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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Latin Indie





Minimal has been orbiting the heart of the Latin indie-rock scene for quite a while. Not just in Miami, but on a national level. And this much respected four-piece has recently released its fourth, and perhaps greatest, album, Fauna, produced by Multiple Grammy Award winner Rafael Lazzaro and recorded in an antique church in Wynwood.

Minimal has come a long way since its first album, Fotos, Cartas y un Puñal, was released in 2006. Since then, the Miami-based act has performed alongside other Latin acts Bomba Estereo, Aterciopelados, Amigos Invisibles, and a whole lot more. - The Miami New Times

"Minimal in the Sonic Fauna"

We will make a nice party, "says Alejandro Angee, drummer for Minimal to The Miami Herald. He says it naturally, without adding adjectives, perhaps because he knows, like those good card players, that the best things are beneath the sleeve. In this case, music. That same attitude, without much publicity and scandal is what cultivates the group formed ten years ago in Miami. - The Miami Herald (Spanish Edition)

"Fauna – New Single By Minimal"

Indie rock band Minimal, one of the most interesting bands in the Latin alternative rock scene in the U.S., has recently released “Fauna“, the first single of their upcoming fourth album by the same name to be released on July 10th. The band has been critically acclaimed with their previous album and is no stranger to the public eye. - Al Borde

"Miami’s Indie band Minimal releases “Fauna”"

Indie rock band Minimal, who has been consistently rising in the world of Latin alternative rock in the U.S., released “Fauna,” today,the first single and title of their upcoming fourth album to be released July 10th.

“Fauna” embodies the band’s natural rock vibe with blues carried along by a heavy bass. The album-titled single kicks off their upcoming fourth album, which the band decided to approach and record in a different style from their previous recordings. - Boom online

"Minimal; a Miami indie Latin rock band, that's making its own way with an evolving sound"

Minimal; a Miami indie Latin rock band, that's making its own way with an evolving sound - DJ Don Jose, Break Thru Radio

"Ready for something completely nuevo?"

Ready for something completely nuevo? 'Cause I doubt you've heard anything like Minimal. The Spanish-singing Miami band fuses acoustic guitars, electronic sounds and massive drum escapades into charging, near-epic brews that call to mind bands like Gomez and Muse.” - Jason Harper, The Pitch, Kansas City

"Duke it Out"

Minimal: You should pronounce this mee-nee-MAL, because this quintet sings en español. However, like many of their local scene peers these days, they take a page from the electro-tinged Anglo book. Think lots of hushed, pensive vocals over tinkling, Radiohead-Kid-A-type beats. This will go down like the tastiest bittersweet candy for fans of wallflower-angst electropop acts such as The Postal Service, The Notwist, Lali Puna, and so on.

Minimal is a quality act with a strong following among the rock en español set and an appealing sound that crosses language barriers.

By Arielle Castillo - The Miami New Times

"Minimal - Fotos,Cartas y un Punal"

Coming from the South Florida music scene which they have been a part of for more than 10 years now, Minimal releases their first album along with all their friends on August 24 of this year “fotos cartas y un puñal” and the expectations of what’s to come are short compared to the talent displayed in the album.

The album is like a light, delightful dish. You can recommend it to anyone, no matter what their taste is. Is acceptable and adaptable to any culture, is good for all and not heavy to your ears. The restaurant has a combination of chefs, starting with South America (Peru and Colombia) which is where Minimal’s members come from. Add to the list the Miami experience which is unique to each and to each has contributed different, and at last the interaction with all the other Latin cultures melted into South Florida’s pot.

This album includes a mixture of very energetic, strong, hyped up, electronic influenced songs, and continued by very folkloric, soothing songs, and even boleros. The topics are varied including life, death, and all the stages in between. There’s also a unique topic and that is music itself, the music that “makes your story part of the History,” and that as “No sonar” says, makes you want to not disappear but trespass barriers and time itself. Also, the rhythm, which according to “El Cubo” has the ability to capture you and make you want to “disconnect form your senses.”

So if you’re willing to try this dish, make sure you’re willing to gain a few musical pounds because this is one you’ll want to have over and over again, and there won’t be a thing about this dish you won’t like.

by Melissa Vargas


"Desde Miami... Minimal"

"Minimal es una de las mejores bandas en la escena de Miami actualmente. Para mi, personalmente, es de las que tienen el talento para hacer de esto una carrera larga e interesante, y de hecho, estos musicos Latinoamericanos trabajan y cuidan su banda como si esta fuera lo unico que les quedara en la vida. Quizas a veces eso es precisamente lo que hace falta para que una banda se haga propiamente un lugar en la historia del rock and roll. 100% recomendada, esta es Minimal."

