter (for community event series)
2017 - Winner - Mississauga Music Award - Best Acoustic Artist

Co-writer of We are the North, Mississauga, Ontario's official #Canada150 song

Tour Highlights:
TD Songs of Summer Festival w/ 5440, Whitehorse, The Trews
Rock the Coliseum w/ Haviah Mighty (2019 Polaris Prize winner)
Soundbites Music Festival w/ Tom Cochrane, Francesco Yates
Canada Day Celebrations w/ K'Naan - Celebration Square
Indie Week & Canadian Music Week - Toronto (2017, 2018, 2019)
National touring w/ CBC coverage & interviews

Matt Zaddy

“Be is a provocative, endlessly harmonious effort from a singer/songwriter who isn’t trying to be anyone but himself...I would be straight up lying if I said that this wasn’t one of the better independent albums I’ve listened to in the last six months. -

With a sound that seamlessly blends folk-rock and modern soul, there’s something for every music fan to love about Toronto singer/songwriter Matt Zaddy. But what’s immediately apparent on his new album Be is a sophistication that dramatically builds on the success of his 2015 debut EP, Perfect Moments.

Indeed, Zaddy’s latest collection of stellar material required a top-notch team to do it justice on tape, starting with producer Ross Citrullo (The Sheepdogs, Julian Taylor Band, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar). From there, a combination of Zaddy’s trusted live band and local session stars created the chemistry that led to the high-energy results that were polished off by Joao Carvalho Mastering. 

It’s impossible to ignore the positive vibes that Be (released 01 Nov. 2019) radiates upon first listen; from the bluesy opening track “Busy” (out now on all streaming platforms) to the poignant jangle of “A Dear Friend,” and radio ready “Brighter Days,” Zaddy’s dynamic vocal performances and tight, funky arrangements perfectly complement Be’s stories of life, love, hardship and redemption.

As someone who has shared stages with a diverse array of artists including K’Naan, pop star Francesco Yates, CanRock legends Tom Cochrane and Jim Cuddy, and Australian alt-rockers Atlas Genius, Matt Zaddy’s intention is to connect with as many listeners as possible, regardless of any genre restrictions. Matt certainly possesses everything to achieve that goal in a big way, and to him squarely in the conversation about Canada’s most promising singer/songwriters.

Additional Highlights:

- 2019 Highlight performances: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Starlight Youth Festival (Registry Theatre, Kitchener), Showplace Theatre Peterborough
- 2019 Showcasing Artist - Folk Music Ontario conference
- 2018 National Semifinalist - Canadian Songwriting Competition
- 2015-2018 - yearly performer at the Harbourfront Centre Toronto - Toronto Veg Food Fest
- National Radio Play on Commercial & CBC Radio of the single Perfect Moments
- Featured performer at the Borealis Songwriter Series - River Run Centre, Guelph
- Featured performer for Suite Thursday - Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
- Featured performer at the Vegan Food & Drink Fest Toronto - w/ Atlas Genius (Warner)


"...easy-on-the-ears, hook-filled tunes. A rare talent, indeed!"  - Mark Rheaume - CBC Music

“@mattzaddy beautifully done!” - Gloria Estefan

"...Zaddy’s new record is such a find; it’s legitimate, to a fault in some respects, and never afraid to bear a lot of heart to us in its exceptionally vulnerable moments...Singer/songwriters have been having a so-so year in 2019, but Matt Zaddy’s Be is definitely a standout among all of its best contemporaries..." -

"...if you’ve been searching for a contemplative opus from a certifiably independent songwriter, you can’t do much better than the seven songs that Matt Zaddy has packaged together in this album.  Unwaveringly brooding and consistently more expressive than any of the chart-toppers that I’ve heard on the radio recently..." -

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