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Staten Island, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Staten Island, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Hip Hop Pop




"Migs718 - The Kinetic energy the industry has been waiting for!"

Written by: Julz Mancini

Stagnancy is at an all-time high for many independent artists. The inability to obtain a specific path combined with the lack of unique sound leaves many music artists lost in a sea of songs that will never reach the masses. As music has evolved, it is imperative for music artists to adapt accordingly or chance being overlooked. Consistency and loyalty to one’s distinctive sound enhances their transparency and ability to reach new fans. With trap music and “mumble rap” currently grasping this generation’s attention, many artists have flocked to this genre in hopes of making their dreams come true. Although this is the go-to genre of music, artists must remember to apply the foundation and fundamentals of hip-hop; word play, extended metaphors, lyricism, etc. Migs718, a Staten Island, NY native, has portrayed his ability to apply these attributes to his music while maintaining his image that lures in this generation of music lovers.

Successfully acquiring a plethora of accolades has assisted Migs718 in climbing the ladder as an independent artist. Throughout his childhood, Migs had the opportunity to sing for the Oscars in addition to singing the national anthem for the President of the United States as a member of the PS 22 Chorus. Dancing had also become a form of expression for this talented artist in which invited him into the world of performing and competing in various places. These experiences helped mold Mig718 into the artist he is today which can be witnessed as you watch him perform. His stage presence reveals his skill set including dance while he blesses each venue. It was later that Migs718 became highly involved in the DJ department. Building a name for himself in the club scene as well as music festivals, he became drawn to experimenting with diverse sounds in which would later help him develop his own unique image. After his senior year, Migs718 took the plunge and sought after a career as a rap artist, knowing that his talents would thrive in the music industry.

His childhood accolades poured into his adulthood making it apparent that Migs718’s music career was going to blossom into something much larger than he could have imagined. In 2018, Migs718 was presented with the “2018 LTC Hip Hop Artist of the Year” award which was then followed by “Hot New Artist to Watch 2019” by The Fresh Finds. Being featured in publications such as “Forbes Magazine”, “Respect Magazine”, and “Lavish Life” contributed to Migs’ ongoing success and increase in fans. Not long after these features, Migs718 was also seen on “This Is 50”, Hot 97’s “Takeover Thursday”, DJ Enuff, Masked Faces, and Loading Mag FM. Performing at major venues such as Times Square for LTC’s “LS UP Festival”, SXSW in 2019 and 2020, Lexifest, Tampafest, Back 2 The Beach Fest, The Under Armour House, Canadian Music Week, and being on the bill for the “International Fearless Tour” where Migs718 travelled to 11 states and 2 countries, shows the reader how seasoned and demanded this talented music artist is.

Migs718 has accumulated over one million streams across all music platforms with his singles “Movado”, “Stop”, “Seven”, and “Yetii”. His songs being on constant rotation on Hot 97 along with other radio stations, has enhanced his reach to large audiences resulting in an increase of opportunities for Migs718. If you think his momentum is unstoppable now, sit tight and watch this artist soar to new heights. He has the profound ability to lure in people of multiple demographics with his exclusive choice in production, his incomparable delivery and flow, and his distinct image.

The key to being a successful music artist in today’s industry is developing one’s self into a full package, intriguing today’s music lovers while remaining loyal and true to his/her roots. I relentlessly repeat how important marketability, consistency, and knowledge of this business are. It is clear that Migs718 displays all of these qualities to his audience. - Hype Magazine

"Migs718 releases new single "Yetii""

We live in an era where people are more interested in visuals than anything. When artists post a video, whether music related or just to talk to their fans, viewers feel more inclined to engage with the artist. Engagement, being a primary component in developing super fans, grasps the attention of followers intriguing them to look further into the artist. YouTube has become a super colossal outlet for music artists to share their content with the world. With the right combination of videographers, directors, cast, and music, artists will begin to see a ripple effect of support from viewers. Migs718 is an artist whom has acquired this perfect combination allowing his fans to witness his amazing energy, talent, and creativity come to life.

Recently releasing his single, “Yetii”, Migs718 blessed his viewers with a great story line, edgy angles, and a strong camera presence. The video for “Yetii” is unlike many of the music videos shared on the internet today. From beginning to end Migs718 matches his lyrics to the plot within the video. Having the ability to follow the story throughout its duration paves the way for Migs718 to stand out in an industry where cars, money, and pretty women supersede the importance of creating a movie.