By Jorge Bruto - A NivelDe

"Minimal - Fotos,Cartas y un Punal"

Brindan una propuesta fresca ,de 10 temas (40 minutos), en la cual se acercan ritmos rockeros tradicionales latinoamericanos con sonidos eléctricos y maquinas de sonido. Mas aún, presenta un estilo de contar historias donde se presentan pasajes de la imaginación, la realidad y lo que ocurre en el medio. Su esencia es de ciclos de creación, destrucción, reciclaje y cambio. La banda expresa la diversidad existente en el sur de la Florida y los Estados Unidos en general. Su música y estilo son resultado de esa diversidad, la cual la banda adopta y utiliza para si. Así se constituye la producción que este combo que ofrece al oído. Como elemento extra el CD cuenta con el vídeo del tema “El Cubo”. -

"Band of the Hour: Minimal"

By Rayme Samuels

It seems like everyone is cutting back these days. As the era of decadence winds down, pop rockers Minimal have also chosen to stay true to their name and embrace a simpler path. These ever evolving Spanish language musicians hope to take us along for the ride as they explore innovative ambient reverberations.

After five years making their rounds, these veterans are experiencing a rebirth. Their darker debut release “Fotos, Cartas y un Puñal” contrast sharply with their latest E.P. “Hermoso Caos” (“Beautiful Chaos” in English) is an upbeat take on the disorder of our lives. The quintet- Gabriel Ayala (vocals/guitar), Jose Luis Amador (guitars/charango/samplers), Roberto Taninaka (guitars/samplers), Emilio Sandoval (bass), Alejandro Angee (drums)- hope to surprise their dedicated followers with their new sound.

Signed to the visionary Fabrika Music label, the guys of Minimal work hard to create songs to reinforce their unique musical identity. Influenced by the music of their parents generation like boleros, cumbias , Afro-Peruvian waltzes, and Spanish 80’s romantic pop, the group also finds inspiration in progressive Latin and American rockers like Café Tacuba and The Mars Volta .

Be sure to catch them around town before they hit the road this summer to spread their refreshing message in California and New York. Expounding on their genuine passion for music Angee explained, “We are not trying to sell you a prefabricated image or fool you with recreating popular formulas for music success.” Acting as dedicated hosts during every gig, these guys will make sure that you leave happier than when you arrived, even if things outside haven’t changed at all. -

"Minimal - Hermoso Caos Review"

by Toto Gonzalez

There is enough chaos in the world already, and its up to us to make it pretty or ugly, like Minimal’s awaited second production “Hermoso Caos”. This is a 4 songs EP (The way it should be done this days) with a selection of songs that leave a taste of wanting more. “Satelite”, a Minimal version of Psychedelic Salsa player Ismael Rivera, is an upbeat development of the work the band has been doing mixing organic sounds with splashes of electronic sounds and effects. “La Marea” takes you into a soundtrack of a indie-like movie made somewhere down south. This is a great melodies and beat progression of a song that can be one of my favorites of the album. “Tu Decides” have that decadence rebel-punk background with a controlled chaos bringing the aggression of the song to a controlled “caos”. The work that Minimal has been doing for the past couple of years, opens a door to a more evolved Latin alternative sound made in Miami with no borders. -



Miami’s Latin Indie band Minimal symbolizes the relevance of Latin-Alternative music being made in the United States today. Their music flirts with the electronic, incorporates English and Spanish lyrics, and is pumped with a healthy dose of Latin energy. Minimal's latest album, Fauna, delivers a good mix of high-energy and melancholic tracks fused with their traditional use of drum machines and organic indie-rock elements. Fauna was produced by Grammy® winner Rafael Lazzaro Colon (Tame Impala, Rita Indiana), and recorded in an empty Miami church, giving the album a characteristic set of ambience sounds and textures.  

Minimal released their first album, Fotos, Cartas Y un Puñal in 2006. That same year, Minimal was voted “best new band” by The album’s first single “El Cubo” aired on alternative radio stations across the U.S. and the accompanying video received airplay on MTV3 and other alternative television stations. In 2007, the band’s second single “No Sonar” rotated on Fuel TV and later landed in the featured music video section of MySpace Latino.

Minimal continued to develop their versatile and energetic sound with the 2009 release of Hermoso Caos. The four-track EP displayed the band’s evolution toward a more harmonic and dynamic style. Pushing the creative envelope, Minimal created the Blue Space Man – a dancing, glowing fifth member of the band. Dancing from his post on the bass drum, he joined Minimal at shows and interviews during their 2010 promo tour. The Blue Space Man is also known for an internationally televised stunt, where he and Minimal’s drummer Alejandro Angee snuck past security guards at the MTV Latin America Video Music Awards, walking the event’s red carpet straight backstage and making his international debut.

Minimal’s third studio release Antibalas Corazon showcased the band’s dynamic and sensual sound. Antibalas Corazon incorporated fast paced tempos and a wide variety of textures by using synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and traditional indie-rock elements.  Produced by Minimal, the album was mixed by Grammy® winner Sebastian Krys.

Minimal has performed alongside international artists such as Aterciopelados, Bomba Estereo, Amigos Invisibles, Julieta Venegas, La Vida Boheme, Choc Quib Town, Los Prisioneros, King Chango, Jarabe de Palo, Cultura Profetica, Monsieur Periné, and Los Pericos, among others.

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