“Smooth. 3am she wanna groove. Said arch ya back, she approve. Dinero, watch how I move. Rolling the whip when I cruise. Lose, dam that’s all that you do. She know I’m better than you. And you know I like the view.”

From the start, Migs718 experiences an interaction with a woman whom has a boyfriend. Their interest in one another ignites the tone for the rest of the video. As the woman of interest dances by his side, Migs718 makes it clear that she is his for the taking. Also showing love and support, is a group of energetic individuals who show off their dancing skills to Migs718’s catchy lyrics. With “Yetii” being released just four days ago, Migs718’s views are quickly increasing. Having over four thousand views, it is clear that this single has made an impact on his audience leaving them eager for his next project.

It is no surprise that Migs718 has obtained a loyal fan-base. With his eclectic abilities, Migs718 has consistently released music with each song attracting different demographics. His song, “Groupie Luv” has an aggressive vibe with quick flowing lyrics, a repetitive beat, and a catchy hook allowing Migs718 to portray a different side of his artistry. “Two Door” is completely opposite displaying a smooth beat and a softer delivery. It is rare to listen to an artist who is diversified, dipping into multiple sounds while altering their flow. This talent proves that Migs718 deserves the spotlight and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Please be sure to check out “Yetii” and subscribe to Migs718’s YouTube channel! His social media links and website are also listed below! - Rap on Steroids

"Migs718 talks coming from Staten Island"

Migs718 Talks Coming From Staten Island ; New Music + Spits Freestyle with Jack Thriller - This is 50


Migs718 - 12

Migs718 - Been Vibin

Migs718 - BLACKOUT 

Migs718 - Blessings

Migs718 - Deagle

Migs718 - GROUPIE LUV 

Migs718 - Mob 

Migs718 - Movado

Migs718 - Persona 

Migs718 - Seven 

Migs718 - Sharks 

Migs718 - Stop (Walk it out)

Migs718 - Tony Montana

Migs718 - Two Door 

Migs718 - Visine 

Migs718 - Yetii



To be a revolutionary means to cause a dramatic change; and in a day
plagued with copied beats & borrowed flows, Hip Hop has become
stagnant with a style which one man seeks to evolve — I introduce,
Migs718 . Hailing from Staten Island [NY] and representing it
proudly, in 2017, Migs718 sought out to reform and shape a sound that he simply wasn’t finding in the vast drools of mumble & sad-
boy rap infecting SoundCloud. His track “Movado” was the first to put the mission in motion and not just bring him to light, but
allowed Migs718 to rise above the masses.

Thus paving the way for other hit singles such as “Stop” , “Seven” , and
“Yetii” to accumulate over a million streams across platforms. All of
which can be found in constant rotation on Hot97 & other radio channels.
His momentum can only be reckoned as an unstoppable force, being Migs718
has already accrued an array of accolades under him which beg man with
being awarded the ‘2018 LTC Hip Hop Artist of the Year’ , and was followed
up with being named ‘Hot New Artist to Watch 2019’ by The Fresh
Finds.One might say Migs718 was made for this, as growing up in a house
exposing him to over 15 genres of music instilled a passion in him like no
other. In his youth, he performed in the PS 22 Chorus singing for the
Oscars, as well as the anthem for the President of the United States. He
danced both professionally & competitively, and elements of his experience
with dance are still very apparent in his stage appearances. Later, Migs718
became extremely involved with DJing in the club/festival scene & built a
name for himself spinning uniquely fresh beats, further diversifying
himself by experimenting with music other DJ’s may have been hesitant to play.

But after his senior year, he realized rap was his one true love;
combining influence from the greats like Busta Rhymes, DMX, Eminem,
Wu-Tang & Method Man. It’s these influences from his past & his
multifaceted talents which allow Migs718 to produce an energy in his
music that goes beyond kinetic. And it’s that exact kinetic energy
which mirrors his released music directly into his live performances.
Utilizing this unique quiver of talents with dynamic lyrics and
dramatically deep bass-driven beats, Migs718 is set to usher in a new
era of hip hop & music..